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Written by Lillian Maclean | Updated On June 06, 2023

What Are Precognitive Dreams? How to Know if They Happen

What Are Precognitive Dreams? How to Know if They Happen

If you believe or know your dreams predicted the future, you may wonder what it all means. Trying to understand and control your precognitive dreams can be frustrating and overwhelming, leaving you unsure of what to do next. But despite these challenges, precognitive dreams continue to arouse people’s curiosity and provide reassurance.

This guide will shed light on precognitive dreams and how to identify them, as well as helpful tips that help you navigate the experience. When you can recognize and interpret your precognitive dreams, you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of your subconscious thoughts and emotions, which leads to increased self-awareness.

Remember, you don’t have to go through paranormal and psychic experiences alone. If you are looking for assistance in dealing with and interpreting your precognitive dreams, you can reach out to a dream psychic on California Psychics. They’ll help you navigate feelings of isolation and teach you how to work through your dreams.

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What Are Precognitive Dreams?

Simply put, precognitive dreams allow certain dreamers to receive insight into the future. They typically happen far before the event occurs and are only recognized as precognitive once the prediction happens. Many have precognitive dreams about future disasters and chaos, but this isn’t always the case.

You can have precognitive dreams about all sorts of events, whether it be falling pregnant, getting a dream job, or running into an old friend. That said, it’s mostly the frightening dreams that catch people’s attention, such as the story of Abraham Lincoln. Some believe gods or guardian angels send precognitive dreams to warn the dreamer.

With that in mind, the “why” behind precognitive dreams remains a mystery. In addition to being warnings from the spirit realm, it’s also thought that they can act as initiations to psychic gifts. Some even believe that precognitive dreams are meant to be a tool to help humanity and to bridge the spiritual and physical worlds.

Precognitive dreams are only one of the many types of psychic dreams that one can have. Clairvoyant dreams can resemble precognitive dreams but typically do not foreshadow future events. If anything, clairvoyant dreams communicate to the dreamer about something they’re unable to perceive from their reality.

Spirit visitations are another kind of psychic dream and are more common than you think. People will claim they’ve been visited by a passed-on loved one while dreaming and feel it really was them. Sometimes the spirit carries an important message that is meant to help the dreamer with healing or understanding life after death.

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5 Signs You’re Having Precognitive Dreams

Knowing the telltale signs of precognitive dreams can help you realize you’re having them. Being aware of the signs allows you to trust in what you’re seeing, in addition to helping you feel confident about sharing your visions. Always use your discernment and inner guidance when exploring your precognitive dreams.

1. Your Dream Comes True

This might be self-explanatory, but the strongest indicator of precognitive dreams is seeing them come true. Now, it’s common for precognitive dreams to contain more activity than just the important event you’re being warned about. But, the event that manifests will stand out the most during your dream.

This argument is sometimes used to debunk precognitive dreams by claiming that precognitive dreamers are biased because they forget parts of their dreams that don’t come true. However, I feel this argument doesn’t hold as much weight since it doesn’t disprove or explain how people can have dreams that predict the future.

An example of how precognitive dreams can manifest is having dreams about earthquakes, and then 2 months later, a series of earthquakes happen. Sometimes the visions you see won’t directly affect you but are a heads-up as to what could unsettle certain parts of the world.

But there are times when your precognitive dreams do affect you. One time I had a dream where I was stung by a hundred bees and panicked about having a reaction since I’ve never been stung. The very next day, I was stung by a bee. I’ve noticed precognitive dreams can sometimes be more dramatic than what manifests in reality.

2. You Can’t Let It Go

Sometimes you’ll have a precognitive dream, but the event won’t happen for many months and even years into the future. This can sometimes make people doubt their visions. However, it could be a precognitive dream if you remember it vividly and can’t seem to let it go.

You’ll know it’s a precognitive dream because of the feeling that you’re left with. Upon waking up, you’ll feel like a dream was extra vivid, and you’re trying to decode the message during and after. I believe you’re left with this feeling because your consciousness knows it’s a vital dream you must remember.

You could also feel compelled to write your dream down because you intuitively know it’s needed. Even after the fact, you may think about your dream for days, weeks, months, or even years. You’ll also rack your brain trying to figure out what the dream meant, and you’ll keep pondering until you begin to piece together the meaning.

Apart from all this, the dream will leave such an impression on you that it makes you feel like you can’t let it go. You may even feel so troubled by your feelings that you tell your loved ones about it. Sometimes sharing your dreams can provide you with the helpful perspective of others, so you can try to wrap your mind around it.

Depending on the nature of your precognitive dream, you may even experience physical and emotional sensations. For example, during the dream, you may experience the joy you feel when the event comes true. If you dream about being injured, you may even feel the pain of the injury.

3. There Is Always Strong Symbolism Present

While symbolism is often present in psychic dreams, it’s always very strong and in your face during precognitive dreams. Certain things will stand out to you and are typically the puzzle’s most important pieces. The symbolism you hold onto can often hold the key to uncovering the details behind your precognitive dream.

Sometimes the symbolism is more cryptic, while other times, it’s more in your face. For example, it may be obvious that you’re receiving a message about flooding, but it may not be as evident about the when or where of the event. This is where more cryptic symbolism, like numbers, colors, and scenery, come into play.

Symbolism can appear as animals, numbers, sounds, or places and can act as metaphors. For example, if you see the angel number 999 in your dream, it could indicate that something major is coming to an end. It may represent the end of someone’s life or a particular chapter wrapping up.

That said, I’ve noticed that precognitive dreams are more direct about the message than clairvoyant dreams. This is because precognitive dreams typically show you what will happen, while clairvoyant dreams illustrate more subtle energies. However, precognitive dreams can still show subtle information that is important.

4. Noticing Synchronicities in Real Life

After having a prophetic dream, you could begin noticing signs in your waking life that coincide with what you saw in your dream. These “coincidences” that aren’t coincidences at all are called synchronicities. I believe these synchronicities happen as a way to help you gain trust in the visions you see during precognitive dreams.

A dream synchronicity could be seeing a repeating number in your dream and having that same number follow you around on receipts, license plates, or billboards. You may even have a dream about a certain event, only to have a friend tell you they had a similar dream without you telling them first.

These synchronicities are purposeful because they help you remember the dream as you go about your life. Many people report experiencing Deja Vu as a synchronicity of their precognitive dreams. If you saw an exact scene play out in your dream and later experience it in your waking life, you will feel the eerie sensation of Deja Vu.

5. You Keep Having Recurring Dreams

Another telltale sign of a precognitive dream is having the same dream repeatedly. Typically this is the most disturbing sign of a precognitive dream, especially if the vision isn’t pleasant. However, I find when this happens, the event being shown is usually very important and could potentially affect you negatively.

Although small details could change throughout the dream, the overall message and energy will remain the same. It will feel like you keep watching the same movie over and over again. This may be happening to amplify the message so you can’t ignore it or brush it off as a nightmare.

From a logical perspective, recurring precognitive dreams make sense because they typically come true months and even years later. It’s like you receive these dreams as constant reminders of what will transpire, so you don’t forget. It’s a way to engrain the dream in your mind, so you catch onto its importance.

Also, having the same dream over and over again can help you sort through recurring symbology. It’s almost to give you a chance to piece things together that you may have overlooked the first time. The recurring nature of the dream will make you pay more attention to it, so you’re more likely to study it and get the details right.

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3 Tips For Working Through Precognitive Dreams

Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp the why and when of precognitive dreams, making the experience confusing. The following tips will help you navigate any precognitive dreams you have so you can be more proactive in discerning the message. The more experience you get with this, the better.

1. Start a Dream Journal

One of the most important things you can do when you think you’re having precognitive dreams is to record them. Many people refer to this practice as dream journaling. Keeping some type of record of all vivid dreams can help you remember details you may forget and allow you to identify if they are prophetic.

It’s recommended to try and wake up without being startled and then immediately recount your dream. You can write it down on your phone, use a voice memo app, or do the traditional paper and pen. Try to note as many details as possible and use a method that helps you keep track of everything you can remember.

For example, make sure you highlight the emotions you felt and any notable symbolism you saw, and go back and add any synchronicities you experience. These will be the biggest clues to help you understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

Keeping a record of your dreams is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, it will help you analyze your dreams after the fact since you’ll have free access to what you recorded. Secondly, it proves that you had a precognitive dream, especially if you date your entries to show you had them before the event.

2. Meditate Afterwards

If you’re trying to understand more about your precognitive dream, take some time alone and get into a meditative state. This will help you connect with your intuition, higher self, and spirit guides. You may get more clarity on the symbology within your dream and even have an epiphany altogether.

Meditation will also help you get grounded and will allow you to clear away any heavy energy from the dream. This will let you shake off any anxieties and heaviness from the experience of the dream. Grounding and cleansing of energy are especially important if you feel emotionally disturbed by the visions they saw.

Doing meditation after a precognitive dream can also deepen your psychic abilities. This is because, during meditation, you’re tapping into a different dimension through your chakras, which helps to stimulate psychic abilities. You may notice your prophetic dreams increase or become clearer as you deepen your practices.

3. Ask a Dream Interpreter

When in doubt, speaking to a dream interpreter can alleviate anxiety and provide an objective viewpoint. Since dream psychics are trained to identify particular trends and symbols, connecting with one can help you better understand your precognitive dreams.

Experiencing the intensity of precognitive dreams can be difficult if you don’t have a trusted friend. Even if you do, discussing your experiences and having someone who fully understands them isn’t always guaranteed. In these instances, a dream psychic can provide the comforting support and assurance you need.

I recommend you find a dream interpreter on a trustworthy psychic platform, so you can increase your chances of finding a credible mentor. It’s best to look for a dream interpreter with first-hand experience with prophetic dreams. This will help you feel more understood and ensure they can give accurate advice.

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Best Psychic Sites for Dream Analysis

For added peace of mind, I’ve compiled my top recommendations for dream interpretation readings. The platforms below are transparent, affordable, and credible spaces for receiving insights into your precognitive dreams.

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Dream Analysis

California Psychics

  • Experienced dream psychics
  • $1, $2, & $4 packages
  • Karma rewards program
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Accessible customer support

You should check out California Psychics if you want to connect with a highly experienced psychic. It’s been around for over 25 years, and with that comes knowledgeable advisors that have been on the site since the start. This makes California Psychics reliable since most of its dream interpreters have decades of experience.

I was particularly impressed with California Psychics’ satisfaction guarantee, which is very transparent. If you’re not happy with your reading, you can contact its customer support team and connect with a new psychic free of charge. This puts your mind at ease if you’re worried about getting online advice for your precognitive dreams and don’t have time to vet psychics.

California Psychics has a worthwhile rewards program that can provide immediate and long-term savings. Upon joining its Karma rewards program, you’ll get a $20 voucher for your reading and earn points after each session. This way, you can enjoy a longer reading and earn more credits to get a future reading for less.

While some psychics on the platform can get pricey, you can test over 350 advisors with its $1 per-minute package. This will allow you to connect to credible psychics without breaking the bank and help you decide if it’s worth rebooking.

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2. Purple Garden — Select From 100+ Quality Dream Psychics

Purple Garden

  • 100+ dream psychics
  • $10 credit upon joining
  • Journeys feature
  • Chat, call, & video readings
  • User-friendly app

Purple Garden is a great choice for dream interpretation readings because of its wide selection of credible psychics. It has 100+ dream interpreters that have been vetted to ensure legitimacy. Having many credible options is best because you have peace of mind and a higher chance of finding someone you vibe with.

One of my favorite features of Purple Garden is its Journeys community feature. This feature lets you receive first-hand recommendations from others in similar situations. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that the dream interpreter you’re seeing has experience helping others navigate their precognitive dreams.

A major benefit to using Purple Garden is that it’s one of the few psychic sites that offer video readings. When discussing precognitive dreams, the visual component can be crucial in establishing trust with your reader. Video readings are a great way to ensure a satisfactory experience if you like having intimate sessions.

A minor drawback is that Purple Garden doesn’t offer many free additional features. However, this isn’t a big deal since it has an intuitive, user-friendly app. This makes it easy to receive insight anywhere and anytime, so you can chat with a psychic immediately following a precognitive dream.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Benefit From In-Depth Dream Psychic Profiles


  • Transparent client ratings
  • 3 minutes free or 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Option to email dream advisors
  • Scheduling available
  • Psychic match tool

Keen is a well-established psychic site that stands out for its advisor profiles. Each of its dream psychic’s profiles are informative and in-depth, which is great for added confidence. It only takes a glance to determine if a particular advisor is for you based on their star rating, amount of readings done, and years of experience.

Even if you have questions for your dream advisor, Keen lets you email your picks before committing to a session. This is important when trying to ensure a particular psychic has experience with precognitive dreams. The free email feature lets you avoid unnecessary sessions with unqualified readers.

I enjoy browsing through Keen’s articles because you can find valuable information to save you minutes during your reading. By reading its articles, you can get fundamental questions out of the way and save your minutes for questions about precognitive dreams. This will keep the context of your reading tight and save you money.

Something to be aware of is that Keen only offers chat and voice call readings. While you can’t benefit from a face-to-face session, you can feel comfortable with the added privacy of a chat or voice reading. This makes them more suitable if it’s your first time getting a reading and you don’t feel comfortable showing your face.

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FAQs on Precognitive Dreams

Are there different types of psychic dreams?

Yes, there are different types of psychic dreams, and the most common are precognitive, clairvoyant, and visitation. There are ways to distinguish between the three clearly, but the two that resemble each other the most are precognitive and clairvoyant. Because of that, It’s common for people to confuse the two.

Much like clairvoyant dreams, precognitive dreams come as visions during dream state, but instead, they foretell visions of future events. On the other hand, clairvoyant dreams typically come as visions that reveal hidden truths of the present. Precognitive dreams also tend to be more clear and more direct with the message.

Another type of psychic dream is a visitation dream. A visitation dream is when a spirit or entity comes to you in your sleep to share something important with you. Most people are visited by deceased loved ones, but sometimes the visitation can be from an unrelated spirit, angel, or interdimensional being.

Often when it’s a visitation from a spirit you don’t know, they are seeking your help. Typically this happens when a spirit is trapped in a place you frequent, like your workplace or home. Constantly being visited by spirits in your sleep can be a sign of mediumship and could be a sign you need to develop your gifts further.

How can I have precognitive dreams?

There is no scientific formula for having precognitive dreams, so there is no straight answer. That said, most people with precognitive dreams tend to have an open and active third eye chakra. Like with other psychic gifts, some individuals are more naturally in tune and don’t need to try and have psychic dreams actively.

To heighten your chances, you’ll need to begin opening your Third Eye chakra. To do this safely, I highly recommend starting at your Root chakra and working your way up. This will ensure you remain grounded and have the rest of your chakras in order before you begin to work on your Third Eye chakra.

Once you’re actively working on your Third Eye chakra and think you have psychic dreams, you must confirm they’re precognitive in nature. Several key signs indicate you have precognitive dreams, but the most obvious sign is that you begin to dream about things that come true.

How can I begin to remember my precognitive dreams?

The best way to remember your precognitive dreams is to record them in some way. Of course, this will require you to actually remember the dream once you’re awake. If you’re having trouble remembering your dreams, you can set the intention before meditation and record what comes to you as a way to recall dreams.

If you can remember your dreams upon waking but want to remember the details better, you can try a few strategies. First, you want to ensure you’re not being startled awake, as this will make it difficult for you to remember everything. Waking naturally is best, but if you can’t, try to use a soothing alarm sound.

Secondly, you’ll need something to record the details of your dream with. If you like writing by hand, you can get a designated dream journal and keep it at your bedside. Alternatively, you can use the notes app on your phone to type them out quickly. To avoid writing altogether, you can voice record yourself recounting your dream.

Is there any way to stop precognitive dreams?

There are strategies you can try to stop precognitive dreams, but there is a chance they will persist. Although precognitive dreams can feel disturbing, there may be an essential reason why you’re having such psychic activity. If you’re feeling affected by your precognitive dreams, it may be time to do more conscious psychic work.

If you need help doing this, I recommend connecting with a dream psychic to help with your psychic development. Sometimes if your third eye is being overstimulated unintentionally, you can experience very intense precognitive dreams that affect your life. In this case, you’ll need help clearing and balancing your Third Eye chakra.

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Bottom Line

While precognitive dreams are fascinating, having them can sometimes feel like a heavy burden. This is often due to the lack of mainstream support, making you feel isolated and anxious. Being confused about your experiences doesn’t help either. But with increased awareness, you can develop a greater understanding of precognition.

At the very least, understanding how precognitive dreams manifest can help you identify and move through them more gracefully. You also don’t have to go through these experiences alone, as many qualified and experienced people are waiting to support you.

To better navigate your precognitive dreams, I recommend getting in touch with a dream interpreter, who can give you clarity as to why you have them. They can help you understand your precognitive gifts and provide strategies that help you make full use of them.

To Summarize, the Best Psychics Sites for Dream Analysis Are…

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