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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 30, 2022

What is Divine Timing: An In-Depth Guide (2022)

What is Divine Timing: An In-Depth Guide (2022)

Have you ever worked extremely hard on something you believe is a part of your destiny, only to see it fall through the cracks? Have you ever wondered why certain events in your life happened at certain times? These are unmistakable manifestations of divine timing. Divine timing plays a huge role in how events in our lives unfold, but it is often overlooked.

Don’t worry, living your life according to divine timing is not impossible. While you cannot control divine timing, fully understanding how it works and implementing certain practices will ensure that you are always in sync with the universe.

Diving Timing Explained

Divine timing is the universal truth that everything occurs exactly when it is supposed to. Accepting this means accepting that the Universe is in control of everything that happens in your life, from the most dramatic changes to the most mundane events. The universe is always there to protect you and will never put you in a situation that you are unable to handle. It may not always be what you expected, but it always happens as it should.

Because divine timing can make you feel as if you’re losing control of your life, learning the rules can help you master the seemingly random nature of divine timing. These rules are not set in stone and are only provided to serve as a guide on your path to accepting this outer force in your life.

If you are currently searching for answers and want to better understand the current events in your life, there is always the option to speak to a professional psychic.

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The Laws of Divine Timing

1. Be Patient

It can be difficult to accept that the universe will give you what you want when the time is right. Patience can be the most important and difficult rule to follow because achieving a state of calm expectancy necessitates a great deal of dedication and self-control.

What the Universe has in store for you cannot be rushed. As a practice, the next time you are irritated about something in your life, take a moment to consider why. You may discover that your impatience is concealing other emotions such as jealousy, fear, or pressure from others. Once you’ve learned to be patient, you’ll understand why certain things take so long to happen.

2. Become at Ease with Discomfort

The universe often exposes uncomfortable areas of your life on the way to manifesting your dreams. While it may be tempting to hide from the discomforts that come your way – don’t. Instead, see these difficulties as the universe’s way of pushing you to grow. Resisting uncomfortable or painful aspects of our lives only makes it more difficult to accept the universe’s timing. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

3. Make Your Plans Flexible

This rule may appear to be nearly impossible to follow, especially if you like to plan everything out, but divine timing is all about letting go and trusting the universe to have your back. Yes, you can plan ahead of time, but be open to change – always remember that everything is always unfolding with your greatest good in mind.

4. Don’t Get Attached to an Outcome

Observing this rule can help you gain a better understanding and appreciation of divine timing. Especially when it comes to matters of love, money, and relationships. Learning to surrender to what might be is a beautiful practice that will help you accept new things as they come your way. Enjoy what is happening right now and trust that the rest will work itself out.

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5. Do Not Rely on Divine Timing

Okay, this may seem counterintuitive given that I’ve been telling you to trust Divine timing up until now. However, this rule exists to remind you that, while the Divine is on your side, you are also accountable for your own life and are largely responsible for how things turn out for you. You should always still be an active participant in your life.

6. Invest in Relationships

No man is an island. People are brought into your life by the Divine because they (will) play a role in your spiritual awakening. You may not understand why right away, but as Divine timing works in your life, you will come to understand why you had to meet certain people. So, cultivating interpersonal relationships will assist you in remaining in sync with divine timing.

7. Make the Universe Your Ally

You might be finding it difficult to completely trust in Divine timing because accepting that there is another force at play can sometimes go against human nature. Resisting the  Divine, however, will only work against you. The universe is your ally, so treat it as such. Make room for the Divine in your life and watch as you manifest the life you want.

Can You Interfere in Divine Timing?

No, you cannot. If you’ve ever worked for or waited for something only to get it when you finally gave up on it, that was the universe’s way of telling you that it will only give you what you need when you’re ready for it, and not before. So, don’t try to force things; you’ll only end up disappointed. Accept divine timing and allow it to carry out its intended purpose. Follow the rules, do the necessary work, and trust the universe to take care of the rest.

How to Trust in Divine Timing

Understanding the difference between freewill and fate, as well as how they relate to divine timing, is essential for trusting in the divine. Fate is a roadmap to life that we receive when we are born; it determines the events that will undoubtedly occur. There is nothing you can do to prevent or alter the course of fate. Your reaction and actions (freewill) when confronted with life’s events, on the other hand, are completely under your control.

What this demonstrates is that while you have freewill, you will not always be able to assume dominance over certain moments. Thankfully, the universe doesn’t leave you hanging while you wait for its time; you can always consult a psychic if you need guidance or clarity on a particular life situation to stay on track with divine timing.

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Trust the Divine even if it appears unclear why what you want hasn’t happened or why something is happening right now.  As soon as you learn and accept to trust Divine timing in your life, you will become free from anxiety, disappointment, and stress. The unknown is something to welcome rather than fear. Today, choose to completely surrender to the unknown and allow the events, people, situations, and other things to come to you as the Divine wills.

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Xeandra has been drawn to all things spiritual and divine from a young age. She spends a lot of time meditating and her real life experiences have given her special insights in understanding the power of the universe.