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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On June 06, 2023

How to Open Your Third Eye in 8 Steps (2023) — Quick & Easy

How to Open Your Third Eye in 8 Steps (2023) — Quick & Easy

Opening your third eye (Ajna chakra or pineal gland) lets you attain a higher state of consciousness and view other realms. This can considerably improve your mental clarity and decision-making abilities. Unfortunately, most people often struggle with opening their third eye because they don’t understand how it works.

This is why I’ve put together a detailed guide that makes it easy to open your third eye quickly. I’ve also included tips to make your chakra healing journey less painful. But if you still struggle or want to save time, you can speak to a gifted chakra healer on California Psychics for $1 per minute.

Open Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third Eye in 7 Easy Steps

1. Locate Your Third Eye Chakra

Take your index finger and touch the point between your two eyes, right above the bridge of your nose. This is the location of your third eye chakra, which is part of the forefront of your brain.

People often struggle to locate their third eye because they are not in touch with the correct chakra. Touching this point with a finger helps you visualize the proper chakra and makes it easier to open your third eye.

2. Find a Silent Place and Meditate

Set up in a comfortable space that is free from distractions. This can be indoors or outdoors, as long as it’s quiet. Finding a calm place lets you focus your thoughts and clear your mind, so take a step back and let the thoughts and images roll in.

If you find it difficult to meditate or focus, it could be a sign that your third eye chakra is blocked. Luckily, you don’t have to consult an expert psychic or yogi to unblock your chakras. Instead, you can participate in an interactive course on Mindvalley that shows you how to clear your chakras.

3. Sit Correctly but Comfortably

The mind-body connection is essential for opening your third eye, so you must sit comfortably in the correct position. Most people (myself included) find it easiest to cross-legged on a cushion, on the floor. But if you like, you can also sit in a lotus position as long as you’re comfortable.

If you’re not used to sitting on the floor, then you can practice by sitting on a cushion on the floor for a few minutes daily. After a few days, you’ll start getting the hang of it.

And if you don’t like sitting still, you can try walking meditation. This approach works for those who enjoy being on the move. To do this, you must plot a safe and open course where you can walk slowly and lose yourself in meditation.

4. Find a Meditation Object you Enjoy

Meditation objects are thoughts or physical items that you can fixate on to stop the mind from wandering and maintain focus. Feel free to use anything as a meditation object. In fact, you can even use your mind’s eye to picture the beach, a forest, or anything that holds your focus.

I like using a candle whenever I meditate. The simplicity of a flickering flame helps me concentrate and encourages my thoughts to flow freely.

5. Choose Your Mantra

A mantra is a word/phrase you continually chant when meditating. This helps integrate the word into your mind/consciousness, so make sure that your mantra is something meaningful.

Some people choose phrases like “I am calm” or “I am at peace”. Others prefer the simplicity of a single-word mantra like “Joy”, “Calm” or “Peace”.

Tip: Keep your mantra as simple as possible; an overly complicated mantra makes it difficult to meditate.

6. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Paying closer attention to the things around you makes it easier to open your third eye. Try this simple exercise to get started. Wherever you are right now, slow down, take a deep breath and start taking in everything around you. Pay attention to the moving world’s sights, sounds, and smells.

It’s also important to stay objective and neutral to everything you see. Doing this sharpened my focus and made it easier for me to connect with my third eye chakra.

Sometimes, you may find it challenging to attain a state of mindfulness for any number of reasons, and this can be pretty frustrating. Luckily, you can master mindfulness techniques by learning from renowned experts.

7. Focus on Your Creative and Personal Needs

Embracing your creative side and practicing self-care clears the mind and paves the way for opening your third eye. Besides meditation, you should also try taking a break and making time for yourself. This includes unplugging yourself from all electronic devices and avoiding social media.

You can also go for a walk outside to reconnect with your inner consciousness. The fresh air and absence of non-natural stimuli will reduce your anxiety, help you focus, and remove any energy blockages to help heal your chakra.

8. Notice your Third Eye Opening

When your third eye opens, you’ll start to notice a change coming over you. You might feel more compassionate or grateful, or you might experience a spiritual awakening where you better understand who you are.

When my third eye opened, I felt more gracious and patient. I unconsciously adopted a more positive outlook on life and wasn’t as bothered with the small things.

Open Your Third Eye

Tips for Opening Your Third Eye

It takes patience and practice to open your third eye fully. Don’t lose hope if you can’t get it after a few days, as it took me more than a month to get things right. To help you along the way, I’ve put together a list of the 5 tips that helped me open my third eye.

1. Eat a healthier diet

Start by reducing your caffeine and sugar intake, as it will help cut through your brain fog and make you more alert. Load up on more natural foods like veggies, nuts, meat, and fruits. I felt more energetic and spiritually connected when I started watching what I ate.

2. Drink herbal teas to cleanse and open your third eye

Research has shown that drinking herbal teas can positively affect your health, as they can reduce your stress levels and boost your body’s immunity.

Besides purifying your body, herbal teas are also great for cleansing your soul. My go-to when it comes to this is peppermint tea. The sharp taste and refreshing aroma leave me feeling clean and ready to meditate.

3. Exercise and keep hydrated

Maintaining good physical health is vital to opening your third eye. So be sure to regularly workout and drink plenty of water. The type of exercise doesn’t matter, as long as you’re working up a good sweat and keeping your heart rate elevated.

4. Fast intermittently.

When performed methodically, fasting is an excellent way to strengthen and purify your body and soul. It gives your digestive system time to rest and stabilizes your cortisol levels which flushes out toxins, reduces stress, and prepares your mind and body for meditation.

Reminder: Always speak to a doctor before fasting to verify your fitness.

5. Take an interactive course

An online course can provide guidance from proven experts if you’re struggling. Not only will you receive expert advice, but you’ll also save time and come away with lifelong skills. For example, a site like Mindvalley offers an interactive chakra healing program to help unleash your full psychic potential and open your third eye.

Unblock Your Third Eye

FAQs on Opening Your Third Eye

1. Can your third eye make you rich?

No, opening your third eye cannot make you rich despite what some may say. What it does is help you achieve a higher state of consciousness. And this causes you to become much more aware of the world around you. The best part is you can discover how to open your third eye and become a better, more complete person by yourself.

2. How do you know that your third eye chakra is blocked?

Confusion, frustration, and a lack of clarity are all signs that your third eye chakra is blocked. When that happens, meditation becomes difficult, and it may feel like nothing else matters. But don’t worry, this is all perfectly normal.

The key here is to remain calm and not give up. Anger and impatience cloud your judgment and make it even harder to open your chakra. You want to take a step back, relax, and calm down. And if that doesn’t work, there are plenty of other easy and effective ways to open your third eye.

3. How does the third eye work?

A third eye looks into the spiritual realm and spaces of higher consciousness. Because of this, the third eye has major significance in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. When it is opened, you gain the ability to see chakras, auras, and in some cases, the future. Other cultures believe that the third eye allows you to see the spirits of those who have departed.

Besides helping you attain a higher state of consciousness, opening your third eye brings several benefits, including financial gain. The good news is that you can open your third eye with some practice and expert guidance.

4. What are the benefits of opening your third eye?

An open third eye helps you become more aware of life and everything else. Opening my third eye made it easier to read people and made me more mindful. The change in my personality was so noticeable that my friends, family, and even work colleagues were surprised.

You can easily open your third eye with some practice and patience. And if you’re struggling to do so, you can follow some detailed and straightforward steps that keep you on the right track.

Bottom Line

Learning how to open your third eye can lead you into a new world of possibilities. Some benefits include a sharper sense of intuition and an improved ability to read people and situations. But opening your third eye calls takes time and effort, so I’ve put together a set of easy-to-follow instructions that simplify everything.

But if you need a helping hand, you can get expert advice from a Chakra healer for $1 per minute. The site has a massive roster of professional psychic advisors familiar with the third eye. Plus, it has a strict screening process, ensuring that only the best psychics are hired.

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