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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 26, 2022

13 Signs You Might Be Clairsentient in 2021

13 Signs You Might Be Clairsentient in 2021


The truth is no one is born knowing they are psychic from the very start. While many people go on to discover their psychic abilities during childhood, others don’t discover them until adulthood when they experience a moment of awakening. This might be a near-death experience, a spiritual encounter, or even a powerful dream.

Either way, discovering clairsentience doesn’t happen from one moment to the next. Instead, people gradually discover their ability over time, come to terms with it, and then begin honing their skills. If you think you might be clairsentient, read on to discover if any of these signs apply to you:

What Clairsentients are Capable Of

Ever heard someone say they have a “sixth” sense? Well, this is a pretty good way to describe clairsentience.

Clairsentience is the ability to sense the presence of something that is otherwise intangible. This something can be energy, a spirit, or an otherworldly presence. You can’t hear it, see it, or touch it, but it’s there. Clairsentients are people who can detect things that others can’t.

Clairsentience is different from clairaudience (the ability to hear what others cannot) and clairvoyance (the ability to predict the future) because it goes beyond sight and hearing. Clairsentients are also different from empaths in that they don’t just experience the emotions that you or someone else are feeling. They experience all the forces in the world that are normally hidden from us. This is why they have the ability to guide us through difficult decisions and uncertainty. 

13 Signs You Might Be Clairsentient

1. You feel connected with nature and its energy
A huge part of being clairsentient is that you feel connected to the world around you in ways that an average person doesn’t. That means that when you go to the beach, you can feel the energy of the waves pushing and pulling on your body. Or when you go for a hike, you can feel the earth in each breath. This kind of connection is a sure fire-sign that your energy is linked with that of the earth.

2. Animals are drawn to you

Despite what the average person may think, animals are more in tune with the earth and their surroundings than humans are. Think about how animals move in nature— they listen to everything around them, use their sense of smell, and rely on their instincts. They are far more in tune with their natural environments than we are, which is what allows them to sense the presence of a clairsentient human. They know that this person is more likely to be able to understand them, and for that reason, they are naturally drawn to them.

3. You can sense when something bad is going to happen

It might be the sunniest day with the clearest blue sky. But when something bad is going to happen, you can feel it in your gut, even if no one else around you can. I’m not talking about having a bad dream that feels like dejavu. I’m talking about that kind of ominous feeling that you just can’t put your finger on, and yet you can’t shake it.

4. You can read people in a snap

Whether it’s your best friend or the store cashier, you can get a read on people instantly. It’s everything— their facial expression, their body language, their tone of voice. In just an instant you can describe in shocking detail what their personalities are like now, how they used to be, and how they’ll likely end up in the future.

5. You feel connected to complete strangers

Have you ever sat down next to someone on a bus, or a plane, and could instantly read their energy? This is exactly how clairsentients use their gifts. While a small part of it comes from life experience, the more significant part comes from their uncanny ability to immediately sense the moods of those around them.

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6. You’re hyper in-tune with your own emotions

And you probably have been since you were a kid. In fact, understanding and processing your emotions is so normal for you that it took you a while to realize most other people aren’t like this at all.

7. You understand people without them having to say much

Since you’re so in tune with your own emotions, understanding the emotions of others is second nature to you. Your friends and family often confide in you because they know you’ll understand what they’re feeling without them having to explain every detail to you.

8. Your first impressions are hardly ever wrong

Because you can feel energy so acutely, you can get a read on people within the first few minutes of meeting them. But more importantly, that first impression that you get turns out to be true, regardless of how much time passes getting to know them.

9. You see both the forest, and the tree

Most people can only see one or the other: the entire forest, or the single tree. But you are equally capable of seeing both. You can appreciate the nuances and specifics of a problem or situation, without losing sight of the bigger picture.

10. You can be too sensitive for your own good

When you’ve got your own feelings and energy to deal with, plus the feelings and energies of the world around you, it’s no surprise that you have a tendency to be overly sensitive. It’s inevitable that this is exhausting for you.

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11. You’re comfortable with relying on your intuition

While some people insist on facts and evidence to believe something or to make a decision, you’re okay with going with your gut. Others may question why you make particular decisions and are not satisfied with your answer of, “it feels right”. But you don’t mind, because your gut hardly leads you astray.

12. You prefer small groups to big crowds

Being in tune with everyone else’s emotions and energy can have a negative effect when you’re around too many people. Everyone’s colliding energies are exhausting, so you find yourself preferring smaller groups where it’s easier to manage all the different vibes.

13. You’re a vivid dreamer

Some people wake up and never remember what they were dreaming about. But you almost always remember, and with surprising detail. You understand that dreams are one way that spirits communicate with us, and sleep opens up the door even wider for you to receive messages.

Learn from Other Clairsentients

If you’d like to discover if you truly are clairsentient, one of the best ways to do so is to connect with a verified, legitimate clairsentient reader. These are people who understand first hand what it means to be clairsentient, and have many years of experience using their gift to help others. Check out these top 5 clairsentient readers from California Psychics:

1. Uma


Uma is one of California Psychics’ stop clairsentients, with a 5-star rating based on over 5,000 customer reviews. She is a clairsentient and clairaudient psychic who also specializes in dream analysis. She covers topics like love and relationships, career and work, and money and finances. She is also trained in tarot and oracle cards. Many customers praise her accuracy and skill, with one writing “She’s pointed out things I would’ve never imagined, then I confirm and she’s right!”

2. Cooper


Cooper is a clairsentient and clairaudient empath who specializes in energy readings. She helps guide her customers and answer their questions by allowing the spirits to communicate through her. Her customers have described her as someone who “reads energies well even when others can’t see it.” Cooper is rated 4.9 stars based on over 3,500 reviews.

3. Elis


Elis is relatively new to the California Psychics site, but she has over 10 years of experience delivering readings to customers. She is both clairsentient and clairaudient, and she is skilled in tools like tarot, runes, and astrology.  She is rated 4.9 stars based on over 500 reviews, and customers have nothing but positive things to say about her: “I’ve read with the best in the past and yet she impressed me deeply with what she told me and with some details from my past that nobody ever saw but her.”

4. Mikaela


Mikaela has been on California Psychics since 2014, but she began giving readings at a young age when she discovered her gifts. She is a clairsentient empath who specializes in love, money, destiny, and life path. She is rated 4.8 stars based on over 2,800 reviews, with one customer writing, “My reading with Mikaela was out of this world. She really can read others’ intentions and thoughts.” She delivers her readings in a quick and straightforward manner, while still exhibiting immense compassion for her customers.

5. Karin


Karin has been a professional psychic for over 18 years. She discovered her clairsentient and empathic abilities when she was a child, and studied tarot with her grandmother. Now she uses her gifts to guide people with the help of her spirit guides. Customers have described her as “Right on the money. She always tells me to trust my instinct and I do.” She is rated 4.8 stars based on over 3,000 reviews.


Being clairsentient is a blessing if you can learn how to use your gift. You have a unique ability to perceive the world around you in much greater depth than the average person, and of course you have the ability to offer valuable guidance.

But at the same time, if you’re constantly feeling exhausted from all of the energy around you, both good and bad, you need to get some help. Speaking with professional clairsentients can show you how to protect yourself while honing your gift at the same time. And who knows, you might even become a professional psychic yourself, and find fulfilment in guiding others on their journey.

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