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Spiritual Blossom Review (2024): Should You Trust It?

Our Score
$1.18 - $6.35
Tarot, Crystal Ball, Numerology, Angel Cards
Chat, Video, Call
$25 credit

Spiritual Blossom is a new psychic platform, and since it’s so new you may rightly question if the quality is there. With so many dubious sites popping up, skepticism over Spiritual Blossom is understandable.

After extensively testing the user experience from sign-up through booking a reading, I can vouch for this platform’s legitimacy. From the initial advisor vetting process to complimentary horoscopes and spirituality content, Spiritual Blossom delivers compassionate and professional service as advertised.

If you still want reassurance before purchasing minutes, Spiritual Blossom lets first-timers safely try it out with a 15% bonus on any amount spent below $25. Thanks to this intro offer, you can gauge if Spiritual Blossom readings resonate without anxiety over wasting money.

Explore Spiritual Blossom

Spiritual Blossom’s Main Features

  1. Diverse Reading Types – Choose from a variety of reading options including tarot, angel cards, astrology readings, crystals, and more. Check out the types of readings offered.
  2. Gifted Advisors – All advisors are thoroughly vetted for authentic intuition. They specialize in key life areas like love and relationships, energy healing, and life and destiny. Learn about the advisors.
  3. 1st Reading Discount – New customers receive a $25 credit to use on a $25+ purchase for their first reading, or 15% bonus of the total amount deposited below $25. See how to claim the discount.
  4. Multiple Contact Methods – Connect via phone, online chat, or video call. Explore how to get your reading.
  5. Reliable Customer Support – Friendly customer service team available 24/7 via online chat to address any questions or issues. Get your questions answered through various contact options.

Types of Readings on Spiritual Blossom

Spiritual Blossom has a wide range of reading types to explore. You can browse reading types under the “Our Psychics” menu. You can filter further based on psychic tools used. Choices include tarot, crystals, astrology, and other metaphysical aids. However, many gifted advisors offer compassionate intuition without using any tools.

Life, Destiny, and Meaning

If you are feeling stuck or need clarity on a situation, life, destiny, and meaning readings can provide soothing support and much-needed direction. The compassionate 97+ advisors at Spiritual Blossom specialize in lending an empathetic ear before offering actionable guidance to get you moving forward again.

I’ve noted that many praise the heartfelt support and empowering clarity received in working through confusing transitions or stressful crossroads with Spiritual Blossom’s readers. The advisors meet you where you are, responding with warmth and wisdom that leaves you feeling understood, hopeful, and equipped with inner resources to navigate your life.

Energy Healing

Navigating energy blocks and imbalances can drag you down. But Spiritual Blossom’s 99+ energy healers averaging 5-star reviews map out your energy system for holistic revitalization. These gifted intuitives identify stuck energy related to emotional baggage, past trauma, chronic stress, or medical concerns clouding your natural wellbeing.

Specialists leverage various methods to clear energy buildup for alignment and heightened self-awareness. I was impressed by the deep expertise in reiki, crystals, dowsing, and more to promote wellbeing or resolve issues on an energy level. You’ll gain insights in your readings on recurring blocks for whole-being transformation, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Love, Relationships, and Family

A love, relationship, and family reading provides much needed clarity on matters of the heart. If you’re navigating a tricky dynamic, Spiritual Blossom’s advisors offer compassion free of judgment. Readings with these gifted intuitives tap into the deeper aspects below surface issues in your relationships.

I noticed good reviews for the non-generic, meaningful advice given, which aligns with Spiritual Blossom’s vetting for authenticity. The guidance goes beyond temporary relief to provide lasting relationship transformation through understanding patterns. With over 128 advisors specializing in love and relationships, you’ll find the right match.

Angel Cards

Angel card readings provide uplifting validation directly from the angelic realms. Spiritual Blossom has over 68 gifted advisors skilled with angel oracle decks. Besides angel cards, some of Spiritual Blossom’s top advisors also integrate tarot and cartomancy for a wider scope on your current energy.

However, angel cards offer more decisive wisdom since they originate directly from enlightened inner planes connected to you. What stood out to me was the high number of reviews where customers stated they would return for a second reading. This speaks volumes about the consistently insightful guidance Spiritual Blossom’s gifted intuitives provide.

Other Reading Categories

If the main categories don’t resonate, there are many other reading types you can explore. Spiritual Blossom offers alternative readings like numerology, mediumship, clairvoyants, astrology, friendship readings, pet psychic readings, and more.

Numerology readings reveal hidden meanings within key numbers like your birth date, destiny number, or even angel numbers. Consultations identify patterns and cycles for self-discovery.

If you feel a connection to the deprted, the medium readings allow a gifted psychic to relay messages from loved ones in the afterlife. Many positive reviews praise the accurate, heartfelt validations bringing comfort and closure.

Clairvoyant readings take a more future-focused approach, using extrasensory seeing abilities to make predictions and reveal upcoming events on your path ahead. This method is ideal for guidance on uncertain decisions or times of confusion.

Astrology readings provide a structured lens into your personality and all aspects of life by analyzing the planets’ positioning at your exact time and place of birth. By mapping your birth chart, you gain clarity on destiny.

Friendship readings provide insights when navigating falling outs, betrayal or simply wanting to attract more meaningful friendships by understanding recurring social patterns. A trusted advisor can objectively assess your relationships to determine root causes of tension or disharmony.

Pet psychic sessions offer perspective on health changes, behavior shifts, and the thoughts/feelings of furry friends who can’t speak for themselves but have much to communicate. A caring animal intuitive can tap into your pet’s energy field, analyzing symptoms or mood changes to pick up messages and translate their needs telepathically.

How to Book a Reading?

1. Create an Account

Create an Account

Look for the “Sign Up” button on the top right of Spiritual Blossom to start the quick account creation process. You’ll be asked to enter your first and last name, email address, and choose a password. Make sure to choose a secure password you don’t use on other websites.

Next, check the box showing you agree to the Terms of Service. Once all fields are filled in, click the “Next” button to create your account. This sets up your profile on the site so you can easily access readings via mobile or desktop.

2. Verify Your Account

Verify Your Account

After creating your account, Spiritual Blossom sends a verification code to the email you provided. Copy and paste the entire code into the “Verify Email” box that pops up right after signing up.

Verifying your email allows full access to the website. If you don’t see the email with your code, wait one minute then select “Resend Code” to have it sent again. Make sure to check spam folders just in case it was filtered there.

3. Connect With a Psychic

Connect With a Psychic

After setting up and confirming your new account, you can browse and select your preferred psychic advisor. Use the menu or search bar to filter by specialty, tools used, price, and online status.

The list view displays each advisor’s photo, expertise, rating, and starting price. Click into a profile to see main speciality, amount of meetings completed, reading methods offered, and detailed pricing, along with an introduction video. You can also preview if they offer chat, phone call, or video readings.

Once you’ve found the perfect match, you have the option to book an appointment right away or schedule your session for a future date/time using the calendar booking feature. This allows reserving in advance for maximum convenience.

4. Verify Your Phone Number

Verify Your Phone Number

Once you have selected your psychic and reading type, you then need to verify your phone number. You enter your number and will then receive a 4 digit code. After entering the 4-digit verification code sent to your mobile number, your account is enabled for readings.

5. Deposit Funds

Deposit Funds

Before your reading, you must add at least $10 into your wallet to cover session costs. Spiritual Blossom offers deposit bonuses, put in under $25 to get an extra 15%, or add $25+ for an extra $25 credit.

Payment options include all major debit/credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express in addition to PayPal. Enter your details on the secure checkout page to instantly fund your account.

Once your purchase processes, the money is available in your wallet to use towards advisor fees. You can now finalize booking your session and the site will connect you with your chosen psychic instantly or at the scheduled meeting time.

Is Spiritual Blossom Trustworthy? Yes

Based on what Spiritual Blossom shares on their website, it’s a trustworthy source for psychic readings and life guidance. It highlights its commitment to upholding ethical business practices without manipulation or inappropriate data collection.

The site also has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to negativity. Both advisors and customers are treated with kindness and respect. It takes pride in quality guidance from thoroughly vetted advisors skilled at tapping into intuitive insights compassionately. Spiritual Blossom also emphasizes its secure handling of users’ personal information.

Spiritual Blossom is invested in maintaining integrity, safety, and value for all users based on their transparency around expectations, protections, and screening process. Those in search of a supportive space for life guidance can likely find reputable services tailored to their needs here.
Is Spiritual Blossom Trustworthy? Yes

Top Psychics on Spiritual Blossom

True Guidance

True Guidance

Best for Love Readings

97% of users on Spiritual Blossom recommend True Guidance for his honest communication. He focuses on helping you become more selfless in your relationships.

Users of the site commend him for his accuracy in his review section. You can connect with him via chat or video.



Best for Clairvoyant Readings

Iqra can look into the past and future for up to 10 year periods. She has a 5 star rating with reviews from clients thanking her for her kindness and spot in insights.

You can get a career, energy, love, life, or even a cartomancy reading from Iqra. She offers chat and video readings.

Master Rumio

Master Rumio

Best for Career Readings

Master Rumio is one of the more expensive psychics on Spiritual Blossom, but for good reason. He is recommended by 100% of users on the site for his career and love readings.

Master is also versed in astrology and mediumship. Some users claim he is a mind reader in the review section. Connect with him via chat, over call, or through video.



Best for Intuitive and Empath Readings

Yemaya has a fun and bright personality with some interesting quirks. She has been providing readings for over 19 years, and channels her wisdom from the energy of the ocean.

She is also skilled in long distance reiki and is clairsentient. You can only connect with her via chat.



Best for Cartomancy Readings

Nefret offers very insightful cartomancy readings via video. She also offers tarot readings, and you can also opt for the call option instead.

She is known for being direct and fast, so you don’t waste any time or money getting insights from her. As a card reader with experience for over 30 years, she is a go to reader for many on the platform.


Spiritual Blossom offers readings starting from $1.18 per minute up to $6.35 per minute for top-tier advisors and video calls. This puts prices in an affordable mid-range compared to competitors. First-time users also get incentives like a $25 credit covering a session over $25 or 15% extra funds when depositing below $25.

You must deposit a minimum of $10 into your account wallet before booking a reading. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB contactless cards, and PayPal.

If you have an unsatisfactory experience, you can request your reading time back in the form of credit within 48 hours. This is only applicable to your most recent paid session.


Customer Support

Spiritual Blossom offers customer assistance through several convenient channels. By scrolling to the bottom and selecting “Contact Us,” users can either fill out a web form or access 24/7 live chat support.

I submitted a question through the web form and received a personalized email response in 12 hours from their customer service team. It also has a detailed FAQ and company policy pages that may answer common member inquiries before needing to reach out.

Spiritual Blossom provides reliable customer support through live chat for real-time assistance as well as email ticketing with a reasonably prompt turnaround time. Between self-serve help resources and responsive one-on-one aid, questions or issues can get effectively resolved.

FAQ on Spiritual Blossom

What makes Spiritual Blossom different from other psychic services?

Spiritual Blossom is a fresh, up-and-coming player in the psychic services field with a small selection of psychics. It provides free horoscopes straight to members’ inboxes along with complimentary introductory tarot readings to add value from day one.

It emphasizes ethical, authentic interactions free from manipulation or fear tactics. Its thoughtful approach aims to make explorations into life’s questions feel safe for clients through an emphasis on nurturing support. Between the caring advisors and welcoming policies, Spiritual Blossom creates space for insight rather than employing gimmicks.

What is Spiritual Blossom’s refund policy?

Spiritual Blossom does not offer direct refunds. However, unsatisfied customers can request their reading time back in the form of account credit. To qualify for credits, you must contact customer support via phone or email within 48 hours of your session. Credits are only granted if the reading you want credited is the last paid reading on your account.

If approved, the full amount paid for the reading will be reimbursed to your wallet balance on the site. This new credit can then be used to book a session with another advisor. Do note that the 48 hour window is strictly enforced, so make sure to reach out to the customer service team promptly if dissatisfied.

Does Spiritual Blossom have a mobile app?

No, Spiritual Blossom does not currently have a mobile app. At this time, you can access Spiritual Blossom’s website seamlessly on mobile browsers to create your account, schedule readings, and manage your wallet balance.

While the functionality is still optimized for smaller screens, those interested will probably need to check back in the future for updates on whether Spiritual Blossom builds out and launches full-fledged mobile apps as the next phase of their technology rollouts. But readings and advisors can be readily accessed 24/7 through mobile internet in the meantime.

Does Spiritual Blossom have customer reviews of readers?

Yes, Spiritual Blossom does have customer reviews for each of their psychic advisors. At the bottom of every advisor’s profile, you can find detailed feedback left by previous clients. The comments highlight sessions readers found most helpful and provide ratings across areas like proficiency, communication style, and honesty.

An overall percentage score is shown indicating how many past customers were satisfied with that particular psychic. This makes it easy to gauge ratings at a quick glance when evaluating advisors. Spiritual Blossom provides reliable reviewer information to help you determine which psychic best aligns with your needs and preferences before booking.

What is the screening process like on Spiritual Blossom?

At Spiritual Blossom, there is a rigorous review system in place for psychic advisor applicants which involves both an initial application and a face-to-face video interview. In order for advisors to qualify for consideration, candidates are first required to complete an in-depth written application providing detailed personal information.

Applicants must provide a full legal name and contact details in addition to submitting a headshot photo where their face and a government ID must both be clearly visible.

Within 5 business days or less of applying, candidates will be notified whether they have moved forward based on meeting key criteria. If accepted, they will then be scheduled for a one-on-one video call interview. Per company policy, any psychic applicants who fail to fully satisfy the stated requirements in their initial application automatically get declined.

Bottom Line

Spiritual Blossom provides a trustworthy space for emotional healing and spiritual growth through its compassion-focused approach. After testing the user experience and reading services firsthand, I’m impressed with its authenticity

While small compared to big name competitors, Spiritual Blossom delivers on its core brand promise of judgment-free support. From relationship turmoil to career uncertainty and self-discovery, its specialists guide you to clarity and renewed hope.

The sole downside is the lack of a Spiritual Blossom mobile app. But the website still works on mobile browsers. If you’re seeking inner wisdom, it offers free $25 credit when you spend $25, giving you ample time to dive deep into a psychic reading.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.This site may not review all available service providers, and information is believed to be accurate as of the date of each article.
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