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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Live With The Lights On And Become The Person You Want To Be

Live With The Lights On And Become The Person You Want To Be

Sita PK is a professional clairvoyant, energy worker and gifted empath. Through her many years of experience, she uses numerous transformative techniques to guide her clients to the next level of success and to heal them in a way that accelerates their growth. She is also a Vedic Master, herbalist, student of Tantra, and a nondenominational ordained minister. We chat to Sita, from Live With The Lights On to find out more.

Who is Katy Bray and who is Sita?

Katy Bray is the name I went by for a long time in my life. It is a family name that suited me. As my spiritual path deepened, I felt guided to take on my spiritual name which comes from my Sikh lineage. My full Sikh name is Sita Premjeet Kaur which loosely translates to, ‘Lioness who leads people to victory through love’. 

When I first received this name, without knowing the meaning, it resonated with me deeply. It felt as if there was a timeless echo in my heart, as if I had reached into eternity. Although I didn’t expect to actually change my name at first, it kept nudging me, asking to have more presence in my life. 

I was told in a meditation one morning that I was to take on this name at my wedding ceremony and that I was to step into the essence of ME; that my highest essence would be marrying my husband. When I receive such direct guidance, I listen. It was a profound experience to take on this name during my wedding and I felt my energy deepen and grow immediately. 

How much of your work is clairvoyance and how much is energy healing (perhaps the two go hand in hand)?

I am multi-sensory so information comes to me in a variety of ways. I see very clearly beyond the veil and have done ever since I can remember. My ability to gather information and to heal go together. I was called into counselling because the words that come through me when I am in session contain seeds of healing energy. My words are highly charged and as I receive information and energy, I speak and send the energy into my client’s energy body. This removes blocks, opens up intuition and triggers life energy to move. 

I speak what I see, hear, know and feel and then launch energy through my channeled words into the energy field of my clients. It is a dynamic dance of energy that is specific to whomever is sitting with me in session or in my classes.

When with a client, you describe “feeling and reading their energy empathically and psychically”. Please could you describe the difference between the two terms.

As an empath, I can feel into people’s energy fields. I can interpret where they are blocked and how they receive their intuitive information. I can feel where they are storing emotions that need to be set free and I can literally feel how they feel too. 

It is important in my work to differentiate between what I can feel in someone’s energy and what is in the cosmic field of energy. This allows me to read the Higher Truths, and not just read what people desire or how they feel. In this line of work, we have to be able to pinpoint what we are reading and where it is coming from. 

One of the key ways that allows me to ascertain where my information is coming from, is that I can see and hear information as well. This is the psychic aspect of my work. I can psychically see someone’s past, present and future and this allows me to be more neutral and objective.

In short: Empathically I feel, and can literally put my energy into the energy body and body of others. Psychically, I receive insights and information outside of my own field of energy. This allows me to discern the difference between people’s desires and fears, versus what is truly meant for them in this life. 

For the novices out there, please can you explain what a Vedic Master is and give some (your) insight into the teaching of the Vedas. 

A Vedic Master is someone who has spent years studying, teaching and working with the Ancient Wisdom of the East, specifically, India. Although I have spent the better part of fifteen years immersed in being a student and teacher of this wisdom, when I was guided to it, it felt like a homecoming. It was all so familiar, as if my soul recalled other lifetimes. 

Vedic Mastery includes working with the mind, body and spirit through reading energy, yoga, breath-work, herbs, food and all aspects of the human in spirit form. I often remind people that we are only 10% physical, 30% mental and 60% energy. Because of this, we must master our own energy systems and their relationship to the cosmic forces, which is what I help my clients do. 

Basically, I help them get in touch with their intuitive and eternal nature through the practical applications of the tools used above, including my multi-sensory and healing skills. This wards off disease in the mind, body and spirit and allows them to become superhuman.

How important is religion in the practice of energy healing? 

Religion doesn’t really have any relationship to energy healing specifically. Although some people feel that prayer, of any denomination, is a form of healing. For me personally, my healing abilities are not connected to religion, they are connected to the One Source; some may call It God, Waheguru, Spirit or Higher Power. 

Prior to every session I do, I create a sacred container by going into deep meditation. This is to help me connect to Source and to put me into a place of neutrality which is hugely important. This ensures that my personality is set aside and that I am coming from a pure place to be used for energy and insight that is of the highest and best interest for my clients.

In this sense, it is my spirituality, not religion, that is important when practicing healing because I never dilute myself into believing it is “me” doing the work that I do.

Do you think there is a difference between spirituality and religion?

I do. In my experience, religion is a potential pathway to God and spirituality is the experience of God. I find that for many people, religion becomes a place where they end up on a mental pursuit to find God. I use the term, “God” for the sake of ease. Please insert whatever word works best for you.

I do believe that religion can help people have spiritual experiences, but too often we get caught up in the “shoulds”, “shouldn’ts” and “have tos”. I believe that each person needs to find what resonates with their soul to have True, honest experiences of God. This is spirituality. 

Personally, I am a Sikh and although some consider this a religion, it’s more of a path than anything else. There are millions of paths to Source. As long as we go with what gives us the experience of our own Divinity, I believe this is the best place for us to be.

When did you become a non-denominational ordained minister and what does this involve/entitle you to do?

I became ordained 14 years ago. Honestly, this was a personal choice for me. It was a commitment that I wanted to make between myself and Source to keep me aligned with this higher energy, so as not to work to serve myself. I live to serve others from a selfless place. That is what my ordination means to me. 

Eventually, I want to be a death doula. I have spent a lot of time volunteering in hospice and it is some of the most meaningful work I have ever done. I love being able to see beyond the veil and support people who are ready to transition with what I see and experience. As an ordained minister, I will be able to practice deeper counselling work with people at the end of their lives. When the time is right, and I will be guided as to when that is, I will focus more on this aspect.  

Did you become a non-denominational ordained minister through your energy work or was religion always a main focus in your life?

Actually, for many years religion hadn’t been a main focus for me at all. However, I do work with people from all religions and walks of life, and I do respect everyone on their path to having a deeper relationship with their Soul and with Source. 

In the Sikh tradition, which has become increasingly more important in my life, there is an honouring of all beliefs. Everyone has the right to believe what they believe. No matter who you are, where you come from, what background you have, class or race, we are all the same in God’s eyes. We are all here to experience the Divinity within and we ALL have the same Divinity within. That is the kind of path I can follow and it informs the work that I do in this world and feeds who I am.

My energy work emanated from me long before I was a Sikh and before I was ordained. I’m on my path, like everyone else, and it continues to give me depth and take me closer and closer to my Soul and to God. This continues to enhance my healing skills and abilities. As I unfold and expand, it increasingly allows me to support others to do the same, in their own way. 

In a nutshell, how would you describe the gifts/services you offer?

My work is to support people in discovering and exploring their own inner Guru. I believe that we are all sent here to master certain things, and to remember our Divinity. When I work with people, and work on all levels, I help them develop their mastery, no matter what that is. This can be their own healing and intuitive gifts or it can be mastering the things in their life that they keep running into and that they often feel defeated by.

In all of this, I work with individuals and I also teach classes regularly. My classes focus on raising consciousness, eliminating energy blocks, opening up intuition, raising Kundalini and so much more. My classes can be found on the SitaTV tab on my website. 

Sita, you are an author. Could you tell us more about the books you have written.

I have written four books which are filled with daily messages that come from my morning meditations over the course of two years. They also have weekly exercises. Some people use them as an oracle, they seem to be really impactful when used in this way. 

The books are called Live with the Lights On 90 Day to MultiDimensional Living. They can be found on, as well as my website, 

You offer an Energy Architecture Program. What exactly is this?

My Energy Architecture program is something I developed based on my work with thousands of people over the course of many years. I recognized that I was seeing consistent energy patterns and have learned how to re-pattern people’s energy, particularly the energy in their chakras. 

It is a process of reprogramming the subtle energy field through coaching, energy healing, and different energy practices. It takes about six months because it is highly experiential and it is important that enough time is taken to integrate such profound shifts. 


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