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Written by Sarah Kirton | Updated On June 06, 2023

Evolutionary Astrology and Channeling with Tom Jacobs

Evolutionary Astrology and Channeling with Tom Jacobs

Tom Jacobs reveals his thoughts and views on our souls’ intentions, how we can vibrate at higher levels of consciousness and why it all starts with individual empowerment. 

Do you believe our souls dictate who we are and where we are going?

No they don’t. My model of soul that I have channeled through Hermes (a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin), is that a soul is part of divine consciousness and is aligned with love. However, it can not learn anything when it is in that alignment. 

For All That Is or Goddess/God consciousness, the ultimate answer is compassion, acceptance and love. It partitions itself into discrete-seeming pieces, and this is a soul. The soul is in alignment with love always, becomes incarnated as you and me to learn, while embodied, how to become strong through becoming loving. 

I believe a soul chooses a set of themes for each of its human incarnations, and they recur. Soul is watching what the human does, does not control anything, but has laid out a sort of terrain that the human will experience on this empowerment journey to becoming loving and self validating, and therefore powerful. 

We may believe that something is being controlled because difficult patterns keep recurring, and certain things seem unavoidable and inevitable, but we are vibrating our past experiences into manifestation in front of us. 

The soul is outside time-space, outside this dimension, watching us learn and (hopefully) unravel our beliefs that are attached to painful emotions from the past. 

What are ‘ascended masters’ and ‘archangels’?

Ascended Masters are beings or consciousnesses that have lived human lives. Typically when we encounter them, they are not embodied. They have specific functions to perform in service to humanity. It is like a consciousness that we can connect to and they all have different roles and focuses. They are outside time-space and they each have a different kind of advisory, helper, or guide role for humans. 

The one I channel is a tutor/teacher/translator. 

Hermes Trismegistus, for example, is mythologised in every culture. If there is a translator, trickster or messenger, it is this being. His job is to teach us whatever we need in order to evolve. He works with anybody who asks him questions. He and I are strongly connected.

Archangels are another portion of consciousness that are not embodied, but they are very high in vibrational energy. They vibrate at levels that are sometimes too much for humans to handle. Again, as with ascended masters, they each have a focus and role to play and people can call on them, learn from them, and use their energies. 

Do ‘soul’ intentions differ from ‘cerebral’ intentions? If so, how?

Yes absolutely. Your conscious (or cerebral) self can have all kinds of intentions and ideas. This is important for spiritual growth and enhancement. However, the soul’s intentions involve learning as humans which can be painful and challenging. 

The soul knows that to learn as a human includes difficult and challenging moments. The soul’s intentions, unlike the cerebral self, includes learning over millions of lives, all the possible human experiences. 

I teach that it is so important to have cerebral or conscious intentions, but then to learn about what is vibrating underneath the surface that is not yet resolved. And this is how I define karma: beliefs wrapped around emotions. 

So we have conscious intentions, but what comes to us that is outside of our control reveals our unconscious material that we do not yet know, and what ultimately needs to be resolved. 

How do you give inspiration to your clients?

We put words to what hurts and what is unresolved, and what may not have become conscious as of yet. I inspire people by helping them understand that every single thing can be healed, but to do so, we have to understand the unconscious influences within us from many past lives. I show them how to change what is painful, shift their vibrations and change what they are manifesting. 

“Energy is Money is Energy” … Can you explain?

I look at blocks to money flow as reflective or manifestations of energy flow blocks. For example, am I willing to receive? Do I feel like I owe someone something?

All these emotions and beliefs that we hang on to unconsciously affect our energy and the flow of money in our lives. 

I have been teaching small groups for the last ten years but am currently developing a larger webinar to help more people at a time. It deals with two modules; transforming debt (and the notion of owing), and opening to receive. It is an abundance teaching focusing on the positive but dealing with the negative unconscious thoughts and beliefs. 

Is it ‘wrong’ to desire material belongings? 

It is not wrong, yet it is important to look at one’s motivations for these desires. For example, if I have a certain amount of money, will it make me look better in the eyes of others? This is fear-based. If a desire comes from a place of love, the intention is totally different from when it emanates from a place of fear. 

This is central to Energy is Money is Energy: Let’s judge nothing but let’s learn about the energetics that are happening inside us. The motivations behind the desires are so important to understand as this can enhance spiritual growth, self acceptance, self respect, self like and self love. This is powerful love.

Does positive visualization play a role in your healing process?

Definitely. Our conscious or cerebral intentions are creating a vibrational field and things will start to happen. This is where positive visualisation comes in. It is really important to hold on to the vision of where we are headed, but understand the process and unconscious manifestations that unfold and repeat in front of us. 

What can a client expect from a session with Tom?

I treat every person as a powerful manifestor and creator. On the face of it, it looks like an astrology reading with spirit guides. Basically I look for whatever is stuck in their field and I help them figure out how to become empowered to change it. 

The client talks of a particular issue and we go into the energetic source of this, whether it be from childhood and beliefs that resulted from experience, or from experiences in another life. 

They can expect affirmations, to learn that some of their beliefs may be wrong (and how to upgrade them), that they are much more important as an individual than they believe, and they deserve to be healthy, happy, and creative beings. 

My sessions are really all about spiritual counseling and channeling. I use the astrology chart as a map of the soul’s journey over many lives and bring the spirit guides in to channel and guide. The rest of the session will flow from there…

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Sarah is a keen and passionate advocate of the spiritual and healing components within the mystical realm of the world we live in. She resides in Cape Town, South Africa, where she enjoys spending time in the outdoors, kite surfing, and playing guitar.