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Let The Spirit Change Your Life - With Sarah Tyler-Walters

Let The Spirit Change Your Life - With Sarah Tyler-Walters

This week, Mystic Mag had the opportunity to interview Sarah Tyler-Walters, a Professional Trance Medium who shared some information about her career, trance mediumship, and her efforts toward developing her abilities.

When did you first know that being a trance medium was your calling and how did it come about?

Over 20 years ago, I joined a mediumship circle at the London Spiritual Mission. I had been aware of Spirit all my life and knew working with Spirit was something I wanted to do. Once I started in the circle, the strength of the connection increased, and my mental mediumship quickly developed.

However, some of my fellow students knew I occasionally did something different. One of them, my dear friend Lindsley, called me out of the blue and said Spirit wants you to come to a trance workshop with me a the weekend. It was a bit surprising but felt right. It was at that workshop that, found out about trance mediumship.

Moreover, it felt right for me – it was like coming home.

How would you describe trance mediumship?

Trance mediumship is the oldest form of Spirit communication and is a blending between a Spirit being and a medium. It requires the medium to enter an altered state and allow the Spirit to merge with their energy, body, and mind for communication (speaking or writing).

With the medium in an altered state, there is less or no interference from the medium’s mind or ego. Allowing Spirit to deliver the communication without any alterations. There are several levels of altered state varying from light to deep.

What can a person expect from your sessions?

A trance consultation is a one or one conversation with Master Chou. He is a wise Spirit Communicator who understands human life and the challenges we face.

Clients come to speak to him about situations in their life, repeating patterns, or childhood trauma. He assists them in understanding the problem, giving them a better perspective and steps towards changing or resolving the issues.

A client recently described it as “a conversation with someone who understood the psychology of the situation from every angle”. Master Chou works with many clients as part of their ongoing healing, personal development, and growth.

Was there anything that you felt you needed to do to deepen or develop your abilities?

Firstly, training. Being a trance medium is a vocation; it is a life choice and needs time to develop to a professional level. Secondly, personal growth.

My job is to be a clear channel ensuring my beliefs, opinions, and issues do not affect or limit the work Master Chou can do. Over the years, I have worked on myself, developed a better understanding of my energy, and resolved to limit my self-beliefs. Of course, this is an ongoing process, but the more I grow, the more the work expands.

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

Integrity. A session with Spirit can be a potent catalyst for change in a person’s life, and that needs to be treated with respect. Over the years, clients have asked whether he can help with this or that. I never overstate what Master Chou can do.

Leading to some clients being advised Chou can’t help and directing them to other practitioners (where possible). Likewise, their requests can expand the work such as being asked if Master Chou knew anything about horses. We did a trial session as an experiment, and now she speaks to him regularly about her herd and life.

What do you love most about your profession?

That should be a simple question, but it is actually quite hard to answer – how to put it into words. Though being a trance medium is my profession, it is also who I am. What do I love most? I get to be myself, to work with my Spirit friends daily, and know that together we make a difference (even if it is only a small one).

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