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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on September 30, 2023

5 Signs of a Soul Tie — What Is It & Ways to Break It (2023)

5 Signs of a Soul Tie — What Is It & Ways to Break It (2023)

Soul ties can bring an onset of confusion and longing which can lead you to question whether the connection is healthy. It’s common to wonder if a soul tie is part of your destiny, a reminder of unresolved karma, or just a toxic relationship. To help you answer these questions, I’ve curated a guide on soul ties to bring you spiritual clarity.

From my experience helping thousands of clients, I’ve gathered unique insights on the patterns typically found within soul ties.

The concept of soul ties is complex and even after identifying it, a soul tie is not always simple to break. This can be the case due to a variety of reasons and I’ll touch upon these later. That said, even if you have a challenging time breaking a soul tie, remain optimistic. Having the proper guidance and working through shadow work can be the solution.

What Is a Soul Tie?

Rather than a term that describes a distinct dynamic, a soul tie is more of an umbrella term. A soul tie refers to a spiritual connection between two souls, like the bond between soulmates and twin flames. But, keep in mind that the term is neutral since a soul tie can also form in karmic partnerships or be present in relationships that would be considered toxic.

Look at soul ties as spiritual agreements made between two souls. Basically, your souls have agreed to come together in this lifetime to either support each other, teach each other a lesson, evolve spiritually, or clear some type of karma. This agreement can be platonic or romantic and short-term or long-term since there’s no one size fits all for soul ties.

You can basically create a soul tie with anyone you bond with physically, mentally, and spiritually. Verbal agreements, vows, and commitments can also create a spiritual contract between two souls. There are various types of soul ties, each serving a unique purpose. However, there are some common types of soul ties that you should look out for.

  • Sexual ties: Whenever you connect with someone intimately, it’s believed that you create an energetic cord to them. And that cord creates a soul tie that will remain until you break it.
  • Spiritual ties: This kind of soul tie would be categorized under a soulmate or twin flame connection. You likely have had past lives with this soul and have a deep spiritual bond with them. The main purpose is to evolve and support each other.
  • Karmic ties: These ties can manifest positively or negatively depending on the karma. If someone owes you positive karma, they may come in to protect you or help you during a difficult time. If there’s negative karma between you, the main purpose is to clear the karma and learn a lesson from the connection.

How to Know If You Have a Soul Tie: 5 Signs

Now that you have the basics down on soul ties, you’re probably wondering how you can know if you have one. Although all soul ties look different, there are some common characteristics that can help you identify if you have one.

1. An Unusual Intensity

Regardless of whether the intensity is good or bad, intensity is a strong indication you have a soul tie with someone. You will feel an inexplicable draw towards them and feel like you must establish a relationship with them. It’s obvious that you have a soul tie because something in you constantly draws you back together. You will feel completed by them, but this isn’t always a good thing because you can lose your sense of self.

This intensity is present because your souls intuitively recognize each other and know there’s a fated connection waiting to happen. Even despite having differences that would normally keep you apart, nothing gets in the way. The intensity can be like love at first sight but doesn’t have to be, it’s just a burning you feel within that you can’t ignore.

2. A Deep Sense of Familiarity

Something that always follows the unusual draw and intensity towards each other is the deep sense of belonging. You’ll feel an uncanny familiarity and may even ask each other if you’ve already met before. Your first encounter will strike you as Deja Vu. This is most common with souls you’ve shared a past life with, as you’ve likely shared a similar fated encounter time and time again.

Healthy soul connections often bring a sense of comfort and security. It’s important to keep in mind that not all soul connections are positive; some may involve significant karmic ties. In these karmic relationships, things might feel a bit weighty or unsettling, even if there’s a strong sense of recognition that’s difficult to fully explain.

3. Feelings of Unconditional Acceptance

Discovering a positive soul connection might give you the sense of attaining long-desired unconditional acceptance. The need to ponder over the way you are will fade away, granting you the freedom to simply be. Even within toxic soul ties, there might feeling of unconditional acceptance that binds you to them, irrespective of certain toxic aspects in the relationship dynamic.

It’s like that feeling you get around your best friend, knowing you can be as silly as possible and they won’t judge you. Those you have a soul tie with just get you and you get them. Just remember, feelings of unconditional acceptance can also manifest poorly in negative soul ties. If you’re unsure, check out my list of the best sites for insights on love & relationships.

4. Arriving at the Perfect Time

Many soul ties will arrive in serendipitous ways and it’s designed that way. If you had a soul contract before you incarnated, you would have agreed on a time and place to come together. So yes, your soul tie really did arrive in your life at the perfect time. This could look something like miraculously meeting a supportive best friend right after a traumatic breakup.

Basically, soul ties are meant to serve a purpose in your life. They’ll offer their help whether through support, wisdom, or companionship during tough times and sometimes are only meant to stay for a bit. But, the bond you share will last a lifetime in your heart even if you eventually go your separate ways.

5. Not Wanting to Let Them Go

In co-dependent or unhealthy soul ties, you’ll find yourself going in circles and repeating negative cycles. It’ll feel like no matter what, there is never any improvement and a feeling of unfulfillment lingers around. That’s when it’s usually best to let the soul tie go despite the neediness to keep them around.

The truth is that although soul ties are divinely orchestrated, they’re not indestructible or always meant to last forever. Even a positive soul tie can go south without fault but the feeling of emptiness can be difficult to bear. It’s important to practice discernment within soul ties to determine if it’s really best to stay together or if it’s just an unhealthy attachment.

Step-By-Step: How to Break a Soul Tie

Since you have the gift of free will, you have the power to break any soul tie in your life that is not serving your highest good. However, with soul ties that require karmic balancing there may be a divine block on ending the tie until a certain amount of karma has been cleared. I suggest consulting a psychic if you feel you may have this type of soul tie.

Acknowledge the Soul Tie

The first step is to get real with yourself about the nature of your soul tie. Being in denial about the toxicity will only keep you in a loop and it will be challenging to truly break the energetic cord. Make sure you’re prepared to let this person go, whether that entails breaking all contact or setting some serious boundaries.

It can be useful to write them a letter that addresses the reasoning behind your feelings. This can help you feel validated in your decision and let their soul know that you’re prepared to end the contract. If the soul tie is really toxic and one-sided, be prepared for the other individual to pull on your energy and put up a fight.

Cut Off Contact & Set Boundaries

To truly sever a soul tie it’s imperative to go no contact because you want to avoid any mingling of your energies. But in situations where it’s a family member or someone you can’t completely cut off, be prepared to set serious boundaries. For best results, set boundaries that will help you keep an energetic distance from the individual.

For instance, you can remove them off of social media and limit your interactions to basic texting when necessary. If you must see them in person from time to time, keep things vague and don’t offer up an opportunity for them to pry back in.

Do a Cord Cutting Ceremony

A cord cutting ceremony is the final step in removing the soul tie. Once they’re out of your life in the physical realm, you must do the same in the spiritual. A cord cutting ceremony is just a formal way of ending the spiritual contract so you can shut them off from accessing your energy. That way, they can’t tug on it or affect you despite having no physical contact.

  1. Cleanse your space both physically and energetically. You can light sage, palo santo, or incense to clear any stagnant or negative energy from your space.
  2. Select two taper candles and assign one to each of you. You can carve your name in your candle and carve their name in the other one. Then, tie both candles together in a loose knot with twine.
  3. Lightly burn the underside of both candles and stick them to a fire safe surface. You can use a bowl and cover it with himalayan salt and dark crystals or quartz to cleanse any negative energy from the cord cutting.
  4. Then, close your eyes and call in your spiritual team. Ask that they assist you in cutting the cord between you to end the soul tie. Meditate on the other person’s energy while setting the intention to release them with love and gratitude.
  5. Once you feel ready, light both candles and watch the twine catch. While the twine is burning, you can recite a mantra like “I release this binding soul tie and am now free”. Visualize all your energy returning back to you from the connection.
  6. Let both candles burn all the way down and once complete, you can discard the wax. I suggest putting the remaining salt in a natural body of water or burying it with the earth.

Increase Your Self-Care

After ending a soul tie, you may feel a hollowness within yourself. This feeling of emptiness is caused by the absence of their energy in your aura, which is natural to experience. But, it’s a crucial time to amp up your self-care and turn within to do some self-soothing. This can look like solo walks, journaling, gentle baths, meditation, candle-lit evenings, and cuddling up with a pet.

Forgive Them

While it’s easier said than done, you must find it in yourself to forgive your soul tie. Remember that forgiveness is more about you than them and that by allowing yourself to forgive, you rid yourself of unfair burdens. You will find it difficult to move on with your life if you hold onto resentment, so release your soul tie with love and find it within yourself to let it all go. Talk-therapy or journaling can be helpful practices to allow you to heal and forgive.

When Breaking a Soul Tie Doesn’t Work

The majority of soul ties can be broken by going no contact and performing a cord cutting ceremony. But, there are some soul ties that have more weight to them due to karmic debts or contracts made before incarnation. For instance, you’ll have trouble severing a soul tie if an important part of your spiritual development is meant to come from it.

This is especially the case when there’s karmic debt, which I most often see between parents and children. When there’s karma owed, it’s nearly impossible to break the tie until the karma has been cleared. That’s where focusing on your own inner healing becomes imperative for accelerating spiritual development or karmic rebalancing.

However, this can be easier said than done when you don’t know where to start. That’s when the guidance of a psychic or spiritual guide becomes invaluable after you’ve exhausted all other resources. A credible advisor will be able to identify the karma or contract, tell you its purpose, and provide practical steps for you to work on.

Best Sites for Psychic Readings

1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Understanding Soul Ties

California Psychics

  • 350+ psychics available
  • Offer of $1, $2, or $4/min
  • Karma rewards program
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Chat & call readings

California Psychics is my top choice for guidance on soul ties because it has trustworthy readers. For instance, Pillar is an experienced spiritual advisor on California Psychics with over 20 years of experience and a 4.9 star rating. As a strong believer in free will, she’ll read into your soul tie with accuracy and present you with practical solutions.

I enjoy that you can browse for advisors on California Psychics with a particular style. There’s a category for inspirational, compassionate, and straightforward readers which will ensure you make a compatible choice. Getting vulnerable on your soul tie can be intimidating, so sorting your choices based on delivery style can take some of the nerves away.

While the regular rates on California Psychics can get up there, you can get affordable soul tie guidance with its karma rewards program. You’ll get a $20 credit, free Astrology report, gift on your birthday, earn points on purchases, and get up to 5% of points back on quarterly purchases. Its rewards program is helpful when you need continuous support.

Explore California Psychics

2. Purple Garden — Get Soul Tie Support With Its Journeys Feature

Purple Garden

  • 250+ advisors on site
  • $10 credit for your 1st session
  • 2% cashback program
  • Refunds available
  • Chat, call, & video sessions

Navigating soul ties can feel isolating and Purple Garden can offer you community support when you need it. The Journeys feature was designed to help you connect with others in similar situations with its thread board style layout. So, you can find others that are dealing with challenging soul ties and get recommendations on the best advisors to use.

I find the introduction videos on profiles useful to feel the energy of any potential readers. Using this feature allows you to see if you like their energy before opening up about your soul tie. Don’t underestimate how much your reader’s vibe can make or break your experience and satisfaction with their advice on your situation.

Although Purple Garden’s search filters are limited, it makes up for this with its variety of reading types. It’s one of the only psychic sites that offers chat, call, and video sessions. A video session could be ideal for more sensitive topics like soul ties because it helps you feel a greater bond to your reader.

Explore Purple Garden

3. Keen — Connect To Psychics With Specialized Spiritual Skills

Best Sites for Psychic Readings

  • 250+ psychic readers
  • $1 for your first 5 mins
  • Keen rewards
  • $25 in Keen credits for refunds
  • Chat & call reading types

Keen is a solid option for tailored insights on your soul tie. Many readers in the Spiritual category are experienced Soulmate and Twinflame specialists. In addition, advisors like Prophetic Consciousness have a variety of psychic gifts like prophecy and clairvoyance which can bring powerful, clear answers about your soul tie.

I appreciate that Keen allows you to contact psychics prior to booking with its mail feature. You can get in touch with any potential options if you’re unsure of their expertise with soul ties. That way, you can avoid wasting any of your energy on incompatible options and get the guidance you need.

And even if you connect with an inexperienced reader, Keen offers refunds in credits for up to $25. Although you get a refund back to your original payment method, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on inaccurate soul tie advice. On Keen, you can reconnect with another soul tie expert using the credits and still receive support.

Explore Keen

FAQs on Soul Ties

Are soul ties good or bad?

Soul ties are neutral rather than inherently good or bad. That’s because at the end of the day, even the “bad” soul ties serve some kind of purpose, whether a reminder of our own strength or a lesson of our worth. And even at that, not all soul ties are the same so they can’t be categorized as inherently good or bad.

While it’s true that some soul ties may have harsher lessons attached to them, others can be wonderful. It really just depends on the individual and the kinds of contracts chosen before or during incarnation. Try to be conscious of the agreements you enter, whether big or small, because you may create a soul tie without realizing.

One of the major pros of having a soul tie is that it allows you to experience an otherworldly bond with another person. It’s one of the most comforting feelings you can have, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be cons to having them. Some soul ties can become draining and toxic and keep you stagnant. And once you cut the soul tie off, you can be left with a lingering feeling like you’re missing something and compare your future relationships to it.

Can soul ties be one sided?

Absolutely, soul ties can be one sided and lead to toxicity. This typically happens when one person becomes codependent or obsessive and the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Perhaps the person with the unhealthy attachment felt some type of connection that wasn’t felt by the other, but they still latched on to the individual’s energy and created a soul tie.

When this situation arises, it’s important to break the soul tie so that the toxic individual can’t access the other’s energy. When there’s a one-sided soul tie the person that’s being latched onto can feel drained, anxious, or agitated because they’re being spiritually tugged on. That’s when it becomes imperative to cut contact and break the energetic cord.

Why are soul ties hard to break?

Soul ties can be hard to break for a multitude of reasons. But, the most common reason is because when you form a spiritual bond with someone it’s not easy to let it go. So, many people will self-sabotage and circle back to unhealthy soul ties because it’s easier than walking away.

That said, sometimes soul ties are hard to break because there’s karma involved. If you try to break a soul tie with someone you have unfinished karma with, the universe may interfere until you finalize it. This could be because you both agreed to clear the karmic debt in this lifetime so you could free yourselves from it in future lives.

What happens after breaking a soul tie?

Breaking a soul tie can lead to a range of emotional, psychological, and even spiritual experiences. The reactions can vary widely depending on the nature of the soul tie and whether it was a negative or positive experience. For example, in a negative one you may feel a lifting of heaviness after ending the soul tie. After a positive one ends, you can feel grief.

It’s a good idea to get professional and credible assistance if you’re having a hard time after breaking a soul tie. After all, breaking a soul tie is a deeply personal and often complex process, and the experiences afterward can be equally varied and profound. Expect growth, healing, and transformation, although it might also include emotional ups and downs.

Bottom Line

Experiencing a positive soul tie can be one of the most fulfilling and spiritual experiences you can have. Soul ties can be a great source of inspiration and support along your path, making them that much more special. But, just like any human or spiritual dynamic, soul ties aren’t immune to complications and sometimes breaking them is what’s best.

The truth is that breaking away from a soul tie, even if it’s toxic, isn’t always an easy decision. However, getting support from a genuine psychic on California Psychics can make a difference. Consider chatting with one when you need the extra support since they’re some of the most gifted online guides I’ve found.

In summary, these are the best sites for psychic readings…

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Read Review Visit Website

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