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Are Psychics Real? Yes, and Here’s Why.

Are Psychics Real? Yes, and Here’s Why.

It’s time to answer the age-old question: are psychics real?

For as long as people have been around claiming psychics powers, so the question has been asked.

I’ve reviewed over 10 psychic reading sites. I’ve been having psychic readings for a little over 5 years. In that time, I’ve met so many psychics, using so many different tools, across specialists and subject ranges.

So in my opinion: yes, psychics are real, and here’s why.

Asking the Right Question

Before we delve into it, we should set the record straight: asking ‘are psychics’ real’ probably isn’t the question you’re looking to answer.

No, that would be more like: ‘are psychic abilities real?’ – because of course, psychics are real – they’re people that you can see and hear and touch.

Psychic abilities on the other hand, are another matter entirely. Before I get into the myths surrounding psychic abilities, I want to look a little bit into the science of psychic abilities first.

A Quick Overview of Parapsychology – the Study of Psychic Ability

Parapsychology is the study of mental and psychic phenomena – those things (what we call psychic ability) that just can’t be explained by science.

It was a pretty popular research topic: Freud studied it, as did the founder of American academic psychology William James, as did Harvard psychologist Hugo Münsterberg.

Most of their studies focused on exposing fake psychics, mediums and seers, although a lot of their research keeps coming back to the subject of psychic powers itself.

Modern psychologist Daryl Bem’s 2011 research proved the psychic powers are real. So if that’s the case, how ‘real’ are psychic abilities, and the psychics proclaiming they possess these abilities?

Mostly real, as it turns out.

How to Tell a Fake Psychic

As you’ll see from any of my in-depth reviews of psychic reading sites, I go into a lot of depth looking for signs that a site might not be trustworthy. I do this by looking at –

  • Customer feedback from psychics
  • A psychic reading site’s money-back guarantee and customer satisfaction policy
  • The psychic’s bio and psychic ability story

Among other things. I find the above information to be a real gauge of just how trustworthy that psychic is, before I even waste any money on discovering if that psychic is real.

That’s because there are certain giveaways you can see just from the above info. For example, customer feedback for any psychic is a massive tell when it comes to whether or not psychics are real.

Since psychic reading sites’ customers pay good money to hear from an expert psychic, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will shout from the rooftops (via bad feedback) if a psychic isn’t what or who they say they are.

The same thing goes for a psychic’s bio. Sometimes, you can tell that these reek of desperation, falsehoods or just that they don’t have any clear psychic ability.

Unless you’re a total newbie to psychic reading, you’ll get a gut feeling that something isn’t quite all it seems to be from reading a psychic’s ability story: once you’ve spoken to a few psychic readers, it’s very clear that there’s some kind of pattern to their discovering of their psychic powers – psychics who aren’t real just don’t have that present in their stories.

Another key giveaway? Sites that don’t have a money-back guarantee. Unless they’re  a big name site, or are trustworthy in other ways, a key tell is how much a psychic reading site trusts in their own psychics. No money-back guarantee or customer service is a clear sign that the site knows their psychics aren’t real, and so don’t offer refunds or customer support when customers fall on a bad reading.

How to Tell If Psychics Are Real

Just as there are ways to know how a psychic isn’t real, there are ways to tell if psychics are real. 

Other than following your intuition, there are several ways to tell if the psychic you’re speaking to possesses real psychic ability.

As with anything in life, it’s worth it to dispel some myths at the same time, and manage expectations:

Psychic are Mind Readers

While mind reading is a psychic skill that can be learned, most psychics actually read your energy, not your mind.

They do this in several ways – from an aura reading, to communicating with your soul – they sense what’s happening in your energy field, and read you in that way. 

For example, if you’re struggling in your career, a psychic would look into your energy field to try and work out what it’s saying about your issue, and then provide reading and advice from there.

Psychics won’t bother trying to read your mind, because that’s not where the ‘meat’ of your information is stored. Of course, what a psychic actually asks you depends on the psychics – some might ask for name or details before or during a psychic reading; numerologists might ask for specific numbers to strengthen their connection – any information asked is for a means to get a solid reading, not the end result. 

Psychics Know Everything, All The Time

Psychics are people too, and just like us, get tired, or have off days.

Some types of psychics reading – such as past life readings – require such a high-level of empathy for psychic readers that it can be psychically draining for them, and they need a break after performing a session!

On that note, while psychic readers have access to a higher level than we do, there’s no way they can know absolutely everything there is to know about the universe. That’s because sometimes an answer is blocked, likely because you’re not ready to receive the answer, or sometimes because a higher power is protecting you from life-changing information.

That means a psychic reader will receive only the information that’s in your best interest, helps you the most on your psychic journey and which will serve your higher purpose.

All of this also fails to take into account the fact that all psychics are different, with different abilities and specialisms. While some psychics can see the past, present and future, psychic mediums can transcend this realm into the other realm, regardless of time and space.

These are completely different skill sets, which is why it’s important you find the psychic that’s right for you. 

Psychics Have to Be 100% Correct, All the Time

Just like with most people, or any situation you might find yourself in, being 100% correct all of the time is just isn’t realistic. 

Psychic readings give you a small look into your life and the situation you’re describing. It will never be the whole picture. In fact, what you discover in your psychic reading is exactly the information the universe knows you need to hear at the time, in order to make the right next step.

Occasionally, the universe might think you need to hear a slightly watered-down version of the truth, so you can move on to the next step appropriately – such as moving on after a relationship. Hearing that your ex has found someone new might destroy you, so the universe will alert the psychic to tell you that it really is over and it’s time to move on – without giving you all of the crushing details.

Another thing – there are many possible paths and futures ahead of you, and thanks to your free will, your future is never set out in stone. The information and the way you choose to act on it will determine your outcome – a psychic is there to present you with the information; it’s up to you to act upon it.

Online Psychics Aren’t Real

Just as with most services that have moved to online, psychic readings have only become wider spread and more accessible.

In fact, choosing an online psychic is probably more of an assurance that you’re going to be speaking with the real deal – in-person psychics are more likely to be fakes, reading your body language and gestures in order to tell you what you want or expect to know.

True psychics don’t need to even see your face or be in the same room as you to give you a psychic reading. Their psychic abilities operate beyond the physical realm – and you might have even experienced something like this yourself, if you’ve ever had a feeling about someone, or have been thinking about someone, only to have them call you.

In fact, psychics with metaphysical gifts – tarot card readers, astrologers and numerologists – only need their expertise and possibly a couple of details from you to give you a reading.

So, Are Psychics Real?

According to both science and popular thought, yes they are.

While psychic ability is really dependent on the psychical and the type of reading you’re after, there’s no doubt that psychic readings are real, with psychics delivering information that has been provided directly from the universe itself.

If you’re skeptical, it’s well-worth trying out a free or budget psychic reading – most psychic reading sites that I’ve reviewed have either free introductory minutes, or calls starting from $0.66 per minute – at those prices, it’s really worth testing out the theory as to whether psychics are real or not for yourself!

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