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Taurus and Leo compatibility

Find out how compatible Taurus and Leo are in love, communication, career, and life.
🏅 Overall Compatibility Score 37%
🤟🏼 Communication & Intellect 30%
❤️‍🔥 Emotions & Sex 50%
🏡 Values 30%


If there is one pair who knows how to live it up, it’s a Taurus-Leo couple. If you find yourself in this partnership, you can look forward to sensual evenings, luxurious getaways, and fancy dinners. This is the couple everyone wants to be. They do work hard for their money though, which is why they don’t feel guilty about living a more extravagant lifestyle.

It’s not all sunshine and roses though. Both signs have a strong need for personal satisfaction, which can often lead to them butting heads. Between Leo’s fiery persona and a Taurean’s stubborn nature, this can often be an intense connection.

While they might both love the good life, these two signs can have very different views on other areas of life, including their dreams, ambitions, and relationships.

Communication & Intellect

It definitely won’t take a Taurus-Leo couple long to get close. Unfortunately, this is soon followed by intellectual conflict and clashes around their interests. And when these two signs disagree, don’t expect either person to back down very easily. These partners are good at giving each other the silent treatment.

In essence, these two signs can easily hold an intellectual conversation, but if they disagree, it can get heated pretty quickly. This also means that day-to-day frustrations can become much bigger issues. Since it’s not easy for this couple to talk through their concerns, even minor ones, it can often lead to the demise of the connection.

Extra patience, a calm demeanor, and an open mind is required from both partners to make this connection work.

Emotions & Sex

When a Leo and Taurus first meet, the attraction is strong. They may initially click sexually, but over time, sex could become a source of frustration. A Taurus generally prefers a slower, more sensual approach to sex, while a Leo prefers more spontaneity in the bedroom. Unfortunately, this often leads to one partner feeling unfulfilled. In order for this couple to work sexually, compromise is required.

Emotionally, both signs believe in true and lasting love – they both want to make their partner happy. However, their approach to making their partner happy might miss the mark at times.

Where a Taurus wants physical closeness and to spend quality time with their partner, a Leo needs regular doses of freedom to be a good partner. This is not something the Taurean can easily come to terms with. In social settings, this can also lead to feelings of jealousy. A Leo is almost always the life of the party too, which means they might forget to tend to the needs of their Taurean partner.

This doesn’t mean Leos don’t have a jealous streak though. If a Leo doesn’t get the attention they crave from their partner or they don’t feel appreciated, they can become closed off and aloof.

Again, compromise and an awareness of what either partner needs and appreciates is needed to make this last.

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Taureans are very focused on building a financially stable future, which means they usually have an eye for the finer things in life too. Basically, they want to work hard now so that they can enjoy life later on. Leos, on the other hand, value adventure and experiences, preferring to make the most of life now. They need to feel that inner fire to feel like they’re being true to themselves.

A Taurus partner doesn’t mind a calmer, more peaceful life, something that a Leo doesn’t always understand. A Leo can often see their Taurean partner as boring, while a Taurus might view their Leo partner as superficial with no focus on what’s important.


It can be difficult for a Taurus and Leo to find things they want to do together. It’s not impossible, but it can be trying, especially later on in the relationship. A Leo is also more social and active than a Taurus. They do appreciate downtime at home with their partner, but will hardly ever decline a social invite. Unfortunately, the Taurus isn’t always willing to tag along, which can leave them feeling neglected.

When this couple does spend time together at home, you will usually find a Taurus hard at work in the kitchen preparing a loving meal. A Leo loves feeling appreciated in this way. However, when a Leo settles in to relax at home, they can come across as unappreciative of the Taurean’s efforts.

When these two decide to go out for a date night though, it’s always a win, provided they don’t get into any serious conversations. Leos love to be out and about and Taureans appreciate the quality time and good food.

Overall Compatibility Score - 3.7/10