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Spiritual Awakening with Larry Davids

Spiritual Awakening with Larry Davids

Larry Davids is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual and Sound Healer, who has for over 15 years used his intuitive gifts to read auras, chakras and pass on messages from the spirit world.  Larry shares insights into his journey in guiding people in their life challenges, how to get the most out of Spiritual guidance and healing, and tips on finding balance and maintaining positive energy.

When did your passion for helping others begin and what inspired you to guide people in their life challenges?

From a young child I was (for some unknown reason) always attracted to talking and trying to help people out with their health issues so at the age of 14 I studied Spiritual Healing. I did not charge for my services as I was too young to really think about charging to make money. I was more interested in seeing people shift, heal and change from their health issues at the time. People would tell me that they felt much better but I don’t remember actually curing anyone of their dilemmas but I did enjoy the act of giving healing and feeling like I did a good job based on their feedback on how they felt better and different after their healing sessions. I was also giving readings as a teenager and that too made me feel good by providing some kind of outlet for people to feel better and in them feeling more empowered realising that they could deal with the situation at hand and with my mediumship, to bring a sense of comfort to those who only wanted to hear from a loved one. So one could say it was the inner soul satisfaction that drew me to keep wanting to develop my abilities to provide comfort and healing in any way possible with what I could offer energetically speaking.

What do you find are the more popular aspects that people seek guidance with?

For me I find that a lot people are dissatisfied with their current work and would like to know what other areas they could work in. Relationship questions are always very popular and other minor issues are to do with pet issues, financial concerns, health concerns and how for some, can they unfold and develop their latent, untapped Intuitive Gifts to help others.

Is there a certain area that you specialize in or feel most comfortable with?

I have never concerned myself with that question as I believe that Spirit always brings to me the sort of client that will benefit from my abilities and also my life experiences so that I can emphasise with their human experiences and allow them to realise that no matter how Spiritual one is, we are all human having Human experiences in life such as relationship issues, financial concerns, health issues etc but with the Spiritual Insight, we can be better equipped in learning to deal with the Ebbs and Flows in life that all of are us are prone to at various times in our life journey.

I do find that I seem to attract a lot of clients who want or need guidance with career changes, also many would like to know how to learn, work and apply the Principles of Law of Attraction to improve their daily lives. In regards to my Mediumship, I always do my best to bring in the Spirit Communicator of who they are longing to hear from but I never make any promises that I can guarantee a contact from a specific person that they do want to hear from. I have had clients that only wanted to hear from their pet donkey, dogs and cats so I have been fortunate in those cases to have been able to connect with their deceased pets allowing the healing comfort that was brought to each client during their session with me.

What can people do to get the most out of spiritual guidance and healing?

From my personal perspective, I would ask that people allow themselves to be open to allowing the Spirit World to help amend their lives in the way that they would like it to transition to e.g. a new job, a new career, changing diet etc. I would also say that taking personal responsibility like when one has a personal trainer, to get the most out of the experience for better health, is to follow and try out their guidance and to slowly notice the changes that will occur when you work with a good and qualified personal trainer, or a guitar teacher if your goal is to learn to play the guitar etc. The Spirit World always use me as a Guide/Channel of Communication to pass on the relevant information that my client needs to hear at the time of their session.

Being a Healer and having to consistently heal and help others, are there any non-negotiable practices you use personally to maintain your self-care?

I always practice my meditation on a daily basis, practice my yoga and other exercises on a regular basis and I still play music as the joy of playing my guitar and violin fill my Soul with a joy that is hard to put into words. It could be akin to someone who has finally gone to their dream holidays and they return trying to share their joy and enthusiasm to their friends regarding their holidays but their friends cannot really relate as they did not have the same emotional experience as the ones who were on their dream holidays. I also love watching comedies as laughing always leaves me feeling lighter and full of inner joy of bliss.

Lastly, any tips to share on finding balance and maintaining positive energy?

I would advocate to ask yourself, What do you really want in life? Many people allow themselves to be subjected to conditions that do not promote inner joy based on our Paradigms and Limited Beliefs that we have been given during our life journey. Finding out what brings you that inner joy, blissful feeling, empowered feeling and a feeling of you can’t wait to do it again would be a great tool to adopt in our daily lives such as learning to play an instrument, gardening, leaning a new skill, becoming impassioned with an exercise regime etc. I would also say to learn to quickly be aware of when one is feeling low energy and to find a way that works for you to overcome that low vibration by changing your thoughts to empowering thoughts as thoughts are very powerful in promoting how we feel which in turn creates the vibration in our Aura which affects how we feel in our physical body. This is a discipline that needs to be developed on a daily basis as it is so easy to allow ourselves to be engulfed by negative, low vibrational thoughts which in turn affects our overall physical and mental energy in life.

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