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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 27, 2022

Effective Full Moon Rituals for Manifesting

Effective Full Moon Rituals for Manifesting

Lunar energy is at its most powerful when there is a full moon, so harnessing this power can have bountiful effects. When the moon is full, there is a culmination of energy that has built up between the new moon and the point where it reaches its peak.

Manifestation is one of the most effective spiritual tools for creating the destiny you desire and there are a number of rituals you can try during a full moon that can enhance the results.

Full Moon Rituals for Manifesting That Really Work

Before performing any of these rituals, you’ll need to decide on your intentions – in other words, what are you trying to manifest? Now that you know what you’re trying to manifest, you have a focus during your ritual.

1. Create a Sigil

Sigils are a physical representation of what you’re trying to manifest. You can create a symbol of your intention and charge it with the energy of the full moon using the steps below:

  • Write out your intention (e.g.: Financial abundance is coming my way)
  • Remove any recurring letters to see what you are left with (F I N A C L B U D E S O M G Y W)
  • Remove the vowels (F N C L B D S M G Y W)
  • Design a symbol that incorporates these letters by merging and overlapping them until you have a semblance of a sigil.
  • Charge your sigil by doing any activity that draws in positive energy while you focus on your intention, like dancing, chanting, or meditating.
  • Tear up the paper with your sigil once you’ve finished your ritual as it now lives on in your spirit.

2. Create an Affirmation

Intentions are quite different from affirmations. Intentions are what you are trying to receive (e.g.: financial abundance). Affirmations, on the other hand, are phrases that you repeat to attract your intention. For example: I deserve financial blessings or I am destined for wealth.

You can also create an affirmation that wards off negative energy. For example: I relinquish any limiting behaviors or I am no longer a slave to my debt.

It’s important that you decide on these affirmations on the night of the full moon so that they are able to receive its magnificent power. You’ll then need to repeat these affirmations to yourself over the next two weeks.

3. Charge Your Crystals

Crystals are extremely powerful manifestation tools and by charging them in the moonlight, you’re doubling your chances of receiving your intention.

Ideally, your crystals should be left outside to receive moonlight, but, if you’re concerned they might be damaged by rain or the elements, you can also leave them overnight on the windowsill. Before leaving the crystals in place, fill them with your intention by holding them and focusing on what you are trying to receive.

4. Make Full Moon Water

While moon water has potent properties when made during most phases of the moon, full moon water is exceptionally powerful. There are many easy ways to make moon water, but the simplest would be to place a bowl of fresh, clean water directly in the moonlight while showering it with your intention. Then, drink your charged moon water the next morning while repeating your affirmations.

5. Do a Full Moon Dance

This can be done with or without music. If you’re someone who feels a natural beat drumming within you, then simply find a position under the direct moonlight and move your body to the rhythm you feel while channeling your intention. Be conscious of the power of the moon as you move and allow its energy to radiate through you.

Work with a Life Path Psychic

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2. Devyn


Devyn is exceptionally spiritually gifted, so much so that she doesn’t make use of any tools to perform her readings. She can give you helpful tips on manifestation by drawing on her decades of experience and natural abilities.

Devyn is guided by cosmic energy she receives from the supernatural realm. She is able to deduce whether her guidance is on the right track by relying on feelings from the universe itself.

3. Ciarra


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4. Warren


Warren performs his readings by taking a deep look into his clients’ energy and karma. He has performed almost 10,000 readings to date, guiding people on manifesting their dreams.

Warren is a clairvoyant, empath, and dream analyst, and uses these tools to perform accurate, insightful readings. His clients engage with him regularly because of how inspiring he is and how secure he makes them feel about their futures.

5. Peyton


Peyton is well-versed in all things spiritual and uses tarot, pendulum, and crystals to read the energy that surrounds you. She can also make use of her abilities as a natural-born medium to give you helpful tips on manifestation rituals.

She quips, “you have the power to choose an outcome that is best for you and your destiny,” which strongly speaks to her abilities and the experience she has guiding people along their life paths.

Bottom Line

Remember, you are in control of your destiny and have the ability to manifest the life you’re dreaming about.

The full moon is an exceedingly strong force of cosmic power and with the help of the right manifestation rituals and spiritual tools, you can easily harness its energy to bring your dreams to fruition.

If you still aren’t certain about the effectiveness of the rituals you’re performing, chatting to a life path psychic on California Psychics can be a game-changer.

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