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Written by Tracey Copeland | Updated On June 06, 2023

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source

There is nothing worse than that niggling feeling that your partner might be cheating. Sometimes you only have an uneasy feeling, or there may be other signs of infidelity that leave you feeling suspicious.

A psychic can use tarot cards to help you look into your situation and either provide reassurance that all is well or confirm that you are right to be worried. Psychic Source has the largest selection of tarot readers who specialize in cheating, so it is a good option to consider.

Choosing a psychic for the first time can be an overwhelming experience, so I’ve looked into the top psychics for cheating tarot readings on Psychic Source to find the best ones. The #1 psychic I recommend is Arwen for her uncanny ability to uncover the truth. Rates start from just 0.66 per minute for new customers, so it’s good value for money, too.

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In a Rush? Here Are My Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source

  1. Arwen is a 4th generation psychic known for her compassion and insight into love and relationships
  2. Hope is positive, experienced in love matters, and uplifting and inspiring in her approach.
  3. Racquel is thorough and accurate, with a genuine sense of compassion and 25 years of psychic experience.
  4. Psychic Ruby is experienced in soul connections and is honest and direct.
  5. Nova is a world-renowned psychic who can read the energy of all involved.

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source in 2023

1. Arwen – Best for Speed, Accuracy, and Precise Insight

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source in 2023Arwen is a 5-star-rated love and cheating specialist on Psychic Source with 33 years of experience in tarot. She is a 4th generation psychic, and her profile says she is known for her accuracy and ability to predict timings accurately.

She uses tarot, as well as her natural clairvoyant skills and intuition, to give you the full lowdown on your relationship. You can connect with her for an online chat session and gain insight and messages. She also offers mini readings so that you can try her out at a low cost.

Arwen has received 63 customer endorsements for love and relationships, which shows that other customers have found her readings helpful. Her reading style is compassionate, and a glance through her recent reviews shows she is valued for accuracy, speed, and the precision of her insight.

“She was spot on with many things I suspected.”

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2. Hope – Best for Bringing Hope, Inspiration, and Uplifting Messages

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source in 2023Hope has an impeccable 5-star rating and 21 years of experience in tarot love readings. A quick glance at her profile highlights her positive energy. During her cheating tarot readings, she connects with her spirit guides to channel healing energy to her clients and helps give them a fresh outlook on their situations.

You can consult with Hope through phone, chat, or video, and I recommend her introductory message to get a feel for her style and personality. On top of tarot, she also uses energy healing and crystals to connect with her guides.

Hope’s style is compassionate and honest, and her customers seem to appreciate her genuine warmth and accuracy. You can request a mini reading or try her out at the special rate of just $0.66 per minute.

“I felt her loving energy during my reading. She helped me get my thoughts together in a wonderful way.”

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3. Raquel – Best for Delivering Messages from Beyond

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source in 2023Raquel has a top rating of 5 stars and a whopping 1012 customer endorsements for the help she has given by tarot. Many clients have endorsed her ability to guide them through difficult relationship decisions, including if they should stay or let go of their partner.

I enjoyed watching Raquels’ introductory video message as it helped me see the ways she is able to connect and offer guidance to those who seek her wisdom. It gave me a feel for her style, and I felt her confidence in her gifts.

You can connect with her by phone, opt for a mini-reading or take advantage of the new customer offer to consult with her for only $0.66 minute.

“I love her energy and she was so accurate with my situation. I really appreciated how she took the time to really look into things and help me understand what is going on.”

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4. Ruby – Best for Twin Flames and Soulmate Connections

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source in 2023Ruby is a top-rated tarot expert on Psychic Source, with 5 stars and 152 customer endorsements for helping people sort out their love lives. She has 14 years of experience as a psychic, and her profile states that she is compassionate and caring.

She is also a twin flame and soulmate specialist, which is helpful if you have questions or concerns about the type of bond you have with someone. She is able to tap in and read the energy and emotions of everyone involved, which helps her bring clarity and guidance to help you move forward.

You can connect with Ruby by phone, book a mini-reading and view her schedule. She uses tarot, angel cards, and her natural gifts, as well as energy healing and intuition. Her reviews show she is accurate, on point, and valued for her directness and the fact she doesn’t sugarcoat.

“She was reassuring and honest.”

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5. Nova – Best for Reading Your Person’s Energy and Mind to Provide Clarity

Top Psychics for Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source in 2023With her impressive 5-star rating, Nova is a world-renowned psychic who has appeared on television and radio and even worked on an international missing person case. She is down to earth and non-judgmental, and 680 customers to date have endorsed her for her help with navigating their love life and relationships.

Nova can help with soulmates, cheating, and bringing harmony to relationships. She can connect with guides or angels and relay messages that bring you clarity and understanding about how to move forward.

Nova is available to chat online, or you can connect by phone if you prefer. You can try her out with a mini reading and use the introductory rates to connect with her for just $0.66 per minute.

“Thank you Nova for almost forcing me to finally listen to what I felt about this situation myself from the very beginning.”

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Tips on Cheating Tarot Readings

Choose a Specialist Cheating Tarot Reader

When it comes to delicate matters like trust in relationships, it’s crucial that you seek guidance from someone skilled in the field. Thankfully, at Psychic Source, you can conveniently find tarot readers well-versed in such matters. All you need to do is head to the ‘Cheating and Wandering Hearts’ category. There, you’ll find a selection of 114 psychics specializing in infidelity who can provide insights. Take your time and select a tarot reader who resonates with you. They’re here to help guide you through this complex situation.

Expect to Hear the Truth

One thing is certain: you should expect to hear the truth. It’s also important to enter the reading with an open mind, knowing that you are in charge of your destiny and you need to make the right decision for your life.

It goes without saying that if you’re not prepared for your reader to give you the truth, then you shouldn’t be reaching out to them. If you think hearing the truth might hurt, then stay away from these types of questions and instead ask how you can work on your relationship.

Stay in the Present Moment

Keep in mind that the most accurate thing a psychic can tell you is what is happening in the present. That means that genuine readers will tell you what kind of energy and emotions your person of interest is emitting in the here and now. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask a psychic as soon as possible.

Be Prepared to Be Honest

If you’re consulting with a psychic because you’ve found yourself in a situation that could lead to you being unfaithful, you need to be honest with what you tell the reader. They might tell you that the person you’re chasing right now isn’t worth the damage your actions will cause.

Or perhaps they’ll tell you that person is your real soulmate, and you should break up with your current partner. Either way, you should expect that after your reading, it will be up to you to take action, be honest and proceed with integrity for all involved.

Look for Other Signs

As well as getting a reading, you should look out for some of these other signs of cheating. Before making your mind up that something is going on, look for at least two or three of these:

  • Your partner is glued to their phone and takes it everywhere with them
  • Your partner is suddenly improving their appearance
  • Your partner’s attitude has drastically changed toward you – for better or worse
  • Your partner avoids spending time with you
  • Your partner keeps disappearing for periods of time or working more hours
  • You catch your partner lying or being deceptive
  • They accuse you of cheating to deflect your suspicion
  • Remember, none of these signs indicate cheating on their own, so try not to jump to conclusions too quickly.

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    FAQs on Cheating Tarot Readings on Psychic Source

    Does it mean my partner is cheating if a psychic says so?

    You shouldn’t decide your partner is cheating based on a tarot reading alone. A psychic reading is said to work best when used to confirm your own intuition. Therefore, you should use it as a gauge to think about where you are at in your relationship and open a dialogue with your partner about why you’re feeling insecure or disconnected. Choose one of these specialist tarot readers to help you make sure you are on the right track before taking any action.

    My partner strongly denies cheating, so did my psychic get it wrong?

    It doesn’t necessarily mean your psychic was inaccurate in your reading, and yet your partner may not actually be cheating on you. This is why you need to tread carefully when discussing it.

    Tarot cards read the ‘energies’ of your situation, and it is possible that your partner has a soul tie or spiritual connection with someone else that came through in the reading. This is likely to be a 5D connection, perhaps one from past lives, so it might be someone your partner has never even met in the 3D.

    Therefore, they are perhaps going to be quite confused if you make accusations based only on a tarot reading. Check this list for other signs of cheating to help you decide.

    How can a cheating tarot reader help me in my relationship?

    A talented and experienced reader like those featured in this list can help you get clarity about your situation. They can read the energies of both you and your partner and/or new love interest and give you indications of how the energies blend between you.

    They can usually highlight soul connections that might be important in your life and pinpoint areas you might need to work on. They can tell you the likely outcome of the decisions you are facing and help you gain clarity on how to move forward. Use these top picks to find a reader you resonate with.

    Bottom Line

    Finding yourself in any situation that involves cheating is incredibly difficult and painful. And being right in the middle of it means you’re likely unable to make an unbiased, objective decision on how to handle it.

    That’s why you should talk to a psychic with a proven track record who specializes in love and relationships before you make any moves. A simple cheating tarot reading with the right psychic might just save you from a whole lot of regret and hurt feelings.

    Psychic Source has over a hundred cheating tarot experts that you can speak with for just 0.66 a minute. The website is easy to use, and you can quickly filter out the cheating specialists. Plus, there’s a satisfaction guarantee too, so you have extra peace of mind.

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