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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 29, 2022

The Meaning of a Purple Aura in 2022

The Meaning of a Purple Aura in 2022


While people’s auras tend to be dominated by a single color, we do have different color auras that radiate from our heads, hearts, and souls. And of course, these auras change colors depending on our mood, outlook, and emotional state. 

What It Means to Have a Purple Aura

Purple auras are associated with sensitivity, intuition, and empathy. If your dominant aura is purple, it means that you are someone who is in tune with your emotions, and you’re not someone who hides their feelings or tries to suppress them. You’re not only in touch with your own emotions, but you’re very good at sensing others’ emotions, and they can have a significant impact on you.

Pros of Having a Purple Aura

Because you allow yourself to experience your emotions to the fullest extent, you’re likely a genuine person that really isn’t capable of lying to yourself, or anyone else. You’re sincere in all that you do, and this genuineness that you radiate attracts other people to you.

Cons of Having a Purple Aura

While it’s great to be in touch with your emotions, this has the tendency to make you sensitive and opens you up to being hurt by others who don’t share your genuine intentions. You might find yourself getting hurt deeply, and often.

You also have a hard time understanding how others can be cold or emotionally detached, and your empathic nature pushes you to try to understand and relate to them. Unfortunately, this often puts you in a situation where you’re likely to feel hurt or disappointed. That’s why it’s key to surround yourself with the right people who will encourage your positive energy.

Purple Auras and Relationships

Just like with Zodiac signs, some auras pair better in romantic relationships than others. For example, just like Aries with Aries are prone to relationship difficulties, so are two people who both have purple auras. Since people with purple auras tend to be emotional, throwing two of them together might create more anxiety and stress than what is healthy in a relationship.

Instead, purple auras may be better off pairing with those who have blue, green, or pink auras. Blue auras tend to be people who are equally as intuitive as purple auras, but their main characteristic is expression. They’re excellent communicators, and they’re good at comprehending the emotions of others, without having to feel them so deeply as the empathic purple aura does.

Green auras tend to signal stability, dedication, and patience— all things a purple aura will benefit greatly from. These two form a strong relationship of give and take, and support for each other.

Pink auras show compassion, kindness, and warmth. They also tend to signal joy and excitement, which those with purple auras will absorb and reflect back at their partners.

It’s important to keep in mind that auras also change color and some colors can become more prominent over time depending on what’s happening in your life. This means there is no way to say for certain who you should be spending more time with and which people you should avoid.

What you can do is consult with an empath psychic on a site such as California Psychics to find out whether there are people in your life you should rather keep your distance from.

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Purple Auras and Career

When it comes to their careers, people with purple auras will not be stepping on others to get to the top. Their empathy and emotional vulnerability would never allow them to do something they felt could hurt someone else.

People with purple auras are great team players who are invested in the group’s success and not just their own. That’s why they tend to be the happiest at work when they’re surrounded by a team that is just as dedicated and genuine as they are.

Unfortunately, this is rarely ever the case in professional settings, and people with purple auras need to watch out. Because they’re empaths, if they find themselves in a work environment that is unmotivating or toxic, they have the tendency to internalize these emotions and will find themselves upset and stressed.

To be able to advance in their careers people with purple auras will have to practice leaving work at work, and learn to manage their emotions in less than ideal situations, even if it’s hard for them to disconnect. 

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Getting Help from a Psychic

While you may have figured out your own dominant aura color, it’s a bit more difficult to judge the specific auras around your mind, heart, and soul. And of course, figuring out the auras of others can also be tricky. That’s why it’s incredibly helpful to connect with a psychic who specializes in this field to get answers to these questions.

The best place to look for a psychic like this is on a verified psychic reading site, like Keen, California Psychics, and Psychic Source. While Keen has a specific filter for aura cleansing, California Psychics and Psychic Source have filters for empaths and energy readers. Check out these well-qualified and highly rated psychics: 

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Advisor Maryam – Keen

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While Xeba only has 5 years of professional experience delivering psychic readings, she has been able to read others’ energies since she was 13 years old. She has been an empath all her life and specializes in love and relationships. She has a 5-star rating on Keen and is known for her expressive reading style.

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Our auras are always changing, and we can radiate different energies and colors from one day to the next. We can even have different auras depending on who we’re speaking with.

Whether you’re trying to get a read on your own aura, or the aura of someone else in your life, a trained psychic will be able to give you detailed insights that you likely won’t be able to see on your own.

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