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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Identifying Your Personal Truth - Shannon McLaren

Identifying Your Personal Truth - Shannon McLaren

Meet The Mystic Agent, Shannon McLaren, Registered Polarity Educator, Board Certified  Polarity Practitioner, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Integrative Craniosacral Therapist and  Seer…the list is long!  

The delightful Shannon shares with us some of her insights regarding Energy Medicine and how  she proceeds with treating and healing her clients.  

Material by: Shannon McLaren

Are you able to enlighten our readers on the practices  you offer?  

The basis of my work is three-fold:  

One, a type of somatic communication which is a communicative experience that moves mental/ emotional energy through the body system.  

Two, Sensory Perception experiencing which means our ability to sense and perceive energy  intelligence through proprioception or how we physically meet time/space. 

Three, the different types of work:  

INDIVIDUAL Sessions:  

Integrative Craniosacral Unwinding uses light and gentle touch to connect to the craniosacral  system – the core of our bodies is made up of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that  covers the brain and spinal column.  

This system activates healing energy within the body, which jump-starts the client’s own innate  healing ability, energy processes, and Biofield.  

This healing modality is so effective that the NFL has full-time Craniosacral practitioners on  hand.  

Polarity Therapy; The term “Polarity” refers to a law of nature: the attraction and repulsion of  opposites through a balanced middle point. Dr. Stone, a D.O., D.C. Allopathic and Naturopathic  Doctor, synthesized Polarity Therapy from contemporary scientific discoveries and ancient  knowledge in Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Yoga, Hermetics, Kinesiology, Astrology,  Geometry. 

His work focused on the WHOLE BEING by incorporating four limbs health: Somatic type  Communication, Bodywork, Energetic Nutrition, and Exercise. It is a comprehensive art and  science protocol to stimulate and balance the flow of Life Energy within and around the human  being.  

It is an accredited program, The National Commission for Certifying Agencies(NCCA) that took  over 15 years of documented case studies.  

Both CranioSacral & Polarity Therapy is indicated in all aspects of pathology, meaning it can be  used in some form for nearly any potential health issue for all the eleven organ systems  (including the integumentary system(skin), skeletal system, muscular system, lymphatic  system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system,  cardiovascular system, urinary system, and reproductive systems) including the Biofield  surrounding the human form, to physical repatterning and healing along with mental, emotional  and spiritual attunement.  

GROUP or INDIVIDUAL sessions:  

Systems Constellations provide a way to access information from the past, present or future  held by “the Knowing Field” or the energies that created one’s life and the issue presented.  

We can look at any system: Family, Business & Vocation, Nature, Health, Environment, Social  and Relational to understand what the problem is all about and how the aspects within relate  to one another.  

A Systemic Constellations means viewing or addressing people from where they come from;  mental, emotionally and physically. Everyone who participates also learns what it means to  sense the world around and within them through practical application. It’s experiential. The  participant or client can see the issue they presented unfold in front of them with their own  eyes. That perception blows everyone away when they experience it!  

Check out The Soul Game on The Mystic Agent Youtube Channel to view a fun game we  created from this type of work. This series is a transformational group experience where one  person or a group seeks a SOULution to any issue. 

As a practitioner of comprehensive energy medicine and a teacher of Polarity Therapy and  various Human Energy Systems, I have spent 10,000+ hours supporting individuals to process  systemic issues and patterns to identify, unwind and resolve the energy at their origins. Each  session is customized and client-focused. I like to say; I am willing to go ANYWHERE the client  needs in order to get the thing they are looking for in their lives! 

Do you have a particular modality that best resonates  with you?  

I love all of the work I do because it supports my clients in identifying their PERSONAL  TRUTHS held within the body/mind/spirit.  

According to, “More than 95% of us (in the world) are ill.” Our society is sick! Our life  expectancy is now flat while it used to be on the increase. We are living in a technology and  science boom, yet; most of humanity lives hand to mouth or pay-check to pay-check.  

As a society, we struggle to communicate with one another, and most give away their health  choices to doctors rather than listen to their bodies and biofield’s intelligence and signals.  

There is a new paradigm of “Sensory Living” that includes new ways of decision-making and  problem-solving from the inside out that I call “Self-Realization,” applying good communication  skills that support all our body systems and right relationships, energetic nutrition, and daily  behaviors that include; physical movement, breath, consciousness, and whole being  awareness.  

“Self-Realization” is a scientific consciousness-based process and a lifestyle. Learning how to  consciously notice our biofield intelligence through our innate sensory perception is the key to  addressing systemic ills and creating an effortless, simple and playful life. 

How were you first able to tap into your psychic/ healing abilities, and do you think we are all capable?  

Since I was very young, I saw and felt energy multi-dimensionally. I didn’t know what it was; I  thought it was normal. I would see wolves in my room and hear loved ones and guidance in my  head. Before the age of 10, I logically observed that I could manifest anything I wanted, if I  wanted it badly enough, through my will.  

Now I understand that every human being is a ‘creator being’. No matter how disoriented or  devious we may be, all humans are constantly connected to their soul self whether we  consciously acknowledge it or not. No matter how weak or strong our signal connection is, we  can all develop and apply our skills as creators by learning our unique energy system and how  it communicates with us. Everyone can be an Agent of Action for their Soul by claiming agency  over the self.  

Is Energy Medicine something that Western  practitioners take seriously?  

This is a tricky question, do Western practitioners take energy medicine seriously? First,  there is no uniformity in Energy medicine. While science acknowledges our Biofield and  many man-made electronic and light therapies are being created, traditional energetic hands on mapping of the causal energy is still an art best served by a practitioner who’ is strength is  applying and listening to their sensory and perceptive awareness from the clients energy  field. 

Further, Today’s practitioners don’t project energy into things or people the same way a Reiki  practitioner would have done in the past. Today we allow the energy medicine’s intelligence  to come to the practitioner, to welcome us into the client’s system and guide us from there to  the next relational move. 

Being a ‘Seer’, what are your views on prediction, in  general?  

My best guidance is my embodied senses. Often stories, symbols, words and pictures emerge  from the field, and I will share that with my clients as I hear, see, smell or feel it. I try not to  embellish the concepts that I receive.  

I read Tarot cards and watch readers on YT like Opal Oracle, Aquarian Insight, Baba Jolie  Guided Messages; they are all integral and intuitive! It’s my simple pleasure. 

I can’t speak for other intuitives, mediums, or channels. My experience is that energy is coming  inward, and the cards (as an example) or all symbolism, external or internal, are like road  signs that I see differently based upon the moment. Nothing is fixed or guaranteed because  energy is constantly moving. If one variable changes, and we are off in a new direction.  

How can we ‘listen to’ and ‘self-empower’ ourselves  when we have bills to pay?  

I love this question! Can we have it all? Can we pay our bills and live in a way that allows us to  experience our empowered self and receive guidance from within? Historically, our enlightened  ones were Monks, Nun’s or Guru’s who lived still and isolated lives — Today, most would have to  steal time to sit in mediation for an hour or go to a yoga class every day ~ and, is a once-a-day  exercise enough to train and empower a conscious being?  

In my experience, it generally requires a lifestyle change to reprogram our behaviors and  thought processes.  

Most of society has no idea they are an energetic consciousness channeling through a human  body. We treat the logical mind as our first information resource and haven’t noticed the  body’s ongoing communication or our other senses. However, our body is giving us the map  to a simpler life. Rather than research information on google, we can gather insight quickly  from our embodied senses.  

Everyone has something they NEED to solve on their own.  

Instead of running around hustling to make things happen, there is an invitation to learn how  to use insight and embodied senses to guide you. 

Here are a couple of basic steps to begin a journey of noticing your human energy  system, consciousness, and their connection to everything. 

  • Everything begins with consciousness. Learn to be aware of the thoughts “I” think and  the actions “I” take.
  • Mediation is the best teacher here – even if it’s 5, 8, 13 or more minutes a  day, morning & night.  
  • Sit in a comfortable upright position. The spine is straight with a natural low back curve. Chin slightly in and down. You are focusing on the breath.  

Thoughts will come into the mind. Once you can notice your thoughts  

thinking, thank them, then you go back to your breath. Do this over and over.  ● Check-in with yourself: the breath, your body, and your environment  

throughout the day. Ask yourself, where am I? Notice your feet, hands,  

voice, etc. — What am I noticing at this moment: what am I feeling in my  body, what am I thinking in my mind, am I breathing. Do this every hour or  two throughout the day to retrain your mind and be in the present moment. 

Set the alarm on your phone to remind you! 

How can Craniosacral therapy transform our lives?  

For me, Craniosacral activation is one aspect of what I do; in many situations, it’s not complete  on its own. I usually apply it with Polarity Therapy; Together, these modalities activate an energy  movement in the human system that informs the logical mind—often gifting the client with right  thinking or a soul-level understanding of what they need or are asked to receive. It also creates a  reset for the body systems and human form: 

Every person is different, and clients that find me are in awe by this healing work. Taylor, for  example, hadn’t been menstruating for five years under Western doctors’ care. We did one  session, and in the end, I began cramping which I don’t do any longer. The next day she phoned  me, ecstatic that she finally received her period.  

Or, another example, my own story: Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy healed me in an hour  from an injury that, in my experience, had taken eight weeks to recover from with Chiropractic  work. Like a Harry Potter movie, that healing had me seeing a silver lightning bolt come from my  hips and shoot up over my head into the practitioners’ hands. My entire being began moving  viscerally and structurally. My blood was flowing, ligaments moving. It was wild. At the end of the  session, she said, don’t go looking for anything, and you will have full range of motion in the  morning. And I did!  

Would you describe energy to be the source of all? 

I do consider energy to be the God particle. It is the only thing that is consistent in theory, and  that makes common sense. As a person who places my hands on people, and afterward, their  cancer has gone into remission, I experience much more happening here on earth than many  

know. And, I am no one’s Guru. I know we are all capable of healing and being healers.  I think of it as organizing intelligence. Energy manages itself intelligently. The electrons that  make up our bodies are making choices in every moment based upon how it is met or related  with. We see this in sound frequencies; some form sacred geometric patterns, and others form  dissonant disorganized formations. It’s all a polarity spectrum. 

A wonderful example of this is Dr. Masura Emoto’s Water Experiments.When he placed neutral  to positive intentions, pictures, or sound into water it formed organized crystal formations, and  when he injected or placed negative emotions such as anger, hate, or a picture of Hitler in the  water, it created disorganized shapes. Need I say more? 

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