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Written by Lillian Maclean Updated on April 12, 2024

Are Soulmates Real? Signs You've Met Your Soulmate 2024

Are Soulmates Real? Signs You've Met Your Soulmate 2024

Love is a universal human phenomenon, but because of its mystical nature, identifying the soulmates on your path can get confusing. It’s easy to doubt the things you have never experienced, making it only normal to wonder if soulmates are real and if you’ve met yours.

This guide will reveal the spiritual truths about soulmate relationships, so you can determine if you’ve met one. When you understand more about the patterns and common signs of soulmate unions, you can explore your relationships with added confidence and ease.

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What Are Soulmates and Are They Real?

In spiritual terms, soulmates are defined as souls that are made up of the same celestial or energetic cloth. They come from something referred to as a “Soul Tribe” or “Soul Family”. A “Soul Tribe” is a collective of souls that have resonating energy with each other and incarnate into many lifetimes to learn lessons together.

Soulmate connections can sometimes be misunderstood as solely romantic relationships, but this is not the case. Soulmate relationships are not only limited to romantic partnerships, as they can also incarnate as friends, family members, pets, and even fleeting connections that serve a useful purpose in life.

It’s spiritually significant to understand what a soulmate embodies because the term is easily thrown around. You also want to have a grasp on what a soulmate relationship looks like so you don’t confuse potentially problematic connections as soulmate bonds.

The soulmates we meet in life are souls we created contracts with before incarnating. The primary purpose of soul contracts with soulmates is to help each other during difficult times, share beautiful experiences, and evolve energetically. You can look at soulmates as a source of divine love that allows us to keep going.

That said, many have doubts about the legitimacy of soulmates as it’s a concept that can’t be scientifically proven. Much like all curious phenomena in the Universe, we will never be able to 100% confirm that soulmates are real.

This is because soulmate connections are anecdotal and highly subjective experiences that can’t be quantified and explained by scientific methods. They are unexplainable experiences that can only be understood and believed if you have witnessed, studied, or felt them for yourself.

10 Signs You´ve Met Your Soulmate

The concept of soulmates is a romantic and spiritual idea that suggests certain people are destined to be an important part of our lives. While not everyone believes in soulmates, many people report similar experiences when they feel a profound connection with someone else. Here are some signs that people often associate with meeting a soulmate:

Sometimes, the intensity of a connection can lead us to mistakenly consider people as soulmates, even when the relationship has issues. Recognizing your true soulmates can provide you with a spiritual advantage as it helps you understand who is beneficial to include in your life.

1. A Serendipitous Meeting

One of the most prevalent signs of meeting your soulmate is the captivating way your lives intersect for the first time. Both of you will hold the belief that the encounter was preordained, as though the cosmos had arranged the merging of your paths at that precise instant. The manner in which you meet will make you understand you were destined to unite.

Imagine you planned to watch a film, but you chose to go to a new coffee shop instead. During your visit, your wallet accidentally falls out of your pocket, which your soulmate then discovers and gives back to you, sparking an immediate connection between you two. Incidents like this are not mere coincidences.

You may also explain how meeting each other felt perfectly aligned with divine timing. It’s possible that certain events, such as losing your keys, contributed to arriving at the exact moment, or you might sense that meeting any earlier wouldn’t have led to the same outcome. There’s an aspect of the encounter that feels remarkably flawless and too perfect to believe.

2. An Eerie Recognition

You might find yourself oddly at ease with a person who is unfamiliar, given that the gaze shared between you both will be powerful and possess an extra dimension of profundity that is rare. This occurs as your spirits are reconnecting, even though your conscious mind remains oblivious.

You may feel weirdly comfortable with someone who is a stranger, as the eye contact between you two will be intense and have an added layer of depth that is uncommon. This happens because your souls are reuniting while your conscious mind is unaware.

The instant recognition is more familiar with soulmates with whom we have lived multiple lifetimes. It happens because it’s not the first time your eyes have locked with theirs. I recommend you connect with a past-life psychic if you want to confirm that you’ve lived past lifetimes with someone and to ask how those past lives unfolded.

3. Feeling Comfortable Being Yourself

When you’re around a soulmate, you won’t feel any pressure to put up a front or fake anything about yourself and your feelings. Everything will seem very natural, and you won’t feel judged as you would around other people. Additionally, you won’t think twice about accepting your soulmates.

It’s normal to share things with soulmates that you would typically keep private with others. You do this because you know that you can trust them on a soul level without any doubt. Your soulmate will express the same sentiments and may even feel confused as to why they feel so free to be vulnerable with you.

4. An Unbreakable Connection

Soulmate connections are highly sacred and divinely protected because they are premeditated agreements that are meant to be upheld. You will notice that the things that may get in between you and others won’t be the case with soulmate relationships. It will feel like your bond is made of iron and can weather any storm.

Once you begin to develop a relationship, you and your soulmate will start to notice the strength of your connection. No matter the circumstances, you always find your way back to each other. Soulmate relationships are the type that can experience distance for long periods only to pick up from where you last left off.

When you connect with a soulmate, you will feel such a deep resonance that you may not even need to speak to know what the other is thinking. Many soulmate relationships can develop telepathy and strong intuitive knowing between each other. Things will feel natural, but a deep bond that feels right will be present.

5. A Love Psychic Confirms It

Consulting with a love psychic is always a good idea when in doubt. After all, they can confirm the experiences you’ve had to help solidify your soulmate connection. It’s also a good idea to connect with one if you feel you’ve met a soulmate, as it can prevent you from doing any self-sabotage.

A love psychic can also give you insights on what to expect down the line if you’ve yet to meet your soulmate. That way, you won’t have any doubts about the legitimacy of the soul connection you’re feeling. I also find it a great way to motivate you to do internal work.

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6. A Flowing Relationship

You will begin to notice that your soulmate connection will naturally progress and flow with ease. There won’t be any second-guessing, and you will feel very connected to your intuition. Even if you feel resistance, this typically stems from past traumas rather than red flags in the relationship.

There can be instances where you meet a soulmate after experiencing a lot of trauma and having fears about being hurt again. However, your intuition and body will always bring you back to your soulmate when your mind tells you to run. Not even your internal limitations won’t be strong enough to hold you back.

It’s also common for external forces to support the connection, and you won’t notice many roadblocks coming together. You may even feel this is out of the ordinary, especially if those around you typically disapprove of your love choices. Soulmate relationships tend to feel pleasant, easy and supported by the universe.

7. You´re Both on the Same Energetic Level

Soulmate unions happen when you’re both prepared for the relationship on a soul level. Even if you feel like your life isn’t ideal for introducing a new connection, you will still feel energetically ready to accept your soulmate. Soulmates only come into union when the energy between the two of you is vibrating at a similar frequency.

You’ll notice that you and your soulmate are equally as established, with the same type of goals, lifestyles, beliefs, and shared values. Even if these things are not identical, your life will complement theirs, and you will feel like equals. There will be a solid foundation to build upon, even if it’s only energetically.

That said, be mindful that soulmate connections can have the purpose of lending a helping hand during tough times. So depending on the contract with a particular soulmate, they may come in for you at a time that you feel at your lowest and vice versa. It unfolds in this way because your contract was meant to be helpful for both of you.

8. Soulmate Indicators in Your Synastry

One of the best ways to verify if someone is your soulmate is by checking the astrological indicators in your synastry chart. A synastry chart is a composite of both of your charts together, where you analyze them as one to see how your charts interact.

After you have the synastry chart, you can check for some of the most common soulmate indicators in the chart. The top indicators are harmonious aspects between the Sun and Moon, Sun and Venus, and Venus and Mars. You will want to see Conjunctions, Trines, and Sextile aspects between these planets.

Additionally, you will want to check for any personal planets like the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn on the angular houses of the chart, which are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th house. You should pay special attention to the 5th and 7th house as they represent romance and long-term partnerships in astrology.

If you’re curious if you’ve shared past lives with a soulmate, check for Saturn contacts to personal planets or to the 5th, 7th, and 12th house. Saturn and the 12th house are especially important when looking for karmic indicators, and if they touch upon the houses of romance, it can indicate a romantic tie from a past life.

You should also pay close attention to any aspects between personal planets and the North and South Nodes, as they play a critical role in karmic astrology. However, relationship and karmic astrology can be highly complex, so I recommend you consult with an astrologer to get accurate insight into these themes.

9. They Feel Like Home

It’s not uncommon to hear soulmates refer to each other as feeling like home. I believe that this happens as a result of the feelings your soulmate stirs inside you, which helps your soul remember the feeling of being pure consciousness. Your soulmate will naturally feel like home because they are a part of your soul tribe.

Regardless of where you are in the world or your life circumstances, being in the energy of your soulmate will feel like the safest place on earth. You can expect to feel whole when you are in the presence of your soulmate because they carry a piece of you within their energy as well.

The main purpose of soulmate connections is to have a reminder of what it feels like to experience the unconditional love of the universe. Being earthbound for a long time can come with a lot of pain and difficulty, making one want to give up, but soulmates remind you what matters in life.

10. Signs and Uncanny Coincidences

One of the most miraculous parts of being in union with your soulmate will be the signs sent to you by the universe. You will notice synchronistic events that could appear to be coincidental but genuinely are not. It might be like seeing their name everywhere or thinking of them and getting a call.

Some common signs are the never-ending string of repeating numbers, which can even appear right before you’re about to meet your soulmate. You may also see their birth date often, the type of car they drive, the breed of dog they own, or other continuous signs that raise your eyebrow at the odds.

The purpose behind these signs is for you to know that you are on the right path and to keep going. Your angels and guides will keep reminding you of your soulmate even when you’re apart so that there is no doubt you are meant to be together. The signs will become stronger during moments of fear or second-guessing.

How To Tell Between Soulmates, Twin Flames, and Karmics?

Identifying Soulmates vs. Twin Flames

While soulmate and twin flame connections are divinely orchestrated and beautiful in their own way, they are very different experiences and dynamics. Soulmates are far more common than twin flames, as twin flame connections have a purpose beyond sharing love and experiences.

The main takeaway is that soulmates are souls cut from the same energetic cloth, while twin flames are a single consciousness or soul split into two separate bodies. Twin flames typically have a lot of differences between them which can play out as having different religions, cultures, and/or lifestyles.

That said, both twins will share common values and ethics and feel the same yearning for a greater mission. Twin flames come together once they have awakened to their desire to create something of substance and will unite to make the path toward fulfilling their mission more powerful.

Expect twin flame connections to feel very intense, with many external roadblocks between them. They usually experience periods of separation followed by union and rigorous internal work. Unlike soulmates, where the relationship feels easy, twin flame connections will feel like more work.

But it can also get tricky to tell them apart because there can be karmic debt to work through with some past-life soulmates. If you have a difficult time establishing whether you’re in a soulmate relationship versus a twin flame connection, I always recommend you chat with a love psychic for clarity.

Recognizing Soulmates vs. Karmic Partners

Telling apart a soulmate from a karmic partner can be tricky. This is because you can have a soulmate who acts as a karmic partner since past-life karma accumulates. However, some karmics are not soulmates and solely aim to teach us lessons.

It’s important to be aware that the primary purpose of karmic partners is to help us recognize our worth, identify any negative tendencies we must heal, and ultimately empower us to rise to our highest selves by breaking us down. Karmic partners teach you true resilience and power by pushing you to hit rock bottom.

Be conscious that karmic partners are not meant to be in your life forever, as they only enter it to trigger significant growth through pain. On the other hand, soulmate connections will be inspiring, empowering, loving, and supportive, even if some nicks are present from time to time.

Soulmate connections can also be temporary and end when your contract together expires. But when it does, it won’t be riddled with drama, chaos, and anger like with Karmic relationships. Ending a Soulmate connection will typically be a mutual decision made with love and respect for the other person.

With Karmic relationships, you will look back and sometimes wish you never met them, even if they pushed you to evolve into a better version of yourself. Alternatively, with soulmate connections, you will come away with gratitude for having the opportunity to experience that type of love with another person.

FAQs About Soulmates

Does everyone have a soulmate?

Everyone has a soulmate and a soul tribe, but they aren’t always romantic partners. Sometimes our souls choose to have our major soulmates incarnate as family members, friends, or pets because we don’t feel that having them as a romantic partner will be helpful for our evolution in a certain lifetime.

But if we have many lessons to learn in romantic relationships, we can choose to have partnerships with Karmics for rapid growth. Or, we can have a Twin Flame instead. Some people can experience Soulmates, Karmics, and have a Twin Flame in a lifetime, but this is quite rare.

Can I have more than one soulmate?

Yes, you can have more than one soulmate and have them in your life simultaneously. Soulmates can come in as romantic partners, friends, family, pets, and even just friendly strangers that we feel an uncanny recognition towards. You can even have more than one romantic soulmate at the same time.

It’s also possible to have romantic soulmates that come into your life during different stages of your evolution. But make sure you don’t confuse someone as a soulmate when they are actually a karmic partner or a twin flame.

How can I be sure I’ve met my soulmate?

You can double-check if you’ve truly met your soulmate by familiarizing yourself with the most common signs you’ve met them. Some signs include magical ways of meeting, an unexplainable recognition of each other, and a strong spiritual connection.

When you meet a soulmate, it’ll feel like something you have never experienced before. While it can sometimes be difficult to tell them apart from other types of spiritual partnerships, you will feel confident that you have come across a special connection.

Bottom Line

Trying to figure out if someone is your soulmate can be confusing and cause you to misidentify karmic partners. But when you understand the most common signs of a soulmate relationship, you can avoid this frustration. Since a soulmate connection is subjective, the signs will help you feel the connection.

Understanding how soulmate unions work can put you in control of your destiny while helping others. This knowledge can be the difference between feeling in charge of your soul path versus dealing with whatever cards you’re dealt with.

With that in mind, coming together with your soulmate should be a noteworthy experience for which you’ll want to be present. If you’re feeling caught up in doubt and need guidance, it’s best to connect with a highly-rated soulmate psychic to get confirmation.

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