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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on February 13, 2024

12 Signs a Deceased Loved One in Spirit Is Nearby (2024)

12 Signs a Deceased Loved One in Spirit Is Nearby (2024)

While some may call it wishful thinking, signs from deceased loved ones aren’t uncommon phenomena. After all, it’s estimated that more than 20% of the US population has received some type of contact from a loved one in spirit. But if you’re not well-versed in spirit communication, it’s easy to brush any signs off and think they’re a mere coincidence.

As a psychic that helps others see the signs from the spirit realm, I know that doubt can be a common feeling. Therefore, I made a list of the 12 most common signs a loved one is reaching out so you can feel validated in your experiences. Once you understand what your experiences mean, you’ll be less skeptical and confused about them.

However, it’s possible that you may receive signs or have experiences that I haven’t touched upon. And if so, consulting a medium can be an excellent way to decipher any cryptic spiritual contact. Even though I work as a psychic, I like to confide in my medium from California Psychics to get objective insights.

Unravel the Signs With a Medium

The 12 Telltale Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Reaching Out

Spirits tend to reach out to us in similar ways because it’s a fail-proof way of getting our attention. And the more common a sign, the more likely we are to discover its spiritual meaning. So if you’ve experienced any of the signs below, it’s likely a loved one in spirit wants you to know they’re near.

1. Sensing Their Presence

We are far more intuitive than we often give ourselves credit for and while we may not always be able to see our loved ones, we can certainly sense them. You’ll just know that your loved one is in the room because you’ll feel their essence. It’s an energy they carried while they were on earth and you can still pick up on it when they come to visit as a spirit.

Their presence around you may be so strong that you start speaking to them outloud. You may even feel the temperature in the room drop and get goosebumps when you say or think something towards them. It’s your loved one’s way of showing you they’re truly present and that they acknowledge what you’re feeling in that moment.

2. Vividly Dreaming With Them

Dreams act as a bridge to your subconscious mind, astral planes, alternate dimensions, and the spirit realm. Therefore, it makes sense that our loved ones in spirit use dreams as a means to connect. This is especially true if you already dream vividly or pay attention to your dreams, since your loved ones know they’ll have a greater chance of reaching you.

When a loved one visits you in a dream, it can feel like you’re truly together. You may even wake up with tears and overwhelmed because of how realistic the interaction felt. They may deliver you an important message or not say anything at all. Either way, the purpose is to reassure you that they’re still around, guiding you and keeping an eye out for you.

3. Signs With a Personal Significance

Your loved ones don’t lose their cheeky nature when they cross over, if anything, they get cheekier. If you had an inside joke with your loved one, you may receive signs with references to funny memories. Let’s say your grandfather always called you ducky, then he may send you countless ducks to poke fun and let you know he’s with you.

But it’s not just jokes, they can also send you significant signs that have a personal touch to them. Another example can be something like seeing their birthday on license plates or coming across an item in a store with their name on it. It can be little things that may seem irrelevant to others, but highly significant to you.

4. Unexplainable Electronic Disturbances

When your loved ones cross over, they become pure conscious energy. And since electronic devices emit a lot of frequencies, spirits like to use technology to boost their own energetic capability. It’s easier for spirits to send signs through electronic disturbances like flickering lights and glitching televisions because it allows them to preserve their energy.

Although it’s not uncommon for electronics to glitch, it’s usually a spiritual disturbance when there’s synchronicity involved. Like the lights flickering when you talk about them or other similar phenomena that feels a little too coincidental. There are even accounts of people receiving phone calls or texts from deceased loved ones with nothing in them.

5. A Whiff of Their Signature Scent

When a spirit sends a sign, they need to get creative so you know it’s them. A spirit’s favorite way is by sending you a whiff of a unique scent. For instance, your grandmother’s favorite perfume or the strong cigar scent in your uncle’s house. The scent is always very personal and something that unlocks a core memory to help you associate it to them.

The deliberate choice of a signature scent serves as a poignant reminder of their presence and a meaningful connection through the sense of smell. It’s almost like they’re screaming, “hey, I’m still here!”. Your loved one may frequently send you smells if you have a strong nose or if they know you remember them by a particular smell.

6. Feeling a Gentle Touch

A gentle touch from a loved one in spirit can be both comforting and, at times, a bit unsettling. It can take various manifestations, such as a caress through our hair, a gentle touch on the back, or even the sensation of being embraced in a hug. Keep in mind, the choice of a touch over a full-blown apparition is usually a deliberate decision on their part.

It seems they opt for physical touch as a subtle way to communicate without causing fear. Your loved one may feel you’re not ready to encounter a visible spirit, so a gentle touch becomes a more approachable form of connection. This method of communication allows your loved one to reach out to us in moments of need, offering solace and reassurance.

7. Receiving Spiritual Symbols

Spirits communicate through a diverse array of symbols but some signs have become widely recognized as spirit favorites. For example, coins scattered around your living space, consistently encountering feathers, witnessing butterflies gracefully flying around, or having a particular bird visit you regularly—all can be interpreted as spiritual symbols.

The significance lies not just in the symbol itself but in the context of its appearance. Even seemingly mundane occurrences, such as your dog fixating on an empty space, can carry meaning. These signs are a testament to the adaptability of our loved ones in spirit, as they use familiar symbols to convey their presence and assure us they’re still around.

8. They Send You Songs

If your departed loved one had a specific song they used to serenade you with or a favorite band, the appearance of their favorite music can be a powerful sign of their presence. But, these musical signs are not limited to songs your loved one favored; they also extend to songs that hold significance for your current situation.

Whether you’re having a difficult day or feeling lost in the journey of life, the right song offering understanding seems to play at just the right moment. Whether it’s on the radio, in the grocery store, or through a passing car, it’s your loved one communicating with you. I urge you to look at the lyrics closely and to discern what the greater message is.

9. Their Appearance Manifests on Objects

Some people have reported the manifestation of their loved ones’ appearances on ordinary objects. It may sound unconventional, but this can include seeing your loved one’s face in cloud formations, patterns on tiles, shadows, stains, and other unexpected places. These are usually unintentional sightings that happen during moments of vulnerability.

You may see your loved ones face or silhouette when facing challenges, feeling nervous, or seeking reassurance. They always know when you need them and they can just as quickly show you they’re there. This unique form of manifestation serves as a subtle yet impactful way for them to offer a visual sign of comfort during moments of need.

10. Visions In Your Mind’s Eye

If you’re intuitive or sensitive to energy, you’re far more likely to have vivid experiences with your loved ones in spirit. This can manifest as seeing visions or glimpses of them in your mind’s eye. Maybe you see them smile at you or can make out parts of their face. Getting clairvoyant visions of them usually indicates a strong psychic connection with your loved one.

Additionally, these visions are more likely to happen while you’re in an alpha state of consciousness. For instance, you can get into this state while you’re in deep meditation, daydreaming, or about to fall asleep. Therefore, if you meditate a lot, you are more likely to experience this type of phenomena.

11. Having Out of Body Experiences

Taking it a step further, out of body experiences can happen during profound meditative states. However, it can also happen during lucid dreams, which are dreams where you have full control and awareness. Some people report seeing their loved ones in the spirit realm and claim that it’s like they’ve gotten a glimpse at what the afterlife is like.

Lucid dreams can sometimes shift into astral projection, which is also an out of body experience where you project into different places, worlds, and dimensions. Your deceased loved one may take you along a journey of what it’s like to be a spirit and many times, show you some of the workings of the universe.

12. Seeing Partial or Full Physical Apparitions

Physical apparitions usually leave little to doubt because you’re seeing a full blown physical manifestation of your loved one. When and if this happens, you may see them in a holograph-like way or notice they look a little misty and fuzzy. Much like receiving visions, this is a sign you have strong clairvoyant abilities and can see those who have crossed over.

That said, it’s the partial appearances that can leave you with doubt or even fear. This is because they happen out of the corner of your eye and are less concrete than full physical apparitions. Let’s say your loved one had a special chair and sometimes when you walk past it, you swear you see them sitting in it out of the corner of your eye. That’s a partial apparition.

How Can I Communicate With My Deceased Loved One?

Before making any direct contact with the spirit world, set spiritual protection and intentions. Your intention is the most important part because you’re outlining who can, and who cannot communicate with you. Something like “I set the intention to communicate with X and I prohibit any trickster or malignant energies from interacting with me”.

To protect yourself, envision a white or golden shield around you and your home. Lighting sage, palo santo, or incense can clear and keep out any unwanted energy. I suggest burning it before and after. Here are some communication techniques you can explore that are safe and beginner-friendly:

Candle Conversations

Light a candle and focus your attention on its flame. Envision your loved one’s presence and speak to them. Take note of how the candle behaves and moves, since your loved one can manipulate it. 

Object Connection

Select a spiritual or sentimental object connected to your loved one. Hold it during meditation and jot down the things that come to you. This can be a great technique when you need direction or guidance in life. 

Dream Journaling

Keep a dream journal beside your bed and start recording your dreams. This will help you recall your dreams with ease and encourage your loved ones to communicate with you in dreamstate. You can even ask your loved one for a dream visitation. 

Intuitive Art 

Creating art puts you into a flow state because it’s a form of meditation. Go into it with the intention to communicate with your loved one and go with any intuitive nudges. You may be surprised by what you sense or create. 

Dowsing and Pendulums

Dowsing rods and pendulums are incredible tools for communication when used properly and safely. They can get you yes or no answers when you have pressing questions. 

Oracle Cards

I suggest oracle cards over tarot cards for beginners because they require less study. There’s less interpretation involved and the communication tends to be more direct. 

Unless you’re an experienced practitioner, I strongly discourage you from using a Ouija board. When used incorrectly, these boards can open up portals of communication with unwanted spirits. Therefore, always approach this with caution or consider a session with a medium.

When to Consider a Session with a Psychic Medium

A psychic medium is a spiritual practitioner that specializes in spirit communication. They can receive impressions from your loved ones in spirit through psychic gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance. Mediumship readings bring healing and closure, but they also provide a safe way to interact with departed spirits.

You should consider a session with a psychic medium if you resonate with the following:

  • You’ve been experiencing spiritual signs but want confirmation or more detailed insights into the messages your loved one is trying to convey.
  • You yearn for personalized messages or specific information from your deceased loved one.
  • You have unresolved questions, emotions, or unfinished business with your departed loved one and want closure.
  • You feel a longing for a stronger connection with your loved one and wish to explore avenues that can enhance this spiritual bond.
  • You’re navigating significant life events or milestones and would like guidance from your loved one.
  • You’re experiencing paranormal events and it’s causing you fear or anxiety.
  • Best Sites for Mediumship Readings in 2024 – Full List

    Wanting communication with departed loved ones is one thing but finding the right psychic medium is another. I’ve tested several of the most popular psychic sites and ranked them based on quality, affordability, and convenience.

    1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Mediumship Readings

    California Psychics

    • 100+ psychic mediums
    • $1, $2, or $4/min
    • Chat and call readings
    • Karma rewards program
    • Satisfaction guarantee

    The best site for mediumship readings is California Psychics because its quality roster of mediums is unmatched. Each psychic goes through strict vetting before being accepted on the site and only 2% of them make the cut. From what I’ve seen most of its psychics have decades of experience and lengthy track-records with clients on the platform.

    I like that the mediums on the site have various skills and unique approaches to their sessions. This makes it possible to select your ideal medium, whether you’d like a reading that incorporates tarot or a medium that only relies on their clairvoyance. I wanted the latter and had the pleasure of a heart-warming session with my selected medium, Cain.

    While you won’t get any free trial minutes on California Psychics, as a newbie you’ll unlock discounted rates of $1, $2, or $4/min. Having multiple price points to choose from is helpful since you can stick to your budget without compromising the quality of your medium. Plus, you can test popular mediums for less to see if you’d consider paying their regular rate.

    2. Purple Garden — Find the Best Mediums With Its Top Accuracy Badge

    Purple Garden

    • More than 50 mediums
    • $10 credit for joining
    • Chat, call, and video sessions
    • Journeys community feature
    • Refunds for technical issues

    My runner-up pick for the best mediumship readings is Purple Garden. You can easily identify the most sought after mediums with its top accuracy, trending, and top rated badges. I selected PsychicMediumMax because of his top rated badge and I can see why he earned it. His insights about my grandparents were spot on and I had chills the entire session.

    I appreciate the Purple Garden feature, Journeys, because it makes your experience more interactive. You can post and reply to threads left by others on a variety of topics and find solace in common experiences. Topics about spirits and the paranormal can leave you feeling misunderstood and it’s nice to find other people on the site that understand.

    Even though there is no specific mediumship category or filter selection, it’s not complicated to find the mediums on the site. Purple Garden’s search bar allows you to browse psychics by keyword, so you can type in “mediumship”, “medium”, or “psychic medium” and find what you’re looking for.

    3. Keen — Experienced Mediums With 100,000+ Readings Completed

    Best Sites for Mediumship Readings in 2024 – Full List

    • 80+ available mediums
    • First 5 minutes for $1
    • Chat and call readings
    • Detailed search filters
    • Satisfaction guarantee

    There is no way I could exclude Keen from my list of best sites for mediumship readings. It’s easily one of the most popular options out there since it hosts mediums that have read for hundreds of thousands of clients. The medium I chose, Serenity Stone, is the perfect example since she’s done more than 111,000 readings on Keen since 2001.

    I enjoy Keen’s free mail feature because it allows you to contact mediums before you book or pay. Since I was debating between Serenity Stone and another medium, it was helpful to ask them both follow-up questions to see which would be the better fit. Ultimately, I went with Serenity Stone because I liked her vibe and we definitely hit it off during the session.

    Although I appreciate having the choice of a video reading, my phone reading on Keen felt special and personal. If I closed my eyes for long enough, it truly felt like I was in the same room with my medium. It’s nice to have the privacy to cry without worrying about your appearance and you can immerse yourself into the experience more.

    FAQs on Deceased Loved Ones

    When are loved ones in spirit most likely to reach out?

    Loved ones in spirit are most likely to reach out when you’re in the present moment. It can be challenging for them to connect with us if we’re distracted or ungrounded since we’re more likely to overlook their nudges. This is why a meditation or grounding practice can be useful since it gives your loved ones the opportunity to reach out.

    They also tend to make contact when we’re feeling vulnerable, hopeless, or lost in life. While it can be challenging to notice their presence when we’re going through heavy emotions, these are the times when they truly make their magic known. It’s their way of letting you know they’re still around and how they encourage you to keep going despite the challenges.

    Can you ask your deceased loved ones for confirmation?

    Yes, you can ask for confirmation. For instance, you can ask them to send you a specific sign to show you it’s really them reaching out. Alternatively, you can ask for a sign if you’re feeling scared, worried, or unsure of a particular outcome. For instance, asking to see a plane when you’re unsure about whether you’ll get your passport in time for an important trip.

    Your deceased loved ones can send a variety of signs that show they’re around. That said, it’s up to you to recognize them and turn within to discover what the signs are trying to tell you. That’s why it can be helpful to ask for specific confirmation, because you set the context for the signs you receive and can begin to develop a symbolic language with your loved one.

    How to deal with anxiety from receiving signs from spirits?

    It’s crucial to first acknowledge and accept your feelings without judgment. Understand that spiritual connections are meant to bring comfort, not distress. Take a moment to ground yourself through deep breaths or meditation to calm your mind. Remember that benevolent spirits, whether angels, guides, or loved ones will never go out of their way to scare you.

    However, if you feel something is trying to scare you I recommend contacting a medium. A trusted medium can tap into the energy using their gifts and get to the bottom of why you’re having these experiences. They can offer you solutions and advice to calm your nerves and work with you to stop any frightening spiritual experiences.

    Bottom Line

    Signs from a loved one in spirit are among the most touching experiences out there. The interactions can leave you feeling full of love, care, and guidance which is invaluable if you ask me. And while the biggest hurdle is recognizing the signs as they come, by remaining open to interpreting them you can develop a unique language with your loved one.

    I know deciphering spiritual signs and symbols can be easier said than done. From my experience, a credible medium can bridge the gap of communication and answer a lot of your questions. My go-to psychic is from California Psychics, where there are hundreds of other compassionate mediums. The best part is that you can get started for only $1/min.

    To summarize, these are the best sites for mediumship readings…

    Our Rank Provider Our Rating Review Visit Website

    Read Review

    Read Review

    Read Review
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