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Written by Miguel Amado | Updated On May 28, 2023

Developing your skills to talk with spirit with Juliette Celeste

Developing your skills to talk with spirit with Juliette Celeste

Juliette Celeste knew she had a special gift, but only started to develop and focus when she lost a close relative, her father. Now Juliette gives readings in three languages (English, Italian and French) and talks about mediumship regularly.

In this special interview for MysticMag, we talked with Juliette about her journey, misconceptions about talking with spirit and readings she always remembers.

When did you discover your gift and that you wanted to help people with it?

I discovered that I am a medium around late 2014, when my beloved dad passed into spirit. Up to that stage I didn’t know, but I was told I am a medium. I was advised to attend Spiritualist churches in London, where mediums come on a platform and deliver messages of deceased people to people in the audience. So, I started going to those churches and the messages that were coming through from my dad and my grandmother were that I had the gift, but I wasn’t doing anything with it. At that time, I was very busy with other things.

The key moment when I realized I had contact with deceased people was when the spirit of the grandmother of a new colleague at work came to me during my sleep. The spirit gave me her name, showed me how she looked when she was younger, the city she was from and what was happening in my colleague’s life. When I reported this to her, she literally cried, recognizing her grandmother and told me I was a medium.

Is the process of contacting deceased people difficult or is it organic to you?

It feels very natural. It doesn’t require that much effort, although it does require a commitment to it. It happens when the medium is in a meditative state, so I practice meditation to understand how to work with my spirit guides.

Basically, the communication consists of the spirit guides of the medium getting in touch with the spirit guides of the person and asking them to bring forth the loved one’s spirit. It also requires energy to interpret what spirit are saying and the information sometimes comes very quickly, so I have to keep up with the pace.

What are the most common misconceptions about talking with spirit?

The first common misconception is to think that mediums can force communication with a person’s spirit. People that go see a medium should have an open heart and mind and know that the spirit that comes through has a message to deliver.

The second misconception is that evil spirit exist. A loved one’s spirit always comes with light and unconditional love and the communication is always a moment of upliftment guidance. If people project fear, they might sense bad energies, but they come from an inner space rather than from the ambient.

Do your clients more often want to talk specifically to someone or are they open to everything?

I’d say the ratio between those demands is 60-40. The 60% are open to any loved one coming through, whereas the 40% wish to have communication with someone in particular, because they feel a need to have some type of closure with that spirit, wanting to be forgiven for something.

Do you have a reading that stuck in your mind that you always remember when you went to tell someone?

Yes. There’s a rule in mediumship of leaving at least 2 to 3 months before contacting someone that passes to spirit, because they need to adapt to the new environment. Last month, a lady who’d lost her son only 2 weeks before contacted me. She wanted to talk to him and told me he was giving clear signs that he was around, so I decided to give her that reading for free, because I was not sure he’d come through.

He did come through with very clear information, which shows how elevated of a spirit he was. He told me that he wanted to take his girlfriend to Venice but could not make it on time because he passed. But his mother said she didn’t believe so, because he didn’t like to go anywhere, so she asked me to clarify and the spirit confirmed that intention.

After the reading, it didn’t even take two days for her to come back and tell me she was amazed to know from one of his best friends that her son had come with a brochure one day and planned on taking his girlfriend to Venice. From that time on, she was convinced that I’d contacted her son.

So, messages from spirit can be all over the place and deal with many subjects?

Absolutely. Straight away, they inform of their relationship with the person and give their names. Then, they start talking a bit about the way they passed and usually bring forth memories that only you and the loved one’s spirit know about. But they can come with all sorts of information.

I also must say that the spirit also chooses the medium, according to the skills they have, if they need to give a particular message. For example, generally speaking, if someone in spirit used to love flowers, they would choose a medium who’s able to smell things to vehicle that the smell of a particular flower that they used to love.

Do you believe those skills can be learned and can be passed on to other people or is it something innate?

There’s a saying which goes like this: all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. I do believe psychics can try to nurture it, and learn to perceive spirit, but not perceive them as much as a natural medium. I feel that not everyone can be a medium, so it must be innate or a skill triggered by something in life.

Our skills develop with time. At the start, I would never hear names. Then, all of a sudden, I could hear them. Some time after that, I could feel or locate the pain of the person coming through. We are being sent these extra skills with time because spirit wants us to develop in a certain way.

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