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Natural Born Psychic: Suzie Kerr-Wright

Natural Born Psychic: Suzie Kerr-Wright

Suzie Kerr-Wright, is an astrologer, tarot reader, psychic medium, Reiki master and certified life coach. MysticMag had the privilege of chatting with this Natural Born Psychic.

Can you define ‘Natural Born Psychic’?

Everyone is born with psychic abilities but whether someone chooses to develop that ability, or make it their vocation depends on their calling. I always knew that this was ‘mine to do’ but I didn’t really know what to do with it. I had always worked with astrology and tarot, but I wasn’t really sure whether I should be working with mediumship. I’ll always remember one of my tutors at the Arthur Findlay College, sensing my confusion, saying to me,  “My dear, you are a Natural Born Medium..Yes!!! This is what you are supposed to do”. I coined the phrase and never looked back!

If you could describe the most influential person in your life, who would it be?

I think I would have to say my Virgo mum, because she kept my feet on the ground, a little too much at times, but it made me want to push beyond those boundaries.

My first hero, after my mum, was Sybil Leek from the UK, a trance medium and astrologer. Her and her books had a huge influence on my journey. Thereafter, John Edward would probably be the next to impact my life in a big way as, he too, is both a medium and astrologer. It was quite unusual at the time for people to practice more than one modality with ‘conviction’ and this I could relate to as I was doing the same.

Why were you first drawn to Tarot and Astrology?

I grew up in Boston, so from really young, we would go to Salem and I think that is how my intrigue for the mystical side of life flourished. I got my first deck of cards when I was eleven from a witch shop in Salem. I started studying Astrology in the seventies and back then there were very few metaphysical shops around. I had to grab any books I could get my hands on and delve into them on my own. By the age of fifteen, I was casting charts for people and doing readings.

Astrology, specifically, was woven throughout my entire existence. Even at school I was constantly talking about peoples’ star signs and telling them about themselves. I have never tired of astrology to this day.

How do the two work together?

For me, I have always blended the two together. It’s very hard to explain, but if I can simplify, they are like two different languages to me, and sometimes I feel I want to speak the one language..and then the other. Often people are unaware of their time of birth, so having the cards is like a backup. It works incredibly well. I am very intuitive with this work, so I let the chart talk to me and I flow with it, as opposed to taking a linear, scientific approach. It is a living, breathing space for me therefore flowing between tarot and astrology feels completely natural.

How do you help your clients?

Giving insight, making them aware of their strengths and potential, helping them with timing, and so importantly, helping people feel validated. Allowing people to see who they are and therefore granting ‘permission’ for them to be themselves. It is up to the person, and free will to do with the information what they choose. 

Life coaching also really helps alongside astrology to enable and unlock the above mentioned. 

I meet my clients where they are at, but I always try to show my clients the bigger picture.

What is your goal as an astrologer?

One of my goals in life is to bring astrology to the table and make it practical and understandable. I want people not to fear it, and give it the respect and the place that it deserves. The same goes for mediumship, although this has gained a little bit more credit in the eyes of the public because of television. Astrology and tarot are powerful tools for insight and self-development, and this is not yet recognised as it should be. 

On a personal level, I strive to empower people, bring awareness, help them understand what their natural state is and what their potential is. So many of us live under the radar of our own abilities and potential. It’s a matter of looking into and exploring the possibilities, and becoming the person that we are capable of being. 

Why did you choose Reiki as a healing tool in particular?

Reiki is a lovely way to learn about energy and it helps us understand the energy that we all have. I love Reiki because it is gentle, real and simple. The idea is to balance your energy working on the seven major chakra points so that your body can function in its normal state. 

When I got my first attunement in Reiki, everything changed for me. I went to another level of understanding about who we are and why we are here. I highly recommend it and think it is part of the ascension or awakening process for the entire planet. 

If you could say one thing to humankind, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to experience your spiritual self. Don’t ignore the signs, don’t ignore your own intuitive side. We all have an intuitive side to us that we are born with. Don’t fear this, and instead learn how to use it to help yourself in your daily life. This can be from choosing the right moment to ask for a raise, to making a huge life changing move. These abilities are accessible to everybody and I would like to see the fear of this disappear.


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