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Written by Danelle Ferreira Updated on March 15, 2024

What Do Synastry Charts Mean and How Do I Use Them?

What Do Synastry Charts Mean and How Do I Use Them?

Imagine unlocking the hidden patterns of your relationships, deciphering how the stars align for you and your partner. That’s the power of synastry charts, a fascinating aspect of astrology that often goes unexplored. Navigating these cosmic connections isn’t always straightforward.

I’ve been deeply immersed in the world of astrology being an astrologer for many years. I’m going to share with you insights from my journey, helping you uncover the mysteries of love and relationships through the lens of astrology. Synastry charts are great for providing clarity and depth to the astrological forces at play in your love life.

Exploring synastry charts is a journey of discovery in your relationships, and sometimes you crave that extra bit of personalized insight. California Psychics offers detailed synastry readings that can shed light on the details of your synastry chart.

Quick Overview: 5 Tips for Reading Synastry Charts

  1. Look for Conjunctions, Trines, and Sextiles: These harmonious aspects can indicate strong compatibility and ease in relationships. Understand their positive influence.
  2. Identify Squares and Oppositions: These challenging aspects may reveal areas of tension or growth. Learn why they’re key to understanding relationship dynamics.
  3. Find Important Houses: Houses in synastry illuminate areas of life where interactions are most significant. See how houses impact relationships in astrology.
  4. Locate Important Synastry Planets: Planets like Venus and Mars play a crucial role in love and attraction. Discover the significance of certain planets in synastry.
  5. Consult an Astrologer: Gain deeper insights and personalized interpretations of your synastry chart.Explore the benefits of professional guidance.

What is a Synastry Chart?

A synastry chart is a tool in astrology that is used to examine the relationship between two individuals. It’s like a map that reflects how two people’s planets, at the time of their births, interact with each other. This chart offers a unique glimpse into the dynamics of a relationship, revealing potential strengths, challenges, and specific themes that might emerge.

The chart comprises various components such as planets, houses, and aspects. Each planet in a synastry chart holds significance. Houses show the areas of life where interactions take place. Aspects, the angles planets make to each other, suggest harmony or tension.

Understanding a synastry chart can be challenging, especially for beginners in astrology. The complexity of interpreting planetary interactions, houses, and aspects requires more than just basic astrological knowledge. It involves piecing together various elements into a meaningful whole, which can be daunting without in-depth understanding.

Reading Your Synastry Chart

Venturing into the world of synastry charts is like unlocking a new level of understanding in your relationships. It’s about taking the knowledge of your natal chart and weaving it with another’s, creating a story that reveals the unique dynamics of your relationship. To get started with reading synastry charts, I have some tips to share.

  • Natal Charts and Synastry: First, revisit the basics of natal charts. Your natal chart is a snapshot of where the planets were at your birth. Understanding it is key because a synastry chart is essentially your natal chart combined with someone else’s.
  • Tools for Calculating Synastry Charts: Thankfully, you don’t need to be an astrological wizard to create a synastry chart. There are numerous online tools and software available that can do the heavy lifting. These platforms require just the birth details of both individuals and then generate a detailed synastry chart. Some popular options include AstroSeek and Cafe Astrology.
  • Tips for Astrology Newcomers: If you’re new to astrology, diving into synastry charts can feel overwhelming. Make sure you have a solid understanding of your own natal chart first. Astrology is a tool for insight, not an absolute science. Use it to gain perspective rather than definitive answers.

How To Calculate a Synastry Chart

Calculating a synastry chart might seem like a task for seasoned astrologers, but with the right guidance, anyone can explore the astrological connections in their relationships. Let me share a step-by-step guide to help you create your own synastry chart:

  1. Gather Essential Information: Before you start, you’ll need some crucial details for both partners involved. This includes exact birth dates, precise birth times (down to the minute, if possible), and the locations of birth. This information is vital as it determines the accuracy of the planetary positions in each natal chart.
  2. Create Individual Natal Charts: The first step in synastry is to create the natal charts for each individual. There are many online tools available where you can input the birth details and get a detailed natal chart. These charts will show the positions of the planets, the sun, and the moon at the time of each person’s birth.
  3. Overlay the Natal Charts: Synastry involves overlaying these two natal charts. This can be done manually by an experienced astrologer or through online synastry chart calculators. A simple method you can try is finding the ascendant degree of your partner’s in your chart, and then overlaying the chart by letting the ascendant degrees correspond.
  4. Seek Professional Help: If you’re new to astrology or find the process overwhelming, don’t hesitate to consult a professional astrologer. They can help you understand the nuances of your synastry chart, providing deeper insights into your relationship dynamics.

5 Tips for Reading Synastry Charts

1. Look for Conjunctions, Trines, and Sextiles

In astrology, aspects are angles created between planets, and they are crucial in understanding the dynamics in synastry charts. Three important aspects to focus on are conjunctions, trines, and sextiles.

  • Conjunctions: These occur when two planets are in the same place in the zodiac. They represent unity and can either strengthen the qualities of the planets involved or create tension.
  • Trines: Trines are formed when planets are 120 degrees apart. They are known for bringing ease and harmony, indicating areas of natural flow and support in a relationship.
  • Sextiles: When two planets are 60 degrees apart, it is seen as opportunities or openings for growth and positive interaction.

Here is a breakdown of some powerful conjunction, trine, and sextile combinations and their meaning in a synastry reading:

Planet Pair Conjunction Sextile Trine
Sun-Moon Deep emotional bonding, mutual understanding Emotional support, nurturing Harmony in emotional needs, intuitive connection
Sun-Venus Strong romantic attraction, shared values Gentle charm, ease of affection Lasting romantic harmony, artistic appreciation
Moon-Venus Tender emotional expression, deep caring Comfort in love, emotional nurturance Emotional and romantic harmony, loving empathy
Moon-Mars Intense emotional drives, passionate reactions Emotional encouragement, active support Emotional bravery, balanced desires
Venus-Mars Intense romantic and sexual attraction, dynamic interaction Flirtatious charm, balanced desire Romantic and sexual harmony, compatible desires

2. Identify Squares and Oppositions

In astrology, both squares and oppositions are aspects known for underscoring the more challenging dynamics in a relationship. While they may bring about discomfort or disagreements, they are essential for highlighting areas that need attention and growth.

  • Squares: Squares occur when two planets are 90 degrees apart. This aspect signifies challenge and friction, representing a clash of energies between the planets involved. Squares can highlight areas where personalities or desires conflict, requiring effort and compromise to resolve.
  • Oppositions: Oppositions are formed when planets are 180 degrees apart, directly across from each other on the zodiac wheel. This aspect symbolizes polarity and balance, reflecting areas where partners may experience contrasting needs or views.

Here are some planetary combinations that will have a powerful effect on a relationship when in square or opposition:

Planet Pair Square Opposition
Sun-Moon Emotional misunderstanding Conflicting needs
Sun-Venus Value conflicts Opposing attraction styles
Moon-Mars Emotional impulsiveness Conflict between emotions and actions
Mercury-Mars Argumentative communication Intellect vs. action tension
Venus-Mars Desire vs. affection conflict Differing love languages
Venus-Saturn Restrictive affection Love vs. duty tension
Mars-Saturn Frustrated actions Drive vs. caution
Sun-Saturn Ego clashes Authority conflicts
Moon-Saturn Emotional restrictions Caring vs. control
Mercury-Jupiter Over exaggeration in communication Big ideas vs. small details

3. Find Important Houses

In astrology, houses represent different areas of life. In synastry chart readings, houses gain additional significance, as houses show how the energies of one person’s planets interact with the different life areas of the other person. Certain houses in synastry are particularly crucial when it comes to understanding relationship dynamics.

  • 5th House (Romance): This house is all about love affairs, creativity, and self-expression. Planetary placements here can indicate the potential for romantic attraction and the enjoyment of leisure activities together.
  • 7th House (Partnerships): Traditionally known as the house of marriage and serious partnerships, planets here can show qualities we seek in long-term partners and how we approach commitment.
  • 8th House (Intimacy and Shared Resources): This house deals with deeper emotional connections, shared resources, and transformation. Planets here might suggest the level of intimacy and financial or emotional interdependence in the relationship.

4. Locate Important Synastry Planets

In synastry, certain planets hold a special significance due to their profound impact on relationship dynamics. Each planet represents key aspects of our human experience, emotions, and interactions. In astrology, these planets act as messengers, conveying deep truths about how we connect, love, communicate, and express our desires.

The aim in synastry analysis is to closely examine the positions of these core planets within the houses of your synastry charts. This involves observing not only which houses these planets occupy in each other’s charts but also understanding the dynamic interactions they create through their aspects.

Here’s are the key planets that are particularly important in synastry, and descriptions of their meanings in relationship dynamics:

  • Sun: The sun symbolizes core identity, ego, and self-expression. In synastry, it highlights how individuals support and enhance each other’s life goals and sense of self.
  • Moon: The moon represents emotional needs, instinctive reactions, and nurturing. Its placement in synastry charts points to how well partners understand, support, and fulfill each other’s emotional needs.
  • Mercury: Mercury governs communication, thinking, and intellectual engagement. In synastry, Mercury’s position indicates the effectiveness and style of communication between partners.
  • Venus: Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and values, is crucial in synastry for understanding romantic and aesthetic compatibility.
  • Mars: Mars, representing desire, energy, and assertiveness, plays a key role in synastry in terms of physical attraction and the expression of passions.

5. Consult an Astrologer

Exploring synastry charts can be complex and sometimes overwhelming. Consulting with an experienced astrologer can enhance your understanding of synastry charts. An expert’s guidance can help you navigate through the intricate web of planetary interactions, revealing deeper layers of your relationship and offering clarity on confusing patterns.

While basic interpretations can be insightful, a professional astrologer can delve into the subtleties and intricate patterns between your synastry charts. This deeper understanding can shed light on the strengths, challenges, and potential areas for growth within your relationship.

To make the most of a synastry consultation, it’s important to prepare. Ensure you have accurate birth information for both partners, including birth dates, times, and places. This is crucial for creating precise charts. Also, think about specific aspects of your relationship or questions you’d like to explore during the consultation.

It’s important to approach an astrological consultation with realistic expectations. Astrology can offer profound insights and a new perspective on your relationship, but it’s not a definitive solution to all issues. An astrologer can provide valuable guidance, but the growth and development of your relationship ultimately depend on your actions and choices.

3 Best Sites For a Synastry Reading

1. California Psychics – Best Overall For Synastry Readings

Editor's Choice
Career Reading
Career Reading
Life Questions
Life Questions
Love Reading
Love Reading
  • 100 + astrologers to choose from
  • Strict vetting process
  • Chat or call readings available
  • Callback feature
  • Readings at $1/min for new users

I highly recommend California Psychics for its exceptional pool of astrologers. The impressive fact is that 109 of their 112 astrologers boast ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. This consistently high rating indicates a strong track record of satisfaction among clients, suggesting that negative experiences for astrology and synastry readings are rare.

It’s really impressive to me how California Psychics maintains high standards with their strict vetting process. Only 2% of applicants are selected, which speaks volumes about the caliber of astrologers they onboard. When you choose an astrologer from their platform, you’re assured of connecting with someone who’s genuinely talented and verified in their craft.

The readers on California Psychics are in high demand, so sometimes it can be tough to catch my favorite astrologer available. But, you don’t have to keep checking in, simply set up the callback and carry on with your day. With the callback feature, you’ll be notified as soon as your chosen psychic becomes available.

2. Purple Garden – Personalized Synastry Readings On The Go Via Mobile Video Readings

Career Reading
Career Reading
Life Questions
Life Questions
Love Reading
Love Reading
Past Life
Past Life
  • 80+ Astrologers available
  • Mobile app available
  • Video introduction on each profile
  • Readings start at $0.99/min

My second choice is Purple Garden because of how easy it makes it to get readings on the go through its mobile app. I have a busy lifestyle, and often need some guidance then and there. Being able to open its app and instantly connect with an astrologer who can guide me is extremely convenient.

I love that Purple Garden offers video readings via desktop and their mobile app. This means that I can have a direct face to face with my astrologers during times of uncertainty, making the whole experience much more personalized. It also allows me to connect with and form a better relationship with my chosen reader.

While Purple Garden doesn’t provide extensive details about its psychic selection process, the video introductions for each reader on their profiles are quite reassuring. These videos allow me to gain a clearer understanding of who the readers are, offering a glimpse of their personality and approach before I decide to engage with them.

3. Keen – Find Synastry Insights on Keen’s Astrology Blog

Aura Reading
Aura Reading
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball
Love Reading
Love Reading
  • 200+ astrologers to choose from
  • Keen articles offer astrology insights
  • Chat or call readings
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 5 minutes for $1

Keen allows you to message an astrologer before proceeding with a reading. This feature is gold to me, as sometimes my questions and thoughts can be so complex, many psychics don’t get what I’m talking about. With the messaging feature, I can find someone who is on the same page as me.

I really enjoy that Keen blog section that has articles about all kinds of spiritual topics, including astrology. By reading Keen’s blogs, I have gained some additional insight into many of the complex terms in astrology. This allows me to have a greater understanding about how astrology has an impact in life, but more specifically my love life and relationships.

It can be tricky to feel a connection to certain readers, as some of them only offer the chat option. But the detailed and transparent reviews on each astrologer’s profile allows me to get a feel of how their readings help others. This lets me make a much more informed decision when choosing my astrologer for synastry readings.

Comparison: Best Online Psychic Sites

Introduction Offer Number of Astrologers Contact Methods Satisfaction Guarantee?
California Psychics Readings start at $1/min for new users 112 Live chat & call Yes
Purple Garden $10 credit 80+ Live chat, call, & video No
Keen 5 minutes for $1 200+ Live chat & call Yes

FAQs on Synastry Charts

Are synastry charts accurate?

The accuracy of synastry charts in astrology can be quite profound when interpreted by skilled astrologers. These charts offer a unique and detailed glimpse into how two individuals’ energies and personalities interact. However, the accuracy of a synastry reading depends on the depth of analysis and the expertise of the astrologer.

Human relationships are dynamic and influenced by numerous factors beyond astrological aspects. Personal choices, life experiences, and individual growth trajectories play a vital role in shaping relationships. Synastry charts can provide insights and highlight areas of harmony and challenge, but they are not a deterministic blueprint of a relationship.

What are the strongest aspects in synastry?

In synastry, conjunctions, where two planets occupy the same zodiac degree, are particularly powerful. They symbolize a fusion of planetary energies, bringing intense harmony or conflict, depending on the nature of the planets involved.

Oppositions, which occur when planets are 180 degrees apart, highlight areas of polarity and potential balance or tension within the relationship. Trines, with a 120-degree angle, are harmonious aspects that foster ease, flow, and compatibility. Squares, at 90 degrees, are challenging aspects that can indicate areas of friction.

Which houses are important in synastry?

Certain houses are particularly relevant for understanding the dynamics of a romantic relationship. The 5th House, ruling over romance, pleasure, and creativity, is key in exploring the joy, love, and leisure activities within the relationship. Planetary placements here can give clues about romantic attraction and shared interests.

The 7th House, known as the house of partnerships, is pivotal in understanding committed relationships. It sheds light on the qualities sought in long-term partners and how individuals approach commitment and partnership. The 8th House, governing intimacy, shared resources, and deeper emotional connections, explores the levels of intimacy and sexual chemistry.

Bottom Line

Synastry charts reveal far more than mere compatibility. They delve into the depths of how two people interact, challenge, and complement each other. You must look beyond surface interpretations and explore the relationship of planets, aspects, and houses. It’s about understanding how you can grow, adapt, and evolve together.

However, deciphering these codes can be a complex task. This is where professional guidance from someone with true expertise can make a significant difference. You should Consult an experienced astrologer, such as those at California Psychics, to gain the synastry insights you need to improve your relationship.

To summarize, the best sites for astrology readings are…

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We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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