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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on November 30, 2023

What Does It Mean to Be Intuitive? Top Signs You Are (2023)

What Does It Mean to Be Intuitive? Top Signs You Are (2023)

Have you ever had a hunch that seemed to come from nowhere, only for it to be proven right later on? These moments, often brushed off as mere coincidences, are actually glimpses of our intuitive abilities at play. But if this is all new to you, you’re probably wondering what it means to be intuitive and how to tell if you’re one of these gifted people.

As an intuitive myself, I struggled most before I discovered that I had a unique gift. Since none of this is taught in school, most intuitive people never realize that what they’re dealing with is a result of an undiscovered ability. So you can harness your intuitive gifts, I’ve created a list of the top signs you’re an intuitive person.

What’s the Meaning of Intuitive?

From a scientific lens, intuition emerges from our brain’s ability to rapidly process information, drawing from past experiences and learned patterns. For instance, someone might feel uneasy about a person they’ve just met, not because of overly suspicious behavior, but because of subtle cues that remind them of someone untrustworthy from their past.

But from a spiritual perspective, Intuition is a form of divine guidance that enables us to navigate life in alignment with our higher purpose. I believe that intuitive insights emerge from our connection to a higher consciousness or source of energy. In essence, intuition becomes a sacred bridge that offers glimpses of truths that lie beyond ordinary perception.

Regardless, intuition remains one of humanity’s most profound gifts. It reminds us that, beyond the tangible and the explicit, there exists a realm of knowledge, understanding, and guidance accessible to those who choose to listen.

10 Signs You’re an Intuitive Person in 2023

Intuitive people come in all shapes and sizes so the term intuitive shouldn’t be put into a small box. However, there are some common traits across intuitive people and the exploration of these traits can be helpful along your journey.

1. You’re Very Empathetic

As an intuitive, you’ll have an uncanny ability to sense the prevailing emotions around you. It’s as if you have a built-in emotional radar, detecting the most subtle shifts in mood and intent of others. This deep connection to the emotional currents around you is a testament to your intuitive prowess.

But your intuitive nature doesn’t end at picking up emotions, it also drives your values and principles. Violence, cruelty, and unfairness affects you profoundly. It’s not just about disliking negative situations, rather you feel the physical, emotional, and mental effects. This deep empathy is an extension of your intuitive alignment with the world’s energies.

2. People Easily Trust You

When you’re an intuitive person, people will sense your genuine understanding and non-judgmental nature. You offer a safe space, both emotionally and energetically, where others feel acknowledged and validated. It’s as if, on a deeper level, they recognize your ability to truly ‘see’ and ‘hear’ them, making you a natural confidant.

Whether it’s life decisions, emotional dilemmas, or everyday challenges, many turn to you for guidance. People often feel that you provide not just solutions, but a deeper understanding of their situation. This uncanny knack for offering solid advice stems from your intuitive alignment with the underlying currents of situations.

3. You’re a Good Judge of Character

Some interactions may seem ordinary on the surface, but your intuitive nature can see beyond it. Whether it’s a slight shift in tone or just a feeling that something is ‘off,’ you’re adept at picking up signs of hidden intentions. This acute sense of discernment can make you protective, especially when you sense that someone’s motives could harm others.

Phoniness, to you, stands out like a sore thumb. Whether it’s exaggerated emotions, deceptive words, or feigned interests, you can discern when someone isn’t being their true self. You are one with genuine expressions, so anything contrary to that is very apparent and gets your senses tingling.

4. Alone Time Is a Must

Being intuitively attuned means you’re constantly processing the energies around you. Interactions, especially with those who have intense or conflicting energies, can leave you feeling drained or overwhelmed. Alone time acts as a buffer, giving you the space to shed any accumulated energies and regain your balance.

You may find that spending time in nature is refreshing for you. The natural surroundings help clear your mind and rejuvenate you, allowing your intuition to work better. It feels like nature directly connects with and boosts your intuitive abilities. But apart from that, nature grants the peacefulness that’s not always available in our modern world.

5. You Get Lost In Your Mind

Intuitive people often have a heightened imagination and frequently envision various scenarios, outcomes, or ideas. And while it may sound odd, this imagination serves as a bridge into other realms. Through daydreaming, intuitives receive information and gain clarity that they wouldn’t otherwise receive by thinking critically.

Zoning out or daydreaming can also lead to what spiritualists call “downloads”. This is where ideas or information seem to come to you out of nowhere, often when least expected. This consistent influx of energy can lead to unique insights and innovative approaches. Hence why many intuitive people are some of the most creative folks out there.

6. Animals and Children Love You

It’s no coincidence that intuitives seem to magnetically draw animals and children towards them. Both animals and young children operate largely on instinct, often picking up on vibes and energies that adults might overlook. So if you’re intuitive, animals and children will detect that heightened sensitivity in you and feel drawn to it.

Intuitives have a knack for reading unspoken cues and sensing unexpressed emotions. Animals and children, who can’t always convey their needs verbally, likely feel understood around someone intuitive. They sense that you can pick up on their subtle signals, from a slight change in behavior to a specific look in their eyes.

7. You Want to Make a Greater Impact

If you’re intuitive, you might often feel a pull towards a larger purpose or mission in life. It’s not about fame or recognition, but rather a deep-seated need to make a meaningful difference. While you might not have pinpointed your exact calling, there’s an unwavering belief that you’re destined for significant contributions.

This sense of purpose often drives intuitive people to continuously explore, learn, and grow. Your intuitive nature doesn’t just stop at understanding, but rather propels you to act. Whether it’s championing environmental causes, rescuing animals, or any other form of advocacy, you’re driven by the desire to leave the world a better place.

8. Your Dreams Are Intense

Sleep is not always as restful for intuitive people. It’s common to wake up feeling exhausted, not because of a lack of sleep, but due to the intense activity and experiences in dreams. It’s as if your mind continues its explorations, even when your body is at rest. And instead of fragmented, fleeting dreams, yours resemble movies or detailed stories.

Dreams can even be set in landscapes and worlds that feel distinct from our reality, yet every bit as real. However, it’s not just the vividness of the dream but also the emotional weight it carries. You might wake up feeling profoundly moved, whether it’s a sense of joy, sorrow, or even enlightenment.

9. You Have an Addictive Personality

With their acute awareness, intuitives can find the external world both overwhelming and overstimulating. Every interaction, emotion, and event can be felt more deeply, sometimes leading to a desire for relief or detachment. Given the overwhelm, it’s not uncommon for intuitives to gravitate towards substances or behaviors that dull or alter their perceptions.

Crowded places filled with a mix of emotions and energies can be particularly taxing for intuitive people. Such environments might exacerbate their tendencies to seek out coping mechanisms to numb the stimuli. Be it alcohol, drugs, food, or even binge-watching shows, these interactions can provide a temporary relief from the intensity of the world.

10. You’re Very Self-Aware

One could argue that intuitive people naturally operate on a more conscious and present level. As a result, many intuitives have a profound sense of self-awareness because it’s how they relate and understand others. Being in tune with themselves allows intuitive people to assimilate into the regular world.

Many intuitives possess a natural curiosity not just about the world around them, but also about their own inner workings. This natural curiosity drives intuitive people to constantly explore and understand their own thoughts, feelings, and motivations. This habitual self-examination leads to deeper insights about their own character and behavior.

Are There Different Types of Intuitives?

Throughout history, spiritual traditions and metaphysical teachings have identified various types of intuitives, each with their unique abilities to perceive beyond the ordinary. These are the most common types of intuitives:

Clairsentient (Clear Feeling)
These types of intuitives, also known as empaths, have the ability to feel or sense energies around them. This can pertain to the emotions of people, the vibes of places, or even the energies of events that might have taken place.
Clairvoyant (Clear Seeing)
The gift of ‘seeing’ beyond the physical realm. This could manifest as visions, dreams, or even flashes of images that convey messages or insights. For some, these visions can be symbolic, requiring interpretation, while for others, they might be direct glimpses into events or situations.
Clairaudient (Clear Hearing)
The ability to ‘hear’ messages from the spiritual realm. This doesn’t always manifest as audible sounds. Instead, it could be an inner voice, whispers, songs, or even random words that seem to come from nowhere. It can provide guidance, warnings, or insights to the clairaudient.
Claircognizant (Clear Knowing)
The gift of ‘knowing’ something without understanding how or why one knows it. It’s a sudden insight or realization, devoid of logical reasoning or evidence. Claircognizants might just ‘know’ the answer to a problem or sense the outcome of a situation without explanation.

Tips to Help Strengthen Your Intuition

You can strengthen your intuitive abilities in a variety of ways. Explore several practices and see which ones call to you the most. Remember to stay patient because developing your intuition doesn’t happen overnight.

Pick Up an Intuitive Art

Intuitive arts like tarot, rune casting, astrology, or automatic writing, can help you tap into your intuition. Begin by learning the basics, either through books, online courses, or workshops. Engaging in these practices can help you hone your innate intuitive abilities, so with time and practice you’ll find your intuition strengthens.

Start Meditating

Meditation creates a space for inner silence and lets your intuition come forward without the noise of everyday thoughts. It’s a practice of listening, both to oneself and to the subtle energies around. Dedicate a few minutes each day to sit in a quiet space. As thoughts arise, observe them without judgment and let them go, returning your focus to your breath.

Work With Crystals

Crystals have been revered for centuries for their energy-enhancing properties. Certain crystals can amplify intuitive abilities and even protect against negative energies. Begin with crystals like amethyst, moonstone, or labradorite. Wear them as jewelry, place them on your meditation altar, or carry them in your pocket for best results.

Connect With Your Guides

Many believe that we all have spirit guides and that connecting with them can amplify one’s intuitive abilities. You can connect with your guides by setting an intention, whether through meditation, journaling, or speaking out loud. Ask for their guidance and be open to the signs, symbols, or feelings they may present.

Find a Mentor

A mentor with a strong intuitive foundation can offer guidance, techniques, and insights to further develop your intuitive skills. Look for someone who resonates with your intuitive journey; this could be a professional psychic, a spiritual teacher, or even someone in your community. Engage in regular sessions or discussions with them to nurture your abilities.

How Can a Psychic Help?

When embarking on a journey of intuitive development, a psychic can serve as a guiding light. And in this digital age, online psychics have emerged as a preferred choice for many seeking to develop their gifts. Psychics can help in a variety of ways, some of which include:

  • Personalized Guidance: Online psychics have a range of abilities and specializations, which can offer personalized advice and techniques tailored to your specific needs and experiences.
  • Convenience: Whether you’re at home, on a break, or traveling, you can access a psychic’s insights without geographical constraints. This ease of access can be especially beneficial for regular check-ins or when you need immediate guidance.
  • Expansive Choices: Online platforms host a multitude of psychics, each with their unique skills and strengths. Whether you’re seeking a clairvoyant, a medium, or an intuitive coach, you’re likely to find a psychic that resonates with you.
  • Tools and Techniques: A psychic can introduce you to various tools and practices, from tarot cards to energy cleansing techniques, that can accelerate your intuitive growth. Their expertise can help you navigate and effectively use these tools.
  • Affirmation and Validation: As you develop your intuitive abilities, you may have experiences or insights that seem unconventional. An experienced psychic can offer validation, affirming your experiences and providing the confidence to trust your inner voice.
  • Best Sites for Psychic Guidance in 2023

    With so many options out there, it can be tough to know where to look for a trustworthy guide. I’ve made a list of the best sites for psychic guidance in 2023 based on quality, transparency, and accessible rates.

    1. California Psychics — Best Overall for Psychic Guidance

    California Psychics

    • 300+ available psychics
    • $1, $2, or $4/min
    • Chat and call readings
    • Karma rewards program
    • Satisfaction guarantee

    California Psychics is my top suggestion for psychic guidance because it’s been in business for more than 25 years. But aside from its reputation, it’s my go-to site because of the quality of its psychics. I frequently connect with Cookie, a clairvoyant who’s done more than 24,000 readings, for tips for my own psychic development.

    I like that California Psychics lists the type of reading style that each psychic has. Since I tend to gravitate towards straightforward mentors, it was reassuring to see that Cookie met this need. Without this listed on her profile, I may have connected with another advisor that didn’t compliment my preferences.

    Even though some psychics have pricey rates, you can test them out without the hefty price-tag. For instance, Cookie’s regular rate is over $7/min but I was able to test her out for $4/min with the new client promotion. Even if this is out of your budget, you can find psychics for $1 or $2/min using the promotional package.

    2. Purple Garden — Find Other Intuitives With Its Journeys Feature

    Purple Garden

    • Over 250 psychics
    • $10 credit for newcomers
    • Chat, call, and video sessions
    • 2% cashback on purchases
    • Refunds for technical issues

    Purple Garden’s unique features offer a great deal of value to intuitives like you and I. The Journeys feature allows you to post and reply to threads of like-minded intuitives. So if you’re looking for a sense of community, Purple Garden may be a good choice. Plus, you can get first-hand recommendations of good psychics to try.

    I also like how psychics on Purple Garden have badges like “top-rated” and “trending”. For instance, I felt confident chatting with PsychicAnaMaria because she has the top-rated badge. After our session, I could tell why she had it since she read me like a book and was able to help me with a lot of questions I had about my journey as an intuitive.

    I wish Purple Garden offered the security of a satisfaction guarantee, but truthfully, I feel the level of transparency on the site makes up for it. For instance, the review sections are organized by positive versus negative reviews, making it impossible to bury any less-favorable testimonials.

    3. Keen — Connect to Psychics With Over 30 Years Of Experience

    Best Sites for Psychic Guidance in 2023

    • More than 250 psychics
    • First 5 minutes for $1
    • Guidance via chat or call
    • Keen Rewards program
    • Satisfaction guarantee

    Keen is a reliable place to get psychic mentorship because many of its psychics have been on the site since 2001. With that comes a lengthy track-record and experience that can make it simple to find a worthwhile mentor. For example, my psychic Silver Fairy Hawk, has done more than 80,000 readings since 2001 and has maintained a 4.9 star rating.

    My favorite thing about Keen is that you can mail any psychic you’d like without booking a session or paying a fee. Before my session with Silver Fairy Hawk, I wanted to make sure she felt comfortable mentoring me. So, I sent her mail asking her about this and her confirmation helped me feel sure when I decided to book with her.

    I typically prefer video readings when connecting to psychics but surprisingly, my phone reading was just as great. The phone reading helped me relax during the session so it felt more like I was talking to a wise friend. I was able to kick back and deeply connect with my reader in contrast to feeling stiff while on video.

    FAQs on What It Means to Be Intuitive

    How can you tell if someone is intuitive?

    Intuitives exhibit a deep sense of understanding, empathy, and heightened perception of their surroundings. Intuitive individuals typically have a strong sense of empathy, enabling them to “tune in” to the emotions and energies of others effortlessly. Their ability to connect with others on this emotional level often makes them sought-after friends and confidants.

    Additionally, they may frequently engage in deep thought, seem lost in their thoughts, or display an uncanny knack for foreseeing outcomes. This doesn’t mean they’re psychic, but rather, they process information on a deeper, more subconscious level. Often, they’ll rely on “gut feelings” or hunches, which more often than not, prove accurate.

    Are intuitive empaths rare?

    Intuitive empaths are relatively uncommon, but they’re not exceedingly rare. While many individuals might exhibit empathic or intuitive traits separately, the presence of both these traits strongly in one person makes the intuitive empath a less common phenomenon. Intuitive empaths possess some or all of the same gifts and abilities as clairsentient psychics.

    The rarity can also be due to the challenges of being an intuitive empath. Navigating a world filled with a flurry of emotions and energies can be overwhelming, often leading these individuals to develop coping mechanisms or even suppress their abilities. It’s only when they recognize and hone their skills that they truly embody the essence of an intuitive empath.

    Where does intuition come from?

    From a spiritual standpoint, intuition is said to be a divine whisper, a connection to the universal consciousness, or the voice of the soul. Many spiritual traditions believe that intuition is a gift, a channel through which the universe, higher beings, or divine energies communicate with us.

    But scientifically speaking, humans may have developed intuitive instincts as a survival mechanism. In prehistoric times, the ability to make quick decisions in response to threats, without lengthy conscious deliberation, would have been invaluable. Some argue that modern day intuition is the manifestation of a prehistoric survivalistic need.

    Bottom Line

    While intuition may seem elusive or even otherworldly to some, it’s an inherent part of the human experience, waiting to be unearthed and understood. Whether you’ve always known you’ve had this gift or are just beginning to recognize it, honoring this innate ability can open doors to more fulfillment in your life.

    That said, navigating the path of an intuitive can often feel isolating and confusing. But the support from an experienced psychic can help you feel less alone and more empowered. I feel confident that you can find exactly that on California Psychics. Plus, if you’re still unsure, you can test the waters first for $1/min.

    To summarize, here are the best sites for psychic guidance…

    Our Rank Provider Our Rating Review

    Read Review Visit Website

    Read Review Visit Website

    Read Review Visit Website
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    About the author
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