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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On June 06, 2023

9 Best Psychics on California Psychics 2023 - A Must See List

9 Best Psychics on California Psychics 2023 - A Must See List


California Psychics organizes its best advisors into three categories: customer favorites, premier psychics, and staff picks. While this can help you with making a choice, it’s still hard to find the right psychic from the site’s lists alone, as they’re still too vague.

I’ve narrowed the list down to the top 3 readers in each of these categories, which makes it easier to find the best psychics on California Psychics. Best of all, not all of them are pricy picks. There’s an even mix of premier, affordable, and popular psychics, so read on to find the best psychic for you.

Find a Top Psychic

1. Umna – Customer Favorite


Umna is a 5-star rated psychic based on nearly 4,000 user reviews. She has been on California Psychics since 2018 and has conducted over 7,000 readings to date. That record alone sets her apart from the crowd. Umna’s reading style is straightforward and some of the topics she specializes in include love and relationships, money and finance, and career and work. Some of her other abilities are dream analysis and clairaudience, with tarot and oracle cards being her preferred tools.

At a young age, Umna discovered that she was able to connect with people who have passed on when some of her deceased loved ones started contacting her.

One of her clients wrote, “It’s like Uma has a direct connection with your guides. She’s incredible and a kind soul too!”

Because of Umna’s impressive reputation, she is a bit more expensive than some other psychics on the site, with a rate of $7.50 per minute. But if it’s your first time using California Psychics, you can use your introductory offer to speak with her for a discounted rate of $4 per minute.

2. Cooper – Customer Favorite


Cooper is a 4.9-star rated psychic based on over 2,800 reviews. She’s been a reader on California Psychics since 2018 and has conducted over 6,000 readings. Some of the topics she specializes in include love, career, and finance, and some of the tools she uses include tarot and pendulums. As an empath, Cooper’s reading style is compassionate.

By using her gift of energy reading, Cooper strives to help her clients find a renewed sense of peace and clarity. One of her clients explained that, “Cooper started reading accurately immediately with nearly zero information from me. Her first two predictions came true that very week.”

Cooper’s rate per minute is $6.50, but if you take advantage of California Psychics’ introductory offer you can set up a call with her for only $2 per minute.

3. Wonda – Customer Favorite


Wonda is a 4.9-star rated psychic based on over 1,000 user testimonials. She has been on California Psychics since 2018 and has conducted nearly 3,000 readings. She specializes in love and relationships as well as destiny and life paths. She is an empath with a straightforward reading style and is skilled in using tools such as tarot and crystals.

According to her profile Wonda is a third-generation psychic with over 30 years of experience. She strives to give her clients a better understanding of their situations so that they can make clear decisions. Her clients describe her as “honest” and “very straightforward, yet pleasant”.

Wonda’s rate is a bit lower than some other customer favorites at $4 per minute.

4. Taylor – Premier Psychic


Taylor is one of the most renowned psychics on California Psychics, with a 5-star rating based on over 1,500 testimonials. She is a veteran of the site, having provided over 20,000 readings since 2010. The topics she covers include, destiny, love, career, using tools like tarot, pendulum, and numerology. She is an empath with a compassionate reading style.

Taylor has over 25 years of professional reading experience and her clients describe her as “fast” and “accurate”. One client even said that Taylor remembered them from over 4 years ago and that she is an incredible reader.

As a top performer on the site, Taylor’s price is much higher than some others at $13 per minute. If this is within your price range, you can rest assured that she won’t waste your time as she quickly answers her clients’ questions in detail.

5. Ciarra – Premier Psychic


Ciarra is a 5-star rated psychic based on over 700 reviews. Having joined the platform in 2002, she is another veteran of California Psychics and has conducted over 24,000 readings. She was first introduced to tarot at age 19 and has over 30 years of experience delivering readings. Ciarra is an empath and has a straightforward reading style.

Her reviews attest to this direct style, with one client saying, “The truth is told with Ciarra. It might hurt, but if you don’t want to waste your time, this is the lady.” You can ask her about topics ranging from career and work, to life and destiny, and expect a highly accurate reading. Her impressive abilities come at the high price of $13 per minute.

6. Brandon – Premier Psychic


Brandon is another well established psychic on the platform with a 5-star rating based on over 1,000 reviews. He’s been on California Psychics since 2012 and has delivered over 12,000 readings. His reading style is inspirational and while he normally doesn’t use tools in his readings, he is skilled in tarot, numerology, and astrology.

Brandon first discovered his abilities as a teenager and now has over 20 years of experience. His clients describe him as not only highly accurate in his predictions, but also a pleasure to talk to with a great sense of humor. One client even wrote, “He really nailed my POI and had me cracking up!” Similar to the other accomplished psychics on the site, Brandon’s services come at a high rate of $13 per minute. Luckily, California Psychic’s introductory offer lowers the initial cost.

7. Petunia – Staff Pick


Petunia is a 4.7-star rated psychic based on over 2,000 reviews. She has been on California Psychics since 2016 and has delivered more than 11,000 readings. Petunia typically uses tarot during her readings but also specializes in oracle cards and pendulum. Her reading style is compassionate and she has over 20 years of professional experience.

Many of Petunia’s clients value her ability to pick up on their situations and energies quickly, with one client saying, “Immediately upon answering the phone she is able to read what’s on my mind”. As a staff pick, you might expect her rates to be on par with premier advisors, but she only comes in at $6.50 per minute and $2 per minute for new users.

8. Victor – Staff Pick


Victor is rated 4.7 stars based on over 1,600 reviews and has been on California Psychics since 2016. He has conducted over 4,000 readings and has a compassionate reading style. Unlike some other psychics on the site, Victor does not use any tools. Instead, he asks for your first name and date of birth at the beginning of the reading. He specializes in topics such as love and relationships, deceased loved ones, and more.

Victor has over 15 years of experience delivering professional readings, and connects with his clients by looking not just at their present, but also their past and future. Many of his clients comment on his ability to pick up on things without them even mentioning them. One client even said, “He knew so much without me even saying anything, and also his contact prediction came true.” Victor’s rate is $6.50 per minute, and for new users, only $2 per minute.

9. Starla – Staff Pick


Starla is another 4.7-star rated psychic based on over 3,000 reviews. She has a straightforward reading style and typically uses tarot cards during her sessions. She has been on California Psychics since 2015 and has conducted over 17,000 readings on topics such as relationships, career, destiny, and more.

Starla has over 45 years of professional experience and her clients describe her as “honest”, “compassionate”, and “always right on the money”. She’s a great choice if you’re looking for a staff pick, as she has a more competitive rate than some others. She charges $5 per minute and $1 per minute for new users.

Bottom Line

Whether your budget allows you to choose from a premier psychic, or you’re interested in a reader with a more competitive rate, California Psychics has great options that will meet your needs. The top 9 list is an excellent place to get you started if you don’t know who to pick or feel overwhelmed by all the top choices on California Psychics.

Its trusted reputation and roster of highly accomplished and well-rated psychics ensure you’ll get a good reading almost every time. My personal favorite is Wonda for her reasonable rates and straightforward but kind personality. If you’re feeling stuck, then head over to California Psychics and find the best psychic for you.

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