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Discover The Blueprint For Your Soul With Tamara Hawk

Discover The Blueprint For Your Soul With Tamara Hawk

Tamara Hawk is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Worker and Healer, Lightworker and Author based in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. With gifts of clairaudience and clairsentience she has been helping people to communicate with their guides and spiritual teachers for as long as she can remember offering empowering perspectives and personal training for the Soul.  In this interview she shares insights to Akashic Records, discovering your Soul’s plan and unlocking the secret to designing a life you love.

Please tell us a bit about when you first realized you had psychic abilities?

I have always had abilities; I just didn’t know that I was any different.  I didn’t know that most people couldn’t really see my “friends”.  I have three that have been with me my whole life.  Casper, Jake and Sam.  We used to play a lot when I was little, most of my vivid memories of playing with them are probably around ages 3-6.  They are still with me today, and now there are more in the collective “peeps” I talk to and channel.

Intuitive abilities do run in my family to a degree, my maternal grandmother was clairvoyant, my aunt was psychic and a medical intuitive, my mother sees and knows things but doesn’t acknowledge it all that much, and my sister also sees people and is an awesome animal communicator. I have been aware of my contact with the other side and other psychic abilities like clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance since childhood.

My sister and I also used to play “psychic games” for fun and take turns “guessing” what each other were thinking. I remember during those years, occasionally someone (a spirit) would be around. One particular night, I said to my sister “Do you see that?” She said, “The old man by the closet door with the hat?” I said, “Yeah, the hat with all the fishing flies.” She said, “Nope, don’t see him.” And I said, “Me neither.” And then we laughed.

Things like that made us nervous, not scared though, it was common in our family – we had also been raised to be totally accepting of souls and visions. This happened quite frequently to us, but I still never thought of myself as different. I wasn’t the only one in my family seeing them after all.

I have been helping people to communicate with their guides and spiritual teachers for as long as I can remember. But my first official reading was when I was 15, my aunt came for a visit one day and asked me to do a ‘reading’ for her using psychometry (holding an object and getting impressions). I told her that I didn’t have the ability to channel that way; that I didn’t have that type of control over my abilities and that it was random when messages came through. But my aunt insisted that I try it if only just to humour her. So, I did. I saw things and talked to my aunt for over an hour – I got kind of lost in the moment and with what I was seeing. When the reading was over, my aunt told me that she had just been to see a psychic before coming into town. And I had told her all the same things that the psychic had and more!

After that and for the next 10 years, I proceeded to practice psychometry on my friends in high school who were freaked out by my ability to hold a personal object of theirs and see things about them. And later on, I took my ‘talents’ down to the local pub and practiced there. It got to the point that I couldn’t walk into the pub without someone coming over and asking me something. After a time, I realized that I didn’t really need to hold an object of theirs. I found that I would start to get visions, or information or whatever you want to call it, the minute that they walked over with the intention of asking me a question. This rather baffled me because I was very used to having the “crutch” of holding an object. I was also concerned that if I let on that I could see things without holding an object that people would start being afraid to talk to me.

By my early/mid-twenties, it was not unusual to have spirits coming through to me while I was talking to other people. At first, I tried mostly to ignore them, but occasionally one spirit would come through that would not go away until I mentioned them to the person I was speaking with. By this time, most of the people around me knew what I could do, so it wasn’t overly disturbing to them when I told them that someone else was there who had something they wanted to say.

What inspired you to continue this path professionally?

Around 2003, I was working full-time for the government and had been for 8 years or so. It was a good-paying, responsible job with a pension plan, regular pay cheque, seniority, the ability to work anywhere in the province, and most of all, security. So, I kept plugging along working my way up the corporate ladder. I figured two things: first, my working situation could last indefinitely if I wanted it to. And secondly, if I worked my way high enough up, I would be able to make a difference.

In 2003 my day-job had begun to feel empty in so many ways. No matter how hard I worked, how much work I brought home, or how many people I supervised and tried to help, I simply didn’t feel like I was doing all I came here to do. It got to the point where I felt badly just getting up and going to work in the morning. Where was the difference I was supposed to be making in the world, my hands were tied?

During this time and for many years before, I was also doing psychic readings as a side gig. I really enjoyed the psychic readings I did. I met so many people and actually helped so many people. Then it hit me. What was my true calling anyway? I was able to truly help more people with my psychic readings than I was at the Welfare Office where I worked.  So, I officially ‘retired’ in March 2004 and have been doing readings full time ever since.

You are also able to access Akashic Records.  Could you tell us a bit more about this is and what kind of information is available to you when you open the Akashic Records?

Yes.  I don’t access information the way that many do.  Many clairvoyant psychics access the Akashic Records by visualizing a large library or archive full of record books or filing systems. I use claircognizance (clear knowing), and talking to YOUR Higher Self to access your soul path.

Before you were born, your Soul planned out and created a sort of blueprint for your life on Earth. These blueprints hold all the things you wanted for the life you want to live and are held in what many call the Akashic Records. In these plans (Records), you have accounted for almost everything you could imagine at the time, much like planning a vacation. You have decided who you would like to meet, what you would like to do, and what you need to learn. You have allowed for the fact that, based on your decisions on earth, you may need more than one opportunity to accomplish something you feel is important. You have planned for everything that you could possibly think of. Your Higher Self didn’t want to be rigid, so you have also left yourself the option to create things as you go along.

The Akashic Records contain all information and knowledge about human experience, the cosmos, and each and every human life with all their past lives. The information contained in the Akashic Records contains information from the Collective Consciousness of all and from the Universal Energy. I can easily access this information for my clients, but is available to every soul on earth through meditation and practice, NOT just to a select few.

How can accessing Akashic Records heal?

By connecting with your Higher Self and your Akashic Records, I can offer you empowering information on who you really are, that can assist you on making more informed decisions about your life path in this moment. As well as helping you to better understand your past, deal with your present and tell you about future influences that are prevailing upon your life.

While, many people think that the records cannot be changed, that our entire lives are fated, they indeed can be changed. If you believe and know that you are the creator of your Akashic Records and your life, then you can also be the re-creator of your Records and the re-creator of your life. You are simply changing them from here, instead of from there.

We are here on earth to experience. Without the ability to change our Records our experiences would be very limited. We are also here to bring Heaven to Earth. If we were stuck in a place where we could not learn, change and grow, we would not be able to manifest the changes we are seeing right now on Earth. Or manifest new wants and desires that arise during our experiences here.

What are the more popular aspects that your clients seek guidance on?

More harmony in relationships with parents, children, significant others, money, and colleagues or business partners. Big life events or decisions like separations, moving house, losing loving ones, changing careers or starting a business…

Does it take a lot out of you mentally to do what you do?

Not usually. My abilities come as easily to me as breathing, so I am not always aware I am using them. For example, a telephone call with a friend often turns into me channeling for a bit. Sometimes, while doing my seasonal, group 21-Day Energy Clearing Offerings I find that I need more sleep time.

Is there any method that you personally use to ground yourself before a reading?

Before a reading I simply sit for a few minutes to clear energy out, and then open up to let the clients’ energy in. Being grounded is my natural state of being so I don’t do anything extra special before a reading except what I just mentioned.

Ways I may ground my energy if I am feeling a little ungrounded is by meditating, taking a nap, doing some yoga, or going for walks in nature. After a reading I simply disconnect from a client’s energy by gently releasing their energy back to them.

In your experience in working with people what would you say is the number one thing that holds most people back from living the fulfilling life they would like?

Their thoughts and beliefs ~ the repetitive words in their head. More often than not the words that run through their head aren’t even their own, they are from other people that have had an impact in their life.

Also thinking that their entire life is “fated”, for either good or bad.  Humans are very powerful creators, we can create and recreate our lives easily. We do not need any person, thing or situation in order to have the life we want.  Some people think that things outside need to change before things in their life can change.

But we don’t need anything to change outside of us in order for us to make change. This doesn’t always mean we need to ‘get rid of’ or ‘let go of’ an actual thing or person, but sometimes it does. It just means we need to shift our perspective by changing our thinking and vibration around it.  Sometimes, not being in acceptance of what IS leaves us feeling stuck and holding onto what is no longer serving our highest and BEST good.

Lastly is there any piece of advice that you would like to share for someone seeking their soul’s purpose?

You are a very powerful creator with the gift of creating or recreating your life. It is okay to change your mind. So, focus on yourself, not other people because you can neither change them, control them or be them. Be honest with yourself ~ excuses and justifications are often ways we are not being honest with ourselves. It is okay to have desires. Accept your feelings – even the really uncomfortable ones – with total acceptance and zero judgements. Listen to your intuition and follow the signs and messages. Noticing greater synchronicity in your daily life will let you know you are following your path. Listen to your body; like your intuition, your body is a personal guidance system. Your body will let you know what thoughts feel good (higher vibrations) or not.

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