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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 30, 2022

5 Ways a Psychic Can Improve Your Love Life in 2022

5 Ways a Psychic Can Improve Your Love Life in 2022

With hookup culture being a reality, it’s near impossible to get a handle on relationships.

Even if you are already in a relationship, with social media and smartphones making your partner accessible 24/7, it’s easy to develop a new kind of anxiety when it comes to how secure you feel.

Psychics can take the question mark out of this equation, guiding you on where your relationship is headed, or whether a potential lover is truly right for you.

5 Ways a Psychic Can Improve Your Love Life

1. Stop Questioning Your Relationship

Realistically, our minds are truly what hold us back most in life. Too often we’re not convinced we deserve happiness, and as a result, we shy away from it. We ask questions like, “What if he doesn’t like me?” or “What if my family doesn’t approve of them?”.

A psychic will make you aware of all the positive aspects you bring to relationships, reassuring you of your worth, and making you feel more confident. The result? More confidence in your existing or future relationships.

2. Confidence to Make the First Move

Making the first move can be really difficult. Nobody wants to be rejected and sometimes it seems better to admire someone from afar than to engage with them. Unfortunately, you’ll never find a loving relationship with this attitude, so you’ll need to overcome it.

A psychic will guide you on the best ways to approach someone you’re interested in based on the energies they pick up on.

3. Be a Better Partner

Relationships are not all sunshine and roses. It can take months, or even years, to get to know someone’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. If you really love someone but you find yourself fighting over the same things time and time again, it’s definitely time to speak to a psychic.

A psychic is able to give you supernatural guidance on how to overcome your relationship’s difficulties based on the current energy of your partnership and the people involved.

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4. Get Rid of Toxic Traits

Sometimes, facing your own demons is the only way to be a better partner. But that’s far easier said than done.

By working with a psychic, you can learn more about the traits that are holding you back and preventing you from attracting and maintaining positive romantic relationships. You may even discover toxic traits you weren’t aware of.

5. Heal from Heartbreak

We all want our relationships to work out, but when they fall apart, we’re not always equipped to deal with the aftermath. If you’ve spent weeks or months trying to get over a failed relationship, a psychic can help speed up the healing process.

A psychic can give you more insights into why the relationship ended, giving you some much-needed closure.

What to Expect During a Psychic Love Reading

Provided you have realistic expectations, a psychic can provide you with detailed information on your love life.

Before your reading, take a few moments to calm and clear your mind. This makes it easier for your psychic to tune into your energy and that of your partner. The tools that are used during your love reading depend on the psychic you’ve chosen. Some psychics use anything from tarot decks to crystals to provide guidance. Others simply use their natural gifts to channel messages from their guides and the universe.

You never have to provide your psychic with too much information for them to read your energy and tap into your specific situation – they’re able to do this naturally. It’s also recommended that you prepare a few questions related to your love life before your reading behind. Keep these questions open ended to receive the most detailed guidance.

In terms of just how detailed your reading will be, remember that your psychic won’t always be able to give you specifics such as the exact time you will meet your next partner and what their name is. They can, however, provide you with a general timeline and tell you more about what your next partner might look like.

It’s important to remember that your psychic is going to tell you what they pick up on – the rest is up to you. You are always in charge of the destiny of your love life.

Top Love Psychics on Psychic Source

1. Angela


With a whopping 51 years of experience under her belt, Angela is Psychic Source’s top love specialist. She can do a reading in English or Spanish and uses her gifts in conjunction with tools like crystals and reiki to help you tackle your relationship struggles. However, these are just icing on the cake since Angela is able to give you love life guidance even without the use of spiritual tools.

Almost 1000 of Angela’s clients have endorsed her love reading capabilities, so she can definitely give you a push in the right direction..

2. Ramona


Ramona comes from a strong line of psychic women with an affinity to tarot readings. She began at the age of 14 but has been doing professional love readings for the last five years. She has a sympathetic reading style and can use her intuition and empath skills to give your love life the boost it needs.

Her reviews will give you an idea of how caring she is when dealing with each and every customer.

3. Rachelle


Rachelle has special gifts of clairaudience and energy healing that she uses to revive people’s love lives. She uses tarot and angel cards to get guidance from the universe on how you can improve your love life. Her clients continually comment on how perceptive she is and she even has special tools to help you with anxious moments you may experience after your call.

She is knowledgeable, and her readings are backed with 15 years of experience to ensure that every minute you spend speaking to her is worthwhile.

4. Millicent


Millicent may be pricier than most psychics on Psychic Source, but her gifts of clairsentience and intuition make her love readings worth every minute. She uses tarot, reiki, and crystals to bring healing to your relationships and guide you down the right path.

Millicent’s clients love her compassionate nature and have commented on how special her empath abilities truly are since she is able to pick up on things with complete ease even when she doesn’t have much background information. She will definitely be able to help usher you out of a dating rut.

5. Bridgette


Bridgette is the ultimate love specialist. Even though she uses no tools at all to perform her readings, her clients have boasted about how accurately she was able to guide them. She is not pretentious in her abilities, and will never lie about what energy she is receiving simply to appease you as her client.

She is also available on video chat so she can read your energy a lot easier and give you the best advice on your love life possible.

Bottom Line

Most of the time, none of us have a clue where our love lives are headed, and often reality can be so different from what we want it to be. The easiest way to get ahead of the game is to consult with someone who can provide you with in-depth guidance directly from Spirit.

You’ll have a real advantage when it comes to winning over the person you like or moving your existing relationship in a positive direction if you speak to a psychic.

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