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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on November 28, 2023

The Meaning of Angel Number 818 (2023): A Sign of Change

The Meaning of Angel Number 818 (2023): A Sign of Change

When you keep locking eyes with angel number 818, it means the angels are sending you a text and it’s time to open it. But when you’re yearning for spiritual guidance, it’s frustrating to keep seeing an angel number and struggle to see the message. Well, you’re not alone, but the angels have reached out so it’s time to answer.

I get the struggle of seeing numbers everywhere and not knowing what’s up. Been there, done that. After years of exploring the language of the universe, I’ve become a pro at decoding these angelic messages. If angel number 818’s been following you, you’re in the right place. By the end of this read, you’ll feel like you have the roadmap to guide you.

The Meaning of Angel Number 818 in Numerology

In numerology, 818 is a mix of hardworking 8s surrounding a spiritual 1. The double 8s amplify abundance and self-reliance, while the 1 in the center emphasizes new beginnings and intuition. It’s a call to be both practical and spiritual.

The presence of number 8 highlights ambition, financial gain, and personal power. It’s a sign that you’re on a path to success, but it also nudges you to stay ethical and balanced while you’re at it.

The number 1 is about fresh cycles in life and trusting your gut. When you see this, it’s a nudge that opportunities are around the corner but to use your discernment. Angel number 818 can hint at a balance between material and spiritual worlds. So if you’re too focused on the grind, it’s a hint to also nurture your soul.

With angel number 818, it’s important to analyze the repeating 8s and symbolism of the number 18. In numerology, the number 8 is associated with karma and the infinite cycles in life. So, the number 88 is an amplification of this energy that talks about a karmic path destined for power, success, and regeneration. Moreover, the number 18 is reduced to 9, which represents the end of a cycle and the mastery of all numbers that come before it.

The Spiritual Meaning

Behind the scenes, 818 is recalibrating your life path. It blends the material goals represented by the 8s with the spiritual awakening related to the 1. The message is that it’s time to align your earthly ambitions with your soul’s purpose. You’re being nudged to find that sweet spot between hustle and higher calling.

Seeing angel number 818 is a call to action. It’s not enough to just meditate on its meaning, you’ve got to move. Whether it’s taking that leap of faith in your career or starting your own business, now’s the time. The angels aren’t just giving you a sign; they’re giving you a push.

If you’ve been vibing high and acting with integrity, get ready for an infinite boomerang of blessings. The good deeds and positive intentions you’ve sown are about to yield high spiritual dividends. But if you’ve been on the negative side, maybe acting out of ego, Angel number 818 serves as a nudge to realign your actions with your higher self.

This angel number is deeply connected to the Solar Plexus chakra, which is all about personal power and self-esteem. While the double 8s are cheering for your material success, they’re also pushing you to step into a leadership role. This isn’t just about accumulating wealth or wisdom; it’s about using those resources to lead and inspire others.

For Love & Relationships

From a spiritual standpoint, love isn’t just an emotion; it’s a state of being. And 818 syncs well with this idea, as the angel number advocates for a balanced, harmonious connection not just with others, but also with yourself.

For the singles out there, 818 could be signaling that you’re on the cusp of something new. Maybe it’s time to ditch old patterns and welcome new love energy. Start by loving yourself and the rest will follow.

If you’re already with someone, angel number 818 can be a sign to reevaluate your love life. Take a hard look at how you and your partner are growing together. Seeing this angel number is a cue to deepen your connection or fix what’s been broken.

In case you’re going through a break-up, angel number 818 asks you to find balance and harmony within yourself first. Heal and then open your heart again. It’s easy to get lost in the whirlpool of emotions and blame games, but 818 wants you to rise above it. Take this time to reflect on your own needs, desires, and emotional well-being.

Twin Flames & Soulmates

The repetition of “8” in 818 symbolizes eternity and the never-ending loop of love and connection, reminding you that true love transcends time and space. Meanwhile, that “1” in the middle is all about the unique, indivisible bond that exists between you and your soul’s counterpart.

To attract or strengthen this kind of love, focus your meditations and affirmations on phrases like, “I am open to eternal love,” or “My soul’s match is manifesting.” Get those vibes high and watch the magic happen.

If you’re separated from your twin flame or soulmate, 818 could be signaling a future reunion. Remember, those 8s are about eternal cycles, and the 1 suggests a fresh start or reconnection. This number is saying that your paths are destined to cross again in this lifetime or the next.

If you’re reuniting, 818 is encouraging you to embrace the journey, and it validates that your connection is both transformational and meant to last. Consider this number a sign that your relationship has the depth and resilience to stand the test of time. No matter what challenges are thrown your way in the future, you can overcome them.

Personal Life

In your life’s journey, 818 signals new beginnings and the unearthing of your inner strength. The double 8s talk about equilibrium and finding harmony in what you do and who you are. That solo 1 is your nudge towards individuality and fresh starts. Combine them, and you’ve got a recipe for a fulfilling, well-rounded life path.

Spotting 818 could mean it’s time to hit pause and reassess. Are you on a path that truly resonates with your soul’s purpose? This is your prompt to dig deep and realign if necessary. Beyond love and friendships, consider how your broader network fits into your life’s journey. Assess whether the people around you are lifting you up, or pulling you down.

For those eager to explore further, meditate on your life goals or journal about your soul’s mission. You could even craft daily affirmations like, “I’m in sync with my life’s true calling,” to keep your inner compass on point.

If you’re seeing 818 during pregnancy, it could be a specific message that your maternal instincts are strong and balanced, setting the stage for a unique and transformative mother-child relationship.

Matters of Business & Career

In numerology, 8 speaks of abundance and power. So angel number 818 is a sign that a promotion, new gig, or even a full-on career switch is within reach. It means that you’re on the cusp of significant professional growth. It’s as if life is aligning the pieces for you to make a meaningful move in your work life.

If you’re thinking of starting a business or scaling one, 818’s is your green flag. It’s saying, “You got the power to rake in some dough, so why wait?”. This number also hints that your vision and leadership skills are ripe for the entrepreneurial journey. You have solid business acumen and the ability to inspire others.

Now, don’t get lost in the hustle. The balanced energy of 818 reminds us to not just work hard, but to also live well. It’s a nudge to make sure your professional grind doesn’t throw the rest of your life out of whack.

Whether you’re job-hunting, career-switching, or empire-building, 818’s wants you to keep an eye out and make your move when the time feels right. It’s a reminder that opportunities often come when we’re actively seeking and prepared to seize them.

Where and When Are You Seeing Angel Number 818?

Whether it’s on a license plate during your daily commute, the total on a grocery store receipt, or even a page number in a book, seeing 818 is more than just a random event. It’s a carefully orchestrated sign designed to catch your attention and guide you.

  • On a receipt — Reevaluate your relationship with abundance. Maybe you’ve been splurging a bit too much lately, or perhaps it’s a nod that you’re finally getting your financial act together.
  • On a license plate — Even in life’s slow moments, you’re exactly where you need to be. It might also hint that a detour in your life path is coming up, so stay alert.
  • On the clock — Seize the moment! If you’ve been putting off a big decision, now’s the time to make your move.
  • In the morning — Make sure to take the lead in starting your day. Maybe tackle that thing you’ve been avoiding or reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with.
  • In the evening — Reflect on the choices you made during the day. Did you stand up for yourself? Did you make progress on a personal goal?
  • During transition — You’re not just changing locations or titles, but you’re actually stepping into a new chapter that aligns with your deeper self.
  • During a New Moon — Get real about your intentions. If you’ve been vague about what you want, now’s the time to get crystal clear.
  • During a Full Moon — Release emotional baggage. If there’s a grudge you’ve been holding or an old habit that’s holding you back, this is your sign to let it go.

How Can a Numerologist Help?

Books and articles are cool and all, but nothing beats one-on-one advice tailored to your situation. If you’ve got questions about work, love, or life choices, a numerologist can reveal how 818 is specifically connected to you and your unique journey.

One chat with a numerologist can be enlightening, but imagine what you could learn over time with their guidance. As life throws its curveballs, your numerologist can keep you in tune with the direction you should be focused on so you make choices that align with your destiny.

How to Prepare for a Numerology Reading

Take a few minutes to jot down key numbers in your life. We’re talking birth dates, anniversaries, or any other numbers that resonate with you. Having this info at your fingertips will give you and your advisor a solid starting point.

Figure out what you’re looking to gain. Are you seeking clarity on your love life, career, or maybe your life’s purpose? Knowing what you want to focus on will help both you and your advisor zero in on what really matters. Formulate open-ended but specific questions like, “What can I do to attract a meaningful relationship?”.

Most importantly, go into the reading with an open mind and heart. Sometimes, the insights you get might surprise you or even challenge your current beliefs. Being open allows you to fully engage with the reading to get the most out of it.

After the reading, give yourself some time to digest everything. Reflection is key to understanding the deeper layers of the reading. If something really struck a chord or left you puzzled, a follow-up session can be a good idea.

3 Best Sites for Numerology Readings in 2023

1. California Psychics — Best Overall For Numerology Readings

California Psychics

  • 69 expert numerologists
  • $1/min starting offer
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Connect via chat or call
  • Karma rewards loyalty program

California Psychics is my top pick for diving deep into the mysteries of angel numbers like 818. The platform is known for its eerily accurate readings. During my session, my reader Zevon was able to pinpoint the angel number I was seeing and her interpretation gave me chills. Small details like these made my reading very profound and inspiring.

Numerologists aren’t questionable on this site since they go through a serious vetting process. I discovered California Psychics only accepts 2% of all applicants, which made me feel a sense of trust with Zevon. Because I didn’t have my guard up, my energy was more receptive to the interpretations she gave.

What sets California Psychics apart is its focus on holistic well-being. It doesn’t just give you angel insights; it offers actionable advice and coping strategies tailored to your specific situation. I was impressed by its follow-up resources, which include personalized affirmations and meditation guides.

In terms of cost, California Psychics can be likened to top-shelf whiskey. The price is premium but many find it justifiable because of its quality of angel number interpretations. But, the platform offers a range of price points to suit different budgets. To check if it vibes with you, you can try its $1/min offer.

2. Keen — Enjoy Numerology Insights From Top Rated Advisors

3 Best Sites for Numerology Readings in 2023

  • 20+ numerologists
  • First 5 minutes for $1
  • Handy search filters
  • Earn loyalty rewards.
  • Transparent reviews

For heartfelt numerology readings that look deeper into your psyche, Keen should be on your radar. It’s my go-to platform for connecting with some of the industry’s top-rated advisors, making it a solid choice if you’re after quality angel number insights.

The advisors on Keen have earned top ratings through insightful and accurate numerology readings. These are the kind of people who’ll give you the 411 on your angel numbers. While I was checking out various readers, I saw many of the advisors on Keen have a perfect rating of 5.0 stars with zero negative comments.

I was glad that I could keep a transcript of my session to reflect upon in the future. In the past I’ve scrambled to keep up with my reader using handwritten notes, so this was convenient. The best part is that if a certain angel number pops back up, I can check the transcript to see my numerologists’ interpretation.

One hiccup I noticed is that sometimes you have to wait a bit to connect with a popular advisor. But, I noticed there’s a scheduling feature that allows you to skip the queue line. So if you’ve got a tight schedule, consider this a hack to getting in contact with your reader right away.

3. Psychic Source — Get an Intimate Numerology Session Over Video Call

Psychic Source

    • Readings start at $1/min +3 mins free
    • Video call option
    • Tailor your numerology readings
    • 24/7 Customer service
    • Useful “Find a psychic” tool


        • Psychic Source’s video feature is a game-changer for me. It’s not just voices and a conversation, it’s full-on human connection. Because I am so interested in angel numbers and numerology, seeing my reader’s expressions felt like getting messages straight from the angels. Being able to see this

    made the whole experience way more intimate and special

        • .

    I like that Psychic Source has audio messages on each advisor’s profile. It’s like an energetic preview that lets me tap into whether they’re the right fit for my numerology questions. The audio messages were like a mini ‘vibe check,’ helping me connect with a reader who really gets the significance of numbers in my life.

    My session with Louisa, a numerologist on the site since 2000, was a revelation. Louisa has a unique way of diving deep into angel numbers that made me feel understood. It was like a spiritual conversation where the numbers were the language. Her expertise made it clear that she’s been doing this for years, adding a layer of trust and depth to the whole experience.

    As a newbie, you can get a numerology reading for $1/min plus 3 minutes free. One downside is that you have to buy a package upfront to unlock those free 3 minutes. But, those extra 3 minutes are like a loyalty perk right off the bat. You’re not just spending money; you’re investing in a service that immediately gives back to you.

    FAQs on the Meaning of Angel Number 818

    What are angel numbers?

    Angel numbers are coded messages from the spiritual realm. These numbers are like breadcrumbs, messages sent straight from the angelic realm to guide you. They’re number sequences that are tailored to you and your specific situation, offering guidance on various facets of your life.

    A numerologist can help you decode any angel numbers you keep seeing. Since angel numbers are super personal, sometimes you gotta dig deep to understand them. But if you’re feeling like the message is urgent, a legit numerologist can get you those answers.

    The idea is that the universe, or the angels if you will, are nudging you in a certain direction or highlighting something you need to focus on. They send you messages that help you navigate life’s ups and downs. When you encounter these numbers, it’s not just a coincidence; it’s a call to pay attention.

    How do I manifest with angel number 818?

    To manifest with angel number 818, get to know what 818 really stands for. In numerology, 8 is often linked to abundance and power, while 1 is about new beginnings. The sequence suggests a blend of financial and personal breakthroughs.

    It can be helpful to do a deep dive on it’s meaning so you can align your intentions with it. Are you looking for financial freedom, a fresh start in love, or maybe a career change? Be as specific as you can. The clearer your goal, the more focused the universe can be in helping you manifest it.

    Then, close your eyes and visualize your life as if your intentions have already manifested. Picture yourself living that abundant life or starting that new relationship. The more vivid your visualization, the stronger the message you’re sending to the universe.

    What does it mean if you see angel number 818 in your dreams?

    If you’re seeing 818 in your dreams, it might be hinting at significant life changes on the horizon. Maybe you’re on the brink of a new job, a move, or a relationship shift. The dream is nudging you to prepare for these changes and to be open to the opportunities they bring. The angels want you to pay attention to a certain area of your life.

    No matter where or when you are seeing 818, be it in real life or your dreams, this number has an important message. The presence of 818 means that you’re in a phase where you’re settling old scores, either reaping rewards or facing consequences. It’s a call to be mindful of your actions and their long-term impact.

    Bottom Line

    Trust that when you see angel number 818 that it’s more than a coincidence, it’s a call. Whether it’s about love, career, or your overall life path, this angel number has something to tell you. Don’t just sit on it; dive into its meanings and maybe even consult a numerologist. You can use this guide as your first step, but trust me, the journey’s worth it.

    If you’re really intrigued and want to get to the heart of what 818 is trying to tell you, maybe it’s time to level up your quest for understanding. You can connect with a numerologist on California Psychics for only $1/min. I had a great experience with my top rated advisor plus you’ll be protected by its 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    To summarize, the best sites for Numerology readings are…

    Our Rank Provider Our Rating Review

    Read Review Visit Website

    Read Review Visit Website

    Read Review Visit Website
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