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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 06, 2023

Sun, Moon & Ascendant Signs - What’s the Difference?

Sun, Moon & Ascendant Signs - What’s the Difference?

The galaxy holds a bounty of information about you. Astrologists believe that the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth can reveal details about your personality traits, desires, and even your relationships and destiny.

You’re a lot more than a Scorpio, Leo, or Libra. In reality, you might be three different signs depending on the position of the stars and planets at the time of your birth.

I’ve consulted birth charts on several occasions to learn more about my life path, so I’m sharing some tips to help you understand what your sun, moon, and ascendant signs all mean.

Sun Sign Explained

Your sun sign is the most common – it’s based on your birth date and month and is often referred to as your star sign.

Your sun sign governs your core personality and individuality and is represented by one of four elements – air, fire, earth, and water. Whichever element your sun sign is linked to indicates how you express yourself and what motivates you. For instance, if your sun sign is Scorpio, it is linked to water, which indicates you’re motivated by emotional desires.

There’s a lot more to you than your sun sign though. To truly know yourself, your personality, motivations, desires, and more, you should also know your moon and ascendant signs.

Moon Sign Explained

Your moon sign speaks to your inner self – the you that only you truly know. It is your soul’s identity and it represents how you process emotions.

The element linked to your moon sign can reveal a lot about your reactions in different emotional situations – your real inner feelings, even though you might hide them from the world. For instance, if your moon sign is a fire element like Leo, you’re likely to react to changes with strength and confidence.

Ascendant Sign Explained

Your ascendant sign is also referred to as your rising sign. It represents the first impression you make on others, from your appearance to your demeanor in social settings. Your ascendant sign deals with your physical body and style, but it’s also the product of both your outer self and inner self.

Like your sun and moon signs, the element of your ascendant sign reveals a lot about you, but specifically about your physical person and the energy that drives you. For instance, if your ascendant sign is Libra, an earth sign, you’re likely witty, friendly, curious and outgoing in your day-to-day life.

How Your Signs Are Calculated

It takes a year for the sun, moon, and ascendant to move through the 12 zodiac signs. The position of each sign on the zodiac has a lot to do with your personality, motivations, behavior, and life in general. Scheduling an astrology reading on a trusted website like Keen Psychics can tell you more about your sun, moon, and ascendant signs.

However, it is also possible to calculate your signs yourself.

The most common way is to use a birth chart (or natal chart). With a quick online search, you’ll find several sites offering free birth charts. These charts are circular with degrees representing what your sun, moon, and ascendant signs are based on when and where you were born.

To use a birth chart, you’ll need to know the month and date you were born, as well as the time and location. The more specific the details you have surrounding your birth, the more accurate your birth chart will be.

Your sun sign is calculated based on the day and month of your birth. In astrology, the sun is the giver of life, and just as the planets revolve around the sun, your sun sign gives insight into your life purpose.

Your moon sign is calculated based on your full date of birth, along with your time and place of birth. This information is needed to determine exactly where the moon was at the time you were born. Remember your moon sign represents your inner emotional self.

Your ascendant sign is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. With your exact time of birth, you can calculate your ascendant sign to the exact degree on your birth chart. The ascendant sign on your birth chart can offer insights into how you want to appear to others, even if that appearance isn’t your core personality or inner self.

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Bottom Line

Your zodiac is much more than your daily horoscope. With your birth chart, you’ll realize that you’re a lot more than, for instance, just a Scorpio. And knowing what your sun, moon, and ascendant signs are, along with their elements, can give you the direction and answers you need in a variety of situations.

Even though you can gain a lot of insight by yourself using your birth chart, there might be a lot more to discover about your life path. It’s highly recommended that you find an astrologer on a site such as Keen Psychicsor Kasamba for in-depth answers.

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