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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on November 05, 2023

Spiritual Baths 2023: Tips, Ingredients, Meanings & More

Spiritual Baths 2023: Tips, Ingredients, Meanings & More

Spiritual baths are a popular ritual that dates back to various cultures. While the practice is often raved about, performing a spiritual bath that’s specific to you can be challenging. Additionally, if you don’t have experience performing rituals, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed trying to choose the right ingredients for your bath.

I encourage you to browse through this article to understand what a spiritual bath is and how to perform one. When you know what steps to take and ingredients to use, you can set a proper intention for your spiritual bath and rejuvenate your entire well-being when needed.

Combining spiritual baths with other healing practices can help you heal more effectively. If you feel you’d benefit from additional healing, you can also contact an energy healer on Keen. They’ll tap into your energy field and advise you on other practices, so you can remove any blockages that your bath couldn’t clear.

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How to Take a Spiritual Bath in 5 Easy Steps – A Quick Overview

  1. Identify Your Goal. Develop your intention by reflecting on what you’d like to achieve by taking a spiritual bath. Explore more about setting clear intentions.
  2. Choose Appropriate Ingredients. Finding ingredients that correspond with your intention will make the ritual more potent. See which ingredients are best for you.
  3. Set Up Your Space. Transforming your bathroom into a sacred space will set the stage and create a calming environment. Discover how to set up your bath correctly.
  4. Connect With Your Spiritual Team. Calling your spiritual team for support can help you clear out difficult blocks and negative energy. Find out about best connecting practices.
  5. Soak & Focus Your Energy. Relaxing and soaking into the spiritual bath while staying present is essential. Check out my top suggestions for staying present.

What Is a Spiritual Bath?

In essence, a spiritual bath is an energy healing practice that aims to purify the mind, body, and spirit. They typically consist of water infused with sacred herbs, oils, and crystals, all working to amplify a specific intention. While most people take spiritual baths to purify themselves, they can also enhance your ability to manifest your desires.

Interestingly, spiritual baths have been practiced for centuries and can be traced back to various cultural and spiritual traditions. For example, the Ancient Greeks believed in the benefits of bathing in mineral-rich water, while the Egyptians used bathhouses for spiritual purification. Even today, the Egyptians take spiritual baths to connect with ancestors, spirits, or deities.

Although spiritual baths are typically taken in a bathtub, the intention behind this practice is crucial. You can use a large bucket or basin instead or apply the same ingredients with a sponge or cloth while showering. Overall, spiritual baths can be highly versatile and serve many spiritual and holistic purposes.

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How to Perform a Spiritual Bath: A Step-By-Step Guide

While the experience of a spiritual bath is unique to each individual, there are some common guidelines to follow. This sacred ritual requires deep respect and reverence. The following tips will help you fully appreciate and benefit from this ritual. You may find yourself recalling memories or feeling sensations that don’t have a direct link to your current life. These could possibly be indications of past life experiences.

1. Identify Your Goal

Your spiritual bath’s purpose serves as the ritual’s cornerstone. It’s impossible to channel your energy meaningfully without a clear intent, rendering the ritual futile. To prevent dissipating your energy, it’s necessary to spend some time contemplating your present demands, aspirations, and obstacles.

After some reflection, you can determine the purpose of your spiritual bath. This purpose can range from purging negative energy from your chakras to enhancing your fortune. Regardless your objective, it is crucial to clearly define what you aim to accomplish rather than focusing on what you wish to avoid.

You have various methods to set your intention, like saying it aloud or holding it within as you get ready for the bath. Another approach is jotting it down and situating it beneath a candle or a suitable crystal. As you engage in the ritual, visualize the result you wish for and immerse yourself in the emotions it brings forth.

2. Choose Appropriate Ingredients

Once you’ve established a clear intention, you must research the properties of different herbs, oils, and other relevant materials. Doing so will ensure you’re using ingredients aligned with your intention, so your ritual can be successful. For example, if you need good luck for a job interview, you can use Citrine to boost your bathing ritual.

Considering your cultural or spiritual background, you may find that specific herbs or materials hold traditional significance in spiritual baths. Embracing these elements can help you establish a deeper connection with your cultural or spiritual heritage. For instance, in South American and Caribbean traditions, the customary seven ghost bath water is frequently employed.

Additionally, here are some general ingredients that are popular for spiritual baths:

  • Sacred Herbs: Many herbs have magical, spiritual, and healing properties that can help boost desired energies. For example, Rosemary is often used in spiritual baths to promote clarity, memory, and mental focus.
  • Salts & Minerals: These are typically seen as potent purifiers that can remove and protect you from negative energy. You can use Epsom salts, baking soda, natural sea salt, or Himalayan salt, but always avoid commercial table salts.
  • Essential Oils: Like herbs, essential oils have potent properties that aid in spiritual work. For example, you can use frankincense in your bath to promote spiritual connection and awareness.
  • Crystals: In a spiritual bath, you can place crystals in the water to infuse them with their properties or around the bath to create a sacred space. Some water-safe crystals include clear quartz and amethyst.
  • Incense: Burning incense purifies a space from negative energy and invites harmonious vibes. Some popular incense scents include white sage, dragon’s blood, and rose.
  • Candles: Candles help create a sacred space and connect to the spirit. Use pillar candles that correspond with the color of the energy you want to heighten. For example, use pink candles to boost self-love.

I strongly recommend you test ingredients for allergies before using them in your spiritual bath. Apply a small amount of the material to your skin and wait 24 hours to ensure no allergic reaction. It’s best to use organic ingredients and avoid chemically treated materials.

3. Set Up Your Space

To set up your bath, you should clean and declutter your space to clear negativity, so you can start the ritual with a positive vibe. Taking a quick shower before drawing your bath rinses off any dirt or debris, which prevents you from soaking in dirty water for an extended period.

Next, you should run your bath and place your crystals and candles around the parameter. Follow up by adding the oils, herbs, and salts, but as you add them, infuse each ingredient with your intention. Remember that your intention is always more important than your ingredients, so you don’t have to use them all.

Once you’ve added your ingredients, light your candles and incense to begin the ritual. Before lighting your candles, you can engrave corresponding sigils into the candle. For example, to boost self-love, you can engrave “self-love” on the candle with hearts or with the symbol of Venus. You can also play healing frequencies that correspond with your intention.

4. Connect With Your Spiritual Team

For more ambitious spiritual bath intentions, it’s best to call upon your spiritual team for help. This team can consist of various benevolent entities such as ancestors, guardian angels, and ascended masters. You can connect with your team by inviting them and specifying what you need. Meditation and visualization techniques can also help you feel their presence.

While you can use divination tools like tarot cards during a spiritual bath, they aren’t necessary. You can write down any concerns or questions in a journal and ask your team for guidance. It’s important to record any insights that come to you during the bath as they may be channeled messages.

Although it’s possible to perform a spiritual bath with your own energy, calling upon your spiritual team for more significant issues like entity attachments or heavy trauma is advisable. However, use your judgment as the need for outside assistance may vary from person to person.

5. Soak & Focus Your Energy

As you soak in a spiritual bath, visualize yourself experiencing the desired outcome of your intention. Envision the water and bath ingredients washing negative energy away and helping you manifest your intentions. At the same time, use this as an opportunity to stay present.

Recite affirmations or mantras that align with your intention to amplify the energy. For example, if you wanted to boost your confidence, you could recite, “I am worthy of having whatever I want in life”. Practices like mantras that keep your energy focused are compelling as they can help you manifest quicker results.

The most important thing is to not rush the bath. Being in a hurry can cause you to lose focus, which can reduce the effectiveness of the ritual and make it less powerful. Ultimately the amount of time you should soak can vary and should be left up to your discretion, but as a general rule of thumb, try to soak for at least 20 minutes.

Once your bath has served its purpose, you can rinse off with fresh water and dispose of your ingredients. Dispose of any herbs near a tree, running body of water, or in the compost. But if you perform a banishing ritual, it’s crucial to bury any supplies away from home in a churchyard, crossroad, or, if biodegradable, in a natural body of water.

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Best Sites for an Energy Healing Reading

Spiritual baths work best when combined with other spiritual practices. If you want to take your energy healing to the next level, I recommend getting an energy healing reading from a top-notch psychic platform.

1. Keen — Best Overall for Energy Healing

Best Sites for an Energy Healing Reading

  • Can email healers before booking
  • Get 10 minutes for $1.99
  • Detailed FAQ page
  • In-depth search filters
  • $25 in Keen credits for unsatisfactory readings

Keen has an enticing introductory rate for newbies, and it’s especially generous when compared to other platforms. If you qualify, you’ll receive Keen’s introductory offer of 10 minutes for only $1.99. This rate will help you save on your first healing session and is worthwhile considering the quality of Keen’s advisors and the popularity of its services.

As I was testing out Keen, I was impressed to see that you can contact your healer before paying for a session. This lets you clear up any doubts you may have before proceeding. It’s handy because it lets you avoid wasting your minutes asking clarifying questions and helps you connect with a healer that suits you.

Additionally, scrolling through your options is hassle-free with its detailed profile previews for advisors. Without clicking on a profile, you can quickly view the advisor’s star rating, completed readings, years of experience, and available contact methods. Ultimately, this will save you the time and energy of clicking on healers that don’t align with your criteria.

Something you might want to consider is that Keen doesn’t have a customer service hotline or live chat feature. That said, you can check out its detailed FAQ page before emailing support to save you time. I found the answers I was looking for by consulting its FAQ, so it’s always beneficial to check it out beforehand.

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2. Psychic Source — Connect With Experienced & Credible Healers

Psychic Source

  • 95+ experienced healers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Audio messages on profiles
  • Offer of $1 per minute
  • Chat, call & video readings

Psychic Source has a great selection of experienced healers, and the best part is that there aren’t hundreds to choose from. With a little over 95 healers, you’ll have a decent selection without getting frustrated with too many options. That way, you can quickly find a healer that resonates with you.

I find that Psychic Source offers competitive rates for newbies, with its $1 per minute rate and 3 additional free minutes. The great thing is that it lets you connect with powerful healers at an affordable rate. This is especially beneficial for first-time sessions because you can test out the healer without spending too much.

Another bonus to trying Psychic Source is that you can choose between a chat, call, or video session. Having the option for a video session can help you feel more connected to your healer during your reading. While seeing your reader receive their healing energy is unnecessary, it may provide a more sentimental and intimate experience.

I’ve noticed that Psychic Source doesn’t have as many reviews for its readers as other platforms. But it’s trustworthy because it’s been in business for over 25 years and upholds a high standard for its healers. Ultimately, this should bring you peace of mind because other platforms have many reviews but poor vetting standards.

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3. Path Forward — Schedule a Healing Session & Secure Your Spot


  • Detailed filter options
  • Scheduling available
  • $1 per minute & 3 minutes free
  • Customer hotline
  • Strict vetting process

Getting healing done on Path Forward is convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule. By scheduling in advance, you can avoid waiting in the queue until your desired healer becomes available. Personally, I feel it’s best to schedule your session into your calendar ahead of time because you can set the appropriate time aside so you don’t rush.

I was quite pleased with Path Forward’s filter options because they’re quite thorough. You can filter your search for subjects, gifts, tools, communication, and even language, which helps you narrow your list of healers. This option is great if you want to connect with a healer that can fit your specific criteria.

Path Forward is a secure option for a healing session because its satisfaction guarantee will cover you if anything goes wrong. The best part is that it has a 24/7 customer support hotline, so you quickly resolve any issues. I appreciate the accessibility here because it provides extra peace of mind.

Although Path Forward doesn’t have an impressive number of healers to choose from, it has a strict vetting process. This is one of the biggest reasons for its limited number of healers, but it also has advantages. Not only will you have an easier time choosing your healer, but you’ll also know they’re credible and trustworthy above all else.

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FAQs on Spiritual Baths

Can a spiritual bath help with depression?

Yes, a spiritual bath can be a powerful tool to alleviate feelings and symptoms of depression. Since spiritual baths help purge negative energies, they may help manage your depression. However, taking a spiritual bath should not replace any medical treatments, as they are most helpful when used with other holistic practices.

If you’d like to get the most out of your spiritual bath, it’s important to become familiar with the process. This is because your bath ingredients can either amplify your intention or make it useless. However, it’s also important to understand your intention’s power and that it can do wonders without using fancy ingredients.

To help alleviate depression, you can add Bergamot essential oil to your spiritual bath. It’s known for its antidepressant properties, which boost cheerfulness and physical energy by improving blood circulation. In a 2017 study, Bergamot oil increased positive feelings in women waiting for mental health treatment.

Can I combine spiritual baths with other spiritual or healing practices?

Combining spiritual baths with other practices is strongly recommended to maximize results. Meditation can be a great practice to include before, during, or after your spiritual bath to integrate healing and develop a deeper connection with the spirit. It can also balance your nervous system and activate dormant brain areas.

In addition, getting regular energy work done with a healer can help to maintain a healthy aura and remove energetic blocks. I find that connecting with a credible healer can fill the gaps in your own healing while providing you with the space to release. Sometimes you need someone else to probe at your wounds so you can get to the bottom of it.

How often should I take a spiritual bath?

This depends on your needs and where you are on your healing journey. If you’re just starting, you may have a lot of trapped energy that hasn’t been released and may need more frequent baths. Additionally, if your environment is filled with negativity, you may need to take more spiritual baths to maintain a clear and strong aura.

It may be best to consult with an energy healer to determine if you need a regular spiritual bath practice or if it’s best to take them occasionally. This will ultimately depend on your healing goals and how practical it is for you to take a spiritual bath often. Your healer may suggest other release rituals or healing practices that align with your lifestyle.

When it comes to manifestation-based spiritual baths, you should avoid taking them too often. Once you have set a manifestation intention through ritual, let the universe do the rest. Otherwise, taking excessive baths hoping to bring a manifestation quicker can create energetic resistance and work against you in the end.

How does a spiritual bath differ from a regular bath?

A spiritual bath is different because it’s meant to be a ritualistic practice that promotes spiritual growth, healing, and energetic cleansing. Spiritual baths also date back hundreds of years and have been included in many cultures for spiritual or holistic reasons. Moreover, they include specific steps and ingredients like herbs, oils, and crystals.

Apart from using specific ingredients, spiritual baths require some type of intention for them to be effective. This is the biggest difference between regular and spiritual baths since most people take regular baths for hygiene and relaxation. And while spiritual baths can be pretty relaxing, their primary purpose is being spiritual.

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Bottom Line

Spiritual baths are wonderful tools for spiritual growth and energetic cleansing, but they can be tricky to perform with limited knowledge. However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying them out since the process can take a lot of trial and error and doesn’t need to be too complicated. After all, having a strong intention is the most important part of a spiritual bath.

The best thing you can do is to continue understanding the properties of different herbs, oils, and crystals. Doing so will strengthen your practice, but learning can take a lot of patience and time, so be easy on yourself and start slow.

Additionally, you should consider combining different spiritual practices to maximize the benefits of taking spiritual baths. My favorite way to boost healing work is to connect with a trusted energy healer on Keen. They can teach you more about your energetic body and provide tailored guidance on the best healing practices.

To summarize, the best sites for an energy healing reading are…

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