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Written by Tracey Copeland | Updated On April 01, 2023

Which Tarot Cards Mean Yes and No? A Complete List (2023)

Which Tarot Cards Mean Yes and No? A Complete List (2023)

Tarot cards are one of the most powerful tools you can use to access your own intuition. They can help you get instant answers to your questions because they offer you a way to get a simple yes or no answer with just one card.

With so many tarot cards to choose from, knowing the unique meaning of each card can be difficult. This is especially true if you are not an experienced tarot reader.

To help you experiment with tarot, I’ve compiled a list of tarot cards that might mean either yes, no, or maybe. If you find that reading tarot cards is just not your thing, you can always speak to a tarot expert on a site like California Psychics. Readings start from just $1 per minute if you’re a new customer.

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In a Rush? Here Are My Top Tarot Reading Sites:

  1. California Psychics – Best site for finding accurate tarot readers online at low rates
  2. Purple Garden – Great for readings on the go and has detailed psychic reviews, but it lacks a satisfaction guarantee
  3. Keen – Comes with a satisfaction guarantee and introductory offers, but no video reading option


Major Arcana That Mean Yes, No, & Maybe

Tarot cards can be separated into major or minor arcana. The 22 major arcana are said to signify fated events and life changes that are orchestrated by the universe and the 56 minor arcana show less significant events where we have some control or free will.

You could choose to pull one card from only the major arcana for a quick yes / no answer.

Yes No  Maybe 
The Fool 

New beginnings, fresh start, leap of faith, go for it


There are endings, transformations, and changes

The Chariot 

A new journey, taking control of the situation, a need to focus 

The Magician 

Manifesting your desires, you have everything you need 

The Hanged Man 

Things need further thought, it’s time to get a new perspective 


A final decision needs to be made, karma is at work

The Sun 

Happiness and healing, a good outcome is forecast 

The Hermit 

Go within for the answers, take a break to reflect before acting

The Wheel of Fortune 

A new cycle is starting, destiny is in charge right now

The Empress 

You are fertile and abundant and able to create the life you want

The Moon 

The path forward is unclear, information is still hidden 

The High Priestess 

Trust your intuition and reflect, your gut knows the answer

The Emperor 

You are taking control of your situation like a boss

The Devil 

Look again at what you desire, it might not be good for you

The World 

A cycle has been successfully completed in your life

The Star

Wish fulfillment and attainment of goals, hope and faith


Act with integrity and take responsibility, be sincere

Strength or Temperance

Keep focused and control your impulses, fight self doubt 

The Lovers 

Choices in love and partnership

The Tower 

Big changes are happening 

The Hierophant

Commitment and responsibility 

Minor Arcana That Mean Yes, No, & Maybe

You may wish to remove the court cards from the minor arcana for a 1 card reading. These are the pages, knights, Queens and Kings. You can leave them in, but they are trickier to read as a yes or no, depending on the question.

Also, as a general guide, the 4 suites represent the following;

  • Cups — the element of Water. Represents feelings and emotions
  • Wands — the element of Fire. Represents passion, ideas, and inspiration
  • Swords — the element of Air. Represents thoughts, ideas, and logic
  • Pentacles — the element of Earth. Represents things, resources, and nature
Cups Wands Pentacles Swords
Yes Ace













No 4









Maybe  6












Tips for More Accurate Yes / No Tarot Readings

While tarot is a very powerful tool for getting clear-cut answers to important questions, we cannot ignore the nuances that it brings to the table. I gathered these helpful tips to ensure you get the most accurate and clear answers possible when conducting a tarot reading for yourself.

1. Create clear yes / no questions

Take some time before you begin to shuffle the cards to formulate the right question to ask. For this type of reading, you only want to ask questions that require a clear yes or no answer.

✘ Don’t ask: “When will I get promoted?” or “when will I land a new job?”
✓ Do ask: “Will I be offered a new job this year?” or “should I go on a date with him / her?”

It’s best if you keep your questions short and to the point. For questions that can’t be phrased as a yes / no question, or where the situation is more intricate, consider getting a full reading from a tarot expert.

2. Pull your cards from a full, shuffled, and upright deck

Each time you pull a card after asking your yes/no question, be sure to return the card to the deck and shuffle the cards again. If you don’t, you’re not giving the cards their full power to give you an accurate answer.

Think about it: if you’re 10 questions in, and you aren’t returning the cards you pulled to the deck, then the 11th question you ask doesn’t have the same chances as the first one.

3. Only ask one question at a time

When you ask questions that have multiple parts, you can’t be sure what you’re getting a yes or no answer to. So don’t fall into the trap of feeling rushed and as if you have to ask multiple things at once. One card = one question.

✘ Don’t ask: “Will I get promoted and will I land a new job?”
✓ Do ask: “Will I be offered a new job this year?”

4. Don’t keep asking to try to get the answer you want

I know that it can be disappointing to get the opposite answer than what you wanted when asking important personal questions. But it’s bad practice to repeat the same question, or a similar question phrased differently, just to get a new answer. You have to have faith in the power of tarot and respect the cards by accepting the answer you’re given.

5. Consider a more in depth reading

Sometimes the cards cannot give you a clear yes or no answer or the answer you receive might lead to even more confusion. To get the real low down on your situation, it may be time to consult an expert.

California Psychics has hundreds of tarot readers with decades of experience of reading tarot cards. An experienced reader can decipher the meaning of certain cards that appear together, and many can connect to the energy of the people involved for even more direct messages.

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Best Psychic Reading Sites for Accurate Tarot Readings

1. California Psychics – Best Overall for Quality, Accurate Tarot Readings

  • 255 tarot specialists available
  • Long standing reputation and history
  • 3 introductory packages to choose from
  • All psychics rigorously screened
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

California Psychics is the best overall site for online tarot readings. It has a wealth of world class tarot readers on hand that are all thoroughly screened to ensure quality. I was initially worried that it would be difficult to choose a psychic, but thankfully the site has tools to search for the exact type of tarot reading you need.

Not just any psychic makes it onto the site as it screens readers carefully to check they are authentic. I love how easy the site is to use and found that as you browse the readers it allows you to filter for just what you’re looking for. You can also state upfront the style of reader you prefer too, which not many sites allow.

If you need a quick yes / no answer, you can easily find that here too, with psychics who offer tarot, as well as pendulums, oracles, runes and many other divination services. I found many of the psychics on California Psychics are multi-skilled and have many gifts, so I was glad of the filter that helped me narrow it down.

New users get rates of $1 minute, but unfortunately this excludes top-rated psychics. But, I found that there are a lot of high-quality readers you can choose from if you want to use the introductory offer. California Psychics also has a Karma Rewards scheme that benefits return users.

You can connect to the readers by phone or online chat, at your own convenience. Handy site features allow you to schedule appointments for later, and you can also sign up for an instant reading.

Discover California Psychics

2. Purple Garden – Enjoy Tarot Readings Whenever and Wherever You Like

Purple Garden
  • Huge range of tarot readers available
  • Connect any way you like: video, phone, chat, or app
  • “Staff picks” feature shows top-rated psychics
  • £10 bonus for new customers
  • Customer support 24/7

Purple Garden’s mobile app lets you get a tarot reading wherever you want. You can choose chat, live video, or talking on the phone. All the tools and features mean you can relax and enjoy a really great experience, especially if you never had a tarot reading before.

One of the best things about the site is the recommendations that help you select the best psychic, based on reviews from other clients.You can feel confident in your choices as you have many ways to learn about the psychic, including detailed reader bios, customer feedback, and star ratings. I found watching their introductory videos really helped me select a tarot reader, as I was able to choose one that I connected to.

Purple Garden has many readers who specialize in every type of spiritual practice like tarot, oracles, runes, palm reading, astrology, and more. I had a specific question about my career and when I went for a tarot reading on Purple Garden it helped me decide what direction to take.

Be aware there is no satisfaction guarantee on Purple Garden. However, new users do get a $10 credit matching bonus and you get 5% cashback on every purchase, to use towards your future readings.

Discover Purple Garden

3. Keen – Find Your Clarity with Top Rated Psychics Available

  • 148 tarot readers available
  • Call or chat online with app
  • Comprehensive reader biographies
  • Get 3 minutes free and 10 mins for £1.99
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Keen has plenty of top-rated tarot readers and services available so you are sure to find what you need. Initially, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a psychic out of all the options. However, profiles are detailed, with readers’ highlighted strengths, skills and methods, languages, background, approach, and specialities all clearly shown.

With a long standing history, the site has a credible and trustworthy feel, with lots of categories to choose from, including tarot. You can ask to get matched up automatically which saves time if you’re in a hurry, especially if you only have a quick question. But, I do think choosing your tarot reader is important, so it’s great that you can try out new readers at special rates, as this helps you find the ones you get on with.

The site offers all kinds of readings such as tarot, cartomancy, clairvoyance and loads more. I found that all the readers I tried out were highly experienced and knowledgeable about their craft. My Keen psychic picked up on my question right away, without me needing to say much.

I was disappointed that Keen doesn’t offer a video option, as I prefer this method for tarot readings. But, the call and chat methods still gave me a quality reading, and I liked that you can send the readers a ‘ping’ to check availability. Keen allows you to schedule appointments for later and there is a mobile app for iOS and Android. New users get competitive regular rates, introductory offers of 10 minutes for £1.99, and 3 mins free.

Discover Keen

FAQs on Getting a Yes or No Tarot Reading

What are yes/no tarot readings?

Yes/no tarot readings are for simple yes or no questions. Your success depends very much on the question itself, so use these tips to optimize your question before you pick up the cards. Make sure your question gets to the heart of what you really want to know, and that all it requires is a yes or no answer. You might find it works best for simple day to day issues.

Can I get a free yes or no reading online?

Yes, lots of sites offer free card readings where you can pull 1-3 cards on screen and have them interpreted for you. This can help if you are not confident in reading cards for yourself, or perhaps you don’t have a tarot deck to use.

If you have a more serious question, I recommend you contact a professional tarot reader from a site like California Psychics. This will ensure you get the most accurate interpretation of the cards with your exact question in mind.

What are the drawbacks to yes or no readings?

Yes and no tarot readings only work well in some situations. Some drawbacks to yes / no tarot readings are:

  • Some situations are too complex, leading to even more questions and uncertainty. You could consider getting a full reading to gain more insight.
  • If you are inexperienced reading tarot, it can feel daunting when some cards show up. You should seek an experienced reader who will have more knowledge.
  • It can be hard to be objective about your own situation. An experienced psychic can decipher hidden undercurrents you might miss.

If you need more than a yes or no reading can provide, California Psychic has loads of tarot readers that can help you get answers fast.

Bottom Line

Yes or no tarot readings can work great and be a fun way to get a quick answer when you need it. However, with 78 cards to choose from, it can feel daunting when certain cards show up. I recommend you seek advice from a professional tarot reader for a more accurate answer.

My personal favorite tarot reading site is California Psychics. With its top rated pool of psychics, competitive rates and great website that is easy to use, it has everything you need to delve into the mystery of the tarot.

Discover California Psychics

To summarize, the best online tarot reading sites are…

Rank Provider Rating Review
Read Review Visit Website
Read Review Visit Website
Read Review Visit Website
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