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Written by Benjamin Lee | Updated On December 03, 2022

What Is Psychometry? (and How to Try It) in 2022

What Is Psychometry? (and How to Try It) in 2022

I love learning about different psychic gifts and how they can help me understand more about myself and my journey through this life. After reading about everything from chakra healing to astrology, a friend recommended that I try psychometry. I’d never heard of it, so I took a deep dive into the paranormal to see what it’s all about. Here’s what I found out.

What Exactly Is Psychometry?

Psychometry is the ability to understand things about a person by touching something that belongs (or belonged) to them – it’s a form of scrying.

The most famous form of scrying is crystal ball reading, where readers see visions about people’s futures within a crystal ball. Psychometry is unique because it’s usually focused on the past and present, not the future.

An American physician and physiologist named Joseph Rhodes Buchanan created the term and concept of psychometry. He believed that in the same way that geologists study physical fossils to learn about the past, psychologists could use “mental fossils”. The energy emanated by these objects are used to explore the history and science of the human mind.

Essentially, psychometry is the belief that things have souls. The way we interact with them imprints a memory into them. If you’re sensitive enough to the energy emitted by objects, you can learn about their history and the people who owned them.

How Psychometry Works

The word “psychometry” literally means “measuring soul” (psych means soul or mind and metry is the act of measuring something).

People who have mastered psychometry use their extrasensory gifts to tap into the energy an object emanates – almost like an energy signature that carries a story. Most psychometrists are also empaths, a type of psychic who uses energy and emotion to guide others.

Most readers find that metal objects are the easiest to read, but with the right experience, it’s possible to read almost any object. If a reader is sensitive enough to energy, they can even pick up information from photographs of people. This is generally how online psychometry readings work.

How to Practice Psychometry

Have you ever felt weird in an antique or second-hand store, or had a bad feeling about a piece of furniture in a rental for no real reason? If so, there’s a really good chance you’re sensitive enough to give psychometric readings.

Those weird feelings are linked to the energy of the objects around you. Older items or shared objects like those found in flea markets and hotels can feel overwhelming because they’ve had more than one owner. You might be picking up on conflicting energy and auras from lots of different people.

Remember that psychometry isn’t an exact science. People will detect emanations differently, based on their own gifts and intuitions. For example, some psychics may see visions associated with an item, while others will detect a smell or emotion.

Here’s a step-by-step guide so you can start practicing psychometry by yourself:

  1. Set up a space where you can think clearly. If you think it will help you, feel free to light a candle, play music, or close the shades.
  2. Relax. Many psychics who specialize in psychometry believe that when you relax, you enter a higher state of consciousness (almost like a trance). This will help you connect to the object you’re trying to read.
  3. Hold or touch the object. Close your eyes and pick up the object you want to scry. Alternatively, have someone else place it in your hand.
  4. Explore what you are sensing or feeling. Allow yourself to start picking up on the energy of the object. Your first thoughts and feelings are usually right.  You may even find that you see full images and experience intense emotions.
  5. Say everything you think. Things that seem trivial or meaningless to you may be really significant to the person who owns the object you’re reading.

Getting a Psychometry Reading Online

If you’re interested in getting a psychometric reading but not quite ready to practice it yourself just yet, I highly recommend trying an online reading from a psychometry expert on Kasamba.

As psychometry is quite a niche specialty, you won’t find it listed as a specialty in the regular menu. However, if you enter “psychometry” into the search bar, you’ll find a list of psychics who specialize in this unique form of scrying.

psychics who give psychometry readings on kasamba

Obviously, you won’t be able to give an online reader an object to hold and read. However, you’ll be able to send a photo to your advisor either by email or through the site’s chat function. Gifted psychometry readers will be able to pick up on a person’s energy from an image of them.

Bottom Line

Psychometry is a highly specialized psychic gift that allows people to read the energy given off by inanimate objects. Reading objects allows you to learn about their previous owners, and helps you understand what’s in the mind or heart of their current owner.

If you’re sensitive to emanations, you may be able to read items yourself. If you’d like to try a psychometric reading with an experienced reader, I recommend Kasamba.

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