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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on February 08, 2024

7 Best Sites for Cheap Psychic Readings 2024 ($1 or Less)

7 Best Sites for Cheap Psychic Readings 2024 ($1 or Less)

When considering a psychic reading, it’s important to find psychics that fall within your set budget. The trouble is that in-person psychics tend to have set, per-hour rates, which limit your financial freedom. Alternatively, with so many online psychic services available nowadays, it can feel overwhelming to choose the right sites.

As someone that’s tested most psychic sites, I can confidently recommend you the best options for cheap psychic readings. I’ve curated a list of sites with reputable psychics, competitive offers, and affordable regular rates. That way, you can enjoy legitimate psychic advice while staying within a comfortable budget.

Out of all of the sites on my list, California Psychics has the best cost/quality balance. Not only are its psychics renowned for their accurate readings but you can get started with these highly experienced advisors for $1/min. You’re also protected by its satisfaction guarantee and can earn points for future readings with its Karma rewards program.

Browse California Psychics

In a rush? Here are my top psychic sites for cheap psychic readings

  1. California Psychics — Connect with sought after psychics for only $1/min.
  2. Purple Garden — Receive a $10 credit for your first session.
  3. Keen — Get your first 5 minutes of your reading for only $1.
  4. Psychic Source — Enjoy rates of $0.66/min plus receive an additional 3 minutes free.
  5. PathForward — Chat with a psychic for $0.83/min plus 3 free minutes.

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7 Best Sites for a Cheap Psychic Reading in 2024

After trialing most of the psychic sites out there, I’ve narrowed down the best 7 sites for cheap psychic insights. However, all of these options have experienced psychics with solid track-records so you’ll get the high-quality guidance you’re after.

1. California Psychics — Connect to Highly Vetted Psychics for $1/min

California Psychics

  • Readings starting at $1/min
  • 350+ available psychics
  • Chat and call readings
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Karma rewards program

As a newbie on California Psychics, you’re eligible for a 20 minute reading at a discounted rate. The introductory packages range from $1, $2, and $4 per minute where each tier is organized by affordable, popular, and premium psychics. I’ve tried psychics from all 3 tiers and I’m impressed by the high-quality insights I received across all my sessions.

I joined its Karma rewards program so I could develop a long-term relationship with a psychic for less. With the program, you get a $20 credit, a free astrology report, a birthday gift, points for each dollar spent, and a percentage of points back. The program makes continuous psychic support more accessible since you can earn rewards along the way.

Browsing on California Psychics is reassuring because all of its psychics have long track records and high ratings. By taking a quick look, you’ll notice the majority have hundreds of thousands of readings completed and have managed to maintain more than 4.7 stars. This is a green flag because it shows the majority of clients are satisfied with the psychics.

The regular rates on California Psychics start at $4/min which is a little higher compared to other sites. However, if your main priority is accuracy and quality then it’s worthwhile. Especially since California Psychics has a trustworthy satisfaction guarantee, you’re always taken care of if you don’t get the quality that’s expected.

2. Purple Garden — Receive a $10 Credit to Put Towards Your Reading

Purple Garden

  • $10 credit for 1st reading
  • 250+ psychics
  • Chat, call, and video sessions
  • Refunds for technical issues
  • Journeys community feature

Purple Garden is a solid alternative for cheap psychic readings because of its generous $10 credit. Upon joining, you’ll get $10 credited to your account which automatically applies to your first reading. You don’t have to buy any packages to get the credit so it’s a good option if you don’t have much of a budget and after a reading that’s completely free.

I noticed that rates on Purple Garden start at $0.99/min, making it possible to get up to 10 minutes free by using the credit. Perhaps even better is that the low regular rate makes it possible to extend your session if you wish to. Additionally, you can ensure you feel a connection with the psychic before you commit to paying for more minutes.

The Journeys feature on Purple Garden sets it apart from other competitor sites. Journeys is organized by various topics where you can read, reply, and even post your own threads. It’s a unique feature where you can find community since you can connect with other users in similar situations and even use it as a tool for psychic recommendations.

Although it’s not ideal that there’s no satisfaction guarantee, features like Journeys make it possible to avoid low-quality psychics. Additional features like badges on profiles and transparent review sections make the psychic selection process transparent. From my experience, by doing your due-diligence you can avoid disappointing sessions.

3. Keen — Get your first 5 minutes for Only $1 With Any Available Psychic

7 Best Sites for a Cheap Psychic Reading in 2024

  • 5 minutes for $1
  • 250+ psychic advisors
  • Chat and call readings
  • $25 in Keen credits for refunds
  • Keen rewards program

On Keen, you get 5 minutes for $1 and you can apply it to any psychic on the site. Therefore, regardless of the psychics popularity or experience, you can test them out at the discounted rate. Although the 5 minutes isn’t very long for a standalone reading, it sets you up for a longer session without having to spend a lot upfront.

I also like its Keen rewards program since you can earn points without spending money. For instance, you earn 150 points just for singing into the Keen app and 50 for sharing your birthday. The points you earn can be used to get free readings and as a member, you’re eligible for exclusive giveaways and promotions.

My favorite thing about Keen is that you can use its free mail feature to contact psychics without a booking. I’ve used it several times to ask for additional information on psychics and it’s helped me choose the right psychic everytime. It’s especially great when using the 5 minute promotion because you’re less likely to waste your discounted minutes.

With that said, Keen has limited reading options as there’s only chat and call sessions available. I was apprehensive at first but my call session with my psychic felt intimate and wholesome. It wasn’t difficult to feel a connection with her and she easily picked up on my situation.

4. Psychic Source — Get $0.66/min + 5 Minutes Free With Experienced Psychics

7 Best Sites for a Cheap Psychic Reading in 2024

  • $0.66/min + 5 minutes free
  • 250+ readers available
  • Chat, call, and video sessions
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Membership rewards program

Psychic Source has one of the lowest promotional rates of $0.66/min and you get an additional 5 minutes free. Although you have to purchase one of its packages to get the deal, it’s a great option if you want a substantial reading. I got 35 minutes with my psychic for less than $20 and I could take the time I needed to connect with them.

The membership rewards program is worthwhile since you earn 3% in reward dollars for each purchase. Additionally, you can get up to $50 in bonus dollars in a month, $25 bonus dollars if you chat with a psychic for 175 minutes in a month, and 45 days of price protection. There’s quite a bit of earning potential if you’re hoping to find a long-term psychic.

I feel one of the biggest advantages to Psychic Source is that it has live chat, phone, and video readings. Depending on the situation, you may want to feel like you have the psychic in the room with you. There’s something about the visual component of a reading that can make it feel more personal and impactful, so it’s great to have the option.

The layout on Psychic Source may not be as aesthetic as other sites, but that doesn’t mean it’s not functional. It’s one of the only sites that has multiple options to contact its support team. You can choose between live chat, phone assistance, email support, or even browse through the FAQ page.

5. PathForward — Psychic Impressions for $0.83/min & Up to 5 Minutes Free

Psychic Source

  • $0.83/min & up to 5 free minutes
  • 50+ psychic readers
  • Chat and call available
  • Peace of mind guarantee
  • In Sight rewards program

The promotional rate on PathForward is $0.83/min and you can get up to 5 minutes free, depending on the package you get. PathForward is the sister company of Psychic Source, so they’re both good options. But, I’ve noticed the regular rates on PathForward are consistently between $4.99-$5/min, whereas they get higher on Psychic Source.

I noticed PathForward has 2 rewards programs so you can choose the one that suits you best. The In Sight rewards program is free, while the Inner Circle program isn’t. However, the Inner Circle program gets you up to $100 worth of readings just for joining the program. There are also additional monthly perks that will save you money on future readings.

In comparison, PathForward has less selection of psychics since there’s only 50+ on the site. From experience, this isn’t a reflection of its quality and if anything, it’s because PathForward takes its screening process seriously. Since it only accepts 5% of all applicants and is one of the lesser known sites, it makes sense why there’s a smaller selection pool.

6. Kasamba — Trial Up to 3 Psychics & Get 3 Free Minutes With Each


  • 3 minutes free with 3 psychics
  • 250+ psychics
  • Chat, call, and email
  • Refunds available
  • Niche reading categories

Kasamba’s promotion is ideal if you’re looking to test several psychics before you commit to paying for a session. You can test up to 3 different psychics and get 3 minutes free with each one. And since many psychics have regular rates starting at $1.99/min, you won’t break the bank in case you want to extend the reading past the 3 minutes.

What stands out to me the most about Kasamba is that it has niche categories for any situation you could think of. Take the love section as an example, there’s “cheating & affairs” and “lesbian & gay friendly” categories, which I’ve only seen on Kasamba. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending your free minutes on incompatible psychics.

Keep in mind that Kasamba is one of the sites on this list that doesn’t offer a rewards program. That said, if your goal is to build a connection with a psychic, you can negotiate your rate on Kasamba. Many of the psychics on Kasamba will give exclusive discounts to loyal clients and tend to be more flexible with their rates.

7. Oranum — Validate Your Credit Card & Earn 9.99 Free Oranum Coins

7 Best Sites for a Cheap Psychic Reading in 2024

  • 9.99 credits for validating credit card
  • 200+ psychic advisors
  • Chat, call, and video sessions
  • Live chat customer support
  • Free weekly livestreams

Oranum is the most unique suggestion on this list because of its layout and coin system. To get a reading on the site, you must pay with Oranum coins which are bought in packages. However, as a first time user you get 9.99 free coins for validating a credit card. From what I’ve seen, most psychics charge around 2.00 credits per minute.

I’ve gotten value-filled content from psychics on Oranum by watching the free live streams. Every psychic has to go live at least once a week and during the session, you can send public messages using the group chat. Psychics will typically have set themes for each live stream but sometimes you’re able to request content like a general group reading.

The layout on Oranum can be a little tricky to navigate at first, especially if you’re not tech- savvy. But, once you get the hang of it you’ll notice that getting a reading is more casual. You can message psychics to set up future calls or even request a private reading while they’re live. I’ve noticed that if a psychic is available, you can almost immediately connect.

How I Ranked the Best Sites for Cheap Psychic Readings

  • Strict Vetting of Psychics: Each site on the list has vetting systems in place to ensure all applicants have legitimate gifts and abilities. There are usually multiple rounds of interviews and ongoing monitoring once they’re onboarded to the site.
  • Affordable Introductory Rates: Sites with budget-friendly and accessible rates for new clients made it closer to the top of the list. However, a good balance between affordability and quality was the highest priority.
  • No-Catch Deals: Transparency is paramount so sites offering no-catch deals were selected. Each promotion was personally tested to make sure there were no hidden fees or misleading terms.
  • High-Rated Psychics: Beyond overall site reviews, it was important to comb through ratings and testimonials for available psychics. Reviews left for psychics tend to be more reflective of customer satisfaction and the quality of services on a site.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Policies: The majority of the platforms selected have a satisfaction guarantee so you can stay protected. These satisfaction guarantees are legitimate and each site has accessible customer support to assist you if needed.

What’s the Difference Between Chat, Voice, and Video Readings?

The selected method for reading sessions will differ based on individual preferences and requirements, leading to varied experiences.

1. Chat Readings: This method is ideal for those who prefer a written record of their reading, which they can refer back to at any time. It allows for a more controlled pace as you can take your time to think and respond. However, chat readings may lack the personal connection and immediacy that other methods offer.

2. Voice Readings: This method offers a real-time interaction that can be more personal and engaging than chat readings. The reader can pick up additional information from your tone and inflections, potentially leading to a more accurate reading. However, you won’t have a written record unless you decide to take notes.

3. Video Readings: Video readings provide the most personal and interactive experience. They allow for visual cues and a deeper connection between you and the reader. However, they require a stable internet connection and may not be suitable for those who are camera-shy or prefer to keep their privacy.

In conclusion, the best method for your reading session depends on your comfort level, the kind of experience you want, and the resources you have available. Whether you prefer the written record of a chat reading, the personal interaction of a voice reading, or the visual engagement of a video reading, ensure your choice meets your needs and enhances your satisfaction with the session.

Chat Readings Voice Readings Video Readings
Privacy & Anonymity
Chat readings can be done anywhere. You could chat with a psychic in a public space and feel comfortable.
Immediate Feedback
Real-time vocal interactions allow for instant feedback and follow-up questions, allowing for a flowing conversation.
Personal Connection
Video readings allow for facial expressions, body language, and gestures to be seen which can create a more intimate reading.
Record Keeping
Chats can be saved, allowing you to revisit the reading later for clarity or reflection.
Energetic Transmission
The human voice carries energy. By tuning into your voice a psychic can often pick up on subtle energetic cues that assist in the reading.
Clarity & Understanding
Being able to see what the psychic is doing, such as shuffling and drawing tarot cards or casting runes, can add a layer of trust to the process.
Reduced Pressure
Typing out questions might feel less intimidating than speaking which is helpful if you have social anxiety.
Enhanced Focus
Without visual distractions, you can focus more intently on the reading’s content.
Immersive Experience
The visual aspect can help you feel more present, enhancing the overall experience.

Tips for Selecting the Best Site for a Cheap Psychic Reading

I suggest you consider the following tips before choosing a site for a cheap psychic reading. After all, being intentional about your choice can be the difference between a satisfying or disappointing experience.

Establish Your Budget

Create a realistic budget to avoid disappointment and make the best choice. The longer your session, the more detailed information you’ll get. Therefore, choose a site that provides maximum minutes at the lowest cost if you need comprehensive guidance but are on a tight budget.

Remember that once your discounted minutes are up, you’ll be charged regular rates. Consider each site’s starting rate and stick to the one within your budget. Thinking of this ahead of time will safeguard you in case you end up extending your reading.

Review Its Policies

When choosing a psychic site, it’s important to review different client policies, particularly the platform’s refund policy. This can help avoid any potential disappointment if you are not eligible for a refund after an unsatisfactory reading. A site offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee provides an extra level of protection if the reading does not meet your expectations.

This can also apply to the type of promotion being offered. Most sites will automatically apply your first client promotion but some will require the purchase of minutes before you can unlock your promotion. Double check each site’s promotion policy to make the wisest selection.

Consider Your Needs

Make sure to identify your needs before choosing a site. If you prefer using mobile over desktop, opt for a site with a user-friendly mobile app.

Not all psychic platforms provide a variety of reading methods. Some may only offer chat and phone readings, which can be inconvenient if you prefer video sessions. You may not find a platform that meets all your preferences, but if you identify your priorities, you can choose one that satisfies your most important needs.

Check Out Reviews

The quality of the reviews left for psychics on each site can tell you a lot. You don’t have to do a deep dive, but browse through reviews for top rated psychics on each platform. The quality of services being offered will become apparent based on the feedback left, which can save you from low quality sessions.

While less experience does not equal poor insights, it can be safer to go with sites that have tenured psychics. Although not always, these psychics normally have longer track-records and more expertise under their belts. But, go with your gut if you feel drawn to a newer psychic because there may be a spiritual reason for that.

Select a Reading Theme

Most psychic sites will have the same reading categories to choose from, but some will have more options than others. When you’re after very specific insights, check to see if that reading theme is available. You may want to chat about a lost object but if there’s no category for that, there is a slimmer chance of finding a psychic that can help you.

Seeing different filter options is positive since it enables you to blend your preferences. This not only saves your time but also increases the probability of locating a psychic in your desired niche.

FAQs on Affordable Psychic Readings

Are cheap readings accurate?

Yes, cheap readings can be accurate. But that doesn’t mean that they’re always accurate or that they’re better than paid readings. Psychic accuracy within itself is never guaranteed since it’s not science and can be influenced by many factors. A couple being the connection between you and your reader and the information allowed to come through for you.

Cheap readings on credible psychic sites are more likely to yield accurate insights. That’s because the readers are screened and there is a lengthy record of reviews left by other users. This combination of factors will increase your odds of an accurate reading but a satisfaction guarantee is your best protection.

What are the pros and cons of cheap readings?

The greatest pro is that you can test the waters with little risk. Let’s say you’re interested in connecting with a psychic but you noticed their per minute rate is pricey. This can make you apprehensive because there is a greater risk if the reading doesn’t meet your expectations. That’s where new client offers come in handy to see if regular rates are worth paying for.

But, the con of cheap readings is that you typically have limited time with the psychic. Most offers will give you 3-5 minutes of free or heavily discounted minutes which isn’t very long for most inquiries. So, if you’re not in a position to go over that time limit, you risk a rushed session with very limited insight that could lead to disappointment.

Why do online psychics offer cheap readings?

Typically to incentivise you to try their services. Let’s face it, psychics have a unique gift that can bring a lot of healing, clarity, and support to people. And because of that, they can charge high rates relative to demand and experience. However, paying for any type of online service can come with risk when it comes to quality and overall satisfaction.

To make your reading worthwhile, select a psychic site that meets your needs as a client. Try to go beyond the price incentive because there is a lot more to a psychic reading than saving some money. Think of the type of experience you want to have and tailor your decision based on the site that can meet the majority of your preferences.

Bottom Line

Getting trustworthy psychic insight doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. With some of the best sites offering heavily discounted readings, it’s a prime time to skip the high rates while you’re still weighing out your options. That way, you can take your time finding the site that will offer you the best value for a genuine connection with a psychic.

From my experience, California Psychics offers exactly that. The psychics on the site are some of the best I’ve tested because of how experienced and professional they are. Plus, you can get started for only $1/min and receive a heartfelt session that doesn’t break the bank.

To summarize, the best sites for cheap psychic readings are…

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We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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