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The Energy of Money with Sarah McCrum

The Energy of Money with Sarah McCrum

Most people experience fear and stress around money and they’re not aware how much it’s influencing their business, financial and family life, and their impact in the world.

Sarah McCrum is a teacher and author who helps people transform their relationship with money. She helps them grow the inner skills they need to handle the challenges of money, business and family life so they can live more generously towards themselves and others.  In this interview she explains how money is energy and how initiating a relationship with money means you can do more good in the world, make more money in your business and feel happy and at peace with your life.

What set you on this journey of “talking to money”?

It happened out of the blue. I’d just experienced the closing down of my business so I was at a very low point in my life financially. I was given a little book called “How to become a money magnet.” It had exercises at the end of the chapters. One of the questions was “What would money like to say to you?” I started to write and my pen took over. I found myself transcribing a message from money (literally). It started with the words, “I would like to tell you to love me.” It went on to describe itself as a beautiful energy that is her to support humanity. It was deeply touching. I then decided to try again the couple of days later and had a similar experience, so I carried on writing messages from money almost every day for a while and ended up with over 60, which turned into the chapters of my book, “Love Money, Money Loves You.”

You spent 22 years training with Chinese Energy Masters. Could you tell us a bit about this experience and what you gained from that?

I did Qi Gong for the first 7 years and learned many exercises that helped me manage my energy better. We also learned meditation, spontaneous arts (movement, painting and singing) and Chinese Philosophy. I loved it. Then I moved to another Master who was a very powerful healer, so I learned the principles of energy healing. We also learned how to bring our understanding of energy into every area of our lives, including relationships and business. I became an instructor and have spent many years teaching people how to use energy to create whatever outcome they want in their life, whether it’s healing, solving a legal problem, supporting a troubled teenager or making more money.

Your book, Love Money, Money Loves You speaks to the principle that money is an energy. Could you explain the connection?

If you think about it, the money we use on a day to day basis is a representation of value. A dollar bill has no intrinsic value. It’s ascribed a value through a set of social conventions. Behind the notes, coins and numbers is the constant movement of value being exchanged around the world. Money never stops moving and representing more and more value created by human beings. It’s a kind of invisible energy that connects us all together in a vast web of transactions that give us freedom to buy and sell what we want.

There is a stigma where the want for money has a negative connotation. Everyone knows the saying “money can’t buy happiness”.  How do we step into a different consciousness around money?

My experience is that we need to understand what money really is. When we know that it’s sourced in love, not fear or manipulation, we have a very different relationship with it. That enables us to let go of worry and stress and embrace the energy of abundance and generosity. This makes a difference to everyone, whether they have a lot of money or very little. It allows us to combine money and happiness or joy very naturally. In fact, they go together surprisingly well, because money is closely connected with purpose. You can imagine it as an energy that enables us to exchange our gifts and share our creativity. When we feel fully empowered in our lives, we inevitably have a well-functioning relationship with money and life.

How can someone initiate a relationship with money?

It’s very helpful to read or listen to my book, Love Money, Money Loves You, because it initiates that relationship directly. It’s money talking to you personally about what it is, how it works and how to relate with it effectively. I believe that’s why it was written, so you could start your own relationship with money.

What key tools do you provide people with to transform their relationship with money?

The first thing I teach everyone, without exception, is to relax and receive energy. This is done through a daily practice. The relaxation means they stop worrying about money (and everything else) so they can get a lot clearer and more effective with it. By receiving fresh energy, they clean out their old energy, which is their old beliefs and stories. They also start to receive new opportunities and more goodness in their life. It’s very simple, but it works fast. I also use some very powerful protocols for healing relationships and patterns of self-sabotage. Your relationship with money is similar to all your relationships so we might as well heal them all together.

Where would a person start if they wanted to work with you?

The best place to start is by completing The Money Scorecard, which will give you an accurate assessment of where your relationship with money is right now and some guidance on what to do next.

My website will give you a taste of how I work, as well as a lot of articles I’ve written about money, business, consciousness and related topics.

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