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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 28, 2022

10 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Nearby (Updated List 2022)

10 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Nearby (Updated List 2022)

Your deceased loved ones have access to knowledge from the spiritual realm that the living simply do not. They may be trying to reach out to you because they want to look out for you. Or, they could be sensing that you’re struggling with their death, so they want the best for you and for you to feel happy again with your life.

However, you may not be aware of the signs to look out for, so familiarizing yourself with the 10 signs that show a deceased loved one is nearby can help bring peace and closure. That way you can become more aware of their presecence. But it isn’t easy to recognize the signs, nor is it easy to understand what to do with them when you do recognize them.

And since the communication happens in very delicate ways, I’d recommend consulting a trustworthy psychic medium if you require further guidance. Most of them are affordable, too, meaning it’s very unlikely you’ll waste your money.

10 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Nearby

1. They Appear in Your Dreams

Let’s face it – seeing signals and physical manifestations in real life leaves a lot of room for skepticism. However, dreaming about a deceased loved one leaves a lot of room for interpretation, as you’re likely to be more receptive to such messages.

There could be a few reasons why you might dream about them. For one, there could be a direct message they want you to know of, or they might simply be attempting to continue their love of and relationship with you through dreams. A dream analysis at California Psychics can help you understand why you might be dreaming of a deceased loved one.

It’s easy to get trapped justifying your dreams of deceased loved ones. However, there are many claims that these dream appearances are visits from the spiritual realm. This could be especially true if they are appearing in your dreams over and over. But there are also many claims that your loved one is simply trying to let you know that they’re OK.

2. Feeling Their Presence

Feeling, seeing, or hearing a deceased loved one is a typical way to sense their presence in subtle ways. Commonly reported signs include feeling a soft breeze, sensing a change in energy, and even feeling a gentle touch from a hand. Research suggests that nearly half of all US adults have felt the presence of a loved one who has passed on.

Your deceased loved one embodies the same essence as their live counterpart, but wishes to connect with you from the spiritual world instead. Sometimes, people say that it feels like they have a newfound peace, calmness, or that they suddenly feel more at ease.

You might find it difficult to put it into words, but you may sense that your loved one is present. Though one of the least tangible signs, it’s even possible to feel movement near the place you’re sitting, like on your bed or couch.

3. Smelling Their Aroma

Smelling a deceased loved one’s aroma is one of the better telltale signs that they’re trying to connect with you. Somebody’s scent is one of the most memorable aspects of a person you love deeply. This could be related to something about them such as cigarette smoke, the smell of their favorite food or flowers, or their cologne or perfume.

Smelling somebody is closely linked to your memory of them. That could explain why this is a common way in which your loved one might be trying to reach you. Suddenly experiencing the scent of this person could indicate that they’re trying to remind you of your connection. It could also mean that this connection is still alive and well.

If you smell roses, this could be of significance as it could indicate a Marian event. This is an event during which some have reported noticing the sudden appearance of the Virgin Mary. Some have also reported noticing the scent of roses while they perceive the presence of a deceased loved one.

4. Hearing a Favorite Song or Melody of Yours or Theirs

Music is the universal language. If you hear a song that was of significance to you and a deceased loved one, this could be an attempt to communicate with you. You could spontaneously turn on the TV or the radio, or walk into a store or other business and mysteriously hear this important song or melody.

You may also notice somebody humming it as you go about your life, or hear it in the form of live music. Someone also might be whistling the song or melody, or they might mention it to you in passing in the form of a question asking you if you like it.

The reason you might be hearing this specific song or melody is that the deceased is letting you know that they love you. They are also trying to remind you that you’ll be okay, as long as you keep them in your memory. Your deceased loved one might also want you to hear the lyrics, and that they serve as a message telling you to live and enjoy your life.

Perhaps hearing the song once or twice isn’t exactly a signal. However, spontaneously hearing it over and over again in different places could be a good sign. If that’s the case, they definitely want you to know that they’re close by, and that it serves as an eternal bond between you both.

5. Objects that Remind You of a Loved One

In addition to spirit animals, another way your deceased loved one might try to connect with you is by leaving important objects for you to find. Small objects like pennies or seashells are telltale signs, especially if they remind you of your loved one. Sometimes, they’re just to say “I love you”, but oftentimes, they contain some kind of message for you.

In the event that one of these objects finds you, it could be a good idea to reflect on it quietly to see if you can think of its significance. A skilled and experienced online medium could also help you shed some light on what this message might be (and mean). If you notice objects being removed from somewhere and being placed in your path, this is a sure sign.

There have been many claims that sentimental objects such as photographs and jewelry have been placed in peoples’ paths. Perhaps this is a way of letting you know that the deceased is still with you. You might be sure that you left a particular object in a certain place only to find that it has appeared elsewhere.

6. Forgetting or Losing Things

A sure sign that your deceased loved one is trying to reach you is when something suddenly goes missing, only to reappear later. Things like earrings, keys, or other trinkets that have deep personal meaning to either yourself or the deceased party could indicate some form of message.

Though this could also mean that they’re just playing and joking around with you, it’s often more significant than that. This type of sign might not stop until whatever message they’re trying to tell you has been properly received. Turning to a skilled and experienced medium from a site like Keen Psychics can help you identify the exact message.

7. Certain Numbers Pop Up

If you notice strange numbers in patterns, this could be an indication that your deceased loved one might be trying to send you a message. Numbers generally represent significant events or situations, especially if they seem repetitious.

You might notice these numbers on items like clocks and license plates, while you’re going about your daily life, or anywhere else. Some people chalk it up to coincidence, however, plenty of people believe that these numbers are of profound significance.

Numbers could also indicate some kind of special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, or something else. Plus, numerology suggests that each individual number holds some kind of significant meaning. Numerologists at Keen can help you decode their meaning and find out what the message might be.

8. Signs on Photographs

After taking a photograph, you might notice strange energies or electrical occurrences around you. Some believe that modern technology allows photos to represent pockets of energy known as “orbs”. This could indicate that a deceased loved one is near you and is trying to send you some kind of a message.

There’s also the possibility that entities from the spiritual realm can embody themselves through light energy. You might start noticing streaks in the corner of your eyes. Or, you might notice that your pets are acting odd and appear to be seeing something strange. This could, quite possibly, represent your deceased loved one’s message.

9. Seeing a Creature or Bug

It’s widely believed that deceased loved ones can take the form of a spirit animal, as you may notice a living creature that’s trying to make itself known to you. A butterfly is one of the most commonly-reported spirit animals since it’s believed to require much less spiritual energy than a larger creature or animal.

A spirit animal in the form of a bug, or another type of physical being could be a sign that your deceased loved one is attempting to send a message. This is because they probably want you to know that they’re okay. Though not a guarantee, it’s also a sign that they have done this because they sense that you’re feeling troubled, or are grieving their death.

A good way to know if a specific creature is acting as a messenger is if it suddenly appears during exceptionally trying times. If it offers you peace of mind or a sense of calmness, this is a good indication that it is, indeed, a messenger animal.

10. Noticing Electrical Interferences

Some people believe that tapping into electrical sources is the easiest way for the spiritual realm to manifest itself in the physical realm. Oftentimes, this leads to odd electrical occurrences in your vicinity. The most common form of this is appliances and lights spontaneously turning themselves off and on again.

You might also notice quickly draining cell phone batteries, or sudden noises like beeping, clicking, or tapping. Instead of being scared, it’s a good idea to embrace these signals because they might be acting as a message from your loved one. For example, they could be trying to let you know they’re doing OK.

Of course, you might think this is all straight out of a TV show or movie, but rest assured, it’s probably a sign from the deceased. This could be especially true if you experience these events more frequently, or if they seem to follow you wherever you go.

The Best Sites for Interpreting Signs From a Deceased Loved One

Oftentimes, recognizing the signs that a deceased loved one is trying to contact you is difficult. Therefore, you might need some help from a professional psychic to guide you and help make sense of these 10 signs. So if you’re uncertain, I highly recommend turning to an experienced individual to understand and interpret these signs.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Dream Interpretation

  • Over 100 “deceased loved ones” psychics available
  • Specialty “lost objects” readings also available
  • 7 other types of readings are available
  • $1 per minute for your first 20 minutes
  • 100% money-back guarantee

California Psychics offers two specialty readings that can help you understand signs you might be receiving from a deceased loved one. These readings include a dedicated “deceased loved ones” reading and a “lost object” reading. Should you recognize any of the 10 signs, you’re bound to get further guidance that helps interpret meaning.

The site also employs a stringent vetting process, which means the quality of its psychics is top-notch. You can expect accurate readings that will help you finally bring closure to the death of someone you loved deeply. For this reason, I didn’t waste any time on an unqualified psychic.

Lastly, the introductory rate for new customers is a steal at just $1 per minute. Since you have to purchase 20 minutes before you can start, this is a great way to save quite a bit of money. And if you’re not satisfied, you’re welcome to get a full refund, once per month for the first 15 minutes of your most recent reading.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Receive $10 Free Credit for Referals

  • Angel insights available
  • Dream analysis available
  • 6 other types of readings are also available
  • New clients get a $10 credit
  • Great mobile app

Not only does Purple Garden have an abundance of psychics, but its vetting process is also quite stringent. Out of every roughly 50-100 psychics who apply, only about 1-2 get accepted. When I used its intuitive mobile app, I could access all of its talented psychics and get a reading at a time and place that suited me.

You also get access to 8 different types of readings. Reading types include dream analysis and angel insights, which lets you easily decipher a message your deceased loved one might be trying to transmit to you. Additionally, there are different reading methods like chat and video, so you can get a reading method that suits your personality.

You’ll also receive a $10 credit if you refer a friend to Purple Garden, which you can use towards any type of reading on the site. After your $10 is used up, you can expect prices of between $0.99 to $14.99 per minute. Since most psychics fall in the $5 – $10 per minute range, this is very reasonable.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Choose From a Large Pool of Psychics

  • More than 8 different reading types
  • Dream interpretation available
  • Numerology available
  • Your first 3 minutes are free
  • Over 75 skilled psychics to choose from

Keen can help you interpret signs you might be receiving from your deceased loved ones. One of the site’s skilled mediums can help you with many different signs, but its specialty is dream analysis and numerology. When I checked out the 20+ dream readers and 5+ numerology psychics on its team, I found most of them to have very high customer reviews.

If you’ve been dreaming about a deceased loved one, a medium from Keen will be able to help you analyze your dreams. You could also turn to them if you’ve been noticing numbers appearing in patterns, or in a repetitive fashion.

Pricing for Keen starts at free for your first 3 minutes. This is more than enough time to get a sense of whether your chosen psychic will be able to further help you. If you’re not satisfied, there is a satisfaction guarantee available to you. You can be reimbursed, in credits, for one conversation every 30 days, up to 72 hours after your conversation, up to $25 in value.

Explore Keen

FAQs on Signs From a Deceased Loved One

Is it possible to feel a deceased loved one’s presence?

Yes, it’s certainly possible to feel a deceased loved one’s presence. Typical examples include feeling a slight breeze, or a general feeling of spontaneous calmness or tranquility. Additionally, it’s possible to feel them in your dreams or through electrical interferences like lights and appliances. The best thing is to make yourself aware of typical signs that can reveal a deceased loved one’s presence.

When do you feel the presence of a deceased loved one?

You could feel the presence of a deceased loved one at any point after their death. There’s no time frame for when the signals begin to appear, and there’s no definite “end date” either. It’s up to you to acknowledge these signs, and seek help from a trusted medium or psychic if you’re struggling to determine what they might mean.

How do loved ones communicate after death?

There are several means through which a loved one communicates after death. Deceased loved ones believe that targeting human senses is a good way to get the living to notice them. The primarily targeted senses are olfactory, hearing, touch, and vision. You could hear a favorite shared song, smell a familiar scent, feel their touch, or see something strange.

But these signs and sensual messages aren’t always obvious — and, quite often, rarely so. It could be worthwhile for you to connect with a professional psychic site that could help you make more sense of any odd signs you might be noticing.

Bottom Line

There are many signs a deceased loved one is nearby, but they’re difficult to recognize if you’re not sure what to look for. The 10 signs on this list can help you make sense of odd occurrences and help you realize that your deceased loved one is trying to connect with you in a meaningful way.

However, even once you recognize these signs, it isn’t always straightforward to interpret their meaning. Fortunately, there are many highly skilled psychics who can help you understand them. For example, California Psychics has over 75 skilled psychics who offer specific types of readings to recognize signs from your deceased loved one.

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