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The Best Numerology Psychics of 2020

The Best Numerology Psychics of 2020

Can you read the numbers yourself? I bet not, that’s why you’re looking for the best numerology psychic reading site, after all!

But weirdly, for such an important and tricky psychic reading type, there aren’t a lot of psychic reading sites that host numerology readings.

Luckily, I’ve reviewed almost a dozen psychics reading sites, and have crunched the numbers (sorry) on which ones not only host numerology readings, but host excellent numerology psychics.

Here’s what I’ve discovered about the best psychic reading sites for numerology readings.

In a rush? Here are some quick links to the best numerology psychics online

  1. Kasamba – Best for its massive selection of numerology psychics
  2. Psychic Source – Best for its cheapest numerology readings
  3. California Psychics – Best for its excellent filtering and sorting
  4. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ‘Compare Psychics’ feature
  5. Keen – Best for affordable numerology psychics

If you’d like to learn more about how to find the best numerology psychics online for you, click here.

The Best Numerology Psychics

1. Kasamba – Best for its Massive Selection of Numerology Psychics

What I Liked

  • 60+ numerology psychics to choose from
  • 20+ years of online experience
  • Call and chat readings starting from just $1.69 per minute

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some numerology readers charge up to $30 per minute

Kasamba is one of the biggest online psychic reading sites, with 20+ years of online experience. Of the 1700+ psychics on its books, over 60 of these are also numerology readers…this is probably the biggest range of numerology readers I’ve ever seen at any psychic reading site!

You can easily sort this group into those numerology readers with the highest ranking, lowest price, highest price, and even new psychics. There’s also a cool little option to find psychics under $4 a minute, and under $7 a minute.

Some psychics charge from as low as $1.69 a minute, but most of them charge around $3.99 a minute. Still, Kasamba offers a generous first 3 minute free for new signups, so at the very least, if you do want to try one of those more expensive psychics (I saw some charging up to $30 a minute!) then I guess that’s your chance.

All in all, Kasamba is a great place to go for any psychic reading, but I found their numerology readers to be some of the best I’ve seen.

Visit Kasamba

2. Psychic Source – Best for its 66 cent p/minute calls

What I Liked

  • 32 numerology psychics for you to choose from
  • Video call readings on offer
  • Top numerology psychics available from just 66 cents per minute

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not all of the numerology readers accept video calls

One of the key reasons I love Psychic Source so much (yes, really – it appears on pretty much everyone of my ‘best of psychics reading’ lists) is because it’s such an easy site to use, and it’s also one of the cheapest.

Psychic Source has a whopping 32 numerology readers available, each with a solid range of specialisms and reading tools. Plus, the site has a generous introductory offer for new users, with calls starting at just 66 cents a minute.

Another thing I really like about Psychic Source? Its psychics generally don’t charge the moon – in fact, the highest-priced psychics I saw on offer was for $10 a minute, which might be a little out of some customers’ budgets, but it’s nowhere near as high as other readers at other psychic reading sites!

Visit Psychic Source

3. California Psychics – Best for its Easy Filtering and Range

What I Liked

  • Numerology psychic readings from $1 per minute
  • The best filtering and sorting options of any psychics reading site
  • 20 numerology psychics available to speak with

What I Didn’t Like

  • Premium psychics can charge $15 a minute

I’m a massive California Psychics fan – for one thing, the site is definitely one of the best-looking psychics reading sites I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing, and the sorting and filtering options make it one of the easiest to use.

When it comes to the numerology readers available, California Psychics doesn’t disappoint – there are 20 here to choose between, each with several other subjects and specialisms. Thanks to its generous introductory offer, some of these numerology readers charge just $1 per minute for a reading, which is suitable for any budget!

If you’re looking for experienced numerology readers however, these ‘premium’ psychics could cost up to $15 a minute. In the introductory offer some of these premium psychics will charge $4 a minute instead but not all of them take part in the promotion, so it’s best to check before starting a reading.

Visit California Psychics

4. Hollywood Psychics – Best for its ’Compare Psychics’ Feature

What I Liked

  • Numerology psychics from just $1 per minute (with introductory offer)
  • Easily compare up to 4 psychics in one click
  • 13 numerology psychics on site

What I Didn’t Like

  • Only 4 psychics specialisms on offer

Hollywood Psychics might sound all glitz and glamorous, but actually, it’s a very easy to use, straightforward site. Not only are its psychics consistently reliable, affordable and knowledgeable, but you have a lot to offer when it comes to tools and gifts.

There are 13 numerology readers available, which you can compare with Hollywood Psychics’ highly innovative ‘Compare Psychics’ feature, where with just one click you can choose 4 psychics to compare pricing, specialisms, tools and more.

Thanks to a nice little introductory offer, calls with most psychics start from just $1 per minute.

Visit Hollywood Psychics

5. Keen – Best for its Affordable numerology psychics

What I Liked

  • Introductory offer: first 3 minutes free
  • Numerology readings via call or chat from $1.99
  • 17 numerology psychics available

What I Didn’t Like

  • Not a lot of feedback for numerology psychics

I love Keen, and it usually appears near the top of the list, every single time. While it’s still on my list, I’ve lowered it down to the number 5 spot, as there are ‘only’ 6 numerology readers to choose between here.

Still, that’s more than enough for any customer, I’d think – especially as Keen is super affordable. Usually, it’s pricing for psychics readings start at around $1.99 per minute, although with the numerology psychics on offer I found a range of $2.99 – $7.99 a minute, which is still very affordable for most customers.

That and, with a first 3 minutes free offer, there’s a LOT going for you at Keen.

Visit Keen

How to Find the Best Numerology Psychic For You

Not every psychic reading site has numerology readers available, and that’s because it’s still a pretty niche psychic reading tool. After all, you want a psychic reader to have the gift, and not force it….and that kind of natural skill is in short supply.

While each of the sites I’ve recommended above have numerology readers available, there are still some quick tips I can give you to choose your perfect numerology reader:

  • Clear your mind before your numerology reading: not only will this help you to keep calm during the reading (also see point number 3, below), but it will massively help out your numerology psychic too. After all, if you’re confused or have a lot of stuff going on in your head, your reading will be muddled.
  • Be prepared to have more than just one reading: some things, like everything in life, take time. If you do manage to get everything out of one reading, then my hat is off it you. If you’re like most of us, however, and you want to see a full, ongoing picture, recognize that it might take a few sessions in order to get what you want and need. It’s always a good idea to build up a relationship with a trusted numerologist, in any case!
  • Be prepared for the truth – not just what you want to: with psychic reading, the other realm doesn’t lie, but it can lead you to hearing things that you might not like. You should always be prepared to hear anything and everything, as you just don’t know what might come up in a reading – and that’s why you go to a numerology reader! Keeping an open mind will get you far, is what I’m saying.

How to Find the Best Psychic Reading Website For You

As I’ve mentioned in each of my site recommendations above, every psychic reading website is very different from one another, be that in pricing, number of numerology readers on offer, and introductory offices, among a lot of their things.

Before you even choose the perfect numerology reader for you, here are a few tips to find the right psychic reading website for your numerology reading needs:

  • Find a trustworthy psychics reading site. I go to great lengths when reviewing sites to check how trustworthy they are. I do this across two main areas – the site’s customer satisfaction policy, and the site’s psychics application policy, as I think these show a great deal about how the psychic reading site views and treats its customers. You can either check this out yourself, or you can read my reviews where I spell it all out for you.
  • Compare a few psychic reading sites. As I’ve mentioned, psychics reading sites come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are ever identical. Spending even just 5 minutes to check out what a psychic reading site has on offer for its introductory offer can both give you a better overall experience, and also save your budget. In fact, signing up for a few psychic reading sites and trying out their introductory offers will go a long way in helping you choose the best psychic reading site for you.
  • Be open minded. As I mentioned before, numerology psychic reading is a psychic reading niche that not every site offers. Try to keep your mind open when it comes to choosing a numerology reader, and you’ll see how the universe might reward you – and it won’t be in the way you might think!

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