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Written by Xeandra Naicker Updated on March 26, 2024

What Are Spirit Guides & How to Connect With Them? (2024)

What Are Spirit Guides & How to Connect With Them? (2024)

Most people have experienced an action that happened spontaneously and didn’t seem to make any sense. Looking back, they realized that it was what they needed right then. It’s easy to question that moment and wonder what made you say or do that particular thing at that precise moment. The answer is simple: Your spirit guide stepped in then to help you through some aspect of your life.

You can find many spirit guide types, and they can give you assistance and advice in various situations. Some good news is you don’t have to ask for them to come or decide which one you need. The right guide presents itself when you need it the most so that you can better your life.


Some people call spirit guides:

  • Angels
  • Archangels
  • Guardian angels/guides
  • Enlightened beings
  • Ascended masters
  • Goddesses
  • Spirit Animals
  • Ancestors
  • Elemental energies (Salamanders, Sylphs, Gnomes, Undines)
  • Natural Earth objects (trees, water, mountains)

In fact, anything with energy can use it to communicate different thoughts, feelings, and impressions. Guides are always going to be there to help you through a situation. It can be as easy as implanting a particular thought to protect you. If you continue to listen to the guide, it can become a consistent part of your life, but you’ve got to ask for their help.

Angels/Guardian Angels

Angels represent various spiritual entities found within the angelic hierarchy. Their primary role are to offer guidance, conveying messages, ensuring protection and solace, and intervening during dire situations. Many believe that a guardian angel is assigned to an individual from birth, offering assistance throughout their entire life’s journey. Typically, this guardian takes the form of an angel within the hierarchy, which may even include an Archangel.



Within the angel hierarchy, the Archangels are at the top. Many believe that they bring us messages when we need them most and are made of love in the purest form. Though there are many, here are some of the most well-known Archangels:

  • Archangel Zadkeil is a Forgiver, so he can help you learn to forgive and give compassion.
  • Archangel Uriel is a Transformer, which means he provides light, wisdom, and truth to help you transform your life.
  • Archangel Rafael is a Healer, meaning you can call on him to heal your spirit, body, and mind.
  • Archangel Michael is a Leader, aiding people in almost everything. It’s also possible to ask for direction to the right Archangel for your position.
  • Archangel Gabriel is a Messenger, which helps you receive messages clearly.
  • Archangel Chamuel is a Nurturer, meaning he teaches love for others and self-love.
  • Archangel Ariel is the Protector of Nature, connecting you with the Earth.



Throughout the world, goddesses are revered, and there are many of them. They can provide you with help in almost any area of human existence. Learn more about each of the goddesses and what they handle in various facets of your situation. Here are just a few examples:

  • Shekina is a Hebrew goddess and offers compassion
  • Sedna is an Inuit goddess for the sea and is queen of the underworld
  • Pele is a Hawaiian volcano goddess, so she is both creator and destroyer
  • Quan Yin is a Chinese goddess of compassion and mercy
  • Isis is the Egyptian mother goddess and is also a matron for magic, nature, and creativity
  • Gaia is a Greek primordial Mother for Earth
  • Freya is a Norse goddess for fertility, abundance, war, and sexual liberty
  • Fortuna is the Roman goddess and offers fortune
  • Durga is the Divine Mother of the Hindus
  • Amaterasu is the sun goddess for Japan



Spiritual guides are beings that can assist you at any time in your life and for any duration needed. Their primary aim is your personal betterment. Many individuals experience the presence of these guides during stressful periods, but they can accompany you throughout your entire life.


Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are beings who were on Earth, became enlightened, and then transformed spiritually (or ascended). They are present and with us to guide us and raise vibrations to bring growth from within. Their ultimate goal is for others to be more enlightened. However, they are always available if you ask for help. You can find many Ascended Masters, all of whom have existed as humans on Earth before enlightenment. Many of them can include:

  • St. Germain, who assists with the transformation of your human consciousness so that you rise to your Higher Self.
  • Ramtha might be the first human who had ever ascended, which was 35,000 years ago. Now, she leads in the teachings of Ascension and Enlightenment.
  • Melchizedek might hold God’s secrets, as well as those of the Earth and Universe. It’s his goal to establish heaven while on Earth.
  • Mother Mary is sometimes called the Mother of the World, and she’s an ascended Master of wisdom, compassion, and love.
  • Maitreya hopes to enlighten humanity and provides loving kindness.
  • Christ Jesus is the world’s teacher and Savior. He’s there to bring brotherhood and peace to all.
  • Gautama Buddha represents wisdom energy and is one of the greatest enlightened ones.
  • Confucius was a well-educated scholar and born in 551 BC. His teachings focus on growing and being perfect in every deed, thought, and word.
  • Babaji is the immortal master for the Himalayas and has promised to stay within his physical body to help others after Ascension.


Ancestors are connected through your genetics and are embedded in your memory. They can be your protector or guardian throughout your lifetime. Sometimes, they can fix genetic scarring from intense traumas that have stayed throughout the generations. This work can repair the past, bring it into the present, and keep it from recurring in the future.


Shamans, Wisdom Women, Sacred Elders

Sacred Elders, Shamans, and Wisdom Women all carry the knowledge from the ancients and share that energy. They’re willing to share such valuable teachings from the past to those in the present. Generally, they communicate through storytelling and ceremony. Sometimes, they might visit you and ask that you understand the information they provide and share it with others.


Elemental Spirits

Elemental Spirits are those that can inhabit nature, including mountains, trees, waterfalls, and rivers. All things in the world contain energy vibrations, and that includes humans and communicating with your spirit guides. Such elemental energies must follow the Natural Law, so it can be hard to understand their messages. Those who are close to nature often receive such messages and know how to interpret them.

Nature spirit

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals can share information with you to help you grow and balance your life. The qualities of Spirit Animals are all inherent to the entire species for the animal. Therefore, it’s a good idea to research that species to understand the things that Spirit Animal is suggesting that you should adopt to grow in life.

Animal spirit

How to Experience Your Spirit Guides

Once you start inviting your spirit guides into your life, you can experience their presence in a variety of ways. Some of them include:

  • Inner knowing. Through inner knowing, you can sense or feel the spirit guide’s presence. You may also hear a voice that comes from within, such as realization or strong intuition. Some people can actually see their guides.
  • Books fall from the shelf. If a book falls off your shelf, it’s definitely your spirit guide throwing information at you. It’s best to take the book, separate it from the others, and read it to find the guidance you need.
  • Sparks of light. Most spirit guides don’t let you see their true form. They might show themselves as sparks of light to make you know they are with you. Though it can be a tad scary at first, it’s a great way to feel comforted when you need extra guidance.
  • Writing. Consider writing to experience your spirit guide’s presence. When you’re meditating, call on them to help you. Once you’re finished meditating, free write and let the guide’s voices work through you.

Remember, you’ve got to learn to rely on love’s voice to connect with your spirit guides. They’re always there to help you move from thoughts of fear to those of forgiveness, faith, light, and love. Through them, you can experience beautiful opportunities and creative solutions to your problems.

Connecting with Your Spirit Guide in 10 Steps

If you’ve decided now is the time to connect with your spirit guide, these steps can help you:

Step 1: Ask for it

The first step is for you to get in the habit of asking the guides for help. Many times, it’s easy to forget that guidance is all around us and within. People are busier than ever before, so it’s no wonder that you don’t think about the connection.

However, if you continue forgetting that you’ve got spirits on which you can call for help, you start using your own strength. Fear quickly sets in, and you’re not doing yourself any good at all.

Therefore, you’ve got to start asking the spirit guide for help. When you ask more, you’re going to receive more. Just think about areas in your life where you need more help. Whether it’s that you’re trying to conceive, you want to earn more money, or desire to heal a struggling relationship, you can ask for that guidance.

Some people have many issues in various aspects of their lives. It’s not easy to keep everything straight, so you might want to make a list of everything you need help with. You can add to it and remove things as your spirit guide walks you through the steps.

Focus on five or 10 big things with which you want assistance now. Once your list is made, you can offer everything with which you need help and invite the spirit guides to reveal their solutions.

Always start by thanking your spirit guides for offering answers. As an example, you could say, “Thank you, guides for the highest compassion and truth, for offering/revealing/providing the solutions to my problems/struggles/issues with [whatever that might be (health/marriage/career/etc.).

Just focus on each point, ask the guides for help, and go from there. However, if something is more important or more on your mind that that time, you can offer it up each day until you get the answers you need.

Make sure that you’re only calling on the guides for the highest compassion and truth. There are many other guides out there, but you need to ensure that the information you get is accurate and helpful to you without hurting others. Be specific about the guidance you want so that no one else comes through.

Remember, there are many characters in the spirit world, just as there are humans. You don’t necessarily want to invite them all over. The goal here is to open your consciousness, energy, and space, but only to those who are compassionate and truthful. Even if one of those other beings show up, you don’t have to fear them. They aren’t allowed in unless you invite them.

The good news is you no longer have to wait for problems to pop up to call on the spirit guides. You can also thank them for using you and working through you before any event. That way, you know that what you say is right and compassionate. In fact, that’s all you need for the guidance to arrive.

Step 2: Listen for Them

Next, you want to listen to your spirit guides. Meditation is the best way to do that. This allows you to quiet the mind, ensuring that you hear the guidance and wisdom it brings. It is so important to slow down the vibrations of the world and align yourself with the guide’s presence. When you’re attuned to the energy of peace and love, you can connect more easily with the vibrational messages that the spirit guides provide.

A quick prayer is all you need to align your energy with that of the spirit guide. You could say, “Thank you, guides of the highest compassion and truth, you’re showing me what I must know and leading me in the most appropriate direction. Thank you for giving me what I need right now.”

Then, allow yourself at least five minutes to meditate. If you’ve got the time, 10 or 20 minutes might be better. It’s a very simple meditation, so it’s easy for everyone to do. Just focus on your breath and be mindful of the sensations you feel and sounds you hear.

Step 3: Write to Them

Once you’ve completed your meditation, you can write with the spirit guides. Grab some paper, a notebook, or an online diary tool and start writing. Make sure to begin with an invitation to them, such as, “Thank you, guides of the highest compassion and truth, for revealing what I need to know/the solutions to my issues/etc.” You can also use a broad terminology and just welcome them to use you as a vessel while they write to you.

Then, you’ve just got to write what comes into your head or what you feel in your heart. It doesn’t need to be perfect grammar and spelling. You’re just riffing on the page, allowing what needs to come through to do so. It can be stories, ideas, inspired visions, topics, and whatever else. Don’t edit anything or second-guess yourself.

Sometimes, guides might talk to you directly while you’re writing. For example, you might stop using the first person and start writing in the second person (you, your). Some people’s handwriting changes when this happens, and you often feel an energy or presence moving through you. This is a clear signal that someone is there to give you direction.

Step 4: Ask for Signs

Most spirit guides have a sense of humor and like to play fun games. They are never designed to hurt you, but they can show you they’re near. It’s okay to be playful with them, asking them for signs. Just make sure that you are ready to receive once you’ve requested it. Sometimes, they are direct and are going to make it well-known that it’s a sign, but other times, it may be more like a riddle. Be patient and know that, when the time is right, you’re going to know for sure.

Step 5: Focus on the Guidance Received

Of course, anyone can ask for guidance. It’s different when you actually witness it, take it in, and realize that it’s supporting you.

When you truly listen for and receive guidance, you’re allowing yourself to be in wonder and awe of the love around you. This is a big deal. It’s a beautiful feeling and available when you let yourself go and experience the amazing support that’s available to you if you allow it in.

It can take time to practice paying attention to the guidance you receive. This isn’t about demanding. You’re not going to say, “Where’s my guidance?” all the time. Instead, you’re opening up your mind to experience and receive the guidance whenever it comes.

Sometimes, it presents itself in unexpected and cool ways. It might be a song coming on the radio, something you see on a billboard, or someone saying what you needed to hear at the right moment.

Many times, guides work through others. They can work through friends, doctors, kids, and strangers. You may also find that they tell you things through technology, which is something they enjoy doing.

Step 6: Keep Gratitude

Of course, you’ve got to thank them and be ready to receive the guidance they have to give. However, you don’t want to get to a place of neediness. Instead, you want to focus on being appreciative and show gratitude for their love and guidance.

This can be achieved by changing what you say to the guides. If you’re always thinking, “why haven’t I gotten this,” or, “I don’t believe in the guides because they don’t show up quickly,” you’re showing that you distrust them. In a sense, you’re saying that you’re not open to them and that you’re holding onto control in your life where you really don’t have it.

It’s often better to thank the guides at every turn. This shows appreciation and a deep gratitude and love for them. Even if you don’t understand the guidance you received yet, thank them anyway. It can be a silent sentence, or you can say it out loud. If your guide chooses you for a spiritual assignment, thank them for it.

Gratitude is what keeps your relationship strong with the guides and ensures that they stay with you all the time. They know that they are always welcome, so they are willing to be there when you require them most.

Opening your heart to them through appreciation and gratitude means that they put that energy back into you. Of course, it’s hard to describe such feelings, but it is amazingly beautiful and always available.

Step 7: Trust in Their Plan

Realize that your spirit guides have a plan that’s bigger and better than yours. They are wise and loving, so they want you to have the right career, relationship, doctors, and experiences. You ultimately get in the way of all that. When you try controlling the situation, you obsess over what should happen and create a timeline. Some people also manipulate the outcome to get what they want and think they need. Inevitably, this is going to push your guides away.

However, when you let go of the plan, trusting in whatever they have in store, you are going to feel like you’re led to specific locations or events. Surrendering allows you to know the guide is leading you to the right action or place.

Step 8: Act Childlike

Young children can usually see their guides. They might talk about them; many adults believe them to be imaginary friends. Often, around age 7, children start to shut down the system of guidance, closing the veil.

However, it’s possible to reconnect with the guides by acting like a child. Do whatever you enjoy doing. Go running, swing on the swings, swim, paint, cook, or whatever you like to do. If you’re feeling joy while doing something, your guides are sure to show up quickly. You’re going to feel different because that is a powerful vibration.

Step 9: Ask Their Names

This step is optional, and many people don’t want to know the names of their spirit guides. However, if you are called to do so, you can ask them to reveal their names to you. The first name you think of is the name of the guide. It might sound strange, but it’s correct and accurate.

If you can’t repeat the name, ask for clarification or another name that you can use. It’s a way to show them respect while being able to call on them during times of trouble.

Step 10: Trust Your Psychic Ability

You must believe in yourself and know that you can call on the presence when you need it. Trust that you can connect with these guides and feel their support. There is an energy of love that is always present and within you, but you must believe it’s there and have faith.

This often means trusting your psychic abilities. That way, you can hear and allow the divine guidance to help you find the right path.

Of course, when you allow a spirit guide into your life, it’s an amazing gift. They are going to support you while assisting you so that you help others. You can be a light within the world of darkness and despair.

Grounding Yourself Afterward

When you’re tuned into the spirit realm, there is a significant energy shift that you feel from within. Once you’re done connecting with the guides, it’s best to ground yourself once more.

Make sure you remember you’re human and in a body while having this experience. You might feel like you’re out of your body, but you aren’t. To ground yourself back to Earth, there are a few things you can do:

  • Sit in the stillness. Eat a snack, drink some tea, or do something else that cares for your mental or physical well-being.
  • Stomp your feet on the ground, which brings you back to the Earth.
  • Imagine that you’re zipping up the energy. There is a zipper at your feet, and it can go all the way to the head and over it. Then, it goes down the other side to the ankles and closes you back up.
  • Sit on the ground, a rock, or anything else to feel connected to nature and the Earth.

You can choose one or all of these practices to get more grounded after you’ve connected with the spirits.

Connect Regularly with Your Spirit Guides

Of course, the guidance system provided to you through spirits is ever-present, but you need to talk to them frequently and regularly. You are going to continue asking for guidance and being appreciative of what you receive. That means miracles are going to happen more often. It can get overwhelming, and you can take short breaks, but the goal is to be more divine and help others, as well.

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