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Written by Jeff Williams | Published on June 21, 2021

A Guide to the Tarot Cards that Predict Marriage (2021)

A Guide to the Tarot Cards that Predict Marriage (2021)

If you’re seeking a tarot card reading to predict marriage, then you’re not alone – tarot card readings for marriage are probably the most common requests in the world! 

If you’re the seeker, (the person receiving the reading) you probably have one of these questions that you’re looking for answers from the tarot for, such as – 

  • Will you get married to your current partner?
  • Will you get married at all? 
  • Is your current partner/spouse meant for you? 
  • Something about the state of your marriage/relationship 

Of course it’s only natural that you’re seeking answers from the unknown and other realm, and what better way to do so than with a trained love and relationships tarot professional? 

I’ve put together the top tarot cards that predict marriage, with a short explanation of what you should expect if they come up in a tarot card for marriage reading. 

Tarot Cards Predicting Marriage – A Couple of Tips 

Remember that your tarot reading to predict marriage is only as good as your reader – that’s why investing in a professional tarot reading on a site such as Keen is always a good idea if you’re looking for quick answers! 

There are a couple of things you should remember when going into your tarot reading to predict marriage; these are: 

Tarot Readings are a Guideline, Not a Certainty 

Tarot readings gain their power from your tarot readers’ psychics ability to read, interpret and communicate the energy from the other realm. However, whatever the outcome, remember that the tarot is a guideline, and only you have the power to apply wisdom to your situation. 

Reversed Cards

Remember that, in any tarot reading (and even more so in tarot cards prediction for marriage readings), that the meaning of the cards really depends on which way up they present

Reversed cards always have a reversed meaning, that, depending on where the reversed card falls in the spread, could mean very different things for the seeker. 

Tarot Cards That Predict Marriage Might be on the Cards

These are my all-time choices for tarot cards that predict marriage. Remember though, that all of these cards depend on the context of the reading, as well as whether or not the cards present as reversed, and in a specific order. 

The Hierophant 

Probably the most marriage-minded card, the Hierophant is very custom and tradition-oriented. 

In plain English, that means it symbolizes traditional values, and if you receive it in a marriage tarot reading, it could also show that you and your partner are culturally or religiously on the same page regarding marriage. It’s a very strong indicator of commitment-based relationships, as well as traditional wedding ceremonies. 

If the Hierophant is placed in a future position, it could mean that marriage is ‘on the cards’ in the future; if you see it in the past position, it could also be referring to a past marriage or engagement. 

The World 

The World card usually means a huge personal ambition having been accomplished or about to be accomplished, so if this card appears in your tarot cards prediction for marriage, it could mean that you’ve wanted to be married for a very long time. 

The World can also mean the end of one huge cycle, or goal accomplishment, and the start of another one. This of course can be applied to your personal situation, and massively depends on the context of your reading: it could mean that in general, you’ll be married…just not necessarily to your current partner. 

In fact, if you’re single, or contemplating being single and you receive the World card in your tarot cards prediction for marriage reading, it could mean that it’s time to find a new partner. 

The Three of Cups 

This card is a happy card, usually predicting some kind of celebration, such as engagements, weddings, children and more. 

Wherever your relationship is at, it could mean that it’s heading for more serious, committed ground. It’s not necessarily a marriage card in its own right, but it is a good card to receive! 


Justice is a weird card to receive in a  tarot cards prediction for marriage reading, as it’s often seen as a very ‘cold’ card: it’s usually very straightforward and even clinical. If you see Justice and the Hierophant together in a tarot cards prediction for marriage reading, it could be that you see marriage a very cultural, traditional institution, bound by law. 

The Lovers

Need I go into detail on this one? Well actually, yes. 

While most people receiving the Lovers in their tarot cards prediction for marriage reading might think this is an obvious indicator of marriage, actually, you need to dig a little deeper. 

The Lovers also means sexuality, temptation and deeper, darker desires. The couple depicted on the cards are Adam and Eve, and if this card is reversed, it could mean that your relationship might take a darker, or less committed turn. 

The Ten of Cups 

The Ten of Cups is probably the most emotional of all tarot cards, and getting it in your tarot cards prediction for marriage reading is a really great sign! 

It’s the card of weddings, families, babies and more – it’s a great sign of commitment and happiness! 

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The Ten of Pentacles 

The Ten of Pentacles is a great sign of marriage from a more business-like, matter of fact point of view. 

It’s much more financial and traditional than the emotional Ten of Cups, usually meaning property, money and other assets that will remain in your family. 

If you receive the Ten of Pentacles and don’t have any assets, it could well mean that one day, you will! 

The Sun 

As you might imagine, the sun in our world is the energy powering all things – new life and new beginnings, and it’s similar in the tarot world too. 

The Sun usually induces happiness. Long-lasting marriages (especially when it’s in a future position), and coupled with other marriage-like cards (especially the ones on this list) could mean wonderful things happening in your relationship’s future. 

The Ace of Cups 

This is the card to receive if you want a marriage filled with love, romance and more. It’s a good indicator of a happy marriage, especially if it’s in the ‘future’ position! 

The Ace of Wands 

If the Ace of Cups is all about romance, then the Ace of Wands is all about passion! This card shows you a possible marriage filled with passion, great sex and all-things pleasurable – a partner with a great libido and a lot oft physical affection and needs fulfilment! 

The Knight of Cups 

This is the card indicating you have a knight in shining armor! The Knight shows your partner is a romantic, endearing person who will love and care for you. Although he’s not quite the King of Cups, the Knight will always learn to please you, and even if he lacks the experience of a King, he’ll make up for it with enthusiasm and stamina. 

The Page of Cups

Just like the relationship the Knight has to the King of Cups, mentioned above, the Page of Cups can mean a younger, well-intentioned person – perhaps your future spouse, who is currently inexperienced when it comes to commitment, marriage or relationships.

It’s pretty common to receive this card when you’re looking to marry someone younger than you, meaning that you, the seeker,r will have to be the stronger influence on the relationship. 

The Page of Cups could also indicate sensitivity, with someone who is very openly emotional and impressionable – Page of Cups’ partners need to be handled gently. 

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Tarot Cards Prediction for Marriage Spreads 

Whether you are reading for yourself, or a professional tarot reader is reading for you, there are several different tarot cards prediction for marriage spreads. 

Six-Card Spread

This is a great, detailed spread, which is an ideal tarot card precision for marriage spread if you’re thinking about making or receiving a marriage proposal, or are thinking about accepting one! 

The reader will lay out two rows of three cards, with each card meaning the following: 

  • Position one: compatibility 
  • Position two: soulmate likelihood 
  • Position three: marriage
  • Position four: channelnges
  • Position five: strengths
  • Position six: outcome

This spread is  great one for you if you’re looking for a deeper reading about your relationship and your partner, or even yourself. 

Five-Card Spread

A more simplified tarot card prediction for marriage spread than the six-card spread, this is a great one if you’re curious about the qualities of your partner, or if they’re spouse material! 

This is a great spread if you’re trying to define your potential spouse…or even if you have a pick of a few! The reader will lay out who rows with three cards on the top, and two on the bottom: 

  • Position one: appearance
  • Position two: financial outlook
  • Position three: current situation 
  • Position four: positive qualities
  • Position five: negative qualities 

Three-Card Spread

The most simple spread of all, when it comes to tarot card predictions for marriage! 

The three cards are laid out in a  straight row, and symbolize: 

  • Position one: past
  • Position two: present
  • Position three: future

As always, if you’re looking for more clarification on any of the cards, your tarot card reader can draw another card to answer your question. 

Bottom Line: Tarot Cards Prediction for Marriage Readings

As with anything in life (and especially with psychics reading), you really need to keep a clear mind when formulating your question, whether it’s regarding marriage or otherwise. 

Tarot cards rely on this clarity, otherwise you’ll get a muddled reading. If I can give any further advice, it’s that always seek a talented professional tarot cards reader to learn the ropes from – after all, tarot reading (and especially tarot readings to predict marriage) at such an emotional, potentially confusing topic, and it pays dividends to recruit an expert to help you through the entire reading. 

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