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How to Astral Project in 7 Easy Steps - Ultimate Guide for 2024

How to Astral Project in 7 Easy Steps - Ultimate Guide for 2024

The human race has been astral projecting since the dawn of time itself. It’s exciting, but before you get started you need to know how to achieve it and how to do it safely.

Anyone who wants to can learn how to astral project, all it takes is some practice. Here’s my quick, safe, and easy guide to unlocking the art of astral projection. I recommend you seek guidance from a professional if you’re looking for further spiritual awakening.

If you’re looking for an advisor you can trust, Kasamba is the best psychic site for helping you with astral projection. It has over 20 experts that you can connect with to learn more about how to astral project. As a bonus, it offers a free 3 minute reading with up to 3 new psychics.

How to Astral Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lots of people know that astral projection is a soul-enriching experience, but knowing how to do it, and how to do it safely, is a whole other matter. While it’s something that naturally occurs while we are asleep, it’s still challenging to try it deliberately, especially the first few times.

Learning the exact steps to take and things to be aware of is a great place to start. By following this guide, and regular practice, you will soon be feeling the exhilaration of astral travel.

Step 1: Say Your Affirmations

As with most spiritual practices, you should begin with setting your intentions, saying a prayer asking for divine protection, and using some affirmations. You could try:

“I will be able to astral project”
“I am able to astral project safely”
“After I return to my body, I will have greater awareness and understanding of … “

Step 2: Enter Your Hypnotic State

Lie down, get comfortable, breathe deeply, and release tension. Let yourself sink deeply into relaxation and try not to think about the hows, just focus on getting into the right state of being.

I’ll also say that I find it much easier to prepare myself for astral projection while I’m alone in the room. Try to create a calm environment – close the curtains, make sure there are no distractions outside (noises, light), or even put on some relaxing music to help you create the right mood.

This step requires a lot of patience and training. I personally use mindful breathing to ensure I get to my hypnotic state just after I wake up, as this allows me to be in the right energetic balance without being too alert.

Step 3: Lean Into the Sensations

Once you’re comfortable in your hypnotic state, attempt moving your body without physically moving. Once you are able to mentally move parts of your body, you might start to feel some interesting sensations. You might feel heavy, numb, or tingly, or hear buzzing or rushing sounds.

Personally, I feel some vibrations, as well as start to see a golden, shimmering aura. The first time you see or feel these sensations, it can be a little scary, but there really is nothing to fear. This is just the soul starting to release from the physical realm and your body. So lie back, enjoy it, and then try to control the frequency of the vibrations. It will take some getting used to, but soon you should even be able to start and stop the vibrations at will.

Step 4: Leave Your Body

Once you can control your vibrations, simply imagine your soul rising up from your body and walking to the other side of the room. For me, this was the longest part of the process.

A good way to start is to astral project parts of your body such as raising a leg or moving an arm. Next, make your soul sit up from your body and then stand up. If that doesn’t work, you could try to roll out sideways.

If all goes well, you should now feel your consciousness as completely separate from your body. This part can be slightly alarming at first, but you’ll get used to it very quickly.

Step 5: Notice Your Silver Cord

Once you start astral projection, you’ll notice a fine, silver cord connecting your body and your soul. This is like an anchor, keeping your soul tethered to your body, so they won’t be separated while you astral project. This cord cannot be damaged or broken.

The first few times you successfully astral project, try to notice how your silver cord feels, and where it is, so you can always be certain that you’ll find your way back to your body.

Step 6: Go Exploring

Start small.I personally started by exploring other rooms in my house, then the area around my house, my neighborhood, and then I ventured further afield.

You could also check out objects you might have missed on the physical plane – notice the small details like color, shape, and size. and any imperfections. You’ll be amazed at how it seems different while astral projecting.

You might also want to keep a notebook handy for when you come back, to write down what you saw, felt, and experienced.

Step 7: Come Back

Once you’re done exploring around, it is time to return to your body. In the astral plane, all you have to do is think of returning and your silver cord ensures you can always get back safely.

You should practice this step a few times before you go off anywhere. Your soul should slot back into your body very quickly and easily, I feel it like a magnet connecting. Once you re-enter your body, you can physically wiggle your fingers and toes to make sure you’re fully back in your body.

If you’re nervous to go it alone, you can contact one of these professional psychics.

Exciting Astral Projection Things to Try

Astral Sex

Once you’re an accomplished total projector, tell your partner or significant other to learn to astral project as well. Astral sex in the 5D is entirely possible, and reports state that it is mindblowing, as your souls are literally connecting.

Astral Healing

Astral healing is rumored to be very powerful. Once you’re astral projecting, envision the sick person you’d like to heal. Even if they’re not physically in that location, it doesn’t matter, as earthly matters such as time and distance are irrelevant on the astral plane.

Focus on gathering positive and healing energy, and foster that healing power in your astral hands. Put one hand on their forehead and abdomen, and let your healing light enter them.

Concentrate on the flow of energy, and feel the unconditional love and healing energy for the person.

Access the Akashic Records

Eventually, you will be able to travel with consciousness and access enhanced knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. The Akashic records are a compendium of knowledge in the non-physical realm, where you can access the knowledge of past lives and your soul’s journey.

Clarify your intention and your question before you start, for example, “what job did I have in a former life?” Say a protective prayer and ask to be granted access to the Akashic Records.

As you travel astrally, introduce yourself to anyone you encounter and repeat your question. They may be a guide or keeper of the records who can help you. Be open to the ways you might receive the information and keep a pen by your bed to immediately note things down afterward such as signs, smells, or objects. It might not make sense at first but keep at it.

Explore Outer Space

Once you’re comfortable with astral projecting to the earthly plane, it’s time to think bigger: the universe.

I like to build extra protection before my astral projections and explorations: imagine a soft glowing light – kind of like the golden aura I mentioned earlier – that envelops your soul and protects you.

This is your soul’s shield, and it will keep you safe, no matter what you encounter. You can now safely explore the universe.

Safe Astral Projection: What You Need to Know

Astral projection is one of the most amazing, literally out-of-this-world experiences that anyone can train themselves to experience. However, there are certain aspects you need to be aware of and avoid:

Harmful Spirits and Dark Forces

As a conscious being, you are usually unaware of the forces of evil surrounding the everyday plane of existence. As an astrally projected soul, you are coming into the same plane of existence as these potentially harmful entities and forces.

Keep your protective shield around you, and avoid these when possible (you’ll know these harmful spirits when you see them – they appear differently for every astral explorer). Keep focused, and keep yourself protected with a bubble of light, and you’ll stay out of harm’s way.

It is important to remember that no entity in the astral plane can hurt you physically, but they might try to do other things like drain you of your energy.

Breathing Trouble

Something that a lot of astral explorers experience during their initial process of astral projection is difficulty in breathing. This is a little frightening, but perfectly normal. It’s your physical body’s way of expressing shock at your soul’s attempt to separate itself.
You are not in any physical danger, your body is just trying to reassure itself while your soul is in the initial process of separation. Try to reassure yourself that you are ok.

Inability to Return

I mentioned earlier to take notice of your silver anchor cord as it prevents you from getting lost or trapped outside your body. While I’ve personally never heard reports of souls being unable to return (and we’d never hear of these incidents, as there would be no physical way to do so), it’s certainly not an impossibility.

Keep focused on and aware of your anchor cord while astral projecting, to ensure your body and soul remain connected and your soul can return to your body at any time.

Physical Death

The concept suggests that if your soul detaches, your body could perish, even though this situation is quite improbable. The sole method you might be injured is if another person invades the room where your body resides and damages it. Guarantee that you are in a secure location prior to initiating astral projection.

Tips on Astral Projection

1. Prepare

When considering astral projection, the optimal practice time truly depends on individual preference. You are free to perform this activity at any moment throughout the day. To find the period when you feel most connected to your trance condition, it is suggested to experiment with various times.

Also, I would like to mention that I find it significantly simpler to ready myself for astral projection when I’m in solitude. There’s a certain interference with my aura when another’s energy surrounds mine. Strive to establish a serene environment, draw the curtains, ensure there are no external distractions (sounds, light), and consider playing soothing music to help establish the appropriate ambiance.

2. Keep Trying

Should you not achieve success initially, don’t surrender to despair. It may take a while to gain control over these feelings and to conquer innate fears. The most difficult stage is getting past the initial tremors, so reassure yourself of your security and welcome the experience.

Starting astral projection can sometimes induce fear, making you prematurely return to your body. This is common during the first few attempts and overcoming this will take time and practice. If this happens, it’s advisable to stop the session and try again the next day. It’s crucial to avoid pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

3. Use Crystals

Astral projectors are inclined to use quartz crystals as a tool to boost their protective measures and control the vibration frequencies. The initial step involves placing the crystal on your third eye, softly closing your eyes, and focusing on deep breaths. Visualize the crystal producing a soft glow that assists in clearing your mind.

You can also hold the crystal in your hand, or place it on your chest or abdomen. It will help keep you safe and protected.

Best Psychic Sites to Help You With Astral Projection (Updated 2024)

1. Kasamba – Best Overall Psychic Site for Getting Help With Astral Projection

Editor's Choice
Career Reading
Career Reading
Energy Work
Energy Work
  • Over 20 astral projection specialists available
  • Readings available by email, live chat, or phone call
  • Offers personalized guidance in astral projection, self-hypnosis, and spiritual matters
  • “Notify me” button for alerts of psychic availability
  • First 3 minutes free with up to 3 new psychics

Kasamba is the best option for astral projection with just over 20 astral projection experts you can contact for help. On top of allowing you to filter your search for astral projection guidance, you can also look for spiritual advisors and dream analyzers so you can find the right help for you.

Psychic Miss DeBeers is a top-rated astral projection specialist on Kasamba, and she specializes in guiding people in astral projection and self-hypnosis. I was happy to see many psychics on Kasamaba offer meditation advice, as getting into your hypnotic state is an integral step in exploring the astral plane.

Unfortunately, most of the times I checked the site it seemed all of the psychics were unavailable. However, Kasamba allows you to sign up for notifications when the psychic you’re interested in becomes available.

You get 3 free minutes as a new customer with up to 3 new psychics. You can contact psychics by call or online chat, whichever one you’re more comfortable with. Email readings are also available if you need an offline reading, but it does depend on the psychic.

2. Keen – Complementary Resources for Spiritual and Astral Projection Guidance

Aura Reading
Aura Reading
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balancing
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball
Love Reading
Love Reading
  • Over 300 spiritual advisors available
  • Readings available by call or chat
  • Lots of free spiritual content on astral projection and meditation
  • “Find a Psychic” tool for easier filtering
  • First 5 minutes $1

Keen offers several free articles and guides to teach you about astral projection, mediation, and other spiritual matters. I especially loved Keen’s articles on spirituality and steps to mindfulness, as self-reflection is essential to beginning your astral projection journey.

Sadly, Keen doesn’t have many advisors who specialize in just astral projection. Instead, it has many psychics who offer spiritual guidance on various topics. Despite this, I didn’t have an issue finding a psychic who could still help me with my astral projection queries.

To make it easier to search through the site, Keen offers a “Find a Psychic” tool. I tested out the filtering tool and narrowed down my search from over 300 spiritual guides to just 120. One of the filter choices is availability, which is great if you’re looking for immediate assistance.

Once you find your chosen advisor Keen offers you 5 minutes for $1. You can contact your chosen psychic by call or chat, and there’s even a satisfaction guarantee if you’re not totally happy with your reading.

3. Mysticsense – Great Range of Spiritual Advisors to Help You With Astral Projection

Career Reading
Career Reading
Crystal Ball
Crystal Ball
Life Questions
Life Questions
Love Reading
Love Reading
  • Almost 600 spiritual advisors available
  • Readings available by call, chat, or video
  • Offers spiritual, meditation, and dream guidance
  • Free articles on astral projection and meditation
  • Get 5 minutes for free

Mysticsense has a phenomenal range of spiritual advisors to help you with your astral projection. The site can be overwhelming with over 600 advisors in spiritual matters alone, but Mysticsense does come with a filter system. Search options include category, availability, special tags like highly rated, and tools or reading style.

The downside of Mysticsense is that, like Keen, it doesn’t have many advisors who specialize in astral projection. However, I found that Mysticsense’s spiritual advisors have plenty of experience in meditation and dream interpretation.

It offers chat, phone calls, and some of them even do video readings, so you can connect with your psychic in whichever way you prefer. New users get the first 5 minutes free, and there are pretty competitive rates from just $1 minute, which is cheaper than many other sites offer.

FAQs on Astral Projection

How can astral projection benefit me?

Astral projection is one of the best tools for high-level spiritual growth and awareness. You can even overcome your fear of death, as you discover there is an infinite essence to your soul and endless layers and dimensions to the universe that you can explore.

You can access information that can help you on your journey in life, and even meet soul family or other beings who can help you. You can heal yourself, and others, and have other-worldly experiences that expand your knowledge, raise your vibration, and help you ascend spiritually. As an added bonus, there are other fun things to try once you’re feeling confident enough.

Is astral projection the same as sleep paralysis?

Astral projection does feel similar to sleep paralysis, especially the vibrations which grow stronger, but sleep paralysis is scary, unpleasant, and usually unwelcome.

Astral projection is an exciting and positive experience. However, it’s still possible to run into a few troubles from scary beings when you’re astral projecting. Check these tips for advice on protecting yourself from negative energy.

What if I can’t astral project?

If you can’t astral project, there are several more tips you can try. Remember that just because a common method doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean you’re incapable of astral projecting.

Here are some unique methods you can try the next time you’re attempting to astral project:

  • Listen to relaxing binaural beats. Experiment with different frequencies to find the right one for you.
  • Use the “golden rope” technique. Imagine a spiritual rope that you can use to pull your soul up and out.
  • Visualize a mental dot. “Move” the dot up and down, and as it does so feel your vibrations ebb and flow.

It can take some patience and practice to find which technique works best for you. If you’re still having trouble, try going right back to the beginning and follow these basic steps. Experiment a little and you will be astral projecting before you know it.

Bottom Line

Astral projection is an absolutely amazing experience, but it should be carried out properly. There are a few dangers to astral projection, such as negative energies, so you should make sure to follow these steps for safety.

If you’re interested in taking your astral projection skills to the next level, you should consult a specialist to guide you. I recommend Kasamba as the best site to find an astral projection expert. Plus, you get 3 minutes with up to 3 new psychics.

To summarize, the best sites to help you with astral projection are…

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