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Taurus Compatibility

Taurus & Aquarius
On the surface, Aquarius and Taurus don’t seem like they’d be an ideal match. They have some significant differences that can drive them apart, such as different schools of thought, ways of solving problems, and beliefs about independence
Taurus & Aries
When it comes to a relationship between Aries and Taurus, it’s all about balance. Fire meets earth, and if Aries isn’t a little careful, they may push Taurus away with their overwhelming excitement and desire to charge forward. The very q
Taurus & Cancer
The Taurus-Cancer couple can look forward to spending many weekends cooking, cuddling, and building a stronger connection through shared interests. However, it might take them some time to get to this point because of how cautious both signs can be.
Taurus & Capricorn
Taurus and Capricorn are two earth signs that are creatures of habit— they have their routines, and they appreciate stability in their lives. Particularly for the conservative Capricorn, discipline and order are above all else. But sometimes, t
Taurus & Gemini
It’s unlikely that Taurus and Gemini will find themselves in a relationship without having a friendship to lay the foundation. This is because Taurus is usually very serious and committed right from the start of a union, while Gemini is extreme
Taurus & Leo
If there is one pair who knows how to live it up, it’s a Taurus-Leo couple. If you find yourself in this partnership, you can look forward to sensual evenings, luxurious getaways, and fancy dinners. This is the couple everyone wants to be. They
Taurus & Libra
When they first meet, the Libra-Taurus couple will be smitten. Libra’s charm is what draws Taurus in, while Libra is attracted to Taurus’s strength and groundedness. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, these two will always share a s
Taurus & Pisces
On the surface, it may seem like Taurus and Pisces have hardly anything in common. And it’s true— these signs are opposites of one another. Taurus is an analytical thinker, while Pisces is a dreamer in the clouds. Taurus is reserved in th
Taurus & Sagittarius
The truth is that Taurus and Sagittarius are an odd pair— for every similarity they appear to have on the surface, what lies beneath them is dramatically different. They share a curiosity for the world around them and enjoy contemplating compli
Taurus & Scorpio
If there’s anyone that has the patience and determination to get the private Scorpio to open up and let someone in, it’s Taurus. Since Taurus is invested in their relationships and wants to make them work for the long run, they pair nicel
Taurus & Taurus
When two Taureans meet, be prepared for the courtship of a lifetime. This same-sign match will relish in wooing each other with gifts and romantic gestures and building a sturdy, solid foundation for a relationship that has the potential to last fore
Taurus & Virgo
These two earth signs share a lot of the same values and have a patient and loyal nature. Because of how much they value honesty and commitment, they don’t give their hearts away easily or very quickly. However, once this pair realizes they are
If romance and gifts appeal to you, you can expect to be showered in them if you decide to fall in love with a Taurus. This particular sign is happiest when they have a partner who is relaxed, level-headed, and shares the same values and approaches to love as they do.