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Talking about Energy with Deb Sinclair

Talking about Energy with Deb Sinclair

This week we had the opportunity to talk with Deb Sinclair, a Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant and Specialist Psychic Energy Reader that helps people all over the world.

Can you please present yourself to our readers? How did you discover your psychic gift?

I’m an Advanced Level Professional Psychic Medium Clairvoyant & Medical Intuitive with a solid reputation internationally for proven specific accuracy in evidential readings.  I was born with these Spiritual gifts. I have all of the clair senses, intuition, energy and aura reading ability, empathic abilities, I am telepathic and a remote viewer.  I am very down to earth and relaxed.  I have recollections of being able to see energies and colours around everything as a very small child, and spent long times playing with and talking to my so called “imaginary friends”.

Then there is a blank. It happened when we moved cities and I was bullied by the other children at my school.  I did not completely lose the gifts altogether, it’s simply because life on earth came to the forefront. I was brought up by a religious mother and an atheist father. Both took me away from Spirit in a consciousness sense. It is also because my brothers and sisters did not have the gift so of course I was told by all that I was wrong.  None of this is their fault, they only know what they know and knew what they knew.

I still maintained my empathic gift but unfortunately for me, because I had been so programmed, I thought I was feeling in ways that in fact were others feelings. This led to a lot of self doubt and confusion, and anxiety.  I reopened again in my early twenties when a male in Spirit came to visit me, and from there I opened up again, it all happened so fast and was very confusing as I learnt to trust what is truth as opposed to illusion. However I have worked my way through life and have a clear understanding of Spirit and Higher Consciousness. And it’s amazing!

The main thing is your energy. You have your life coding in there and the vibration from this reveals much about you, all with higher awareness and the best of intentions. I can also see neurons that extend far beyond what science has discovered, and this is part of how from what I can see and feel is how we truly communicate with each other, and how we pick up “vibes” off people.

I read a few of your blog posts – for example, “Conspiracy theories are not spirituality” – and found them very interesting. From where came the idea of creating such content and does it bring results?

Conspiracy theories, I am not against them, but I am one to question the source no matter where it comes from and who says it.  Conspiracy theories tend to take a life of their own and people get swept up in the inertia of speculation. I have noticed that a lot of people who do this, their energy is not grounded, (I see auras and energy all of the time now), and their ego jumps in.

The reason why I say it is not Spirituality is because Spirit have taught me how to manage my life through major upheavals, and they often show me what is coming beforehand. The Spiritual essence is all about centring and grounding oneself to find balance first. Then to question the authenticity of any theory, and of course the source of it. This allows your intuitive self to give you the answers.

Unfortunately fear can reside and this can make it very difficult. It takes practice. Also when outer changes happen it is wise to go within, and do some inner work. Putting your focus within promotes growth and healing and clarity.  I learnt this as we had severe earthquakes here, I knew they were coming, my own home got destroyed, and all I had left was me, so I went within.  I have such better clarity now, from that experience, and trust Spirit completely. As always, take only what resonates with you, and leave the rest (but you can only do this if you are grounded and aware).

What is the most important detail in maintaining a relationship of mutual trust with customers?

One of the important things in my readings is the key points of reference and validation. For example, it may be that I feel others emotions so will tell them this is what I feel they are feeling and have been through. I give examples of people’s behaviour.  My readings are very Spirit driven, of course I answer the clients questions but more often than not Spirit will have things they wish for my client to take notice of.  I love it when Spirit gives advice on how to move forward, and for people to feel better.  They are there and they feel all of our feelings and emotions and see us all of the time.

Here is a quote I have on my website:

Throughout your reading I continually give key points of reference that the client confirms to be accurate and true. These key insights form a valuable part of my reading process and therefore establishes a pure energetic connection between myself, the client and Spirit.

I saw on your website that you do psychic phone readings for people in the US and Canada. How does that work? Do you achieve the same result as a “presential” psychic reading?

“Energy is my first Language”.  For my international clients I offer the options of booking online (there are booking links on my website). I do have Freephone numbers where the client can leave a message.  I also operate on the click 4 advisor instant psychic reading system, where clients have an account and they log in to select their advisor. I can read in person face to face here in NZ, but due to Covid, I am currently not.  There is not much difference at all from an instant phone reading in comparison to an in person session.

We are all energy and I read energy, and that is what I read when on the phone. I can see a person’s aura even if I do not see them in the physical.  Energy related to events, thought, feelings, emotions moves in certain directions and this presents the outcomes, and also the behind the scenes stuff (what is really driving a person).  I am very fast. To me talking to Spirit is like talking to a person who is with me.  The client will receive their reading with just as much if not more clarity on the phones.

It’s important that the professional in this area is not judgmental, but I believe sometimes you have to warn your customer about a bad person/habit/behavior. How do you navigate this?

Energy shows me both what is happening on the surface and what is going on with people. This shows me the intentions and meaning behind it all. I am given the bigger picture of peoples lives, and can be taken back in time to something that has influenced someone’s behaviour, why they react and behave the way that they do.

I also can read the subconscious layers, and this helps greatly with healing. So I give insight in that way.  I also back my clients so the reading is about how I can help them in a clear and positive way.  Spirit gives those answers, a lot of it is about personal boundaries, self awareness, becoming aware of patterns and breaking those, lots of things specific to each client and each reading, and of course with my empathic ability relating to their innermost feelings.

I offer tools to move forward with, I let the client take what I have given, put it into action so they can see for themselves. It can be very empowering for the client. I do this with honesty and clarity.  I do not judge, I remain neutral. Who am I to judge another person’s journey?  I cannot judge anyway as I channel the information and judgement forms blocks, and judgement comes from ego, and as we all know Spirit cannot come through clearly where there is ego.

What is the most popular type of reading that customers are looking for? What are the most common concerns that interest them?

The most popular is by far personal relationships. This is our learning ground, our greatest teaching comes through relationships.  My focus from Spirit is more often than not on how to look at the dynamics between people and this is done with those key points of reference I have mentioned earlier.  It is also about the clients relationship with themself, and making them aware of things that they can do or change doing that will help them. I will read on anything.  Because when  I feel a person’s energy I can quickly determine the intentions of a person.

Do you have a special message for our readers in these difficult times?

I often get premonitions of pending disasters. I do not fear, for a few reasons, one is Spirit and the bigger picture and what I see inside people’s souls and hearts, another is I myself have endured natural disasters, big, big earthquakes (Christchurch NZ earthquakes 2010 and 2011) ,and floods, mass shootings nearby, and the one thing I learnt is that what is inside of your heart and soul is what you take with you.

Use this time to go within, find yourself, to develop your higher awareness, your intuition, learn to discern the truth from fabrication through your intuition, as we are moving to an intuitive age where we are to become aware without doubt that we are indeed connected to everyone and everything. If you are feeling hopeless ask Spirit for help, and do not be afraid to be vulnerable to Spirit, they work with honesty so you do not have to be perfect, you can get angry or sad at them, and it’s OK to be afraid, but admit it to yourself and them. They are pure consciousness and are not offended, but they work with truth so if you pretend you are OK, when you are not, they cannot help you.

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