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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 28, 2022

The Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism of Butterflies in 2022

The Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism of Butterflies in 2022

Butterflies are powerful harbingers used by angels and other spirit guides to bring you signs and messages from the universe.

Deciphering what the message really is can sometimes be tricky, so it’s important to note the differences between seeing butterflies, having them follow you, and the symbolism of having one land on you.

What Does It Mean If You See Butterflies?

Butterflies may be relatively small, but they carry huge spiritual significance. The meaning of seeing one as it relates to your own life will depend on your personal circumstances, but the color of the butterfly’s wings is also deeply symbolic.

Here is what the color of a butterfly might mean:


While this butterfly could symbolize purity or spiritual rebirth, its most common message is a nudge from a deceased loved one who wants you to know that they are looking out for you.


This color is most commonly a sign that the current chapter of your life is drawing to an end and that a new one will soon begin. However, it could also represent the death of a loved one.


Green butterfly wings represent love and wealth and are often a sign that you are on the right path.

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If you’re seeing this butterfly, you’re probably facing some difficulty at the moment. Purple wings are a sign that supernatural help is on its way to you.


Blue wings mean that good luck will follow you if you pursue your heart’s desires with perseverance and tenacity.


This is a message that changes are coming that will bring you joy as you’ve never experienced before.


This is a symbol that spiritual forces are around you that could pose a threat to you if you’re not careful. Take it as a warning.


This may be a sign that you’ve veered off the correct path a little, so it serves as a reminder that you should get back on track.

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What Does It Mean If Butterflies Follow You?

The symbolism of seeing a butterfly and interpreting the meaning according to its color is only strengthened when a butterfly follows you. It should be taken as a sign that the message it is giving you needs to be taken very seriously and that spirit is urging you to pay attention.

Most butterfly symbolism involves a change of some sort, so if you heed the message you’re receiving when a butterfly follows you, you’ll be better prepared for this change and allow it to impact you positively – no matter what it is.

What does it mean when butterflies land on you?

A butterfly landing on you bears significance that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since butterflies are heralds of light and are drawn to strong sources of energy, it’s likely that if you find one resting on you, they’re attracted to your spirit. This could indicate you have powerful gifts worth exploring.

A butterfly landing on you can also be linked to a sense of approval. It signifies that you are on the correct path and should remain true to it for as long as possible.

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Bottom Line

It’s easy to get guidance from the universe if you know what to look for – and symbolism is all around us in nature. Paying attention to the signs you get through butterflies and other spirit animals can help you move through life with the confidence that you are completely prepared for any changes that may come your way. You’ll be able to adjust your mindset and approach every new phase with grace and enthusiasm.

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