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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on August 31, 2023

10 Signs You're a Healer — Awaken Your Spiritual Power

10 Signs You're a Healer — Awaken Your Spiritual Power

Being a sensitive person in a buzzing world can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. But if you look deep into your sensitivity, you may begin to glimpse into the healing powers you innately possess. And when you see your sensitivity as a strength, you can start to be more conscious of your gifts.

Through my experience as a spiritual advisor, I’ve identified the top signs that show you’re a healer. These signs can also help you manage the sensitivities of being a healer. From there, you will feel a sense of clarity and purpose in your life moving forward.

But if you’re still struggling to find out if you’re a healer, I recommend speaking to an expert healer on California Psychics for personal guidance. They can provide personal guidance that will help you develop and manage your healing abilities.

Explore Your Healing Abilities

10 Signs That You’re a Born Healer

I have carefully considered the following list to provide you with the most prominent signs that you may be a healer. By becoming aware of them, you can begin to empower yourself along your journey and take control of how your sensitivity manifests in your life.

1. You are Sensitive to Energy

One of the most obvious signs of being a healer is that you can easily identify and understand the subtle energy around you. This can come in many forms, but you likely will notice it most when you’re around other people. You may walk into a room and instantly be able to pick up on the energy in the room without any context.

You will also be highly sensitive to the energetic shifts within people, animals, and places. This is because when you’re a healer, you are highly empathetic to the point that you start to take on the feelings of others as your own. You may be around someone sad and can begin to confuse their emotions with yours.

This is one of the most challenging parts about being a sensitive healer, as you can feel what everyone else is feeling and may be prone to people-pleaser tendencies. Since it can feel like you have a responsibility to make people feel better, you will feel extra pressure to have people like you because of your sensitivity.

2. You Have a Tough Time in Large Crowds

As a healer, you will often have an especially difficult time in large crowds because you quickly absorb energy. So when you’re around hundreds of people, it can quickly become overwhelming. You may even begin to feel overstimulated or sick in settings like grocery stores, concerts, or in other spaces with large groups.

This happens because you’re feeling your attention and energy being pulled in many different directions, which causes you to feel ungrounded. When you feel ungrounded, you weaken your auric field and become more susceptible to negative energies.

It can also become challenging because you begin to sense all kinds of energy from the horde of people around you. Some may be angry, sad, or stressed, and you can start to feel affected by their dense energy.

If you’re struggling to participate in day-to-day life and find yourself isolating excessively, I suggest you speak with a trusted psychic that can provide you with personal guidance. Doing so will allow you to embrace your gifts while still allowing you to enjoy life.

3. Strangers Share Their Problems

Have you ever started chatting with a stranger only to find that they unexpectedly started sharing personal details about their private life? That’s because you’re a healer. When you possess healing energy, others will subconsciously be drawn to it and instinctively feel like you’re a safe space for them.

You will notice that people you don’t know well will feel comfortable pouring their emotions out to you without knowing why. It’s because they intuitively feel you have the answers to help them or feel comforted by your healing energy. Others will even feel a natural resonance towards you and feel as if you’re a long-time friend.

While flattering, your healing energy tends to attract many broken birds that unknowingly take your energy to fill an internal void. While it’s important to help others with your gifts, you should also know how to properly set boundaries so that others don’t constantly deplete your energy.

4. Animals and Babies are Drawn to You

If animals and babies are strongly drawn towards you and always seem to enjoy your presence, it’s because they love your healing energy. Much like yourself, animals and babies are extremely sensitive to the energies around them. Since their energy is so pure, they aren’t affected by the busy world as much and can easily tune in.

Their heightened sensitivity allows them to recognize other people with the same frequency and will feel most comfortable around them. They feel safe and understood when they’re around you, as you can pick up on their wants, needs, and limits. You can communicate with them through energy rather than words.

It’s like a mother who can use her natural instincts to pick up on her baby’s hunger or a cat owner that intuitively knows when their cat wants to play. Although animals and babies can’t communicate with language, they can easily communicate with other sensitives because they are more attuned.

5. You Love Being in Nature

One of the telltale signs that you’re a healer is that you’re very drawn to being in nature. You may also be drawn to wildlife and feel at home around large green spaces. It’s likely that you can even pick up on the energy of trees, mountains, and water, as they all possess their inherent healing energy, much like you do.

Many healers are drawn to nature because it’s a powerful way to remain centered and grounded. Being so sensitive can make you feel spacey, flighty, and drained if you aren’t spending enough time in nature. Being in nature allows you to recharge your healing powers and boost intuition.

Since nature is a conscious organism, it can send healing energy to healers. It’s like nature is constantly emitting healing energy out to its environment; if you happen to be in it, you can reap the benefits. Being connected to nature helps you gather more strength when using your gifts.

6. People Feel Lighter in Your Presence

When you’re a healer, the people you come in contact with will notice that they feel lighter after leaving you than when they arrived. While it may not be anything obvious that you did, just being in your energy has a soothing and healing effect on others. It helps them clear away their dense energy.

You could also have a gift for helping others see the beauty in life, even if they’re experiencing hardship. People may often tell you that it’s like you always have the perfect thing to say to them, even without them having to tell you what’s happening with them. This is because your words of wisdom carry healing energy as well.

Others may also love to be around you because it feels like their burdens disappear when they’re in your presence. This can happen because your energy is so pure and healing that it almost serves as a distraction from the negativity they may be dealing with in life. In short, your energy helps them raise their vibe, so they feel better.

If you’re curious about how you can consciously heal others, I suggest you speak with an expert healer who can help develop your abilities. Connecting with a like-minded individual with experience can guide you with safe techniques while being conscious about healing others.

7. You Feel Tingling in Your Energy Centers

As a healer, you will carry more energy than the average person. This is because your auric field produces additional energy to compensate for what you lose when you extend healing onto others. By doing this, your body can ensure that you still have adequate energy to move through your life.

However, if there is an excess of energetic build-up in your body, you may start to feel tension in certain areas so that you can be alerted to release it. This can sometimes manifest as a headache, stomach aches, or an overwhelming feeling of antsy energy.

You may also experience tingling in and around your energy centers, especially around your hands, feet, stomach, chest, and third eye area. The tingling results from unconsciously picking up on the energy around you, which results in the activation of your energy centers.

8. You Have Been Through Heavy Experiences

I strongly believe that individuals that are meant to be healers in their lifetime will have to deal with heavy experiences that test them. This can manifest as coping with depression, anxiety, abuse, narcissistic dynamics, energy vampires, and perhaps even experiencing dark paranormal phenomena.

While there is no excuse for the negative behavior of others, that energy pushes healers to dive into a deep part of their own psyche and emotional body to increase their healing abilities. It’s something about hitting rock bottom that teaches you true empathy and gives you the strength to come out the other end stronger.

Even in the midst of adverse situations, you always remain hopeful and faithful as a healer, even if you don’t have a tangible reason to be. Demanding situations and dynamics teach you about your own inner power, but they also help you relate to others and tune into the inner workings of the energetic world.

It’s also possible that you may want to clear away any fragmented negative energy by chatting with another healer. When you share your experiences in a comfortable environment, you can overcome hardship and become stronger.

9. You Can Feel Like an Outcast

Being sensitive means you have to accept that you aren’t going to be like others around you. This is because others are not as attuned to subtle energies and will find it easier to fit in amongst the crowd. The best thing you can do is accept that being a healer is like having a superpower and that not everyone can relate to that.

As a healer, you’re more likely to be quirky and stand out from the crowd. This is because you embody a pure energy that isn’t very common amongst others, and as a result, you may feel like you have a hard time fitting in. You may even notice that some people feel particularly repelled by your energy when you come around.

While the rejection of others can feel personal, remember that those who have not integrated their energy can feel triggered by the energy of healers. This is because you are illuminating the shadow aspects of them that they are burying within, and it can make them feel vulnerable whenever they are in the presence of your light.

10. Time Alone is a Must

Most healers require a lot of time alone, which can sometimes lead to long periods of isolation. However, time by yourself is an essential and sacred part of being a healer. By spending time alone, you’re regenerating your energy, allowing you to continue functioning in the world.

This is especially true if you work a job that requires you to spend a lot of time around other people or if you are often out and about. Being around others can be draining because you have an invisible antenna that is continuously picking up on their frequencies. Always feeling the energy of others can get exhausting.

Spending time alone also allows you to reconnect with your inner guidance. When you’re in tune with your inner compass, you feel more in control of your day-to-day. Being in this energy will help you know what to avoid and when to withdraw your energy.

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How To Make the Most of Your Healing Abilities

To begin tapping into your healing abilities, the initial step involves developing an understanding of their characteristics. Once you have gained awareness, it becomes essential to acquire knowledge on how to optimize your innate gifts. This empowers you to maintain control over your abilities, rather than allowing them having control over you.

1. Protect Your Energy

You must commit your consciousness to protect your energy once you step into your healing powers. This is because your healing energy can make you more susceptible to energies and sometimes can even attract unwanted negative energy into your field.

I recommend you frequently cleanse your aura and space with incense, resins, or herbs to keep your auric field healthy and free of other people’s unwanted energy. You can also use protective crystals, so your energy doesn’t become as easily drained from being around others.

Going out in nature often and grounding your energy will also prevent you from getting spacey, which can also weaken your energy centers. Additionally, being in nature often will help you maintain your healing gifts because you will have the strength to keep developing them.

If you feel your energy becoming weaker, you might be experiencing a psychic attack, so I encourage you to seek help from a trusted psychic advisor. Psychic attacks manifest themselves in many ways and can be overcome through specific practices. However, always consult with a medical professional to ensure there is no medical explanation.

2. Stick to a Wellness Practice

Embracing a wellness routine is a certain method to maintain a centered body, as it enhances the strength of your auric field. Cultivate a regular habit of engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, journaling, and pursuits that immerse you in the flow state. These practices will also nurture the growth of your innate talents.

Engaging in a wellness routine might astonish you by aiding you in accessing your hidden talentsyou didn’t even know you had. This can arise from nurturing your own energy, ultimately fortifying your aura and revealing undiscovered intuitive abilities you might not have been aware of.

Be conscious that the more time you spend taking care of your energy, the stronger it will become, and the more energy you have to be of service to others.

While being available to help is always a noble pursuit, you need to be able to put yourself first to heal others as much as you can. Remember that pouring into yourself is an act of self-love that also benefits those around you.

3. Know Your Limits

As a healer, knowing your limits will quickly become your best ally. It’s important to know when to take time away from others so you can withdraw into your energy, as this will help you feel less drained. Don’t feel guilty about needing some time alone in reclusion, as this is ultimately what you need to feel your best.

Make an effort to identify the energy vampires or the draining individuals that don’t know when to stop relying on your healing for comfort. It’s important to set clear boundaries with them or distance yourself so that you don’t constantly feel at the mercy of others.

Having draining and selfish people in your life can rob you of your life force and leave you feeling weak. The more that these types of people take your energy, the better they feel, but the more sick and anxious you become. Knowing your limits with these types of individuals will save you a lot of despair in the long run.

Be straightforward when you don’t feel you have the emotional or energetic capability to hold space for others, as you need to prioritize your energetic health. Remember that while you have powerful gifts, you are also human and can’t always be available to soothe others. Make sure not to let anyone tell you otherwise.

4. Explore Spiritual and Religious Knowledge

The best thing you can do as a healer is to expand your spiritual and religious knowledge to step into your highest destiny. You should get books, take a course, and make use of free online resources to expand your knowledge. This will help you grasp the range of healing and psychic gifts.

Additionally, finding spiritual and/or religious information that resonates with you and your energy will help you develop a solid understanding of your world. Knowledge is ultimately power; the more you gather, the more in control and in alignment you will feel.

Exploring spiritual and religious knowledge can also lead you to find ways to connect on a deeper level with the Universe. By doing so, you can uncover your destined path and discover how you can be of service to others. This connection will give you more strength and confidence as you develop your gifts.

5. Connect With Likeminded People

Connecting with like-minded people is the key to feeling empowered by your healing abilities rather than embarrassed. It’s no secret that being sensitive can make it challenging to fit in and find people who embrace your uniqueness. However, if you put yourself out there, you would be surprised to see how many similar people exist.

Finding a community of healers that can hold space for you is crucial. This allows you to share any feelings you may repress due to fear of judgment and can help you clear unwanted energies from your aura. Doing so will also help you heal and learn that your gifts don’t have to hold you back from developing connections.

Ultimately, feeling like it’s safe to express yourself authentically will give you the courage to strengthen your gifts further. Often, healers can’t extend the help they wish to others because they hold themselves back.

Connecting with like-minded people can also provide you with new knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of belonging so that you can walk your path as a healer with confidence.

If you’re having a difficult time finding other healers and need someone that understands to hold space, I encourage you to connect with one of the many compassionate healers on California Psychics. You can get insight on the go while receiving clarity from a fellow healer

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How do I know I’m healing others?

Unless you’re a practicing healer, healing others will mostly be a subconscious process. This is because healers don’t have to do much to heal people besides being in their company. The energy you emit as a healer is enough to heal others, even if you and them don’t realize it.

With that in mind, you must become more conscious of energy exchanges with others so you know how to set your limits. This helps you stay protected and in control of your energy.

Can healers find love?

You can find love as a healer, but you must be careful because healing energy can attract a lot of broken birds. It’s very common amongst healers to hear that they have gone through something traumatic or have been the victim of a narcissistic relationship. So, I recommend being conscious of the partners you choose.

It’s also common for healers to feel off or not themselves after being with an energy vampire or in an abusive relationship. This can happen because you can remain stuck with fragmented pieces of your partner’s energy if you don’t clear it out after intimate exchanges.

Are healers empaths?

Yes, the majority of healers are also empaths because they are able to deeply feel the energy of others. They can pick up on the micro-energetic shifts that happen within other people, even to the point of taking on emotions that aren’t theirs. That is why it’s important to set firm boundaries if you’re a healer and an empath.

Setting energetic boundaries and becoming more conscious of how your gifts work makes it easier to recognize when emotions aren’t yours. This can save you a lot of unnecessary pain and discomfort as you aren’t responsible for how others feel. You also shouldn’t have to take the energy of others without consenting to it.

How can I develop healing abilities?

Developing healing abilities is something that can look different for everyone. Some people are naturally born with strong healing abilities and don’t need to develop much, while others do. Regardless of which category you fall into, remember to be patient with your progress and not rush into things you might not be ready for.

You can start developing your healing abilities by understanding energy, sticking to a wellness routine, and connecting with like-minded people. Doing so will stimulate your healing energy and help you gain confidence as you evolve.

Connect With a Spiritual Advisor

Bottom Line

It’s no secret that trying to find your way as a sensitive healer can feel isolating and hazy. However, as you start to connect with your inner world and recognize your gifts for what they are, you inch closer to becoming a powerful individual. The first step is to accept yourself for your sensitivity and find ways to best manage it in life.

This will help you feel more confident in recognizing your gifts, so you can find clarity in life and benefit the wider good. That said, the journey to stepping into your healing powers is not always straightforward and can bring moments of feeling lost. Stay aware of this, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

However, you can maximize your healing potential by finding a mentor on California Psychics. The platform has thousands of healers with over 10 years of experience who can lend you support and help you navigate your exciting new journey.

We rank vendors based on rigorous testing and research, but also take into account your feedback and our commercial agreements with providers. This page contains affiliate links. Advertising Disclosure
MysticMag contains reviews that were written by our experts and follow the strict reviewing standards, including ethical standards, that we have adopted. Such standards require that each review will take into consideration independent, honest and professional examination of the reviewer. That being said, we may earn a commission when a user completes an action using our links, at no additional cost to them. On listicle pages, we rank vendors based on a system that prioritizes the reviewer’s examination of each service but also considers feedback received from our readers and our commercial agreements with providers.
About the author
Lillian Fitzmaurice MacLean is one of Mystic Mag’s writers.

She’s a professional Astrologer and practicing Psychic that dedicates her time to guiding her clients and writing helpful spiritual content. She’s specifically interested in understanding the human experience from the lens of karma, past lives, and life after death.

Over the course of several years, Lillian has gathered a lot of knowledge on herbs, crystals, meditation, and spirit communication. She is passionate about sharing what she’s learned and experienced in hopes of making a positive impact on others’ lives.

When she’s not writing or reading for clients, Lillian dedicates her free time to learning, helping animals in need, and meditating. She hopes to open an animal sanctuary one day and has aspirations of publishing self-help and spiritual books.