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Written by Michelle Cardillo | Updated On December 03, 2021

Which Tarot Cards Mean Yes and No

Which Tarot Cards Mean Yes and No

Scheduling a professional tarot card reading or pulling cards on your own can give you great insights into your personality, future, and relationships. If you entwine a tarot reading into your daily schedule, it can be super helpful with decision-making – whether it be big, life-altering choices or just simple ones.

Tarot cards all have unique meanings, and while there may be times you need to use your deck to uncover profound, in-depth revelations, sometimes all you really need is a plain yes or no answer. By becoming familiar with which tarot cards are positive and negative indicators, you’ll be a lot more comfortable performing quick tarot readings when you’re in a pinch.

And if at the end of this you would prefer to schedule a professional tarot reading, Keen Psychics offers free minutes and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Tarot Cards That Mean Yes

Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles
The Fool Ace Ace Ace Ace
The Lovers Two Two Paige Three
The Magician Three Three Knight Six
The Emperor Four Six Eight
The Empress Six Nine Nine
The Chariot Eight Ten Ten
Strength Nine Paige Paige
The Star Page Queen Knight
Wheel of Fortune Queen King Queen
Temperance Knight King
Judgement King
The World
The Sun

Tarot Cards That Mean No

Major Arcana Wands Cups Swords Pentacles
The High Priestess Five Five Three Four
The Hermit Seven Eight Five Five
Judgement Ten Eight
Death Nine
The Devil Ten
The Tower
The Moon

How Accurate are Yes and No Tarot Readings?

The accuracy of tarot readings can be influenced by several different factors, including free will. As much as the cards listed above give a pretty good indication of a yes or no answer, it’s possible they could mean different things at different times, depending on the energy that surrounds you. It’s also open to your own interpretation as well as whether the cards show up reversed or upright.

The best way to avoid confusion is to consult with a professional psychic on a site such as Keen. Not only have these readers mastered the art of tarot, but they have additional psychic abilities to further enhance your readings.

I highly recommend you take advantage of Keen’s introductory offer of 10 minutes for just $1.99.

Bottom Line

Tarot is an art form that takes years of experience to master. While this list of cards will be helpful in bringing tarot into your everyday life, when you are truly at a crossroads, it’s best to consult with a professional psychic.

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