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Written by Xeandra Naicker | Updated On November 29, 2022

What Is a Spiritual Bath and How Do You Perform One? (2022)

What Is a Spiritual Bath and How Do You Perform One? (2022)

Almost everyone has taken a bath with warm water, some candles, a little alcohol, and some relaxing music. It can restore your body and mind after a stressful or long day. However, a spiritual bath is quite different. It’s primarily a ritual like the ones found in ancient Rome. It’s designed to revamp your aura, cleanse your chakras, and leave you feeling like you’re in the here and now with a more positive state of mind. Such regeneration of the spirit doesn’t happen from sitting in some warm water. Instead, it occurs from the energies that are imparted into you by powerful herbs, oils, and crystals that get added to the water.

These healing vibrations can help remove hurts, blockages, pains, and situations that you no longer need in your life.

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How Do You Prepare for a Spiritual Bath?

Because you are using this time to cleanse your soul and rejuvenate your mind, it’s best to clean your bathtub before you start the process. That way, it is as clean as your body and what you hope your aura to be when you’re done.

This is a spiritual moment, so you should be selfish with your time alone. Turn off your phone and ensure that no visitors are going to intrude. That way, you aren’t bothered by everyday life and can get the full effects of the spiritual bath.

You should make sure that your body is clean first, so take a quick shower. You don’t need to rub yourself red or anything like that. Just be aware that no soap is used in a spiritual bath, so you’re not going to wash the body at that time.

Once you’ve showered, you can fill up the bathtub with water. Use a warm temperature, but one that you can comfortably handle for about an hour. Some people like to start off with hot water because it cools during the process, but this is your call.

While the tub fills up, you should get all of the ingredients together. We talk more about this below. You can light incense sticks or candles, and consider putting some soothing music on in the background. Think of it as a spa treatment – you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can. This is the moment where you’re releasing the anger, tension, stress, and fear you had throughout the day and is a time to enjoy yourself.

Now, you are going to get into the tub. Be careful while you do this so that you don’t slip and hurt yourself. Soak in the warm water for around 30 minutes. Of course, your body should be fully relaxed because of the warmth and heat. Focus on clearing your mind of everything. You don’t want any negativity or stress to come about while you’re soaking. Remember, there isn’t a wrong or right way for this to happen.

Some people prefer to repeat a chant quietly or in their heads. You might say, “I feel calm. I am relaxed. I am one with myself.” It’s also possible to boost your self-esteem and confidence by telling yourself that you are smart, beautiful, sexy, amazing, or anything else that comes to mind.

If you’re in touch with your spirit guide, you can use this time to ask them for guidance. This is the best time to do so, actually, because you are already in a peaceful state, relaxed, and unburdened by the world.

Remember, though: Spiritual baths are very strong, so you shouldn’t do them all the time. In fact, most people start out doing two a month. As you get in touch with your spiritual side, your spirit guide is going to tell you if you require more of them.

It’s important to understand that doing them too often can tire out the mind and soul. You can still relax your body and might need to soak in the tub to relieve your tired muscles. However, the ritual of the spiritual bath should be done infrequently to reduce the risk of overtiring your mind and adding more stress.

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The Ingredients and Items You Require for a Spiritual Bath

Now that you know what it is, it’s important to understand how to do it. There are seemingly endless ways to prepare a spiritual bath, and you can select the ingredients you need or want at that precise moment. Most people choose two to three items, but you can have as many as you want. This is your decision, but your intuition can guide you here.

We talk about some of the most effective ingredients that people use and why they’re useful. That way, you have a better understanding of what it does. Then, when you’re taking a spiritual bath, you can decide what your aura and chakras need to rejuvenate and feel whole again.


Salt is a significantly powerful ingredient to help release negative energy from the body, feelings, and thoughts. In fact, most people use salt to help remove blockages from the path. When you choose one, don’t use table salt, as it often features anti-caking agents. Therefore, it’s not going to clump together and move to the part of the body that needs the most release. Plus, the refining process often removes the minerals, which are beneficial to your mind and body.

Consider Epsom salt, natural sea salt, or Pink Himalayan salt. You can usually find these salts in grocery stores and might have them in your pantry or cabinet already.

Baking Soda

Most people have baking soda in their cabinets or refrigerators. Make sure that – if you use this product – you choose one that hasn’t been opened or has been sealed. Baking soda is designed to soak up the bad odors within the fridge and freezer, so you don’t want to use that to cleanse your aura.

It can clean away the negative debris around the aura. Plus, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft, too.


Lavender is one of those go-to products for stress relief. It’s found in a lot of products, including those for newborns and toddlers. You can use it in a variety of ways, too. For example, you can dry the buds (or buy dried lavender buds), soak them in boiling water, let it cool, and then add it to the bath. Pure essential oil also works well.

Goat’s Milk

Sometimes in life, you’re going to have a bit of bad luck. It might seem that nothing goes your way, or you’re always a step behind everyone else. Choosing goat’s milk for your spiritual bath can be beneficial. It’s said that goats are lucky, so you can take some of that and change your luck with it.

Take a large bowl and put in three cups of the goat’s milk. You’re also going to need some holy water (about a cup), with fresh parsley and sea salt. The parsley is what attracts wealth and good luck, but it also purifies and protects. It’s easy to get holy water, as well. Ask a pastor or priest to bless some water, which should be sufficient. Of course, you can also purchase holy water online, but it’s best to work with a highly reputable source.

Let the mixture sit for a couple of hours prior to the bath. Strain out the parsley and then pour the rest of the liquid in your bathtub with the rest of the water. You don’t need anything else for this spiritual bath, but you can add essential oils for scent. Candles and incense also work well here.

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Red or pink carnations can guide you when you’re struggling in a love/romance relationship. They can also help to soothe a broken heart. To use it in your bathwater, boil some fresh pink and red carnations in a pot with water, honey, and coconut milk. Strain out the pieces and pour the liquid into your spiritual bath whenever you experience a complication within your love life. You may also tear off some of the petals of fresh carnations and add them to the bathwater, as well.

Sesame Seeds

Are you quite worried about your finances right now? If so, a spiritual bath can be highly beneficial. However, you should add sesame seeds into the infusion to help. Make sure that you boil some water, add the seeds, and let it boil for a few minutes. Then, let it soak in the water for about an hour before straining. This water can bring abundance to your life and remove blockages. If you’re having trouble creating a budget or finding ways to make your money work for you, this can be extremely helpful.

Rose Cologne

Rose water or cologne can help to boost your mood and feel self-love. Many women find that they don’t take care of themselves because they’re always focused on others. A spiritual bath can help rejuvenate your mind, soul, and body so that you are relaxed. You can purchase rose water or cologne or make it yourself. Consider tossing in some dried or fresh rose petals while soaking in the tub. The fragrance from the bath is going to fill your spirit with more appreciation of yourself and new energy.


Eucalyptus is another ingredient that has powerful healing properties. If you feel threatened, either physically or mentally, you can use it to repel your enemies and ward off evil. It can also be used to purify the body, protect it, and provide physical healing. Some people use it to center themselves and focus on emotional balance within their lives.

You can add essential oil in this scent to your bathwater. It’s also possible to make an infusion of the smell by boiling the Eucalyptus in water. Some people also add fresh plants to the water. Consider adding other things, as well, such as mint, rose water, and others.

Essential Oils

Most people are going to use essential oils to create the perfect spiritual bath for their particular needs. Make sure that you’re using pure essential oils. You are going to need 10 to 30 drops, depending on how strong you want the scent, what you are trying to achieve with the spiritual bath, and how many smells you choose.

For example, if you want to mix Eucalyptus and spearmint together, you can use 15 drops of each. You may also do 10 drops of one and 20 drops of the other. Start off with 10 of each and add a bit more until it smells right and is the right strength for your nose.

Readymade Sachets for Spiritual Baths

If you’re someone who is very busy, or you don’t have the money to buy a lot of essential oils, you might try readymade sachets. You can find them online at many retailers, and they’re relatively inexpensive. They are full of what you require to relax and focus on your spirit and mind. Just toss the sachet into the warm water and let it infuse your bathwater with the right smells. They include directions, so be sure to follow them to get the most beneficial effects from it.

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Many people have heard that they should exfoliate the skin during a spiritual bath. This is not necessary, but it isn’t going to hurt to do so. The ultimate goal here is to cleanse your aura. Therefore, you should already be clean. Since you are sitting in water that is likely to have moisturizing effects, it is safe to exfoliate toward the end of the spiritual bath.

Use some exfoliating gloves or a loofah and apply gentle pressure to the skin (legs, buttocks, feet, arms, etc.) Move in circular motions to rid your body of dead skin cells.

Some people dislike the thought of sitting in their own dead skin cells. Therefore, you may want to try doing this in the shower as a part of cleaning your body. You wash all that away, and then the body can get the benefit of the moisturizers you include in the water for your spiritual bath.

Again, this step is not required, but it can help you feel more pampered and relaxed afterward.


Taking a spiritual bath can be similar to a traditional one if you use it for relaxation purposes. However, you are taking an active step for your spiritual life here. Therefore, it might help to praise the spirits with whom you connect, thank them for their service, or ask them for guidance.

You do this while you are relaxing and enjoying yourself. It’s almost like a spa day without the added expense. Learning about the various ingredients you can use and what they do is helpful. Now, you can create the right mixture to meet any of your goals.

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