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Intuition is the Voice of our Higher Self. Tracy Farquhar

Intuition is the Voice of our Higher Self. Tracy Farquhar

We chat with Tracy Farquhar, a professional psychic medium, author, teacher and channel. She offers life path guidance, spiritual wisdom and empowerment for the ‘discerning spiritual seeker’. 

What is your ‘art’, first and foremost?

I am a highly sensitive person, and I use that sensitivity to connect my energy to the energy of others, to offer guidance and an alternate perception of their life path, so they can see what it is offering them more clearly. I also use it to connect with the spirit realm and other non-physical beings to bring their wisdom and comfort to those of us in the physical.

I didn’t always perceive this sensitivity as an “art” or a gift, and I spent much of my life thinking it was a fault that needed to be overcome in order for me to be seen as somewhat “normal.” I was always told that I was too sensitive, too emotional, too quiet and shy and too introverted. But later in my life when I began investigating what that sensitivity really meant by taking a course in psychic development, I discovered what it was offering me and how it could potentially help others. This awareness has led to a full-time career as a psychic medium, channeler, teacher and author and it has benefited my life in innumerable ways, as I’ve learned to trust my inner voice and listen to my higher senses. So I now honor those sensitivities and I’m immensely grateful for them.

You describe one of your houses, whilst growing up, to be haunted. What does this actually represent from a spiritual perspective? 

A “haunting” is simply spirit energy that is making itself known. Oftentimes, I believe these spirits may be “earthbound,” or not fully transitioned, so their energy is still somewhat anchored in the physical. There can be many reasons for this, and it can cause the spirits to want to be acknowledged, so they may create some physical manifestations of their presence. While these experiences can be unsettling, I believe that in the vast majority of cases the spirits mean no harm and don’t wish to frighten people. Looking back, I was fascinated with these experiences as a child (and a little bit scared, as well.) 

Do tarot and mediumship work hand in hand for you?

I use the tarot for psychic readings rather than mediumship readings. For me, the symbolism of the tarot helps to give me a clear picture of what the client is experiencing in their life and how they can best respond to the challenges and changes they are faced with. I draw four cards for a psychic reading which represent past, present and future, plus an action card which summarizes what is being offered to the client in the current life situation and the best action they can take going forward. 


Tell us about your tarot?

The deck I use was gifted to me many years ago by my sister, who bought it ‘used’ at a flea market. It is the Barbara Walker deck which depicts gods and goddesses from various forms of mythology, and while I probably wouldn’t have chosen it myself, it has always been very powerful and I’m always amazed at how accurately it guides my readings. I own many different decks that I use for teaching, but I only use this deck for readings. That may change one day, though, as the printed images are wearing away from constant use! 

Do you believe there can be a danger of losing sight of freewill after a session with a psychic?

Only if the psychic makes prediction the main focus of the reading. I don’t do that. I strongly believe that we create our life experience through the choices and decisions we make and the way we choose to respond to challenges and influences. I stress to my clients that while I can see future possibilities and potential, the future is always shifting and changing depending on their choices, and I focus on helping to guide them toward the actions that will best lead them to their highest degree of growth, expansion and learning. I don’t see myself as a fortune teller, and in fact I don’t see a lot of benefit in telling someone what is going to happen to them, as it implies that we are all victims of fate and can lead to a feeling of disempowerment and victimization. But helping someone to see the potential in their life can be very motivating.

Can you recall the most emotional and gratifying experience you have had in the psychic realm?

There have been many times when clients have let me know how much my readings have influenced them, but there’s one that always stands out for me. It was many years ago during a group mediumship reading, also known as a spirit gallery. I don’t remember what spirit was coming through for the woman in the audience, but I know that I was clearly shown a white car in my inner vision. When I told her this, she said she didn’t have a white car, but it was a persistent image and I told her so. Then I saw children’s car seats in the car and got the feeling that they needed to be adjusted and tightened, but she said she didn’t have any children. Again, it felt like an important message, but she just shrugged her shoulders and seemed disappointed. 

About a week later, this woman emailed me to tell me that the day after the reading, she went to her job at a daycare center and realized that the van they used to transport the children was white, and it had child seats in it, so, remembering the reading, she climbed into the van and tightened the connections on all the seats. A few days later, when they were transporting a van full of children, they were broadsided by a car doing 60 mph. The woman suffered cracked ribs, but all the children were unharmed and safe.


What advice do you have for our readers, RIGHT NOW?

I believe that we all possess varying degrees of sensitivity to energy, but because we are never taught how to trust them or use them, we will dismiss the guidance these higher senses offer us. All our lives, we are taught to make all decisions from the intellect, logic and reason, and while these are valuable tools, they can distract us from our heart’s guidance.

If you think about the times in your life when you got that intuitive sense of something or someone that went beyond what your five senses were telling you, you will see that your intuition is a very valuable tool and one that can be cultivated and utilized as an important form of guidance. 

I believe our intuition is the voice of our Higher (or spirit) Self, our guides, our angels, our loved ones in spirit and all the other unseen beings who are assisting us in this journey, and if we can learn to trust it, we can truly elevate our life experience. Learning to do this has completely changed everything about my life, and now I mostly live in a state of awe, wonder, curiosity and gratitude, even for the challenges, as I know it’s all in service to my soul. 

So listen to that small, still voice, that gentle tug, that sense of being urged forward, and stop talking yourself out of the urgings of your heart, for that’s where your real truth lies.

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