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Written by Chené Murphy | Updated On November 27, 2022

Empath Readings in 2022 — How to Find Someone Trustworthy

Empath Readings in 2022 — How to Find Someone Trustworthy

These days it’s common to experience feelings like anxiety, stress and uncertainty. If you’re concerned about certain aspects of your life, it’s only normal to seek help from someone empathetic. But when you can’t get the help you need, it can make you feel helpless .

An experienced empath can help unravel your personal struggles and provide you with actionable steps — regardless of your state. They have a unique ability to demonstrate empathy and provide clarity on the issues you’re facing. However, finding a genuine empath who isn’t a charlatan in disguise is no easy task.

So that you don’t waste your money and time on fraudulent empaths, I’ve thoroughly tested the most popular empath reading websites and rounded up the most trustworthy ones. In my testing, I’ve found that Kasamba vigorously screens and assesses each of its empaths. This ensures you’ll get a high-quality service and genuine advice.

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What Is an Empath?

Empathy is the ability to see a person’s experiences from their perspective and understand their feelings. There are different levels of empathy, but essentially, it’s the ability to put yourself into someone else’s emotional shoes and understand their pain.

Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to how others feel. Some empaths are really good at tuning in to what one person feels, while others are like sponges for emotions: they absorb all the emotions and energy around them, kind of like experiencing a sensory overload. Empaths don’t just have empathy for other people’s emotions. They feel them as if they were their own. Empaths can experience the full spectrum of other people’s emotions, from joy and sadness to anger and despair.

Extreme empaths can feel your emotions in their own body. For example, if you’re experiencing intense anxiety, an empath might feel tight-chested and short of breath, too.

What to Expect During Your Empath Reading

An empath’s innate ability to experience your emotions means that empath readings are intuitive and personal by nature. Empaths don’t try to predict your future or share messages from other realms. Their job is to help you untangle your feelings and find a path through the situation you’re currently in.

As empaths can intuit so much about what you’re feeling, they tend to ask direct questions and give compassionate answers. If you’re getting an empath reading over the phone, expect your empath to ask you how you’re feeling and talk through different aspects of your emotions. This will help them understand the depth of your feelings and what’s behind them to offer better advice.

An empath reading might feel like you’re talking to a therapist or counsellor. The biggest difference is that psychologists are outside your feelings looking in, trying to help you understand yourself. Empaths experience your emotions with you, and then advise you based on their understanding of what you’re going through.

Honestly is crucial in an empath reading. Empaths connect to your emotions, so you need to be completely open and honest to get the most out of your session. Hiding your feelings won’t help you! Remember, empaths want to help you, not judge you. It’s ok to share how you really feel.

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How Are Empaths and Psychics Different?

Psychics are people with special gifts or extrasensory abilities. They can sense things that aren’t visible to “normal” people and that can’t be explained by the laws of nature as we know them. They are sensitive to energy and vibrations, may use tools like cards or crystals, and experienced psychics can tune out unwanted messages. True psychic abilities are really unusual.

If psychics are tuned into the realm beyond, empaths are all about the here and now. They are highly sensitive to emotions and find it almost impossible not to feel everything that’s going on around them. Experienced empaths have learned how to control the feeling of overwhelm that comes from such heightened emotional sensitivity.

Another important difference is the type of advice psychics and empaths give. Psychics use their gifts to help other people gain a better understanding of themselves and their current situation. Empaths feel your emotions alongside you, and use their understanding of your situation and their own life experience to help you.

It’s important to note that while most empaths don’t have psychic abilities, some psychics are also empaths. Additionally, some have the gift of clairsentience – clear feeling or sensing. Instead of being overwhelmed by other people’s emotions and truly sharing your feelings, clairsentients can choose to tap in to how you feel to gain a better insight into your issue.

Bottom Line

Empaths can take on your feelings and experience them as if they are their own emotions. In a reading with an empath, you should be completely open and honest about how you feel. This will help your empath connect with you and give you the best possible advice.

If you’re looking for an empath reading, I strongly recommend considering a psychic empath. Their special understanding of  both energy and empathy will help you gain a much deeper understanding of how you feel now and how you got there. Their unique insight will help you learn how to care for your emotional wellbeing in the future. 

I’ve had psychic empath readings with advisors from both California Psychics and PathForward. They really helped me find clarity and work through my feelings so I could start healing from past issues and become stronger.

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