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Learn How To Connect And Love Each Other - With Tammy Holmes

Learn How To Connect And Love Each Other - With Tammy Holmes

This week, Mystic Mag‘s Marko Velimirovic had the opportunity to speak with Tammy Holmes, a prominent Psychic Medium who kindly agreed to share some information about her rich career, most common reading requests, and what she loves most about her profession.

What inspired you to start your psychic reading business?

It was God not me. I had a friend who loved the reading I gave her. So she set up a weekend at her house and there was a line out the door. It was as if it started without me choosing. Once I started the readings I could see how I was out of the way and allowed God, and spirit to help others. It was bigger than me.

The message I got was that it was not about me and that could I get out of the way. What was given to the clients was given to me. An exchange of love and healing was taken place in timeless moments. I was going down a rabbit hole I could not get enough of.

I was blown away by how the message was truthful and coming true for the clients. Some people would just cry around me, purging their pain out.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for?

Number one reason they come to me is that they have lost someone from death or a relationship has ended and are in a lot of pain. They need to know if the person is ok. Does the deceased know they love them and miss them? Did they do all the right things before they died and after they died? Why did they go so soon? Was there any pain involved? Did they know that they were in the room with them? Where they ok with the funeral service? Where are they now, (heaven)? Do they have messages for them? They need confirmation from their loved ones.

What are the most common concerns that interest them?

Is this person who I am supposed to be with? Is my person coming back to me? Is this job right for me? Why am I stuck, depressed? Why am I sick? Is my money going to get better? How are my kids doing? Many people are thinking about someone else while they are in another committed relationship. They want to know if that person is thinking of them. Is there a chance to see them again? Who is coming in for me? Talk to loved ones on the other side.

Next are clearings and house clearings.

Are some types of psychic readings more demanding or difficult than others?

Yes, some readings are more demanding than others.

When someone comes in with an agenda and cannot be flexible with the answers. It heats up with pressure and I have to let that go.

If someone is angry in the reading and cannot let their anger go. I stop the reading and say “let’s do this another time”. If a client just wants to vent and really does not need the reading at all. The client needs to validate their anger or frustration.

Also when a client comes in and really does not want a reading but is pressured by someone else, I refuse to do their reading because this type of person won’t believe what you have to say anyway. Or has a religious perception that readers are not of God.

What can a person expect from a reading?

If the reading is right they will feel a knowing about the information coming through it will go through their being as if it is healing them. Most people feel relieved and a weight lifted off of their beings. It is like giving them permission to be happy again. Letting go of fear and guilt and shame. The reading gives hope and validation and peace.

There will be peace and joy and sadness when missing someone. They will have healing and answers and a way to move forward. That is why I record the sessions so they can listen to them again and again.

Should you see something bad in someone’s future, how do you go about dealing with that situation?

This happened many times. I give the information with love because the guides, God, and spirit know better than I do. I trust the information coming through. Because I am a Course In Miracle student and teacher there is always a way to come from love with the information with love.

I have never had anyone upset with the information. It does not unravel them. There is a knowing a deep knowing when the information comes through as if you are telling them something they already know.

For instance, if I see someone that is going to die and the client does not know yet, I say you need to spend time with this person because they are getting ready to go. All the clients are grateful and will utilize the time to heal and go get closer to that person before they go.

What do you love most about your profession?

Everything. What can I say is that I get paid to love people, and I am a better person because of it. I have read over 180,000 people since 1995 and I have coached many as well. I have worked with doctors, detectives, police departments, famous housewives, and everyone in between. I have talked to inmates as well.

I have clients all over the world I would have never met. I have been on tv, and radio for countless interviews and I just keep showing up fully to be present and to honor and love who is in front of me.

I see everyone as my teacher as well – we are all connected. Words cannot express my journey but I would not change it. God knew to keep me busy. I will continue to be a servant and vessel for love, truth, and the ability to respect everyone. I know when I lift you up it lifts all of us up, and I treat everyone the same. No one is on a pedal stool we are all equal and have equal value on the planet.

It is all about connecting and loving and taking care of each other. I have heard everything imaginable. I will continue to hold the space for those who reach out with gratitude and compassion. It is all relative to keep moving forward so our souls evolve. I hope as I do my life review that I did the best I could. I am a light worker and awaken the soul. I am blessed. It is a calling and not a job at all.

Tammy’s contact information:

Website: http://www.tammyjholmes.com/
Phone number: 602-347-7799

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