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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On February 01, 2023

How to Make a Love Spell That Works (Updated for 2023)

How to Make a Love Spell That Works (Updated for 2023)

Love and relationships are tricky ones, and even more so if the person of your dreams just doesn’t notice you, or worse – doesn’t want to be with you.

When it comes to love spells, there’s a very clear marker of success…and that is whether or not the object of your affection falls in love with you.

I’m here to run you through the quick, easy and free method of preparation for you to cast a love spell that works.

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Steps for Casting Love Spells That Work

Step 1: Focus and Choose a Goal

The first thing with finding a love spell that works is knowing what it is that you want to work. There are several and goal options for you –

  • Getting someone to think about you (and fall in love with you)
  • Visualizing someone to appear (in your life and then fall in love with you)
  • Getting someone to fall in love with you (although this has a much more intense preparation and process)

Think hard here – and although the most obvious end goal is to have someone fall in love with you, if you really honestly ask yourself about it, you’d probably much rather that the ‘falling in love’ part come naturally after either visualizing a person appearing, or making them think about you.

Love spells are not to be taken lightly, and neither is falling in love – I like to think of ‘love spells that work’ as a spell that facilitates the end goal – falling in love – rather than being the direct cause of it.

Step 2: Understand the No-Nos of Love Spells That Work

Maybe you’ve heard this before, and maybe you haven’t but I’ll say it again in any case:

You should only cast spells on yourself, not on another person.

While you are in total control of your own free will, the object of your affection (and love spell) also has their own free will. You cannot, and shouldn’t try to manipulate their free will to match your own decisions.

With trying to work out if a love spell has worked, you might be disappointed if the results aren’t exactly what you had expected. It’s fine if they aren’t – all it means is, your love spell has worked, but there’s only so much that the realm can influence over someone else’s free will – they are still a thinking, willing person, after all!

Step 3: Prepare Your Spell Casting

Run through the list of the things you’ll need for your love spell, whether that’s rose petals, vanilla essence, a personal object from your intended’s belongings or otherwise – you don’t want to be ready to cast your love spell, only to find you’re missing something important!

Then, it’s time to set up your spell-casting area. I recommend checking what the love spell requires, and either finding a suitable place or adapting one for what you need (for example if it calls for an outside venue near water, and you don’t live near a beach, find another body of water instead).

Once you’ve settled on a place where you intend to cast the spell, cleanse the area: remove any distracting objects, or anything which will interfere with your aura’s or the room’s aura. If you can’t physically remove something that might bother you (for example, a large tree), turn your back on it so it’s not in your line of vision.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Think that a love spell works as a one and done deal? Not quite!

The best love spells that work are ones that are repeated, so make sure you’re stocked up with the things you need! The most successful love spells are repeated daily, and are accompanied by a healthy mind and body – so make sure you look after yourself.

Building your daily love spell into a ritual will definitely help the other realm in carrying it to actuality.

Step 5: Quick Tips to Make Your Love Spell Work

Having said all of the above, there are a few easy ways to try and help the other realm make your love spell goal manifest quicker. Here are just a few things that I’ve personally tried, and have found to have helped make my own love spells work:

  • Focus your mind. A clear mind means a clear goal, which means a clear outcome – how can you expect a love spell to work if you weren’t sure what the goal was when starting? You won’t be able to know if you achieved your goal, if the goal wasn’t there in the first place!
  • Stay positive: the universe loves good energy (who doesn’t?) and will actually help you along with your goal if you feed it the good energy too. Keeping your mind relaxed, sending out that positive energy and then asking the universe for something will help you to achieve your desired end result.
  • Visualization and manifestation – if you ever thought about something super hard, and then it happens, then congratulations – you’ve visualized and manifested something! There’s a reason for this – and it might just be that the energy you’re putting out to the universe is helping you!
  • Meditation – with the same type of energy as visualization, meditation is a powerful tool: done right, this can sync two peoples’ minds together. Therefore meditating about the person you want to fall in love with can work wonders. Another tip from me – really give the meditation your all. Focus on your intended person, and think about them deeply – their personality, their looks and how they make you feel, how they act around you,. It’s always best to keep your meditation area free of distractions, or it’ll be tough to focus.

When it comes to love spells that work, the key takeaway is to keep repeating the love spell and make it into a ritual; the universe will take notice and act on your energy only if you keep putting it out there, after all.

Think of your love spell as like a sheet of paper. Every time you cast your love spell, you’re adding another sheet of paper to your pile. Once you have enough paper, the pile becomes noticeable – and that’s why you need to keep doing it!

Still, if you’re looking for a love spell that works, and don’t have the patience, time or just want to know it’s been done properly, you could also consult with a Love and Relationships psychic on your behalf, or even get them to help you and guide you in casting a love spell that works!

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Working with a Love and Relationships Psychic

Just as with anything in life, it’s sometimes easier to ask for an expert opinion.

With love and relationships psychics, there are so many options: whether you’d like to use certain tools, such as tarot cards or eastern mysticism techniques, I can guarantee you’ll find a psychic who will be happy to help.

After all, if you personally don’t have the gift of the third eye (and I don’t, as sad as it makes me), you can get a very real and quick shortcut to the other realm’s activities by going to someone who does.

Psychics come in all sorts, and have different energies and ways of connecting to the universe. While one might prefer using numerology to help you read and cast a love spell that works, another might simply prefer to sit and read your aura, or try to connect with your intended person’s soul.

There’s so much variety, that it’s really worth checking out all of your available options.

Speak to a Love Psychic

Finding a Love and Relationship Psychic for you

No two love and relationship psychics are the same, and no two psychic reading websites are the same! If you’re interested in having a love and relationship psychic cast you a love spell that works, here’s what I recommend you do:

  • Compare a few psychic reading websites, and see the type of pricing, psychics available and look and feel of each site. I’ve actually helped you out here – I’ve reviewed over a dozen psychics reading websites and have written very in-depth reviews of everything you’ll need to know, from how their introductory offers are, to the kind of range of psychics on offer.
  • Survey a few of the psychics on offer. It might take you a while to click with one specifically, but on most of the psychic reading sites you can filter down psychics in a few ways. Seeing what you’re left with and reading their psychics bios (and seeing if you can connect with them through that) can really get you most of the way towards finding the right love and relationship psychic for you.
  • Set your budget and stick to it. Most psychic reading sites offer you either free introductory minutes (like Kasamba and Keen Psychics) or discount their psychic prices per minute to $1 (like California Psychics and Psychic Source), but even with discounted prices, calls can quickly add up, especially if you want to hear everything you’ve asked about. Always set yourself a budget that you don’t want to go over, and give a little bit of time at the beginning to find the right psychic for you – otherwise testing out a few could get a bit on the pricey side!

Have Faith, and Cast Love Spells That Work

While some love spells might work instantly, there are so many factors at play when casting one that sometimes it is easier just to get an expert to help you – in this case, a love and relationship psychic specialist on a site such as California Psychics.

If you want to find and cast love spells that work however, they can also advise you.

Personally, however, the best advice I can give you? Meditate on the person you’re interested in, and visualize them – I personally feel that the end goal of a love spell that works should never be to have someone fall in love with you, but instead help your love along.

Rather, any love spell that works should be a conduit to helping that person fall in love with you so your love spell might make that person think of you or appear before you…and then fall in love with you as a result.

About the author
Ben is a dedicated fan of all things mystical including psychic and tarot card readings. He enjoys practicing yoga, meditating, and reading up on all things sci-fi and otherworldly.