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Mysticsense Review 2021 — Better Than Established Sites?

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Written by: Michelle Cardillo on October 8, 2021

Mysticsense: Overview

When there are established sites like Oranum and Kasamba out there, you may be wondering if Mysticsense is even worth your time.

I decided to explore Mysticsense myself and while it is well-designed and offers a pleasant user experience, we all know design isn’t everything. I wanted to see if the psychics on Mysticsense were on par, or better, than on other leading sites. What could they offer that other sites couldn’t?

Read on to discover what I found.

Types of Readings on Mysticsense

Mysticsense has a very respectable selection of reading types to choose from, with their website allowing you to filter psychics by specialty, tool, reading style, and availability. While some sites like Oranum have a seemingly endless number of reading types and others like Keen have a very limited list to choose from, I found that Mysticsense has just the right amount of variety without being too overwhelming, or too sparse. 

Mysticsense advisors not only offer readings via chat and phone, but many of them also offer video. So if you’re someone who prefers a face-to-face session, Mysticsense is a great option for you.

Types of Readings on Mysticsense

Another thing that I like about Mysticsense is that their reading types have very specific labels. For example, the site doesn’t just have a category called love and relationships. Instead, it has different filters for affairs and cheating hearts, toxic relationships, finding new love, friends and social life, and many more. Here are some details about these reading types:

Affairs and Cheating Hearts

There are over 170 psychics on the Mysticsense platform that specialize in affairs and cheating hearts, with the majority of the rates falling between $1 and $3 per minute. Nearly every reader on the platform has a rating greater than 4 stars based on client reviews, which indicates you can expect accurate guidance.

Toxic Relationships

Around 150 psychics can also guide you on toxic relationships. It seems that many of them also specialize in soulmates and other types of connections, which means you’ll likely find a psychic that can assist you with a range of relationship issues.

Grief Counselor

If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, you can choose from over 80 advisors who specialize in grief counseling. What I really like is that you can also narrow down your search to only include psychics with a compassionate reading style, which is a must in these situations.

LGBTQ Relationships

While not every psychic reading site has a dedicated section for LGBTQ relationships, Mysticsense does. In fact, there are over 230 psychics to choose from in this category.  This is definitely one category that sets the site apart from others.

Explore Reading Categories on Mysticsense

How to Use Mysticsense

Unlike some of the other psychic reading sites I have used, Mysticsense actually looks like it belongs in the 21st century.

Registering with Mysticsense is easy too, even though their registration form asks for a bit more information than some others I’ve seen. In addition to the standard email, name, and password fields, their form also asks for your phone number, country, and time zone. A little more exploration of the platform reveals why.

Registration Form

The Mysticsense platform is set up to show a psychic’s availability in your local time. Even though this is just basic functionality, it really sets the site apart from a large number of its competitors. This convenient feature allows you to better plan your psychic readings.

Mysticsense Platform

The other great thing about Mysticsense is that the platform doesn’t just have filtering capabilities (which I love and are a must-have in my book). It also allows users to select multiple criteria, providing very specific results. For example, I applied the filters finding new love, life path and destiny, tarot, and a direct reading style, and the platform produced results that met all four of these requirements. Now that’s some quality filtering capabilities if I’ve ever seen any.

Mysticsense top advisors

The one place where I will fault Mysticsense is that it doesn’t have a mobile app. However, unless the ability to speak to a psychic on the go is one of your requirements, this isn’t a dealbreaker.

Explore Mysticsense

Is Mysticsense Trustworthy?

It’s always a good sign when a psychic reading website has an extensive faq and help center, another area where Mysticsense excels.

According to the info in their FAQs, the platform performs routine psychic quality checks to ensure specific standards are being upheld. They also have a thorough interview process for prospective psychics, during which the applicant’s ethical stances are discussed. They must also perform a reading to demonstrate their ability. What’s more, applicants are interviewed and assessed by the platform’s top psychics.

The site explicitly states that they only deduct funds from you for the minutes you use and only from the funds you have deposited into your Mysticsense account. 

Mysticsense does not charge your card if you run out of funds, you have to top up your balance yourself. The site also has a very straightforward pricing model (more on this below).

If a money-back policy is important to you, this is clearly outlined on the Mysticsense site. If you’re unsatisfied with a reading, you can request a refund within 48 hours. Their team will review your case and decide whether or not to refund you. Mysticsense provides refunds for readings of up to 20 minutes. They also make it clear that this policy cannot be used again if you have another issue with the same reader.

Overall Mysticsense clearly seems devoted to honesty and transparency. They want to provide the best quality service to their clients.

Discover What Mysticsense Has to Offer

Top Mysticsense Advisors

Mystic Shelley

Mystic Shelley

Mystic Shelley is a 4.5-star rated psychic based on over 100 client reviews. She is an empath who specializes in all things pertaining to relationships and has a compassionate reading style. Shelley specifically focuses on soulmates and twin flame connections but she is also a reiki master and skilled in numerology and angel oracle cards. One of Shelley’s clients even wrote that she, “told me everything others have said, BUT I did not have to say anything. She knew right away, completed my sentences, and made me feel so much better. She is truly talented!”

Shelley offers readings via chat and phone, and is one of the more expensive readers on the site, charging a rate of $4.99 per minute.

Psychic Anna

Psychic Anna

Psychic Anna is another 4.5-star rated reader based on over 100 client reviews. She specializes in relationships and uses a number of tools, including auras, chakras, crystals, numerology, runes, tarot, and more. Anna has been a professional reader for 5 years and comes from a family with 5 generations of psychics. Her clients describe her as “extremely detailed”, giving fast and accurate responses. 

Anna offers readings via chat and phone at very affordable rates. Her chat rate is only $1.11 per minute and her phone rate is $1.75 per minute.

Advisor Josephine

Advisor Josephine

Josephine is a 5-star rated psychic based on over 100 reviews. She specializes in soulmate connections and has a compassionate reading style. Josephine makes it clear to her clients that honesty is of the utmost importance during her sessions. She is dedicated to giving readings that are truthful and not just what people want to hear. Her clients have called her “one of the best on the site” and “real and authentic”. She offers readings via chat and phone at a rate of $2.22 per minute.

Angelina Love Life Specialist

Angelina Love Life Specialist Angelina is a 5 star rated psychic based on over 60 reviews. She specializes in soulmate connections and uses tools such as crystals, tarot, auras, chakras, and more. Angelina has over 30 years of experience and multiple certifications in clairvoyance, metaphysics, and tarot. Her clients have described her as “very accurate” and “on point”. Angelina delivers readings via chat for $1.99 per minute, and phone for $2.99 per minute.

Angelina is a 5 star rated psychic based on over 60 reviews. She specializes in soulmate connections and uses tools such as crystals, tarot, auras, chakras, and more. Angelina has over 30 years of experience and multiple certifications in clairvoyance, metaphysics, and tarot. Her clients have described her as “very accurate” and “on point”. Angelina delivers readings via chat for $1.99 per minute, and phone for $2.99 per minute.

Psychic Advisor Ann

Psychic Advisor Ann

Ann is a 4.5 star rated psychic based on over 100 reviews. Her main specialty is toxic relationships, but she specializes in all things relationships, delivering her readings in a direct style. She also specializes in crystals, meditation, past-life interpretations, and tarot. Through the use of light and energy, Ann delivers answers and healing to all her clients. One client explained that Ann “helped me with all my confusion … I’ll definitely be back to get another reading.” Ann delivers readings at a very affordable rate of $1.25 per minute for phone conversations and only $1 per minute for chat.

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Mysticsense Pricing

There’s nothing I love more than straightforward pricing on psychic reading sites. The moment I encounter a complicated and unclear pricing scheme, my trust in the site suffers a blow. This is another area where Mysticsense prevails over its competitors.

With Mysticsense, what you see is what you get. That’s how their pricing works, and I love it. There are no pricing tiers, no spend more save more, no gimmicks. 

The lowest rate you can pay for a reading is $0.99 per minute, and the highest is $10 per minute (when you look at other sites like Kasamba, is incredibly low by comparison). Most of the psychics on Mysticsense have rates that fall between $1 and $3 per minute. And when you sign up and deposit $10 into your account, the first 5 minutes of your first reading are free!

Unique Features

Something that stands out on Mysticsense is the detailed section on how to avoid scams. On their What is a Psychic Reading page, you can find all sorts of tips on scams, including watching out for fear tactics or promises of wealth. The fact that Mysticsense took the time to create this page majorly boosted my confidence in their platform.

The site also features an Articles and Media section where you can read about different psychic topics and access your daily horoscope.

What is a Psychic Reading

Bottom Line

For me, Mysticsense is a great psychic reading site that gets a lot of things right. The rates are affordable, there is a variety of reading choices, and most of the psychics come highly recommended. I still suggest taking the time to research psychics before you enter into a paid session though. If you do end up in an unsatisfactory reading, there is always the money-back policy to fall back on.

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Is Mysticsense safe?

Along with their thorough interview process, Mysticsense routinely runs quality checks, ensuring each psychic is still meeting the site’s strict standards.There is also a money-back guarantee that states you can receive a refund if your unsatisfactory reading is reported within 48 hours.

Are Mysticsense advisors accurate?

The majority of Mysticsense psychics have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher. You can also read through a number of reviews on each psychic’s profile to determine how accurate their readings are.The fact that Mysticsense regularly tests their psychics also indicates they are accurate.

What kind of readings are offered on Mysticsense?

Mysticsense psychics offer readings across an array of categories, some of which you won’t find on other popular sites. These include LGBTQ relationships, toxic relationships, lost objects, and pet psychics. You can also find all the familiar favorites such as career, family, and tarot.

How much do readings cost on Mysticsense?

You can expect to pay anything from $0.99 to $10 per minute for a reading on Mysticsense. Overall, Mysticsense offers some of the most affordable psychic reading rates. What’s more, new users receive 5 free minutes when they sign up.

About the author

Michelle is an all-things-psychic enthusiast: from tarot readings to esoteric forms of psychic reading, she researched and tried any available reading online and live. Her hobbies include reading romantic novels and volunteering in a local cat rescue organization.

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