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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 29, 2022

How to Love Your Partner Based on Their Zodiac Sign in 2022

How to Love Your Partner Based on Their Zodiac Sign in 2022

Because your zodiac sign affects your personality, it inevitably has an impact on your behavior in life and, very importantly, your relationships.

Some zodiac signs will automatically be more compatible with you than others. By understanding how astrology has an influence on a person’s character, you’ll be able to navigate the various challenges that arise in relationships much easier. If you’re still single, it will be helpful to know which zodiacs you should avoid dating and take note of when a spark will be worth fanning.

While this guide is useful in gauging the ins and outs of the impact of astrology in relationships, if you’re still unsure about your match you can get a full reading from one of our most highly recommended psychics on Keen Psychics.

How the Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship

Aries (21 March – 19 April)

If you’re dating an Aries you’ll probably never find yourself bored or lacking attention in a relationship. Aries are fun-loving, confident, and great at big romantic gestures. Your Aries significant other thrives on spontaneity, so be sure to buy into this attitude and follow their lead. Your partner will be attentive and take the initiative to impress and spoil you so that the excitement and energy of your connection never dissipates.

Taurus (20 April – 21 May)

Taureans are often more serious in their approach to relationships and tend to build stronger, long-lasting foundations from the very beginning. They place value on the connection and will fight to fix and keep relationships. This behavior can be attributed to their stubborn nature, so it’s important you learn how to handle this characteristic early on in order to avoid frustration. By doing this you’ll find yourself with a loving, loyal partner and a solid relationship.

Gemini (22 May – 21 June)

Geminis are well known to have a feisty spirit that can be hard to get a reign on. This means that they can be almost impossible to tie down in a relationship. Because Geminis are constantly seeking something new and exciting to latch onto, you’d truly need to have a stimulating relationship and a strong intellectual match to keep a Gemini satisfied. Without this, you might find yourself with a partner who never truly lets themself be vulnerable with you.

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Cancers are extremely sensitive and gentle souls who are often misunderstood by those around them. Because of this, they tend to be less trusting in a relationship until they know that they are truly secure and can be completely themselves without fear of judgment. It’s important to note that once a Cancer feels that you understand them, they will open up and become exceptionally loving and caring partners so be sure to be extra attentive when spending time with your partner.

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Leo (23 July – 22 August)

As a Fire sign, a Leo is a very dominant, passionate partner and loves to take the lead in a relationship. While a Leo is generous and loyal, it’s important for them to receive attention and validation in order to stay satisfied. They can sometimes feel insecure and will often need reassurance of your devotion. If you can learn to handle these characteristics, a Leo will make a wonderful partner who will go out of their way to show you love and support you emotionally.

Virgo (23 August – 22 September)

Someone born under the Virgo zodiac is very logical and isn’t the type to fall head over heels or wear their heart on their sleeve. If you date a Virgo, they may take a more methodical approach to getting to know you in the relationship, but if you stay patient through this long enough to establish that connection, you will find yourself with a very consistent partner who puts effort into loving you. Virgos strive to achieve their goals and will push you to do the same as their significant other.

Libra (23 September – 22 October)

Librans look for balance in their lives so it’s important for them to be in a harmonious relationship. A Libra will strive to make sure your needs are met and are known to be generous lovers. Emotional and intellectual connections are extremely valued by those born under this zodiac, which means your partner will always work to keep the sparks flying in the relationship. It’s important that you put in equal effort to never let the flame die out.

Scorpio (23 October – 22 November)

Scorpions often have a habit of moving the spotlight onto their partners in relationships. They will be persistent and curious when getting to know you which may make you feel really special, but you may soon realize that they haven’t let their guards down themselves. For a successful relationship, a little extra effort will be required to push past those boundaries. Scorpions are passionate and love deeply, but their loyalty can sometimes be their downfall when they allow bad relationships to surpass their due dates.

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Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Sagittarians have an insatiable spirit that translates to their relationships as well. If you date someone born under the Sagittarius zodiac, you’ll need to be prepared for never-ending adventure and trying new things on a regular basis. For this reason, Sagittarians are drawn to like-minded people, and will rarely tether themselves to people who prefer more stability in life. A relationship with someone of this sign will offer you a life of constant change – and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

Capricorns guard their hearts quite carefully so it’s not unreasonable to feel like things are moving slower than usual when dating one. However, once a Capricorn is committed to you, they are loyal to a fault and make great efforts to show you respect and devotion, so don’t let the pace discourage you from pursuing a relationship if you feel a real connection. Capricorns are not very vocal about their emotions, but you will be able to gauge their feelings for you through their acts of love.

Aquarius (21 January – 18 February)

Aquarians are often very independent, ambitious people who can be difficult to tie down. They crave honest, raw connections based on intellectual and emotional compatibility, so putting your best foot forward will help to take your initial attraction to each other to the next level. Once you have the attention of an Aquarian, you will benefit from intense passion and unhindered honesty. You’ll also find yourself broadening your horizons and becoming more driven based on your partner’s influence.

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Pisces have a very idealistic view on relationships that they hold as their gold standard. They crave deep connections that reach the soul. They might find themselves often fantasizing about the type of connection they desire. Because of this, a Pisces will love with every inch of themselves with no thought given to the potential consequences or heartbreaks. They don’t waste time chasing hookups or situationships and will put every effort into caring for the person they’re interested in. Loving a Pisces can be a very intense yet fulfilling experience if you bear these characteristics in mind.

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Is Your Love Interest a Good Match?

While horoscopes play a large role in people’s behavior and personalities, people are molded by their experiences and upbringing and not everyone will fit their zodiac description to a tee.

It’s also important to remember that the universe brings different people into our lives at different times because that connection is there to teach us a lesson and ultimately, propel us to reach our destinies. Not every relationship will be long-lasting, but they are all a vital part of our journey.

If you’re feeling unsettled about a relationship or if you aren’t sure whether someone is the right match for you, your best option is to consult with a professional psychic who can tap into the spiritual in a way that our minds can’t fathom. Here are my top five recommendations on Keen who specialize in matters of the heart.

1. Jeanne Clock

Jeanne Clock

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2. Evangeline Grace

Evangeline Grace

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3. Michelle Caporale

Michelle Caporale

Michelle Caporale is well-versed in matters of love and relationships. She has degrees and qualifications in metaphysical studies and uses her many years of experience and spiritual gifts to offer her clients help with their relationship strife. Her clients constantly comment on how intuitive she is in predicting their partners’ behavior.

4. Elizabeth of the Light

Elizabeth of the Light

Elizabeth of the Light has the ability to predict patterns and reveal truths in relationships that have led clients to make choices that have brought them back on their life path. She is an empath and clairaudient and has used these gifts to help others since she was a child. Elizabeth’s customers have been able to cut off toxic relationships and find their soulmates with her assistance.

5. Manifest Love with Lynn

Manifest Love with Lynn

Although Lynn hasn’t been on Keen Psychics very long, she’s already got an impressive number of reviews, and it’s easy to see why with her experience and gifts in relationships. She performs her readings through the use of tarot and empath abilities, and her predictions have kept her clients very happy because of the helpful guidance it’s provided in maintaining healthy relationships. Lynn is able to help her clients move away from unhealthy habits in relationships and provides tools to nurture and sustain the ones that are needed.

Bottom Line

There are always going to be habits and behavior in a relationship that you welcome, and some that you can’t tolerate.

By checking your potential partner’s zodiac before becoming too emotionally attached, you can learn a lot about their patterns in relationships and save yourself a lot of difficulties.

If you’re already in a relationship, your partner’s star sign can help you understand their motivations and thought patterns better so that you can constructively work on making your relationship the best it can be.

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