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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 29, 2022

What Is Angel Healing? Here's What You Need to Know (2022)

What Is Angel Healing? Here's What You Need to Know (2022)

You might see angels as something mythical or biblical – but, in the psychic realm, angels are also put to use as energy healers. 

Think about it; psychic seers can sense angels’ presence, and they have an overwhelmingly positive energy – they’re shining constructs of unconditional love and light energy. 

And light energy, if you’re not totally clued up on your energy sources, is the most healing of all energy medicines. 

Angel healers are psychic readers that can restore your health across your mind, body and soul.

Here’s a quick guide to angel healing to get you in the know.

What are Angels?

Just like you might have remembered from the Bible or from folklore, angels are otherworldly, ascended souls that aren’t human or animal. 

Their sole purpose is to help us, the earthly beings and earth-grounded souls, to complete our missions – much like a psychic reader would provide a soul reading, to help your soul heal past wounds and traumatic events.

Once you have that angelic connection and ask an angel for angel healing or other type of help, the angel will come to your aid. Since angels are non-human, and exist on a higher plane of existence than we do, they never judge and will always help – even if you’ve acted in less than angelic way!


You might recall mentions of archangels in the Jewish Bible, New Testament or the Koran. These are guardian angels, and the ‘commanders in chief’ of the angels as a whole.

If you call for help from an archangel, you’ll likely get a whole crew of angels working to help you!

You might be amazed to learn that each archangel has an expertise, which is always handy to know a little more about if you’re looking for angel healing help with a specific issue:

  • Michael: a powerful protector and warrior. He’s a great angel to call on if you’re feeling fearful, or for cleaning dark energy. He specializes in helping you achieve your life’s purpose. 
  • Gabriel: a helper/messenger. He’s the angel to call if you’re looking for anything to do with communication – talking, singing, writing and even body language, or if you’re just looking to be more confident.
  • Raphael: he’s a jack of all trades. He’s the angel to call on for help if you need help with your love life, traveling, and healing – he heals more than just the physical.
  • Uriel: the counselor angel. He can help with clearing out toxic emotions, relationships and extreme weather or natural disasters.
  • Chamuel: another jack of several trades, Chamuel can help with romantic relationships and to clean out dark or negative energy, as well as life purpose-related issues and finding lost items.
  • Jophiel: with a more feminine-like energy than the other archangels, Jophiel can beautify and uplift any area of your life – your thoughts, physical space or otherwise.
  • Ariel: works with natural cycles and animals. Ariel is strong, dignified, and is never fazed. He works with nature’s spirits, pets, animals and the environment.
  • Haniel: another angel with a more feminine energy, Haniel taps into moon energy and intuition, and can help with clairvoyance, divine timing, love, companionship and connection – Haniel is associated with Venus.
  • Zadkiel: an angel to help with forgiving and releasing judgement and blame. He’s also a good angel to call if you’re looking to heal relationships, or forgive people (even yourself).
  • Metatron: believed to have had a human life before ascending to archangel status, he is God’s mediator to humans. He works with children, and is the holder of human records (the Akashic Records), he is also believed to be responsible for helping people cross over to the after-life.
  • Sandalphon: the brother of Metatron, and also believed to have had a human life prior to his archangel activities. He transports human prayer to God, working through music and is widely believed to be the Earth’s guardian. He is also said to determine an embryo’s gender, as well as fight against dark force and reestablish harmony.
  • Raziel: he assists with magic, manifestation and all things esoteric. He is the angel to call on if you’re struggling with complex information, or to improve your magical ability. He is reported to have written the book containing all of God’s knowledge, and passed it onto Adam and Eve.

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What Does Angel Energy Mean?

Angels, as otherworldly beings, are able to heal everything you need them to – from physical issues and wounds to emotional ones, or even spiritual ones!

Angels are made up of light energy, meaning they are always connected to the other realm – and so their ability to heal is limitless!

But, how do you actually bring that angel healing energy into your life? It’s simple: you just need to ask. 

Angels, like most other spiritual beings and other realm actors (see: my blog post on love spells) won’t ever interfere with your free will, meaning that if you want or need something – it’s up to you to ask for it.

What to Expect from Angel Healing

As to what you should actually expect from an angel healing once you’ve called an angel, it’s pretty subjective: most reports state that during the angel healing experience, you’ll experience a warm, tingling sensation either in specific parts of your body, or as a general all-over sensation.

Others report feeling a tingling in the Chakra responsible for your emotional wound. Some people say they experience a white/gold/silver light at the very corner of their eyes.

Of course, this is one of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences of any realm or time, and you should relax and enjoy it! In fact, you might even do just that – angel healing can even take place while you are asleep. 

Since you’re more open psychically and emotionally while you’re asleep (as your conscious mind is resting), your soul is much more active – this is why most people attempt astral projection just before they fall asleep, or after they wake up, because your soul is more in control of your physical body.

While sleeping, your soul is much more open and accepting of angel guidance, since your physical body isn’t attempting to block anything. Therefore, if you either have blocked Chakras, or an emotional issue, angel healing during your sleep is much more likely to be effective. Some people even report receiving angel healing in their sleep – complete with a cameo from one of the archangels themselves! 

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What Else Can Angel Healing Do?

Other than healing (it’s in the name), angel healers can also help you with guidance on your life’s destiny. 

Since angels have access to information that’s beyond our comprehension – about the past, present and future , and they aren’t restricted by the physical limitations of time and space like we are, they are often several places and times at once. 

They can see every detail about your life – past, present and future – and therefore give you accurate, helpful information and guidance – they’ve literally seen everything about you, and who you will become, so they know what they’re talking about.

Whether you’re a diehard psychic reading enthusiast, or a skeptic, I’m sure you can think back to at least one moment in your life where an angel has intervened with life-changing advice: maybe a career change, relationship change or otherwise, where something just seemed to have happened a little too perfectly? Perhaps in the guise of someone appearing just in the nick of time, offering advice and a new perspective on the situation at hand?

It could have been an angel, sent to show you the correct life path. Because if there’s one thing about angel healing you should know, it’s that angels appear in many forms – but always have solid, other worldly advice that you should follow.

Angel Healing Opens Your Mind, Chakras and More

Just as you’d expect to learn from any expert or person in a position of power and responsibility, angels – as higher beings living beyond our conscious sleeves – elevate your conscious mind with every interaction you have with them. 

Of course, any internal spiritual work you do really helps, whether that’s practicing yoga, meditation, or even honing your psychic reading abilities – can also help you become more wisened, open your Chakras and your mind in general.

I like to think of angel healing as an opportunity for other worldly guidance and support – and the angels have not failed me once yet! I highly suggest you try out angel energy healing too, and see where it can take you on your life journey.

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Angel Healing Can Help You On Your Spiritual Path

Since divine love radiates down via angel messengers, we should be open to and appreciative of every opportunity to bask in divine love and support that we have.

Angels’ sole purpose is to spread love and support, which they do via healing, guiding and sharing divine love with anyone who asks for it.

Once you’ve experienced an angel healing session, you might feel changed as a person; some people who’ve been lucky enough to have experienced angel healing report even hearing celestial music, as we have an all-encompassing feeling of the deepest love and inner light.

Angel healing can make you into a better, more spiritual person – by all accounts that I’ve seen and personally experienced, the feeling of being filled with such deep, divine love and acceptance is enough to change you as a person – I know it changed me.

Still, if you’re looking for further guidance on how to ask the angels for angel healing, or are interested in any other type of psychic reading, I highly recommend you get in touch with a medium, seer or other type of psychic reader who can help you ask for angel healing for yourself.

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Xeandra has been drawn to all things spiritual and divine from a young age. She spends a lot of time meditating and her real life experiences have given her special insights in understanding the power of the universe.