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Aura Color Meanings — What Do They Reveal About You?

Aura Color Meanings — What Do They Reveal About You?

Your aura contains a wealth of information about you that you might not even realize. When you feel lost or are seeking solutions to energetic blocks, learning about the meaning of your aura color can help. After all, it’s an extension of your inner world, expressed through the frequencies your body emits.

To assist you in understanding your aura, I’ve compiled a list of the 12 different aura colors and their meanings. This guide will simplify the abundant information on auras, giving you the clarity you desire. As a result, you’ll better understand how energy operates and manifests in your auric field.

Obtaining a customized interpretation of your aura and its implications can reveal the answers you seek. If you’re struggling to identify your aura color or comprehend its meaning, you may want to consult with a clairvoyant on California Psychics. They’ll be able to identify your aura color and give you tailored advice on working with it.

12 Aura Colors and Meanings

The aura is a complex energy field that extends from the edge of your body and can consist of one or more colors. Listed below are the most common colors in people’s auras, but it’s important to note that these interpretations aren’t universal. Additionally, aura colors can change depending on your emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

Blue Aura Meaning

Based on the throat chakra’s link with blue, people with a lot of blue in their aura tend to be genuine, clear communicators who value individuality. They enjoy sharing their ideas and creative expressions, and are seen by others as a source of wisdom and reason due to their commitment to truth and their beliefs.

Your aura contains a significant amount of blue energy, which aids in your ability to give great advice and help others connect with their genuine selves. This color is often associated with those who enjoy debating, speaking, and singing. However, if your blue energy becomes unbalanced, it can lead to you avoiding speaking your truth, feeling anxiety or depression, becoming excessively argumentative, or having difficulty communicating your needs.

Green Aura Meaning

Green is linked with the heart chakra, demonstrating that you are deeply tied to your heart area. Individuals might perceive you as a maternal or paternal figure who is perpetually aware of others’ emotions. You are probably highly receptive to energy and may identify yourself as an empath.

If you possess a high amount of green in your aura, you probably find yourself attracted to nature, animals, and young children. People will instantly sense your grounded energy and find rejuvenation in your company. You derive pleasure in assisting others and possess a keen sense of responsibility. However, if the green is of a darker shade, you might have a propensity to experience envy towards others and be excessively sensitive.

Yellow/Gold Aura Meaning

Should your aura contain a significant amount of yellow, your solar plexus chakra is potent. Possessing an abundance of yellow implies a natural inquisitiveness about your surroundings and an appreciation for the significance of objectives. You are perceived by others to be self-assured, influential, and lively, reminiscent of the sun. You serve as an inspirational influence to those in your life, exhibiting exceptional leadership.

On the other hand, golden auras are seen as rarer compared to yellow ones. A golden aura indicates that you are very magnetic, disciplined, and philosophical. Those with golden auras also have a strong connection to the angelic realm and are said to be highly protected from harm. But, murky yellow and gold auras can indicate either too much confidence or not enough, try to be self-aware when it comes to your ego.

If you need help balancing your solar plexus chakra, use yellow crystals like citrine or yellow calcite. But ensure you know how to cleanse and program your crystal for optimal results.

Red Aura Meaning

The color red in the aura is typically associated with the root chakra. When red appears in the aura, it can indicate that the root chakra energy center is prominent and very active within your field. Red is associated with passion, security, and strength and is often seen in driven and grounded people that aren’t afraid to act.

If you have red in your aura, you’re in touch with the material plane and can manifest easily. You likely feel a strong connection to the physical world and have strong instincts. A lot of red in the aura can represent that you’re undergoing change like starting a new job. That said, if the red in your aura is dull or dark, it can indicate agitation, recklessness, and unsolid foundations. It can also represent low energy and being stuck in survival mode.

Orange Aura Meaning

Seeing orange in your aura shows you operate mainly through the sacral chakra. Orange can indicate that you’re highly creative, enthusiastic, and sensual in how you move through life. It can also represent an adventurous and spontaneous spirit that isn’t afraid of going wherever the wind takes them.

If you have a lot of orange in your aura, you’re relationship driven and crave positive interactions with the world around you. You also need excitement and emotionally charged experiences to feel like you’re living to the fullest. However, a muddy orange in the aura can indicate impulsive behavior and overindulgent tendencies.

Pink Aura Meaning

Like the color green, seeing a lot of pink in the aura can also indicate a strong connection to the heart chakra. You’re likely very compassionate and loving towards others and may even be prone to giving too much. Having a lot of pink energy means you love to love and can even have intuitive gifts like clairsentience.

Overall, you’re a gentle person who desires to bring harmony and fairness to the world. You detest conflict and prefer to act as the mediator whenever it comes up. Ultimately, you just want everyone to get along, but the shadow quality of a pink aura can be that you avoid confrontation and are too inconsistent with your beliefs.

Magenta Aura Meaning

Those with a magenta aura have a mix of red and blue energy. This means that while you’re a master of the physical like those with red auras, you also have a gift for communication and creativity like those with blue ones. Although your energy is grounded, you know how to reach up into the unseen realms to bring down unique ideas. At heart, you’re a free-spirit that values freedom of expression and the ability to manifest your visions into reality.

Even if you don’t realize it, you have a highly spiritual energy which allows you to receive unique wisdom. You are a visionary that likes to do things in the way you see fit, but be careful about being too extreme at times. Your rebellious spirit is admirable but too much of it can lead to more chaos than harmony in your life. A murky magenta can indicate that you need a balance in perspective and find a common ground with those around you.

White Aura Meaning

White in your aura can represent a strong association with the soul star chakra. This chakra is said to sit above our crown chakra and is the gateway to our higher self. If you have white in your aura, it indicates a strong connection to the divine and a highly evolved soul. Additionally, a sparkling white aura can suggest that your angels are near.

Those with white auras are more concerned with enlightenment and divinity and less concerned with material pursuits or earthly matters. Therefore, this aura color is rare and can indicate an individual dedicated to a virtuous path in life. You uplift those around you and are in control of your ego. That said, because of this strong connection to the divine, you must be careful of being ungrounded from reality.

Black Aura Meaning

The color black is typically associated with protective energy, so witches wear it often. It can also indicate mysterious energy or involvement in the occult. If you practice magick and keep up with your protection spells, this may be why you have black in your aura. On a positive note, it can show that you’re highly protected.

Those with black in their aura are quite private and like to keep to themselves. If you have black in your aura, you likely listen more than you speak and are highly observant of your environment. That said, having black in your aura can also indicate high levels of fear, difficult circumstances in life, and energy blockages.

Violet Aura Meaning

You’re very attuned and connected to your crown chakra if you have a violet aura. You’re gifted with the ability to see beyond the illusion of separation and see everything as one. Those with violet auras have expansive ideas and perspectives that have the potential to lead humanity down a better path.

As someone with a violet aura, you’ll be open-minded and eager to see life from various perspectives. You may have many revelations throughout life and have the ability to expand the minds of those around you. Your thoughts are original and progressive, but be careful with overthinking and fanatical belief systems.

Rainbow Color Meaning

Having a rainbow aura is rare and typically resembles a mix of multiple auric colors. People with rainbow auras are typically well-rounded individuals who are highly spiritual and tapped in. The mix of colors indicates an array of unique gifts, so they can usually adapt to many circumstances.

If you have a rainbow aura, you have a dynamic energy that is easy to love and equally as difficult to understand. Therefore, you may understand others better than they understand you. You’ll have a chameleon-like personality that lights up the room, but be mindful because you’re also prone to burnout.

Indigo Color Meaning

If your aura exhibits a lot of indigo, it indicates that you frequently use your third eye chakra. This chakra is associated with heightened intuition and perception of both tangible and spiritual realms. You possess the ability to perceive things in their true essence, rather than their superficial appearance, and have access to insights that remain hidden to others.

Having a lot of indigo in your aura indicates that you are sensitive to energy and may even feel overwhelmed by the physical world. You have a vivid imagination and can easily tap into other realities beyond the here and now. Watch out for self-doubt, illusion, and escapism if you have a lot of indigo in your aura.

You likely have an open third eye chakra if you have a predominantly indigo aura. It’s essential to learn how to properly activate and balance your third eye to make the most of its power.

How to Identify Your Aura Color

By now, you’re probably eager to learn how you can determine the color of your aura. One method involves utilizing bio-electric photography technology to capture a photo of your aura. This specialized camera measures the electrical frequencies surrounding your body and converts them into colors that represent your unique aura.

However, accessing this service might not be as convenient as some other options, and the cost for a basic interpretation can be quite high. Therefore, a more direct approach is to ask your guides for guidance during meditation. This method may involve hearing the names of various colors, witnessing colors in your mind’s eye, or experiencing an inner sense that leads you toward a specific color.

One could even employ a color wheel and a pendulum to determine the color it swings towards. However, note that pendulums represent a divination tools that needs to be used with caution. Therefore, make sure to safeguard your energy and space before utilizing it.

With this in mind, connecting with a clairvoyant psychic is the most effective approach to determine your aura color. When you engage with a clairvoyant, they possess the ability to perceive auras through unique psychic techniques. They might even offer to cleanse any undesirable energies that could have negative impact on you.

Best Sites For a Clairvoyant Reading in 2024

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Clairvoyant Psychics

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  • 300+ clairvoyant psychics
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  • 24/7 customer service

California Psychics has an impressive selection of gifted clairvoyants that can provide credible insights about your aura. With over 300 clairvoyants, you can find a psychic that takes a traditional or contemporary approach to reading auras. Having many options allows you to find the psychic that’s right for you.

If you have difficulty choosing a clairvoyant psychic on California Psychics, you should search Eve. She is a no-tool clairvoyant psychic and strictly relies on the guidance of her spirit guides to confirm what she sees, hears, and feels about your aura. As a top psychic on the site, you can rest assured that Eve’s insights will be valuable.

I was quite impressed to learn that California Psychics only accepts 2% of all applicants. The platform’s rigorous vetting process ensures that its psychics meet its strict criteria to provide high-quality sessions. This should help you feel more confident with the information you get about your aura since its psychics are top-notch.

While the regular rates on California Psychics can be pricey, you can save on your aura reading with its introductory offer of $1 per minute. That way, you can test out the quality of its services instead of paying full price immediately. It’s the best way to get an affordable reading without worrying about potential risks.

2. Purple Garden — Enjoy the Freedom of Readings on the Go

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  • Variety of reading methods
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • $10 credit for newbies
  • In-depth advisor profiles
  • Transparent review sections

The Purple Garden app lets you connect with a clairvoyant psychic from anywhere. Also, the app is very easy to navigate and doesn’t crash or have any major glitching. I prefer using the app because you can take your phone to a private spot and avoid distractions like pets or kids in your home.

Purple Garden is worthwhile because it offers you additional flexibility with its reading methods. It’s the only site on this list that offers chat, call, and video readings, so you’re not stuck with limited options. With video call options, you can see the clairvoyant’s technique and feel a more heartfelt connection with your reader.

To skip browsing through psychics, you can check out Clairvoyant Sabrina. She’s done over 18,000 readings on the site and has maintained a 5-star rating. Sabrina is also a 4th generation psychic with a positive vibe that can answer all your questions about your aura in a captivating fashion.

A minor point to consider is that Purple Garden doesn’t have as strict of a vetting process when compared to other sites. However, you can stay protected with Purple Garden’s refund policy for unsatisfactory readings. This will ensure that in the rare event, you have a bad experience, you won’t be out of money.

3. Keen — Find a Credible Clairvoyant With Its In-Depth Filters

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Aura Reading
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  • Clairvoyants with 4.5 stars and up
  • Thorough search filters
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 5 minutes for $1
  • Can contact psychic before booking

On Keen, you can filter your search for your clairvoyant psychic by price, skills, specialties, and tools. Using its in-depth search filters gives you greater control over the psychic pool you browse through. In turn, it’ll save you the energy from exploring psychics that don’t fit your criteria and help ensure you select an appropriate reader.

It’s easy to see the value in using Keen because it has an introductory offer of 5 minutes for $1. This competitive offer allows you to get a substantial reading for a quarter of the price compared to other sites. I like how you can use your credits to try out multiple psychics if you’re indecisive about your choices.

Jeanne Clock is a worthwhile clairvoyant to consider if you’re considering Keen’s services. She’s been reading on the site since 2007 and has helped over 80,000 people with her gifts. Jeanne is a fast, clear, and passionate reader, so you’ll receive insights about your aura quickly and without additional fluff.

A minor drawback to using Keen is that it doesn’t offer refunds for unsatisfactory readings back to your original payment method. But, for refunds you’re eligible for up to $25 in Keen credits if needed. Having credits in your account will give you the option to try another psychic without having to add more.

FAQs on Aura Colors

How can I keep my aura strong?

You can keep your aura strong by practicing spiritual hygiene with grounding, smudging, and yoga routines. To ensure there’s nothing that’s weakening your aura, you can double-check with a clairvoyant psychic. Doing so will give you a clear read on the strength of your aura and if it requires additional protection.

You can practice grounding by spending time in nature and placing your bare feet on the earth. Connecting with the earth’s energy can help release any negative energy or emotions you may be holding onto. Smudging, which is the burning of sacred herbs or incense, can also be a powerful way to cleanse the aura of negative energy or blockages.

Finally, meditation and yoga can help promote relaxation and reduce stress and tension in the body. When the body is relaxed, it can release negative energy and allow positive energy to flow more freely. You can avoid unwanted energy like spiritual attachments by maintaining a wellness routine that strengthens the aura.

Can aura colors change?

Yes, it’s common for aura colors to change over time as your emotional, mental, and spiritual state can affect them. The shades of colors in the aura are most prone to change since they fluctuate depending on how low or high your frequency is. For example, someone going through a period of anxiety may temporarily have murky aura colors.

It’s also possible for the colors in your aura to change after engaging in spiritual practices. As you work through traumas and energetic blocks, you’ll release unwanted energies clouding your aura. After doing inner work, you’ll notice your aura becomes brighter and more vibrant compared to your aura before.

Anomalies in the aura can also change the appearance of your energy field. This refers to variations or irregularities in the energy field that may vary from what’s normally expected. An example is seeing holes in the aura, which can indicate areas of weakness that are typically caused by physical or emotional trauma or illness.

Which aura color is the best?

No aura color is better than the other since each aura has its unique energy. Additionally, the aura reflects a person’s current spiritual, mental, and emotional state, which can fluctuate over time. So, the reality is that all auras can change over time and become weaker or stronger depending on life circumstances.

I recommend consulting with an aura practitioner on a credible platform if you’re looking for an interpretation of your aura. While no aura color is “best”, you’ll be able to know how high or low your aura is vibrating, and this can help you on your spiritual path. Typically, a healthy and strong aura will have brighter, more vibrating colors.

What are the 7 auric layers?

The 7 auric layers make up the entire radiation of your aura, and each helps to regulate a different part of your existence. You can think of your aura as an onion, with different layers serving other functions. This means It’s not uncommon to see additional colors in your field due to the following distinct layers or auric bodies:

  • The Etheric: Its primary function is enabling your physical body to interact with the physical world using the 5 senses, movement, and physical energy.
  • The Emotional: This layer is deeply connected to your emotional states and is responsible for emitting energies like love or hate and happiness or depression.
  • The Mental: The mental layer of your auric field embodies the energy of your thoughts, ego, and personal power.
  • The Astral: It connects you to the spiritual world and is therefore responsible for regulating your spiritual development.
  • The Etheric Template: This layer is said to mirror your physical body in the spiritual realm and radiates your personality, soul identity, and spiritual frequency.
  • The Celestial: This layer relates to divine expression, memories, and dreams and connects you to spirits like guides, angels, and ancestors.
  • The Ketheric Template: The Ketheric Template layer is the aura’s purest layer and keeps your soul connected to source energy while in a physical body.

Bottom Line

Gaining insight into how your aura works is a powerful way to connect with your inner self. Your aura can reveal the energies within your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Uncovering your aura’s meaning might surprise you, but it can be valuable in your healing journey.

With a better understanding of auras and the meanings behind various colors, you can develop a foundation for interpreting your aura. Ultimately, this basic aura knowledge can enable you to explore your energetic expression consciously.

Despite the growing availability of information, challenges may persist in identifying your aura’s meaning. If you’re struggling to understand it all, consider seeking guidance from a clairvoyant on California Psychics. They can provide a full breakdown and interpretation of your auric field and its colors.

To summarize, the best sites for a clairvoyant readings are…

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