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What You Need to Know About Past Life Readings

What You Need to Know About Past Life Readings

Looking to know if you were a Mongolian warlord, a heroic WW1 soldier or otherwise? Then I’ll get right to the point: you probably need to temper your expectations, because reincarnation and past life readings don’t really work in that way!

Here’s everything you need to know about what you’ll get in a psychic past life reading.

What Counts as a ‘Past Life’, and How Do I Find Out About a Past Life?

I’d also like to think that perhaps I was someone or something great – Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton – in my past life, and that having a past life reading would confirm my theories.

But alas, no: a lot of what you might think is a part of a past life reading is, sadly, mixed expectations – likely from TV and movies!

So what can you expect from a past life reading?

Well, past life readings center on the idea of reincarnation – where a soul rebirths into a new body after its past body dies, and karma – an ancient Sanskrit concept that means ‘what goes around, comes around’.

A soul can go through thousands of bodies, each time learning about new experiences and lessons from all walks of life – as you might be thinking yourself, you can go a whole lifetime and still not know everything there is to know about the universe. 

This is where the idea of karma comes in; in the past, your soul might have experienced life as a rich person with little empathy for the poor. According to karma, the next time that soul is reincarnated, it might experience life at the complete opposite end of the spectrum – as someone struggling with poverty, for example.

So a past life reading is more about looking into your soul’s past lifetimes – after all, it’s still the same soul, just a little wiser, emotionally and mentally, each time it reincarnates. The only thing that changes is the body your soul is housed in, as well as the emotional and mental capabilities of that body.

What I’m saying is, even if your soul is the same, your past lives are full of completely different experiences. You’re a completely different person, with completely different surroundings and live in a different place and at a different time to your soul’s past life experiences.

Which brings us onto what you can expect from a past life reading:

What Happens During a Past Life Reading?

Past life readings are performed by several types of psychic readers, but mostly clairvoyants, mediums and remote viewers. The reading style completely depends on the psychic’s own style, but most psychics will perform it via writing (even via email), as they find they can communicate what they see better in this way.

During a past life reading, you won’t get a chronological rundown of your past life – your psychics reader might see you as an adult in a past life, before they see you as a child, for example, or might report some seemingly disjointed information.

Whether you’re receiving a written or verbal past life reading, the psychic reader will probably tell you about small details, seemingly randomly – this is because these new details have just appeared to them, so they are saying what they are suddenly noticing. All of this is very expected and normal during past life readings.

In fact, some of the details might even make sense to you, or you might feel as if you;love seen them before: some past life memories can even be revealed to you through your dreams, especially if that dream was especially vivid, and you really noticed – and even remembered – the details.

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How Does a Psychic Perform a Past Life Reading?

It’s a great question – for all of my experiences with psychic reading, there are some skills that I’m completely in awe of: past life reading is one of them!

I’ve noticed that psychics performing past life readings are usually pretty spent by the end of it – this is because it takes a lot of energy to look into your soul’s past.

A psychic will use a combination of complete concentration and focus, meditation and psychic energy to perform your past life reading.

Past life readings can be very emotional. That’s because your psychic will experience the exact same emotions as your past life’s soul does – so if you had a traumatic event in your soul’s past life, the psychic will feel that too. Generally, any emotions conveyed by your past self will be expressed by the psychic reader, so it’s very common for psychics to clean their energy after performing a past life reading! 

Can You Pick Which Past Life to See in a Past Life Reading?

To put a long story short: not really.

Since your soul has had so many past lives, and your psychics is working with it to show you what it wants you both to see, it’s impossible to pick one specific past life during your reading.

Psychic readers who perform past life readings usually say that the past lives a soul presents is usually somehow linked to your soul’s present life. This might be something to do with some kind of unresolved issue in our present life, a relationship, a traumatic event or otherwise.

In fact, if your past life’s death was traumatic, or your past life soul had experienced some kind of heavy trauma, it might even have left a soul imprint that affects your soul’s current life. 

But, even if this is the case, you should know that – just because your soul has experienced something traumatic in a past life, your current life, it doesn’t mean that the traumatic event ‘s influence will happen in the same way. One psychic I spoke to likened it to a beheading: if your soul’s past life was beheaded, you don’t need to walk around, fearful that that might happen to you in your current life! Instead, you might find you have issues with wearing things around your neck.

Another strange thing to consider: if any of this sounds familiar to you, know that some experts – both scientific and psychic – have discovered that babies, and even children up to the age of 6 – can remember little bits of their past lives. If it’s too late for you (as in, you’re over the age of 60) a psychic reader can help you discover your past life.

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Will My Past Life Reading Reveal if I was a Famous Person or Historical Figure?

Unfortunately, probably not. Just as you can’t pick and choose which past lives appear during your reading, it’s extremely unlikely that, even if your soul had been in a famous person or historical figure, your soul probably won’t want to discuss it. 

One psychic reader reports that the closest they ever got to discovering a soul with a royal past was during a past life reading for a woman whose soul had been a medieval king’s favorite mistress!

What Can I Expect to Get From a Past Life Reading?

Other than some interesting new perspectives on your soul, there’s a lot you can gain from a  past life reading: you can discover why you experience certain events the way you do, or even have medical problems (like in the example above about the beheading – you might discover you have an allergic reaction to anything placed around your neck because of your past life’s experience).

It’s also a really useful tool to discover why you might have certain phobias or aversions, or why you experience some relationships in the way you do – either towards yourself or another person. It could also examine why you might feel certain ways towards current news events, or even entire geographic locations: one psychic reader told me that in one reading she gave, her customer’s soul reported it had been trapped in the French Revolution, and the client then told her that he’d always had an aversion to anything France-related, without really knowing why!

In short, past life readings really go some ways deeper than other psychics readings, and are even slightly psychological in their approach: they really explain to you exactly what makes you into the way you are, and why you function in the way you do.

Even better, past life readings can also shed light on soul connections you might have with other people, whether they’re in your life, or even karmic relationships.

Can Past Life Readings Tell Me About My Future?

It’s a good question, but no: while past life readings help you place the past lives your soul has led, and can even give you ways to approach your current life and present, the reading is solely focused on the past, with the goal of healing your present. 

Another thing – past life readings aren’t past life regressions: you’ll hear the story of your past life, but not actually see and experience it for yourself, as you would with a past life regression session.

Past life readings are an easier, more manageable way to experience your past life, as past life regressions can prove pretty intense, not to mention be potentially traumatic. If you’re not sure what your past might hold for you (and it’s always a surprise, at every past life reading), it’s best to start with a past life reading, before diving head-on into a past life regressions session.

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Past Life Readings: Should I Do a Session?

I’m a massive fan of past life readings (and psychic readings in general), and I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

They’re so interesting, and really help you learn a lot about yourself, and can even help you understand why experience certain things in the way you do – experiences, medical issues and even aversions (as I mentioned above!).

If you’re interested in a past life reading, the first step you should take is to check out my psychic reading recommended sites, and see which of them offer past life reading. Then, once you’ve found a site you’re comfortable with, check out the psychic readers available for past life readings. See which one you feel you connect with – and that’s it!

Happy past life reading!

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