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Written by Michelle Cardillo | Updated On December 03, 2021

Tarot Cards That Indicate Fame & Success (2021)

Tarot Cards That Indicate Fame & Success (2021)

Do you often dream about the future and wonder how successful you will be? Do you aspire to be famous? If so, tarot cards may hold the answers you’re looking for.

There are a few cards in traditional tarot that speak about fame, achievement, and success. And the right combination of tarot cards can provide you with the guidance you need to get started.

Here are the cards you should look out for during your next tarot card reading.

Tarot Cards That Predict Success & Fame

In general, Tarot cards are great for giving you a glimpse into your future goals, as well as pretty much any other questions you may have. However, if it’s success you’re wondering about, these cards indicate success lies ahead.

The Sun – The Sun is the most positive card in the deck and one that refers to a period of success and fulfillment. When the sun shows up in your reading, rest assured that you can look forward to more success in the near future.

The Chariot – The Chariot indicates that victory, triumph, and success are ahead. You haven’t quite gotten there yet, but you’re definitely on your way to the finish line, so stay focused and keep pushing forward.

Ten of Cups – If you have questions about love and relationships, the Ten of Cups is a sign of success in those areas. It indicates your dream partner, family, and relationship with others are on the way.

Ten of Pentacles – The Ten of Pentacles shows that financial success is in your destiny. You will reap the fruits of your labor and enjoy material wealth.

The World – The World is another great indicator of achievement. It represents the successful completion of a cycle and a time for you to enjoy the rewards of your efforts. You have finally come full circle and the world is your oyster.

The Kings – This wide group of cards indicates achievement and leadership in a range of areas. The King of Cups represents compassionate leaders who make wise decisions that lead to fame and success. The Kind of Wands highlights your ability to influence others as a way to achieve success. Lastly, the King of Pentacles is a sign of success in your career and the accumulation of financial wealth.

Nine of Pentacles – The Nine of Pentacles is another card that can indicate financial achievement and success, but mostly your improvement and mastery of what you have to do to gain that success. For instance, achieving a better financial sense and gaining success in your business as a result.

Six of Wands – The Six of Wands is a sure indicator of fame. It is a sign of your crowning success, one that will result in recognition and praise.

The Emperor – If you have questions about your career and financial situation, The Emperor is a card you want to see in your spread. It represents your power and authority and can indicate gaining great status and fame.

Four of Wands – So what happens after all of these successful achievements? Celebration – Four of Wands indicates that it is time to celebrate (and be celebrated for) your accomplishments.

Find a Tarot Reader on Psychic Source

Best Tarot Spreads for Career, Success & Finances

When you schedule with a reputable tarot reader on a site such as Psychic Source, they will more than likely use one of three spreads. You can also use these spreads if you own tarot cards yourself.

1. Three-Card Career Spread

If you have questions about your current job or a major career change, this three-card spread can provide you with the answers you need.

Card 1: The current situation in your career.

Card 2: The factors that are influencing the first card and your career in general.

Card 3: The answer about whether to stay or go.

2. Three-Card Finance Spread

Knowing your financial challenges and strengths are key to finding financial success, and this spread will help.

Card 1: Speaks to your existing financial challenges.

Card 2: Speaks to where your strengths lie financially.

Card 3: Indicates where you should focus to gain financial success.

3. Three-Card Success Spread

To get the hard truth about what might be preventing your success, use this three-card spread.

Card 1: Indicates where you might be going wrong or what challenges stand in your way.

Card 2: Indicates what you are doing right and where your strengths lie.

Card 3: Speaks to the next steps you should take to achieve success.


While these tips should get you started on discovering your future success, achievements, and fame, there’s a lot more to learn if you want to explore all that tarot has to offer. To gain even more insight into your success, getting a tarot reading from one of the top tarot reading sites is always a good idea.

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